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[PDF] Axel | by ↠ Megan O'Brien [PDF] Axel | by ↠ Megan O'Brien - Axel, Axel More than a year ago Sophie disappeared without a trace When she turns up again she s a different woman with one big secret and Axel will stop at nothing to make her his Sophie was once afraid of th

  • Title: Axel
  • Author: Megan O'Brien
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Axel | by ↠ Megan O'Brien, Axel, Megan O'Brien, Axel More than a year ago Sophie disappeared without a trace When she turns up again she s a different woman with one big secret and Axel will stop at nothing to make her his Sophie was once afraid of the world In her time away she s learned a hell of a lot except to rely on anyone other than herself When Axel comes careening back into her life he demands just that and soMore than a year ago So


[PDF] Axel | by ↠ Megan O'Brien [PDF] Axel | by ↠ Megan O'Brien - Axel, Axel More than a year ago Sophie disappeared without a trace When she turns up again she s a different woman with one big secret and Axel will stop at nothing to make her his Sophie was once afraid of th Axel

  • [PDF] Axel | by ↠ Megan O'Brien
    184Megan O'Brien

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  1. 4.25 RATING Better than the last one This series doesn t have as much depth as a Sheehan or Fanetti story but from the biker series out there, I really like this one Not everything totally added up with the story but overall it was a guilty pleasure read I enjoyed Really looking forward to the next book Note At the time this review was posted, this book was available to borrow through s Kindle Unlimited program.To see other books available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited or SCRIBD, check out [...]

  2. 3.5 Stars I did love this book and Axel was very much alpha over Sophie It was hot and safe the only problem I had with this book is the fact that Axel was not celibate the 13 months the h was gone Now before everyone freaks out, they weren t together only had a ONS and she was the one that left but still after I found out it s all I though about This was still an enjoyable read though Also I don t think he was a manwhore while she was gone but there was at least one clubwhore he slept with

  3. 3 1 2 stars, I liked this one it is a very sweet read I wished there had been a little angst or grit or something, and I m not sure what exactly I love this series and I think this rating might just be me right now, I find books I like and a few I really like but through it I still feel like I m in a funk I especially think that because I love this author and her first two books blew me away This isn t the only time, I just feel blah in general not having anything to do with the books making me [...]

  4. Sophie Sal from book 3 s sister fell for Axel when he was shadowing her brother while he was in New York for a funeral They had an awkward one night stand that left them both confused Sophie follows her brother back to his home in Nevada when things get tense for her with her parents Before she and Axel are able to figure out what they are doing in terms of their relationship, she begins to get threats against the people she cares about She feels the only way to keep them safe is to leave town, [...]

  5. This series just gets better and better with every bookCan t wait to read Ryker s story

  6. FOUR BABY, YOU RE MINE STARS This is the third book in Megan O Brien s The Ride series I m an unabashed MC romance fan I like them dark and gritty, and I like them light and easy This series falls in mild category, but that is in no way a drawback.Megan O Brien has penned a great MC series in The Ride While it is not wildly dark and violent, it s still everything you d expect in a good MC romance Over the top alpha male bikers Check Action packed drama drawing out said alpha male biker s fierce [...]

  7. Sophie had been spending time with her brother when she abruptly left town and no one had a clue where she ran off to Axel discovers where Sophie is and he wants answers They had spent one night together but when Sophie arrived in town, Axel had sent mixed messages of what he wanted from her He had friend zoned her but there was no question he still wanted her Finding out Sophie has been hiding a secret, Axel steps in He will do everything in his power to protect her, but is he a man who can hol [...]

  8. Liked this one, but it was pretty mild for an MC book The hero and heroine were great, but I just missed something Not a lot about the club either was about their relationship and the relationship with the heroines fucked up parents.3 stars from me

  9. 2.5 3 stars Axel and Sophie to be fair, this covers a trope that s not my favorite, the secret hidden pregnancy Add to that a lack of spark between them, and I was bored than excited about their romance.General Thoughts on SeriesI was cleaning out my kindle dealing with my TBR list, or as I like to call it, The Mountain reinforces that I may be a bookhoarder, but on occasion I find some hidden gems on there I d gotten the first three books of this series just sitting there, and once I start, I [...]

  10. While I didn t dislike this book, I found I didn t love it I liked the first book in the series, although, I don t recall much about it Maybe that is why I am finding these additional sequels just not to my taste Very simplistic writing and a fast moving story Not a great deal of depth to the story Decent story, but just not the pace I am looking for in a book.

  11. Took a while to finish this due to lots of reasons not pertaining to the story I loved a lot of it But I also had issues with some The time apart I blame the heroine for her part in her deception Although at the same time I understand It doesn t negate the fact it wasn t fair to Axel Then I don t like the double standard of Axel having sexually moved on And her not have That s just so over done I don t really rate safety the same on second chance stories but in this one I already know that the a [...]

  12. Rating 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 I didn t dislike this at all, but it just wasn t that memorable to me In looking back, I rated the first two of this series similarly When I went back to read the third, I looked back to refresh my memory on the first two and had no recollection of them at all, unusual for me So, I m guessing my opinion was they were a bit bland too.Axel is the enforcer of the club Sophie is the younger sister of Sal, the hero of book 2 Book 3 picks up right after book 2 leaves o [...]

  13. This is a great story, kind of a second chance romance, of a sort Sophie Axel met in the previous book, and we know there s something going on, but we don t really know what While this can be read as a stand alone, I love this series lots would recommend reading the first two So, the story starts out with Sophie needing to tell Axel something, but before she can, she s forced to leave We re not sure what sent her running, but we re not in the dark very long The pacing is very steady things get r [...]

  14. My favourite so far.This is the third book in this series and for me it was the best so far, thirteen months ago Sophie left Hawthorne without a word to anyone, she left behind her brother Sal and Axel the man she can t forget.The thirteen months have been hard on Sophie and while she s struggled she s come out the other side a stronger woman.Axel may have been battling with himself over wanting Sophie but when she disappears he realises what he s lost.I enjoyed this book and as always the chara [...]

  15. Nice sweet romance No grit, suspense, cheating, etc I loved book 1 but by book 3 I felt like I had read book 1 and book 2 again with a few events and character names changed Very similar plot and events in each book The writing style is very reminiscent of Kristin Ashley and several events in the book seemed to be pulled directly from a couple of KA books to include phrases spoken by the H If you like a sweet romance with a devoted, possessive H, then you will like the book I would like to see t [...]

  16. Just me So many 5 star reviews I was excited to read this.Maybe it was just me but I had a hard time staying interested in the book It felt repetitive, like I kept reading the same thoughts and conversations over and over again just worded differently The main character Soph I couldn t make up my mind on if I liked her or if she was annoying.

  17. a good read, butHonestlyThe Ride series would be so much better without all the constant pregnancies Leave it at sexy bikers Love how none of the women work just stay under the roof of their obviously well off bad ass biker babe Gag

  18. I feel like am just repeating myself with this series indeed, please refer to review for book 1 and 2 But I really liked this one When Axel finds out what Sophie has been hiding from him Well, that is it as far as he is concerned.But again, an MC light, low angst enjoyable read.

  19. a solid 3.85 hot biker stars I m really liking this formula and these bikers who go all out to protect, love, care for their women Call me old fashioned as fuck but I love me some caring heroes who aren t full of dark moopy angst and do chivalry like a boss.

  20. It s a good book I liked the characters but I didn t love them, I couldn t really connect with them because the author kind of began the book in the middle They already knew each other, and she didn t show us how they met, or anything about the night they hooked up, oh and we have absolutely no clue view spoiler she was already pregnant in the beginning and trying to tell him about it, she has to run away cause of reasons and she doesn t tell him, she just disappears I got the impression they we [...]

  21. 5 Awesome Axel StarsI am so enjoying this series Each book has been about a different couple this one focussing on Axel and Sophie I liked this one the best, partly because I feel like I have really got to know the other characters Ryker and Piper are next but I m really desperate for Cal and Jill to get a story Great novel with a fab ending but the promise of to come Bit milder than some MC genre books but lots of heat, swearing and some violence so recommend over 18 s only.

  22. Of the three I ve read so far, Axel has to be my least favourite Though the same style of writing prevailed throughout this book as well, the character depth wasn t as on point as I would have hoped Still entertaining, just not as much as I d wished for Looking forward to Ryker the friends to lovers story always gets me.

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