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Ravishing Ruby

[PDF] Read ☆ Ravishing Ruby : by Lavinia Kent [PDF] Read ☆ Ravishing Ruby : by Lavinia Kent - Ravishing Ruby, Ravishing Ruby Eloisa James meets E L James in Lavinia Kent s deeply sensual Regency romance Torn between duty and desire London s most infamous madam fights for a future with the love of her life an insatiable ru

  • Title: Ravishing Ruby
  • Author: Lavinia Kent
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Read ☆ Ravishing Ruby : by Lavinia Kent, Ravishing Ruby, Lavinia Kent, Ravishing Ruby Eloisa James meets E L James in Lavinia Kent s deeply sensual Regency romance Torn between duty and desire London s most infamous madam fights for a future with the love of her life an insatiable ruggedly charming American sailor Emma Scanton s grandfather wants her to marry Though he means well he has no idea that his sweet shy granddaughter leads a double life aEloisa James me

Ravishing Ruby

[PDF] Read ☆ Ravishing Ruby : by Lavinia Kent [PDF] Read ☆ Ravishing Ruby : by Lavinia Kent - Ravishing Ruby, Ravishing Ruby Eloisa James meets E L James in Lavinia Kent s deeply sensual Regency romance Torn between duty and desire London s most infamous madam fights for a future with the love of her life an insatiable ru Ravishing Ruby

  • [PDF] Read ☆ Ravishing Ruby : by Lavinia Kent
    199Lavinia Kent
Ravishing Ruby

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  1. Although the book is very sexy, which by the way is a plus for me, there was just something about Derek and Ruby that didn t really click Ruby s occupation wasn t all that believable to me At least under the circumstances that it was presented Derek didn t seem to consider Ruby a serious possibility until the absolute last second and even then it was barely glossed over so I didn t truly buy in If you don t expect a lot of character growth and just want to read sexy scenes, it s good ARC receive [...]

  2. I liked this story which is why it gets 3 stars from me Derek and Emma are interesting in the way they met, they way they interact and the way they can t stop themselves from desiring one another Emma is unlike any noble born women I ve ever read about and I found that refreshing Derek was noble born and a captain which I liked.I found the story was just likable I didn t fall in love with the story or the characters but the novel was interesting enough to be able to hold my attention I didn t st [...]

  3. This story is made by the varied forms of sensual experience that Ruby and her leading man share Because there is so much time spent building the legend and the lore of the great and worldly Ruby The reality behind said legend is sadly left without adornment.This relative mediocrity would prove refreshing in the face of Ruby s exploits, if Emma was comfortable with Emma.It seems as though Emma wants to be Ruby, than she wants to be herself Even though, given the money that she has made as Ruby [...]

  4. Okay, so yes on,y three stars, why well because of the other books I have read from this series This one moved the slowest, I just was not totally sucked in That is not to say that the story and the characters were not good I have been looking forward to this book, to Ruby s full story In previous books we have had a glimpse or two of Ruby as a matchmaker and now it is her turn to fall in love, which she does, but getting to the happy ending was a long road.We met Capt Derek Price in the last bo [...]

  5. I like when a man can admit when he s wrong, Derek was one of those men, yes And then a pause I admit my anger got the best of me at first, for reasons that were separate from what happened a man does not like to feel manipulated but afterward I remembered your face and it didn t seem right You have always been honest with me I liked this book I really loved Derek.

  6. I received a copy of this title to read and review for Wicked Reads3 Ravishing Stars Finally a complete novel dedicated to the intriguing madam of the series, after giving readers a small taste in an earlier short novella After so much buildup, there was a lot to live up to in this novel Was it a success Ravishing Yes Ruby No I will admit, I have a love hate affair with this series There are elements I absolutely adore, while there are I don t I love historical romance, and prefer one that is [...]

  7. ARC through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review The continuation of Revealing Ruby that hones the focus on the famous Madam Rouge or rather her ton alter ego Emma So, please, read Revealing Ruby first so you can get the full effect and a lot of the backstory.Ravishing Ruby begins 3 months after Revealing Ruby The affair with Derek is over and he is gone She misses him but continues to live her life as we have come to know itwith an added wrinklearently Madam Rogue is an aler egoe is reall [...]

  8. I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This follows on from the novella Revealing Ruby, and it would serve the reader well to read it before this book It is set many months after the first encounter between Derek Price and Ruby Emma I would recommend that you read all the books in order, as they build up the picture of Madame Rouge and her ways I really enjoyed this story as the plot developed the first goodly proportion is hot and steamy, although it failed to m [...]

  9. Ruby is Madame Rouge, owner and operator of a famous and, if you will, elegant pleasure house in London She takes very good care of her girls and creates an atmosphere that ensures all her patrons have a memorable experience with class, comfort, and attention.But Ruby is also Emma Scanton, the illegitimate daughter of a duke, raised by her tradesman grandparents in the countryside She visits them whenever she can and they know nothing of her other life in London.Captain Derek Price is an occasio [...]

  10. This book was absolutely ridiculous I skimmed about after 30% completed The premise that a noble old Man s granddaughter runs a whorehouse and no one knows about it Iincluding him Really The hero what a piece of work liking it when a woman cries it turns him on than anything He then comes off all noble and is cheating on his fianc e the whole time The descriptions of woman parts just made me laugh outloud Yuk just yukWhiny heroine and gross hero on it.Received an ARC for an honest review.

  11. This is a great read if you are looking for some hot love scene This is a historical romance but this is the romance of a proprietress of Madame Rouge a client she meets at the house This not the regular historical virgin heroine, but the story of the Madame I had to read it in one sitting and found I wanted to know what happened to Ruby I hope you enjoy this book too

  12. Oke ini cerita lengkapnya Ruby dan Derek, dari salah paham salah paham dan salah paham untung endingnya si HEA, meski masih blm bener2 final keknya masih ada buku 4.5 tu LOL Setting ceritanya si abis mereka bareng semalem itu jd pengen nyanyi LOL dan di sini ketauan si masa lalu Ruby dan siapa die XD view spoiler Dari awal deh ya, cerita tetang Ruby Emma kan anaknya Duke sapa gt gw lupa, tp emaknya ini anak merchant, Emak Bapaknya ini saling jatuh cinta trs Emaknya rela gt aja jadi simpenan bapa [...]

  13. Essere figlia illegittima, e poi venire ripudiata per essere stata disonorata , non ha fermato Emma si riscattata acquistando il bordello di Madame Noir , trasformandosi in settimana nella seducente Madame Rouge, ma solo la domenica ritorna ad essere la mite Emma quando va a trovare i nonni Lo trasforma in un bordello di lusso dove vige l ordine e regole ferree chi sgarra fuori, solo quando alla sua porta entrer il capitano Prince quelle stesse regole verranno sgarrate di continuo.

  14. This review was originally posted on myblog.All good things must come to an end, and Lavinia Kent s latest novel, Ravishing Ruby, probably spells the end of her wonderful erotic Bound and Determined series by giving the charming Madame Rouge her own happy ending Months have passed since the passionate encounter between Ruby and the man who caused her to break her rule about sleeping with clients, Captain Derek Price, but she can t help remembering the night they shared When circumstances bring t [...]

  15. Emotional And SteamyWhat does sweet Emma Scanton, Ruby and Madame Rouge, have in common They are one and the same person Seduced and ruined at the age of seventeen by a young lord, Emma is rejected by her father She s forced to make her own way in life, and to her luck, buys the brothel from her mother s friend, Madame Noir, who wished to finally retire Now, at twenty eight, she is Madame Rouge, one of the famous madames in London Ruby has many rules, one is never to indulge with her patrons But [...]

  16. My Favorite Bound and Determined Novel It would have been better if he had never returned from Manchester, having him here made her want things she should not, dream things she should not And it made her careless FINAL DECISION Emotional, sexy, hot, RAVISHING RUBY is the story of a fallen woman who lives her own life without many regrets and the man she cannot forget I love how these two fulfill a need in one anotherE STORY Ruby is Madame Rouge, a notorious brothel owner Several months ago, she [...]

  17. Ravishing Ruby is the 3rd novel in the Bound and Determined series by Lavinia Kent I haven t read book 1 and 2 but I will, oh yes, I will In the beginning I wasn t sure who Ruby is or what establishment she has but it only took me a couple of pages to get into the story If I d known the first two books it eventually wouldn t have been a problem Ruby s in her late twenties and the illegitimate daughter of the Duke of Scarlett As her mother died the Duke didn t want to know anything of her any and [...]

  18. Ruby, the proprietress of Madame Rouge a bordello for the well to do has not been sleeping well in the past three months Ever since Captain Derek Price crossed the threshold of her establishment Ruby has never been a prostitute, she is a businesswoman, and she makes it a policy to never intimately mingle with her clients, Captain Price has been the sole exception to her rule Ruby, whose real name is Emma Scanton, has a strained relationship with her grandfather, whom she has not told of her real [...]

  19. Ruby, referred to as Madame Rouge, is the cool, calm manager of the well run, financially successful House for Gentlemen of Taste There isn t anything she can t handle and nothing seems to faze her, except for one man Despite her rules of never coupling with her patrons, Captain Derek Price is the exception Or is he Derek isn t really a customer, but Ruby s erstwhile lover They first met for a passionate evening in the novella Revealing Ruby Book 1.5 in the Bound and Determined series and now, t [...]

  20. c I received this for an honest review from the author through Net Gallery This book takes back in a time that we are not use to Woman were meant to be ladies, rely on men for work and support, no electric, woman could be easily shun, and the main focus was marrying and having a family Emma Scanton AKA Madame Ruby Rouge had been through so much in her life Her mother became a woman that was shun from her family She was a mistress and Emma was born in sin Emma s father had been a father of means [...]

  21. Ravishing Ruby Bound and Determined, 3 by Lavinia Kent is an Adult Historical Romance It is beautifully well written The story is very true to the historical timeline The sensuality and passion is powerful and erotic I found no editing errors Mostly fast paced, although I feel there were a couple of areas that were just a bit redundant That is why I am giving it 4 instead of 5 stars Both Captain Derek Price and Madame Rouge, a.k.a Ruby, a.k.a Emma Scanton are great characters They are both stron [...]

  22. I don t usually read a lot of period pieces but thought I would give this a chance since I read the first Bound and Determined novel by this author I actually thought this was a little bit better It was a little slow at times, but I think it is because of the time period it is set in It is all prim and proper Women cannot be seen out with a man unless she has an escort I think the author did a good job explaining how things might have been back then My how things have changed When Angela was pre [...]

  23. A fantastic followup to Revealing Ruby, Ravishing Ruby takes up three months after Derek and Ruby s one night of erotic encounter They again meet and this time embark on an affair that is all consuming taking them to ask questions they have never asked themselves before Derek Price, an American Captain is on a mission to secure his cargo and a wife But what he really wants is Ruby, but what he wants and his familial duty are of two different things Ruby is confused, ever since Derek has come bac [...]

  24. This is book 3 in the Bound and Determined series.Emma Scanton s grandfather is determined that she will get married If she doesn t, he will cut off on contact with her grandmother Not wanting to give up her family, Emma agrees to his demands on the condition that she has some time to find her own husband The problem is that Emma is also known as Ruby the owner of Madame Rouge, a high end brothel and the one man that she could see marrying doesn t know about her life as Emma Captain Dereck Price [...]

  25. 3 in the Bound and Determined seriesThanks to NetGalley for a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.We start with a hot sexy scene between Ruby, proprietor of a brothel and Derek, a man she has had a one night stand with Their chemistry is off the charts, causing her to break her no sex with the customers rule Whew, my attention was grabbed immediately Kent tends to do that in her books, and it is very effective Then she is skilled at keeping my interest throughout as we explor [...]

  26. I received an eARC of this book from Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review I would rate this book 3.5 stars After reading Revealing Ruby, I couldn t wait to read Ravishing Ruby I imagined all sorts of scenarios that would enable these two to get a happy ending The reality was not quite what I had hoped for Ruby Emma and Derek are without a doubt hot together The love scenes in this book are smoking hot and very well done The story flow pretty well there were a couple of se [...]

  27. This is the second Lavinia Kent book I have read I have really enjoyed her writing I fall in love with the characters, quirks and all Their stories pull on my heartstrings This is the rougher side of life, not all balls and luxury for these two Obligations and family make people do some stupid things, and Emma Ruby and Derek are content to follow their course until they spend time together The closing of this story came with several surprises, and it is interesting how things get put into motion [...]

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