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Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare Best Read || [D.D. Prince] Truth or Dare Best Read || [D.D. Prince] - Truth or Dare, Truth or Dare If you liked The Dominator you ll want to read the story of Dario Ferrano falling in love Dario is Tommy s younger brother and after seeing his brother fall in love Dare s new motto is MAN WHORE NO MO

  • Title: Truth or Dare
  • Author: D.D. Prince
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Ebook

Truth or Dare Best Read || [D.D. Prince], Truth or Dare, D.D. Prince, Truth or Dare If you liked The Dominator you ll want to read the story of Dario Ferrano falling in love Dario is Tommy s younger brother and after seeing his brother fall in love Dare s new motto is MAN WHORE NO MORE This story is told in multiple POVs and also updates you on Tommy Tia with several TT chapters Dare wants his own happily ever after But after Dare comeIf you liked The Dominator you

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare Best Read || [D.D. Prince] Truth or Dare Best Read || [D.D. Prince] - Truth or Dare, Truth or Dare If you liked The Dominator you ll want to read the story of Dario Ferrano falling in love Dario is Tommy s younger brother and after seeing his brother fall in love Dare s new motto is MAN WHORE NO MO Truth or Dare

  • Truth or Dare Best Read || [D.D. Prince]
    434D.D. Prince
Truth or Dare

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  1. I didn t initially plan for The Dominator to be a series and in fact, in my first versions of the Dominator started many moons ago, Tommy didn t even have a brother.But I m so glad that Dare,Tommy s pissed off and hot brother, came to me and even glad that this story unfolded for me He s not as dark as his brother Not even close But this story takes him down a very dark and bumpy road.He s definitely sexy, protective, and has a voracious sexual appetite I hope you love him.I hope you like my he [...]

  2. I think I liked this one better than the first one LOLmy thoughts later after some time of thinking about it, i simply can t put into words what I am feeling, so I ll start with re telling the story and maybe I ll manage to express some of it through.This was a complex story and quite frankly I was expecting something else BUT instead I got something completely different Well, duh When you read a blurb saying the main characters is getting his birthday present in a form of a slave, trained espec [...]

  3. OMG This book was much better than Dominator I liked Tommy,but Dare He is hard, sexy, cool as hell This is one of the best and most amazing dark books that I have had the chance to read this year The sex is HOT Angel is a sex slave trained in many dark areas of the sex world Shes sold to new master to be his wife Dare goes to Thailand and meets his Angel who he rescues and wants, but he also know how much shes broken I really do not want to spoil therest of story.Im gonna just say that my five s [...]

  4. Gah I need book 3 now Omg Will Zack get his story What will happen with Dare, Angel, Tommy and Tia Will Lisa find happiness again Aggghhhhhhh Amazing series

  5. got this from DD Prince for a honest review.l i can say is wowwas brilliant,emotional and had me hooked,didnt think it would be as good as The Dominator but i was wrong,brilliant story and great writing was flattered to get a arc copy,didnt realise a book could grip you so much,wanted to read it all in one go was that good and caught up with Tommy and Tia toowell done,,everyone read ithighly recommend it

  6. Good book The hiccup being I couldn t get into Angel s mind I understand she was broken and conditioned and all that, but I just couldn t get into her need to be mastered to be able to function I was excited to hear of Tommy and Tia s story, but it was so scattered The pluses being Dare saved Angel from continued prostitution and the end wasn t too much of a cliffhanger, but enough to make you want to know what happens next.

  7. The second book in D.D Prince s Dominator series, Truth and Dare was a delight to read.The story carries on immediately after the events of Book one.With Tommy and Tia over in Costa Rica, while the dust settles and Tommy s Younger brother Dario, Dare to his friends, handling and sorting out the family s business options back home.Truth and Dare is mainly Dare s tale but with a sprinkling of the rest of the clan as we are kept up to date with this on going saga.Getting immersed in the everyday de [...]

  8. Since the first book by this author was so good I couldn t help but compare the two Tommy in the first book was so deliciously head over heels for Tia from the very start Tia was it for him, the moment he saw a picture of her without even meeting her he was done No other would do for him He became completely obsessed and was the first to admit his love halfway into the story I didn t buy Dare s love for Angel In this book I felt like for dare any woman with submissive tendencies and a desire for [...]

  9. DD Prince is ballstasticWhere can I start Ok so we get some Tia and Tommy but it ties into the story so it doesn t feel like we re randomly reading about these two Then there s Dare and Felicia or Angel Holy hell Dare is one hot piece of ass on top of that we ve always known his super badass Ok so when you start the story Dare pretty much explains how it is he came about Felicia or Angel I prefer Angel there really is no need to explain it here Angel is not what I expected out of the story, I th [...]

  10. Truth or dare baby I ll take Dare anytime any day Wow, this book is everything I expected it to be Dare was left with a gift from his evil father for his birthday a sex slave Dare plans were to pick her up and set her free because let s face it, a guy like him would never have to force himself on anyone, but mainly because it wasn t right to keep her again her will but things were complicated he had to keep her to maintain his and Tommy s cover as they now were part owners share holders of sex s [...]

  11. Absolutely one of the Best sequels I ve ever read First off, if you haven t read The Dominator, the first book, you MUST go back and read it, especially if you don t want to feel left out on some of the plots Prince has Hit It Out of the Park Again I couldn t wait for this book and Dare s Story and although I wish we didn t have to wait it was SO WORTH IT Just like I know it ll be worth the wait for the 3rd book.So many people are going to summarize this story that I m not going to do it There s [...]

  12. Is there such a thing as a sex slave A person molded through the use of torture to become a perfect sexual slave Far fetched But I don t give a damn Honestly, I love reading this kind of stuff.The first thing that will make you fall in love to a story is if you adore the characters and I pretty much love all the characters even the guards Nino, Tino and Dex I love the whole family Better be prepared emotionally, because the story is full of vile and horrendous things.I took it all and devour all [...]

  13. Must read I loved the story of Dare and Angel It was gritty and real and with the dual pov you really got in their heads Angel has had a unimaginably hard two years working on getting from A to B and eventually getting to C Enter Dare He didn t want this Didn t want her Until he did Now he won t let her go.This book was well written and kept my attention throughout I felt so bad for Lisa I hope she gets her hea soon I m anxious for the next book in this series to find out about the summit meetin [...]

  14. Great series I loved The Dominator and was afraid that this book would be a let down So many series are either just the same story told over and over again with different character names or the second one deviates so much that it feels like the writer just ran out of steam In her second book, DD Prince tells us Dare s story and Dare is very different from his brother But this book continues to tell us about this amazing family who is trying to live down the father s bad decisions while wrestling [...]

  15. Well what can I say another brilliant book so looking forward to the next one do love me an alpha male but even better when you have 2 in the same book just brilliant reading and a very good story pleassssse let s have the next one soon xx.

  16. Truth or Dare is a great follow up to The Dominator In the beginning I wasn t fond of Dare as he portrayed a cold brute He eventually became tolerable midway in TD.Truth or Dare is Dare s story and who knew ole boy had it in him Dare proves he s just as hard, brash, sexy, and cool as hell as his big bro, Tommy As Dare attempt to pick up the pieces of his father s business, allow his brother sufficient time to recoup from his latest kill and immediate marriage, he s thrown for a loop What a frigg [...]

  17. Truth or DareGenre DarkDid I like it DefinitelyDid I like all the characters YesHEA Of course I m revered and feared I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review I was really touched I got chosen to get an ARC as after I read The Dominator which I always read as denominator , D.D Prince shot to the list of my top authors I was quite anxious with reading this book as I rarely read sequels unless it s to do with the same characters but I just couldn t help myself This book is not one to be [...]

  18. 5 starsoooohmyygaaaawd, this book Ho ly mo ly I was seriously wondering how D.D Prince was going to top Tommy s story, like how the hell to you top Tommy freaking Ferrano You just don t That was until we met Tommy s little brother Dario Seriously the name just makes panties wet sorry mom.This books just exploded with emotions and I m freaking glad that I finally read the book I don t wanna spoil and say too much like i always do with everything so I m just gonna say read the freaking boo [...]

  19. 5 Stars More If you have not read The Dominator, stop what you re doing and do that first Thank you to DD Prince for giving me the opportunity to read this prior to the release date in exchange for my honest review.She did not let us down Not only do you get to learn Dario s Tommy s brother story but you also get to catch up with hot a Tommy Tia Until the book is released, I don t want to share too much too soon If you re wondering if Dario is anything like Tommy Yes No, he s fabulous in every w [...]

  20. I won this book in a competition run by DD I couldn t have asked for a better prize sensational Wow wow wow Words don t seem to be enough I couldn t put this down and if I didn t have to work I would ve finished it in one sitting I feel out of sorts now I ve finished and really can t wait for fete to come out In the meantime I m trying to be very patient for ambrosia Another amazing job DD please keep up your fantastic work You re an inspiration in your writing xx

  21. 1000000000 stars from mAh side.LovedLovedLovedis book.dario you are the best hero I have read after TommyI love this series to the core of mAh heart.I have read this book almost 4 times and every time I love this book and e possessive protectness of Dario and the iron strength of Felicia is worth reading

  22. Excellent book but I m mad at you D.D How could you do that to me I hope you re furiously tapping out book 3 on your computer Despite being mad at the author I highly recommend this excellent series

  23. YesThis is one of the greatest yet After Tommy and Tia, I didn t think it could get any better Then along comes Dare and Angel Wow Can t wait for number 3 I love how you include all the family with the main story Thank you.

  24. IntenseVery intense dark romance This wasn t what was expecting from this book I love every minute of Dare and Angel story Dare wasn t as intense as Tommy, but I love how he was there every step the way for Angel.

  25. Another fabulous book from DD Prince and another look into the Ferrano way of life To say I m obsessed with Tommy would be an understatement But Dario is definitely raising the stakes He will not disappoint Can t say any now

  26. Absolutely love the sequal just the whole Ferrano story in general DD prince is genius most definitely Now I m gonna wallow wait til The Dominator III Fete release in 2016.

  27. What s on your wish list, son Pop asked Beautiful Redhead But she has to want what I want from life She has to have an insatiable sexual appetite but want kids and a picket fence, too You know the common saying be careful what you wish for This is the second book in The Dominator series Dario Dare has just returned from his brother Tommy s wedding with an epiphany Maybe he too is ready for a wife and family After spending the last 3 years whoring around after having his heart broken, he was sure [...]

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