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Sisterhood Everlasting

Sisterhood Everlasting Best Download || [Ann Brashares] Sisterhood Everlasting Best Download || [Ann Brashares] - Sisterhood Everlasting, Sisterhood Everlasting Four friends One sisterhood Ten years later On the cusp of turning thirty Tibby Lena Carmen and Bridget are now living separate lives out on their own Yet despite having jobs and men that they lo

  • Title: Sisterhood Everlasting
  • Author: Ann Brashares
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback

Sisterhood Everlasting Best Download || [Ann Brashares], Sisterhood Everlasting, Ann Brashares, Sisterhood Everlasting Four friends One sisterhood Ten years later On the cusp of turning thirty Tibby Lena Carmen and Bridget are now living separate lives out on their own Yet despite having jobs and men that they love each knows that something is missing the closeness that once sustained them Carmen is a successful actress in New York engaged to be married but misses her friends LFour f

Sisterhood Everlasting

Sisterhood Everlasting Best Download || [Ann Brashares] Sisterhood Everlasting Best Download || [Ann Brashares] - Sisterhood Everlasting, Sisterhood Everlasting Four friends One sisterhood Ten years later On the cusp of turning thirty Tibby Lena Carmen and Bridget are now living separate lives out on their own Yet despite having jobs and men that they lo Sisterhood Everlasting

  • Sisterhood Everlasting Best Download || [Ann Brashares]
    228Ann Brashares
Sisterhood Everlasting

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  1. Every so often I come across one of those books where the entire way through I m thinking I absolutely LOVED this series, but this book ruined everyone s characters while being straight up depressing and infuriating It was like PS I Love You but without the feels DISCLAIMER Kostos still gets 5 stars I love that guy and he was the only part I kept reading for The story takes place 10 years later so the girls are all 29 and living in different areas Somehow I wasn t aware of the major spoiler that [...]

  2. What was I thinking Why did I bother Okay, I know why I tend to do better with audiobooks that require less concentration and offer an engaging story that s not too challenging And although I didn t have high hopes for the fifth fifth Am I actually still reading these book in the Traveling Pants series, when I saw it was available on audio I couldn t resist.Well If I tell you the pivotal plot point it will be a big fat spoiler, so I ll try to gripe about the book without doing that As usual, I h [...]

  3. ARC of this I ll write an official review closer to the publication date but I will tell you I have never cried so much during a book except maybe one of the previous Sisterhood books I stayed up half the night reading this book I couldn t put it down review for library website A lot of books have made me cry but only a few have made me sob tear stained pages reaching blindly for a tissue Two of those books are Ekaterina Gordeeva s MY SERGEI and Ann Brashares s the SECOND SUMMER OF THE SISTERHOO [...]

  4. At least I tried In this 5th book in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, Ann Brashares brings back the characters we knew and loved as they enter their thirties Four friends ten years later How has the sisterhood fared how has life treated them and where are they now Although the girls had gone their separate ways and had sort of lost touch with each other, Lena, Carmen and Bee gather in Greece for a reunion arranged by Tibby What they find there changes their lives forever.This is a s [...]

  5. Okay, this is not really going to be a kind review I m not trying to sound mean or like a weirdo Internet commenter, but there are some things that really ticked me off about this book So there s a spoiler that all Traveling Pants fans knew about months ago, one that you can read pretty easily online, and that many have, but if you don t know and want to read the book, stop reading here And if you do know the major spoiler, there are revealed below, so just take care if you do want to read the [...]

  6. This probably only deserves four stars, but I don t give a shit I m giving it five stars Until about the last forty pages, I thought I knew what I was going to write in this review I was going to say that Brashares is incredibly good with the inner lives of her characters I was going to say that she brings people to life in magical, absurdly readable, and moving ways I was going to say that despite this, reading this book is like expecting to jump into pool and float back to the surface, but ins [...]

  7. I had a lot of people tell me that this book was horrible, they hated it, and I should skip it, but this kind of time jump conclusion to a series is absolutely my kind of thing I love seeing where characters you spent a lot of time with end up many years later As for if this book is terrible Definitely not Yeah, there s a thing that happens that I don t LIKE, that shook me, made me mad, made me disagree and to be honest, there s a part of it that made me question the treatment, but I don t have [...]

  8. Having read the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants series, I was so excited to find out that there was a ten years later installment coming out.I was definitely very greedy with this book reading it in one afternoon, desperate to be moved and amazed by it However, about halfway through, I realized I was quickly reading just to get to the end of it Unfortunately I had heard that there was a pretty shocking event in the story awhile back before the book actually came out So of course, I was anticip [...]

  9. So here I am, writing a review for a book before it comes out This makes me a big loser Whatever Anyway, words cannot describe how excited I am to read this When i realized that this is a new Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants book, and not another 3 Willows book yes, it was cute, but not the same i started tearing up I wish I was joking I m not Thats how excited I am REVIEW When an author has written a good book, you feel like you are part of the story, the characters are your friends and you ca [...]

  10. I believe that this is the last book in the series and its a great way to wrap up the story lines of the characters I m not saying that just because I won a free copy of this from good reads It is just too bad that Tibby had to die its so sad She left behind Brian, her daughter, Bailey and friends and her family She wasn t even thirty yet This book teaches readers a great life lesson life rarely goes accordingly to way we plan it but the obstacles that one faces does not serve as an excuse to st [...]

  11. This book was such a hot mess I m super dissapointed because I loved the first four books and was so excited to see that there was fifth one But pretty much everything was wrong with this book 1 The girls are supposed to be 29, but no one seems to act like an adult in any way I had a hard time remembering that they weren t teenagers any.2 None of the girls seem to have any drive or ambition in life at all They don t have normal or healthy relationships with anyone They don t even seem to have jo [...]

  12. Actual rating 4.5 starsI know, I know this book is VERY polarizing b c some crazy things happen And when I first read it when it came out, I was devastated and not the biggest fan Reading it now, 4 years later and with a lot adult life under my belt, I have to admit that I LOVED THIS BOOK I feel like it embraced the true characters of Lena, Tibby, Bridget and Carmen, yet also perfectly tackled the new struggles and challenges that come along with adulthood and moving on.I cried many tears and w [...]

  13. I should have stuck with book four and left it at that It seemed like all the characters reverted to their 18 year old behaviors and no one had grown or matured I was not happy with the whole premise no spoilers but come on nor any of the characters lives I also found the letters the girls received lacking any heart or soul they did not move me in anyway not to mention the lack of believability for most of the plot s view spoiler I mean what 30 year old can buy her friends a house , plus they ar [...]

  14. Not The Story I Expected, But One I Grew To Love and AppreciateRating 4.5 out of 5 stars Last year I started this book And something I didn t expect happened within the first 70 pages and I couldn t bring myself to read any I didn t want to think of the sisterhood this wayI wrestled with what happened for a whole year and finally learned to somewhat accept it Also, I began to feel curious enough about what happens after that first 70 pages that I decided I wanted to complete the book rather tha [...]

  15. I was really excited to read this book and I m not sure why I think the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants books are a really good idea but their execution leaves a lot to be desired However, I like the idea of them so much that I tend to forget that I don t really like them during the time it takes for each of them to come out The characters have barely changed in the last ten years, and it annoys me that I spent so much time reading about them and they have learned nothing from their experience [...]

  16. Caution Spoilers If you feel like having your childhood wrecked, read this book Our beloved characters have aged ten years, and instead of having relatively bright futures despite their individual baggage and relatable flaws, they utterly hate their lives, one so much that she actually offs herself Seriously It s not the one you expect, either Everything is poorly explained and depressing, and I realized early on that it kind of reads like fanfiction I m not sure why Ann Brashares decided to wri [...]

  17. I hate books that make me cry Couldn t stop reading this Cried several times Spent the first half of the book feeling like Brashares had unfairly recycled her characters, but it came together in the second half.Now I have to go blow my nose.

  18. I have always been of a fan of character driven books than any other kind There s just something comforting knowing that, at any given moment, I can spend an afternoon with Harry, Ron and Hermione, or help Joe Pickett and his family solve a mystery, or relive the life of Edgar Mint or Garp And once in awhile, an author comes along and builds a character or, in this case, characters that are so well developed that they nearly jump off the page and come to life Ever since the first Sisterhood of [...]

  19. There are other plot twists than pregnancyAnn Brashares is the Oprah Winfrey of pregnancy You get a baby, you get a baby, you get a baby Everyone gets a baby

  20. WHAT I LIKED Um crickets No, that s not really true It was satisfying to see the series to the end And I will admit that the ending, while not very believable, was emotional and mostly satisfying.WHAT I DIDN T LIKE Oh where to start I can t recall reading a book where the main characters were all so thoroughly unlikable What a bunch of miserable people They were all equal parts selfish, self absorbed and and just plain unlikable The major plot line is a major spoiler so I m just going to talk ab [...]

  21. I had no idea this book existed until I found it at a yard sale a few weeks ago I paid my fifty cents I am so glad I didn t know of it until then, instead of paying 25 dollars for it.This used to be a series where four girls used a pair of pants as a system of pen pals as they split up for a few months The first fifty pages of this book, one of them dies I threw my book at the wall at this part.My early teens were spent with Bridget, Tibby, Carmen, and Lena I had this personal connection with al [...]

  22. Sisterhood Everlasting picks up on the four girls of the Sisterhood ten years after we left them pantless, but still a group Bridget As the book opens, we learn that Bridget lives in San Francisco with Eric, the first and only boyfriend she s ever had She s still trying to run from life, but as a 29 year old this manifests as making poor Eric move once a month and donating most of their substantial belongings so as to be freely mobile Carmen Carmen lives in New York in a posh loft with her ABC [...]

  23. audio Sigh I don t know where to start, really, with this book I loved the others, was found of those girls, and have often used them as an example of how young adult literature can be smart and well written I read that this book was an extension of the young adult books, but for adults It is and it isn t I ve not read Brashares actual adult novel, so I m not sure how her writing is there, but this was quite disappointing.First, I don t think the book knew what it wanted to be Most young adult b [...]

  24. I had a love hate relationship with the traveling pants books Mainly because three of the four characters made continuously stupid decisions and it was SO frustrating But I wanted to read this book anyway because I DID like parts of the series especially Tibby s character and I wanted to see what happened to the girls as adults About twenty five pages into this book I almost stopped reading it because of the HUGE tragedy that I never saw coming I was angry How could Ann do this to us loyal reade [...]

  25. To summary this in one paragraph would be impossible There were a few bits that niggled me listed in the cons sections below , but due to the fact I believe I am to blame on part for those, for not having read any earlier titles in the series, rather than the author, I decided it would be wrong to hold that against my rating because once I d figured out the who s who, the author pretty much had me hooked See below for details What bugged me The opening bothered me The first person writing, givi [...]

  26. One of the most heart wrenching novels I ve read all yeare voice of the Sisters is still there, but they ve matured into ladies who are still making mistakes and still learning to live, how to love, how to deal with grief I had to put down the novel at one point because I was so upsetbut like in life, after the pain comes the learning and the healing and the exquisite beauty of happiness Thank you, Ann Brashares, for giving us one

  27. Im Leben gibt es nur selten Geschichten, die einen so sehr ber hren, dass man dar ber um 1 52 Uhr vor seinem Laptop sitzt, weil man nicht anders kann, als seinen Gedanken freien Lauf zu lassen Es sind diese B cher, die das Lesen lesenswert machen und es sind diese B cher, die mein Herz schmerzen lassen Ich kann mich nicht einmal mehr an das letzte Mal erinnern, als mich ein Buch so emotional mitgerissen hat wie Sisterhood Everlasting von Ann Brashares Ich habe geweint und gelacht Und dann wieder [...]

  28. I don t expect everyone to give this five stars, or even to understand why I gave it five stars It s not a masterpiece, nor is it perfectly written When I read the first sisterhood book 10 years ago I was 20 and a sopho in college I still loved YA lit something that endures today and I was in love with the book I truly felt as if I would have been friends with these girls in high school, that they were hilarious and so much like me and my friends Now picking up their story 10 years later, as the [...]

  29. BAWL I couldn t put this down Ann Brashares writes so compellingly about the motivations of different personality types I identify so strongly with Lena, yet am glad for insight into a character like Bridget.Favorite quotes Nobody could accuse you of being boring was what he often said when he got that look And frankly, having somebody like Bridget around was what Eric needed, because he was prone to habits and ruts and he knew it Who else got him out to street festivals, free concerts, bike a t [...]

  30. UPDATE, 3 17 I am DONE DONE DONE It was, um, everything I expected it to be, for better or worse Such tragedy and wisdom what s the phrase for the Wisdom gained by the dying it s something really obvious that I m not grabbing and of COURSE all a woman needs to find fulfillment with her life is to BECOME A MOTHER in some way Even if she thinks she doesn t want kids Even if she finds kids annoying As soon as she s forced to care for one for a couple of minutes THE WORLD IS MAGICAL and KIDS ARE MAG [...]

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