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Betrayal Best Download || [J.C. Owens] Betrayal Best Download || [J.C. Owens] - Betrayal, Betrayal Secrets madness lies and a love forged in the flames of betrayal Imprisoned starved and abused by his captors Darcel finds his only escape in the depths of madness But he s tormented by his own de

  • Title: Betrayal
  • Author: J.C. Owens
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 401
  • Format: ebook

Betrayal Best Download || [J.C. Owens], Betrayal, J.C. Owens, Betrayal Secrets madness lies and a love forged in the flames of betrayal Imprisoned starved and abused by his captors Darcel finds his only escape in the depths of madness But he s tormented by his own demons who taunt him with the memories of his past and of his beloved prince Alasar of Rais The man who condemned him to this prison for killing the enemy s high king TheSecrets madness lie


Betrayal Best Download || [J.C. Owens] Betrayal Best Download || [J.C. Owens] - Betrayal, Betrayal Secrets madness lies and a love forged in the flames of betrayal Imprisoned starved and abused by his captors Darcel finds his only escape in the depths of madness But he s tormented by his own de Betrayal

  • Betrayal Best Download || [J.C. Owens]
    401J.C. Owens

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  1. This is EXACTLY what I wanted I love capture slave stories where there are severe situations hurt comfort abound Great personalities on all the men I didn t like them allbut they certainly made sense and even a fit twists and things I didn t see coming The sex was hot and this is a re read for sure J.C Owens is just that type of author for me.

  2. Well written and edited story with few surprises Most dialogue is through internal musings, which is not a favorite thing of mine I wasn t able to get a good feel or mental picture of anyone as descriptions were lacking.

  3. I feel this story is about the different shades sides of love That it is m m makes it doubly nice for me.Two princes in their own way love the same man One prince s love could be termed selfish, destructive or even childishly petty Yet it is still love because in his mind warped as it appeared , he loves this man Or, perhaps it was just a it s my toy to break, you can t have it mentality, or just a terrible obsession, pure and simple.The second prince didn t start off with roses either but his l [...]

  4. I like parts of this, but overall the choppy style detracts Darcel is very passive and takes on a female role Harlech is somewhat vague at the beginning, but his amazing transformation from barbarian rapist to tender lover is somewhat unconvincing The use of sex as a cure for PTSD would be slightly believable if the sex wasn t with someone who had previously raped him and kept him as a sex slave And finally, if you have even a slight understanding of economics the whole story makes no sense why [...]

  5. I don t know what happened here but this was of a sketch of a book for me Very rushed start of the story with no time for emotional connection to the MC Lack of dialog in some places was excruciating Lots of telling instead of showing Its so unlike Owens

  6. I found this book very confusing The back and forth time jumps at the beginning took me awhile to get into and then why the betrayal happened never really made sense to me I never felt we really see the relationship happen It was a lot of telling and not a lot of showing.

  7. I can t even remember how many times I ve re read bits of this novel There s just something about Darcel Probably the way he never quite gives up no matter what.

  8. Story good, structure needed workThe timing was a little confusing, but I liked the story itself The characters needed a bit fleshing out There was decent framework as far as world building goes, but I would have been interested to learn about the respective cultures As for the timing problem, there were a LOT of flashbacks, especially in the first third or so They weren t formatted differently, nor were there any breaks between present and past Very confusing, especially because the timeline [...]

  9. This book has an interesting premise and would definitely give it five stars if only it was longer The way it is now, it seems very rushed and confusing especially during the time changes and the Demon s presence, which seems to me to be either really badly described or completely redundant Taking time with descriptions of the events, rather than the sex scenes or minor details, would make the book great, the way it is, it s just average.

  10. My Rating 2.5 The story begins with a glimpse of Darcel in prison, being tortured by a demon that may or may not have been a product of insanity The demon showed him truths that he refused to believe that the prince he loved betrayed him by throwing him in prison and then sold him to the enemy When Darcel comes back to himself, he thinks he s been recaptured, and the hardest thing for him to accept is that the enemy may be trustworthy than the man he thought he loved.First of all, I d like to s [...]

  11. 2.5 starsI liked this story because it drew me in and wouldn t let go despite the wtf moments I generally enjoy J.C Owens stories, but this was one of the weaker ones I didn t like it because of the wtf moments view spoiler What was the point of the demon Was he a real physical entity or just an illusion constructed by a man driven to madness by despair and loneliness and abuse What was the point of it manifesting at the end in the desert Darcel was abused, beaten, raped and isolated for three y [...]

  12. Funny enough, this was a bit too predictable for me despite all those secrets and lies It was not actually bad, and the style of writing was even good despite Darcel s lengthy inner musings something extremely popular among authors, it seems, and something I dislike and , btw , but I did not really get involved in this story and none of the characters grew on me I finished it with a luke warm feeling and it is definitely not a book I will read again barely 3 stars

  13. Loved itas usual I loved this story All of J.C owens books are so well written that I try and read any new ones I haven t read yet This is a great story with strong situation of emotional pain and suffering I m sad that darcel went through all of it, happy that his man came through for him It was really good.

  14. I really like J.C Owens The books aren t necessarily the best written, have the most intelligent characters, or the best plot But all her books are written in some of my time period made up or not and the whole enemy captive theme Which I m a huge fan of so hard to fault something I probably just like because it hits all the right buttons.

  15. The first half is so good, but the other half is not so great But still I ll give it four stars, because I really love Darcel He doesn t submit to the high king because he is forced to nor bribed with wonderful sex, but he remembers the gentleness and the evident of humanity and warmth despite of the barbarians title his own people give to the enemy.

  16. Sci Fi Interesting, good story, strong characters Would have liked to know about the son Could have fleshed out relationship with Alasar and Caslendra and Alasar s love for Darcel Not a ton of sex about a 3.5 on my hot scale I would read this author again.

  17. This was so good I m so so happy that Harlech was the one Darcel ended up with, I never warmed up to Alasar too cold and what a jerk I would love to see a sequel in the future, this was a such a wonderful story

  18. This had the potential to be a great book but it was far too rushed The plot was excellent but there wasn t enough set up descriptions, backgrounds etc Also, I doubt that Darcel was in any condition mentally or physically to take a lover so soon after years of rape and torture.

  19. Just like The Ice Prince, this book took me one day to finish This is great book to read I hope he writes a follow up with Eldan being one of the main characters.

  20. 3.5 stars The writing is very plain but the story is classic hurt comfort practically all hurt off screen though and the main characters are very likable, the plot interesting Quite enjoyed it.

  21. GoodThank you JC Owens This was a really good book I enjoyed it The characters were very good Had hard time putting down

  22. OkThis book was an ok story.e betrayal was deep for Darceal but I m glad he saw thru it and it out.uld have had of bite to it but all in all enjoyable.

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