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Welcome to Night Vale

☆ Welcome to Night Vale ☆ Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor ☆ Welcome to Night Vale ☆ Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor - Welcome to Night Vale, Welcome to Night Vale From the creators of the wildly popular Welcome to Night Vale podcast comes an imaginative mystery of appearances and disappearances that is also a poignant look at the ways in which we all struggle t

  • Title: Welcome to Night Vale
  • Author: Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 330
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Welcome to Night Vale ☆ Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor, Welcome to Night Vale, Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor, Welcome to Night Vale From the creators of the wildly popular Welcome to Night Vale podcast comes an imaginative mystery of appearances and disappearances that is also a poignant look at the ways in which we all struggle to find ourselves matter where we live Hypnotic and darkly funny Belongs to a particular strain of American gothic that encompasses The Twilight Zone Stephen KingFrom the creator

Welcome to Night Vale

☆ Welcome to Night Vale ☆ Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor ☆ Welcome to Night Vale ☆ Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor - Welcome to Night Vale, Welcome to Night Vale From the creators of the wildly popular Welcome to Night Vale podcast comes an imaginative mystery of appearances and disappearances that is also a poignant look at the ways in which we all struggle t Welcome to Night Vale

  • ☆ Welcome to Night Vale ☆ Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor
    330Joseph Fink Jeffrey Cranor
Welcome to Night Vale

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  1. Here s the short version This book is a marvel and a wonder You should try it Here s the medium version Seriously Try it It might be a little outside your usual reading habits, but it s not thick of cumbersome at all It s delightfully clear and strange and unlike anything else I ve ever read And I ve read a lot I even liked it enough to give it a blurb As a fan of Welcome to Night Vale, Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink have delighted me with stories that are clever, twisted, beautiful, strange, wo [...]

  2. DNF page 187Weirdness, with a side of monotonyLet me start off by saying NO, I did not listen to the podcast first, and NO, I have no interest in them So please stop telling me I have to hear it to appreciate it Also, please stop talking to me about Serial too, the only one I care about is Cinnamon Toast Crunch While the strangeness of the town was charming at first, it became cloyingly distracting to have every other sentence punctuated with some supernatural weirdness In fact, stripped of all [...]

  3. I know, I know, a two star rating for THE Welcome to Night Vale novel.Oh the humanity.And before we begin, yes, I actually DO have the book This isn t just some attempt on my part to spit on dreams and fart on hopes for the fun of it.Ok, so, I ve been a fan of WtNV for awhile now, I like it, it makes my drive to and from work pleasant, I look foreword to new episodes and I was excited about the new book coming out Having now finished it however, may I just say Meh The first problem is that it s [...]

  4. All right, I m going to be honest.It s not actually that good It pains me to say it, you know I love the podcast oodles, I attended the live show, which was amazing I was very excited to get my hands on an ARC, and got to reading it right away.And let me tell you, it was hard fuckin work to get through It took me a while to figure out why that was, but I got it there s nobody for the reader to identify with The very premise of Night Vale is that weird things happen, but everyone goes on like it [...]

  5. Who am I kidding .Unless this turns out to be a manual on how to abuse puppies and small children, OF COURSE I m going to give it five stars More to come in October Update 10 20, 4 45 pmWhen my UPS heartthrob FINALLY arrives with my preordered copy, I m waiting at the end of the driveway He already thinks I m nuts, but I may have gone too far this time.And now, I m reading 10 23 Done Okay, to be honest, I was hoping for of a travel tourist guide along the lines of Discovering Scarfolk BUT the [...]

  6. I will be writing, have been writing, or have already written depending on when you see this Time is strange here on GR a review of Welcome to Night Vale But until when after I do or until you return from whatever time stream you are in to read this, or move ahead into another one I can offer one definite bit of advice Listen to a few of the Night Vale podcasts If they float your boat, or, lacking water, elevate you at least several inches off the ground for a period of about twenty minutes, you [...]

  7. What the fuck just happened This book is a whole lot of things it is weird and completely perplexing it is hilarious and confusing it is cynical and brilliant But, most importantly, it is impossible to put down Nothing makes any sense So I had to reach ending, and fast, to discover what the fuck was actually going on But, this doesn t necessarily mean the novel was good It had moments of greatness, real greatness, though when you stand back and look at its entirety it s just a little bit vague E [...]

  8. Oh my god, I d been looking forward to this release all season you guys I thought FOR SURE this would be a slam dunk, NO WAY the Welcome to Night Vale novel would be anything but satisfactory A GRAND, FIRE WORKY finale to this season s Spooktacular slog.And then it was just kind of ok.So, the thing about Night Vale as a podcast I love it, obviously It s weird and fun and thoughtful and quirky and weird and sometimes creepy, but mostly it s weird That Night Vale style of nonsensical, nonsequitur, [...]

  9. DNF at 30% By this point the reader should have some kind of idea what the hell is going on, don t you think I have no freaking clue The narrators were good though.

  10. Disclaimer I ve never listened to the podcast Don t plan on it now, either.Good lord, what a mess You wanna know how long it takes for a novel that s compiled completely of funny little moments of weirdness and oh you thought one thing but it s actually the opposite ha ha get it to get real goddamned annoying About one page I held on hoping the preciousness would have some real motivation or explanation behind it Nope Just cleverness for the sake of cleverness, and it didn t evolve or add up to [...]

  11. I ve waited several weeks to write this review because I want it to be as honest as possible without my emotions getting too much in the way So, here it is this is not a good book To be acurate, I m not even really sure that this is a book at all Bear with me on this one.Welcome to Nightvale was originally a podcast, one that up until recently I d listened to for three years now So, when they announced a novel, I was hesitant but interested I d heard excerpts on the show I d even heard the weir [...]

  12. 1 I HIGHLY recommend listening to the podcast first In my opinion, the podcast is amazing In my opinion, the podcast was handcrafted to appeal to me with its eerie sci fi vibe and hilarious deadpan humor Definitely listen to several episodes first to see if this is for you If you just read the book, you are doing yourself a disservice and won t experience the book the same way 2 I HIGHLY recommend the audiobook Cecil is back narrating just like he does in the podcast He adds so much to the story [...]

  13. Unless you have been living under the worlds biggest rock for the last four years, then you would of heard of the phenomenon that is Welcome to Night Vale Starting in 2012 as a project between friends, the show has grown into one of the biggest podcast s on the planet Now we have the companion novel, with the question being, will the book go hand to hand with it s digital brother or will it be a poor knock off trying to ride the shows popularity.While America is full of strange things, Night Val [...]

  14. I am not able to decide if I would rather like to have the book or the audiobook I guess I ll have to listen to the hooded figures who tell me to buy both, then.

  15. First off If you are a dedicated WTNV fan, this review will not be useful to you I hope you read the book and enjoy it As someone who isn t a regular WTNV listener I think I ve heard two of the podcast episodes , this book seemed like something of a mess to me There are a ton of in jokes and references that feel like they re there for the fans, but that left me cold and dry The setting itself was baffling to me it s like a particularly dark Dali painting, where nothing makes any sense, but it s [...]

  16. Super Short Review So many have gone before me on this one that I don t have much to add A completely different kind of read for me I truly believe I enjoyed this so much due to listening to it in the audio format Fink has such an knack for making the ordinary become profound The interactions between the characters may seem mundane but there is a glimpse of deeper meaning if you think on it A great story and now I will have to check out the podcast a bit .

  17. YES A book of my favourite audio Expect many images in this thought box Do you remember how we all had Nightvale reviews and grr deleted them It would show good faith if we had them returned, don t you think Nightvale was not allowed because it didn t make them a penny it is youtube based phenomenom that will be available in product form in the autumn and make lots of money Double standard much, Bezos Those new to the concept, check out the first episode hereBefore our reviews were deleted we di [...]

  18. 1.99 on September 18, 2017 Hypnotic and darkly funny Belongs to a particular strain of American gothic that encompasses The Twilight Zone, Stephen King and Twin Peaks, with a bit of Tremors thrown in The GuardianUh, sign me up

  19. As an avid listener of Welcome to Night Vale , this was exactly what I wanted from its literary debut As an avid consumer of books, this was exactly what I didn t realize I ve been looking for At once devastating and funny and sweet, the story perfectly captures Night Vale s ability to draw you right to the brink of terror, hold you there with bated breath, and then suddenly and completely release that tension with a flippant comment It s a technique, characteristic of the podcast, that I wasn t [...]

  20. Love it, hate it, miss it, glad I m done with it Or am I Night Vale a beautiful, stymie ing, byzantine dimension Never heard of there being a podcast regarding Night Vale, prior to discovering this book became a fan via the book s description A story about angels, aliens, ghosts, hybrid creatures, inter dimensional spaces YEP give it to this guy Frustrating yes.Did I suffer brain cramp yes.Wreaked havoc on my ADHD yes.Introduced me to something extraordinary yes The story is told in 1st, 2nd and [...]

  21. I received this book as an ARC, and it is almost everything I would ve wanted from a Welcome to Night Vale book I ve gone back and forth on whether this is a book for fans or for everyone, and I ve concluded it s a little of both Those new to the universe will find a mystery that s competently crafted and compellingly written though they ll miss the semi frequent references to events and characters from the podcast , while fans will get of what they fell in love with, plus some answers to linge [...]

  22. The popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale has ventured into the literary world with its first novel Authors Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor present a story that follows two of Night Vale s residents Diane, an unassuming office worker with a shape shifter for a son, and Jackie, a 19 year old pawn shop owner As the narrative alternates between the two leads, the authors injected short excerpts from the local community radio host Cecil detailing the events happening in the tumultuous town Unfortunat [...]

  23. I m not a listener of the podcast but this is so fascinating in all its surrealism and absurdness such a different read from me, but nevertheless lovely.full review here catshelf.wordpress 2015 1

  24. There was a new exhibit at the Museum of Forbidden Technologies that sounded interesting Unfortunately, Diane had never been able to go to the museum because all of its exhibits are classified, and no one is allowed to see them It is a felony to go to that museum Night Vale is a friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while everyone pretends to sleep It is governed by a City Council that rules the town with an iron fist They ran [...]

  25. In the summer of 2013, Tumblr was briefly taken over by a curious little fandom a podcast by the name of Welcome To Night Vale Up to that point, no one had ever heard of it and those in the know had trouble explaining it to newcomers It s like if Twin Peaks had a local radio show And there were angels And an entire civilisation of tiny people hidden underneath the bowling alley You kind of have to find out for yourself just listen After a few days of scrolling past pictures of mysterious desert [...]

  26. Before reading I love books I also love the podcast Welcome to Night Vale.Combining those two things would be epic.

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