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[PDF] Mortom | by ☆ Erik Therme [PDF] Mortom | by ☆ Erik Therme - Mortom, Mortom Andy Crowl barely knew his recently deceased cousin Craig Moore so he s especially surprised to be named as the sole beneficiary in Craig s will Not that there s much to inherit just an empty bank a

  • Title: Mortom
  • Author: Erik Therme
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Mortom | by ☆ Erik Therme, Mortom, Erik Therme, Mortom Andy Crowl barely knew his recently deceased cousin Craig Moore so he s especially surprised to be named as the sole beneficiary in Craig s will Not that there s much to inherit just an empty bank account and a run down house Once Andy arrives in the town of Mortom however he s drawn into his puzzle obsessed cousin s true legacy a twisted and ominous treasure hunt Andy Crowl barely knew


[PDF] Mortom | by ☆ Erik Therme [PDF] Mortom | by ☆ Erik Therme - Mortom, Mortom Andy Crowl barely knew his recently deceased cousin Craig Moore so he s especially surprised to be named as the sole beneficiary in Craig s will Not that there s much to inherit just an empty bank a Mortom

  • [PDF] Mortom | by ☆ Erik Therme
    406Erik Therme

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  1. I love it when I get a book that is just something out of the norm from what I have been reading lately Something to make me perk up a bit and take notice that something interesting is in my hands Let the adventure begin Do you like games Puzzles Brain Teasers You do Then hold on, you are in for one hell of a ride If you are like me and like to guess the ending of a book from it s clues along the way and sit back happy when proven right then this is not the book for me The book beat me The game [...]

  2. Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also AnonymousErik Therme, an American author, has penned his debut novel, Mortom, which accounts the story of a brother and a sister who are left a huge estate by one of theirs distant cousin who committed suicide in a small town, upon reaching they discover a letter with a key that leads to a treasure hidden somewhere in that strange town.Synopsis Andy Crowl barely knew his recently deceased cousin, Craig Moore, so he s especially surprised to b [...]

  3. Mortom by Erik Therme, an American author is a debut novel about a treasure hunt set by a dead man for his cousin to follow Andy knows is he has four days to solve Craig s clues So what does he win Andy is hoping to inherit a great fortune Andy Crowl barely knew his recently deceased cousin, Craig Moore, so he s especially surprised to be named as the sole beneficiary in Craig s will But much to his surprise, Andy sees there is not much to inherit just an empty bank account and a run down house. [...]

  4. This story was dark overall The story and mystery is written with chilling undertones You always feel like the other shoe is going to drop You constantly wonder who is in the shadows and what is going to happen next This portion was a plus for me it was well written suspense with a lot of clues along the way The author writes well and often the writing felt very Hitchcockian to me.The part I didn t like was that the all characters were so unlikable, intensely flawed, brokend stay this way No one [...]

  5. Andy Crowl arrives in the small town of Mortom with his sister, Kate His cousin, Craig Moore, has, unexpectedly left him his house in his will Despite the fact the two were childhood friends, Andy was not close to him in adulthood and so the bequest was a surprise not only to Andy but to Craig s resentful mother, Mary When they arrive at the house, Andy and Kate find a terrible smell there is a dead rat in the kitchen When Andy finally manages to drag it out from where it is wedged, he finds a p [...]

  6. Andy and his sister Kate are in the small town of Mortom to settle their cousin Craig s estate It came as a huge surprise that Craig left everything he had to Andy, especially as they had not seen each other in many years.But everything , at first glance, is a falling down house and an empty bank account When taking a walk through the house, Andy finds a dead rat under the refrigerator with a note and a key in its mouth Thus starts the game It s up to Andy to interpret the clues as he follows th [...]

  7. You can find my review on our blog by clicking here.We ve all dreamed of receiving an outrageous amount of money deposited into our accounts or an empire being dropped on you, leaving you the sole beneficiary Wouldn t that put a smile on absolutely anyone Well Craig Moore, who has recently committed suicide, leaves behind an empty bank account and a run down house for Andy Crowl, his cousin Not exactly the greatest parting gift, but things get quite fishy when your dear cousin wasn t exactly clo [...]

  8. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you, Publishing I really enjoyed Mortom, a twisted, very dark and geographically challenged version of the Amazing Race When Craig Moore dies, he leaves his house to his cousin Andy, setting in motion a depraved treasure hunt that may lead to a prize or not The red herrings are well played so that, when the endgame comes, it s hard to see it coming Even after I thought all the twists were done, there came a final if obvio [...]

  9. Page turner I didn t want to put this down Suspenseful Suicide or murder Dysfunctional family Odd neighbors A life depends on solving an involved puzzle that the deceased designed specifically for his cousin Are they cousins What is the reason for this involved puzzle You will not believe the twists and turns Original plot Characters are so well developed you feel you know them personally.

  10. Andy inherited a house from his cousin Craig who had just died.Andy and his sister Katie go to Mortom to sort out the details instead they ind a dead Rat under the fridge with a piece of paper and a Key in his mouth the paper reading follow me, this begins a mysterious game with clues he has to find and work out but along the way the clues lead to unanswered questions about who was craigs dad and questions about craigs untimely death.I thought this book was great had to keep reading to find out [...]

  11. Won through the FirstReads program and looking forward to reading it Thanks to and the publisher for making it available Disappointment abounds When reading the description of this book, I thought, A PUZZLE MYSTERY yes, I think in all caps when I m really excited It s a failing, but really doesn t bother anyone but me One of my all time favorite books is THE perfect example of a puzzle mystery done right The Westing Game byEllen Raskin and I ve always searched for another one done with even half [...]

  12. Brilliant There are some books that just can t pull yourself away from with the need to find out what s going to happen, and this is definitely one of those stories I knew I already liked Erik Therme s writing style after I read another one of his books Rest Haven , which is another fantastic and unique story Mortom is an edgy thriller that keeps the reader guessing Along with some great characters it has a very interesting plot Andy is quite surprised when he hears his cousin has died and left [...]

  13. This book started slow for me, it took me awhile to really get into it From the blurb I expected the story to jump right into something mysterious, action filled, but it didn t I at one point, was considering not reading on, but some books have a slow start and sometimes it takes awhile for the action to begin After the death of their cousin Craig, Andy and his sister Kate travel to Mortom I found it strange that Andy never attended Craig s funeral, even though they tended to be competitive, it [...]

  14. Andy and his sister arrive in Mortom shortly after their cousin Craig s untimely death For some unknown reason Crag has left everything to Andy even though they were not particularly close In fact they have not even seen each other in years The death itself has been ruled accidental, however Craig did seem to have an enemy in town Most people just thought he was weird, odd voice, odd mannerisms, riding around on his moped One person in particular really had it out for him though, and may have ha [...]

  15. Review MORTOM by Erik ThermeMORTOM is a convoluted novel involving two connected families which appear functional on their surface, but quake faults lie deep within On the perimeter are three other families grandfather and granddaughter, uncle and nephew, protagonist and estranged wife All of these are interconnected although they seen peripheral, all are vital to the progress of the story and to its backdrop these individuals are WHY the storyline exists as it does.

  16. Check out reviews at Little Miss Bookmark Andy and his sister, Kate, roll into the small town of Mortom after their cousin died Much to the surprise of Andy and Kate, the cousin that they barely knew left everything to Andy including the drained bank account, a dead pet rat and a scavenger hunt Kate doesn t think that this little game is a good idea but Andy can t seem to stop himself from barreling through the town, his aunt and all of the clues Andy finds out that sometimes, some puzzles shou [...]

  17. Suspense filled, can t stop readingErik Therm has written a tantalizing suspense filled novel He keeps the reader on edge with the continuing game,was it an accident, suicide or murder makes you not want to stop, but read to the end to find out if Andy finds the real solution intended A truly suspenseful and great read The only disappointing part is the lie he let s the sister spin A book you certainly must read.

  18. Andy and his sister Kate turn up in small town Mortom to sort out legal stuff after cousin Craig s untimely death Both Andy and Kate are wanting to get out of the small town as quick as they can and back to normal civilisation, unfortunately for Kate, Andy gets wrapped up in some sort of weird treasure hunt and refuses to leave until he finds all the clues.You would have thought the first clue of finding a dead rat would have sent Andy running for the hills but he is as intrigued as the reader a [...]

  19. I hated you for having the life I never had, all all the opportunities I was never given You weren t some weird kid who live with his weird mother , stuck in a weird little town And if that wasn t injustice enough, all I ever heard from my mother was how I should be like my perfect cousin And the pathetic part is I tried Andy and his sister Kate arrive in the town of Mortom Andy has been named beneficiary in a will belonging to his late cousin, Craig What at first seems nothing than a nuisance [...]

  20. You dirty rat Well, actually in this case, the rat was a pet Nevertheless, it s been dead for a few days Before Craig s death, he stuffed a message in the rat s mouth and left it for his cousin, Andy Crowl, to find in the house that he bequeathed to Andy in the small town of Mortom It seems apparent from all of Craig s planning that he d committed suicide The rat and its message was the first of several clues that Andy needs to follow to solve Craig s dying secret Andy is hoping the treasure hun [...]

  21. If you like fun puzzle mysteries which can be completed in 2 3 hours, then this is the book for you I got hooked in the first few pages with this treasure hunt tale Recently divorced Andy inherits a house from his puzzle loving cousin With help and hindrance form his sister he sets out to solve the clues with things along the way that don t add up to what allegedly happened to the cousin My only criticism is that it is set around 2007 so why not mobiles and an absence of computers Then again tha [...]

  22. This book was a twisted and disturbing mystery Andy is given a house when his cousin Craig dies He and his sister Kate go to check out the house and when they get there a mystery begins It seems their cousin, or someone, left clues behind Andy finds himself on the search for clues around the house and in the town of Mortom The game is on This story was wrote to make you ask questions What is going on Who is doing this And the most important question.what really happened to Craig This book was go [...]

  23. Mortom s a story of a treasure hunt set by a dead man for his cousin to follow.what s the prize Who knows All Andy knows is he has four days to solve Craig s clues, no matter what.As well as the main story of Andy solving Craig s puzzles, there is Kate, Andy s sister who came to Mortom to pay her respects to her aunt, Craig s mum Kate isn t too interested in the treasure hunt but she starts on her own puzzle Are these two mysteries linked This book was quite addictive to read I love puzzles so r [...]

  24. The death of their cousin, Craig brings Andy and Kate to the small town of Mortom, where Andy is the sole beneficiary of Craig s will However, oddly he has to step foot in the house in order to inherit, in doing so Andy and a reluctant Kate are drawn into a dangerous game, in which, the stakes are higher than just a fortune to be inherited As Andy becomes obsessives over the clues Craig has left for him a wedge is driven between brother and sister, but can they finish the game before anyone gets [...]

  25. This is an interesting suspenseful read When a guy inherits his cousin s old house, he and his sister go to the tiny town to take care of the paperwork What they find leads them on a huge scavenger hunt type game Now at first I was not liking the book because of the dynamics of the brother and sister They argue, they are rude to each other, they never agree so I thought why is the dang sister putting up with it, she could just GO HOME about 2 hours away So that bothered me, but whatever.Of cours [...]

  26. MY THOUGHTS Craig Moore and Andy Crowl are cousins but don t have much contact So when Andy is named sole beneficiary of Craig s will, he is very surprised Craig didn t have much He lived in an old run down house that was in dire need of attention Craig also didn t have any money, but he did have a bank account It was empty Andy doesn t think much about it all until he goes to the town of Mortom to check out the house I loved the way the author starts the reader out thinking this isn t much Just [...]

  27. There was never much love lost between Andy Crowl and his cousin Craig Moore Even as children, the boys had shared little beyond an innate and fiercely competitive streak building up to a mutually self imposed estrangement that lasted well into their adulthood Since the two hadn t spoken in years what happens next leaves Andy utterly mystified.On the outskirts of the tiny town of Mortom population 986 thirty three year old Craig Moore is found drowned in the lake Considered by many to be a loner [...]

  28. I received an ecopy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Just how far would you go to unearth clues in a scavenger hunt That s the prevailing question in Erik Therme s Mortom I thoroughly enjoyed this debut novel It was well written with clearly developed characters.The plot was intriguing and had me captivated from page one Therme s book revolved around three main living characters and one deceased Even the dead character was interesting All of the characters were well de [...]

  29. This is the second book I have read from this author The first was Resthaven While, I liked it and it was a horror story as well It was written at the young adult level and so the horror level seemed toned down While, the horror in this book was not all blood and gore all the time or in your face the story is meant to be suspenseful and kind of a psychological thriller Mr Therme quickly draws me into the story by dangling a dead rat with a piece of paper stuffed in its mouth Once, the author h [...]

  30. Erik Therme has brought to life a mystery so gripping that you feel as though you are at the side of Andy as he tries to solve it Craig was Andy s cousin They were not close, like mere acquaintances then relatives So imagine Andy s surprise when upon Craig s death Andy learns that he has been left all of Craig s estate Andy is given strict instructions to receive his inheritance When he shows up to Craig s house and enters it the game has begun.This is story of intelligence versus intelligence [...]

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