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Free Read Roboteer - by AlexLamb Free Read Roboteer - by AlexLamb - Roboteer, Roboteer A fast paced gritty space opera based on cutting edge science perfect for fans of Peter F Hamilton and Alastair Reynolds Roboteer is a hard SF novel set in a future in which the colonization of the

  • Title: Roboteer
  • Author: AlexLamb
  • ISBN: 9781473206083
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback

Free Read Roboteer - by AlexLamb, Roboteer, AlexLamb, Roboteer A fast paced gritty space opera based on cutting edge science perfect for fans of Peter F Hamilton and Alastair Reynolds Roboteer is a hard SF novel set in a future in which the colonization of the stars has turned out to be anything but easy and civilization on Earth has collapsed under the pressure of relentless mutual terrorism


Free Read Roboteer - by AlexLamb Free Read Roboteer - by AlexLamb - Roboteer, Roboteer A fast paced gritty space opera based on cutting edge science perfect for fans of Peter F Hamilton and Alastair Reynolds Roboteer is a hard SF novel set in a future in which the colonization of the Roboteer

  • Free Read Roboteer - by AlexLamb

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  1. fast and fun so far about 100 pages in curious if it will hold my interest as the politics and characters are very cardboard so far, but the sfnal stuff is excitingfinally finished the book and it was a fast but ultimately unmemorable read mostly cliched stuff about a religious empire which plans to overwhelm the good guys by numbers and firepower, but the good guys stumble using the bad guys unintentional inquiry into godlike supertech with which they win despite being outnumbered zillions to o [...]

  2. I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review The starship Ariel is on a mission of the utmost secrecy, upon which the fate of thousands of lives depend Though the ship is a mile long, its six crew are crammed into a space barely large enough for them to stand Five are officers, geniuses in their field The other is Will Kuno Monet, the man responsible for single handedly running a ship comprised of the most dangerous and delicate technology that mankind has [...]

  3. It has been a few years since I last read a Space Opera, and judging by ROBOTEER Space Opera is still in very fine shape.Alex Lamb invents some high concepts and intriguing technologies, and then shows off a real gift for explaining them in a simple and fascinating way A riveting story of the human race, the far future, and first contact, this has the coolest spaceships around, some original and engaging methods of fighting in space, and, of course, Will Kuno Monet, the Roboteer, who has to prov [...]

  4. I thoroughly enjoyed this Fast science fiction adventure with great characters and intriguing technologies Very hard to put down.

  5. 3.5 StarsFast paced and engrossing, this novel was an excellent example of space opera The science fiction aspects were very accessible with straight forward world building that was easy to understand The novel used technology, particularly the roboteering, in creative and captivating ways The military fight scenes were exciting and easy to follow, without overpowering the other aspects of the story Unfortunately, the writing was not particularly strong with some very cheesy dialogue The charact [...]

  6. Science Fiction n r man beh ver science fiction Bra bok om man beh ver n got i genren, men vill h lla det okomplicerat Kommer inte forts tta l sa serien, men det sk na med boken r att den ger ett tillfredsst llande slut.Sv vande p gr nsen mellan att vara lite h rdare Scifi och klassiskt rymd ventyr, men h ller sig till mer l ttsm llt och l ttl slig text.Vissa saker gillade jag inte med boken, men r man f rtjust i dessa element r boken s kert mycket mer tilltalande till den l saren Mycket av de v [...]

  7. Judged purely on its title and cover, Alex Lamb s Roboteer could very well be mistaken for the sort of third rate pulp fiction that many people still associate with sci fi as a genre In fact, upon closer inspection it turns out to be a gripping, characterful epic set to a grim future backdrop of religion, morality, and mankind s inherent flaws It features Will, a young man genetically engineered to be capable of programming and controlling thousands of semi aware robots, who is thrust into a new [...]

  8. originally posted at thebookplank 2015Not so long ago I read a very daring Science Fiction story that was also published by Gollancz, Crashing Heaven from Al Robertson, which I loved Science Fiction is a genre where lots of things can and are explored An aspect where Alex Lamb doesn t shy away from as well Roboteer well what is there to say than that it is a heavy contender for getting on the best of Science Fiction list for 2015 Roboteer is daring, it is engaging and has just a lot of cool con [...]

  9. I declare a Book Hangover What an excellent, awesome story Can t remember the last time I read such a good hard science fiction story Can t wait to read the rest of this series.

  10. I won this book through the giveaway.My thoughts.Allow me a moment to squeeI absolutely loved this book Join roboteer Will Kuno Monet and the captain and crew of the Ariel on their adventure in outer space and their fight not only for own survival, but to save the human race.Imagine the future, where life as we know it no longer exists The Earth is ruled by the Prophet and his religious doctrine is the legal order No one is entitled to freedom of thought or speech, the Prophet and his minions ru [...]

  11. Great ideas and interesting world building, but in the first 100 pages there are maybe 15 characters and all but one are males And she is described as curvaceous After reading about great female characters in Poseidon s Wake, Seveneves, A Prospect of War or Aurora, this feels very outdated Roboteer is not for me, but I ll try Alex Lamb s next novel.

  12. I did a vlog review of this book as well as the second book in the series Nemesis for my employer TurlBook I think Alex Lamb is a great new SF author and I look forward to the third instalment in the series.turlbook book rev

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed this A really cracking story with great pacing I felt it was a bit clich d in places and was tempted to give it 3 stars for this reason, but at the end of the day I enjoyed it too much to do that And isn t enjoyment the point

  14. Had me interested to begin with, but I was ground down by the cliches, cardboard irrational characters, and inherent deus ex machina nature of the aliens the power they suddenly bestow on the main characters.

  15. GMO remote control operator saves humanity About 150 thousand words or a 12 and a half hour read It s a page turner, captivating writing, well orchestrated plot I liked the extended use of the Anubis trope, implemented as some advanced civilization weighs humanity, and decides if humanity will live or die reminds me a bit of the existing galactic alliances and interactions with soul advisors That s all the good I have to say about, and is why I gave it a whole three stars The high tech was limit [...]

  16. This story follows a somewhat can do no wrong boy called Will Kuno Monet Will is an officer in the Galatea space fleet, and as a Roboteer is in charge of managing the robots on their starship, which he has been genetically modified to do so This genetic modification makes him a high functioning autistic, but gains him the ability to communicate mentally with machines and other roboteers.The Galatea space fleet is at war with Earth, who have conquered the majority of their colonies The Earth is d [...]

  17. I really appreciate works that explore the boundaries of what it means to be human by playing with the notions of genetic and or technical modifcations of humans and the human body, and that is exactly what this novel does I personally would have liked a bit detailed descriptions of those modifications, especially regarding the roboteers, but even without those in depth descriptions the novel manages to depict the conflict between the pro and con modifiers very well Although I think this novel [...]

  18. Roboteers are typically autistic savants altered to be used for the telepathic operation of complex systems such as space ships and complex machines , although the main character Will is socially adept than most He also receives a message from an alien race which threatens to destroy all humans if they continue on their destructive course and threaten the rest of the galaxy and beyond He becomes involved in an alien alteration of his body at the cellular level.Meanwhile, the people who had left [...]

  19. Roboteer is the first book in debut author Alex Lamb s Roboteer trilogy Released in 2015, Roboteer is the kind of novel that calls to me to read it has everything that I want in a science fiction novel However, despite trying to read it on its release, I couldn t fully immerse myself in the story With the mass market paperback out in February 2016, it reminded me to return to the novel and give it another go, hoping that I was in a better frame of mind to enjoy what was on offer And enjoy it I d [...]

  20. Very good space opera featuring a humanity split between Earth and it s former colonies, fighting from very different ideological perspectives Earth is dominated by a new Church and the Colonies by the descendants of wealthy explorers and with a decidedly pro science bent up to and including gene engineering The titular Roboteer is bred to interact with drones and other robots and acts as a bridge between them and non enhanced humans His personality and specialty brings him to attention of an se [...]

  21. In a far future time war is raging between Earthers, humans living on Earth who are ruled by a religious cult like leader and who deny science, and Galateans, humans who fled the Earth ages ago and have survived on a hostile planet thanks to genetic engineering Will, the hero of the story, is genetically engineered to be able to direct the actions of robots through his brain Will and his crew mates encounter an ancient alien race or traces of it and the encounter changes everything This is hard [...]

  22. I totally loved this story If I could rate 5 stars I would It was fast paced, with so many unexpected twists and turns that I almost felt dizzy and it made for a fantastic read Well written to highlight the struggle for power and where propoganda portrays the other as the unsavoury and enemy Love how Will has to face his own demons, wonders if his gone nuts and then has to convince his fellow crew of the importance of the information he has and how he rocks the boat Great story Can t wait to rea [...]

  23. I m not generally a fan or what I call hard science fiction and my attempt to read this proved it yet again Just could not get into this novel most of the reviews I read are positive, and I am sure for SF fans it is great, but I guess I prefer my fiction perhaps grounded in reality though that doesn t explain then my liking for some horror Anyway this SF not for me

  24. Had this recommended to me by the local librarian, and it gets a thumbs up from me too Great space opera.

  25. A terrific combo of space opera, aliens, space warfare, and great characters The plot is lightning fast, with twists and turns than a black hole Really enjoyable read.

  26. It s relatively rare now that I stay up until 3 am reading a novel, but I did with this one.Lots of good stuff here.

  27. Very enjoyable, fast paced.The author is good at pacing, and very inventive Well thought out A good entertainment.

  28. I feel I should start this review by saying that the copy I have of Roboteer is an ARC so it s quite possible though pretty unlikely that any of the things I mention could have changed between this version and the one now available to the reading public I don t know what it is about a lot of science fiction writers, or at least the ones I come across so please feel free to recommend me folks who don t fall into this trap but they re often just not as good as fantasy writers when it comes to writ [...]

  29. A really rather fabulously awesome book, packed full of just about everything I love about sci fi And man, can this guy write It goes from insane religious crusades to enigmatic ancient alien races, political subterfuge, very cool spaceships, human machine interfacing, well written soft and hard space combat, and of course robotics But it doesn t end there, the characters are well realised and fleshed out, and really very likable, making the book itself engaging and also extremely gripping Alex [...]

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