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Mein Kampf

Free Download Mein Kampf - by Adolf Hitler Free Download Mein Kampf - by Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf, Mein Kampf Alternate cover edition of this book Madman tyrant animal history has given Adolf Hitler many names In Mein Kampf My Struggle often called the Nazi bible Hitler describes his life frustrations

  • Title: Mein Kampf
  • Author: Adolf Hitler
  • ISBN: 9789380914855
  • Page: 369
  • Format: ebook

Free Download Mein Kampf - by Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf Alternate cover edition of this book Madman tyrant animal history has given Adolf Hitler many names In Mein Kampf My Struggle often called the Nazi bible Hitler describes his life frustrations ideals and dreams Born to an impoverished couple in a small town in Austria the young Adolf grew up with the fervent desire to become a painter The death of his parentAlternate cover edit

Mein Kampf

Free Download Mein Kampf - by Adolf Hitler Free Download Mein Kampf - by Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf, Mein Kampf Alternate cover edition of this book Madman tyrant animal history has given Adolf Hitler many names In Mein Kampf My Struggle often called the Nazi bible Hitler describes his life frustrations Mein Kampf

  • Free Download Mein Kampf - by Adolf Hitler
    369Adolf Hitler
Mein Kampf

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  1. I was somewhat disturbed to hear from Lilo that the negative review of Er ist wieder da which she had posted on had been removed without notice As an experiment, I thought I would post a negative review of Mein Kampf, where I do the same thing and advise people not to read it You can find the review here.So far, three people have voted for it and one person has attacked me in a rather bizarre way I m curious to find out what will happen next In particular, I want to see if remove my review too M [...]

  2. Let s distill my previous review.This book is badly written, presents scientifically incorrect, racist ideas as fact, and takes a comically long time to tell a boring story about formulating an idiotic military plan that didn t work.People who should read this book don t need to be told they should read it They also have listened to Wagner and read Nietzsche, and find their respective worldviews problematic.If your explanation for reading this book does not involve understanding mistakes from th [...]

  3. Hitler booooooooooooooo Call me a crazy talking liberal if you want, but I am against burning human beings in big ovens I don t care how trendy and cool it was considered back in the day, that s just the way I was raised.I read this book on the recommendation of a friend Or at least I thought he was my friend It turned out he was actually just a cashier at Borders But he looked an awful lot like this guy I used to be friends with when I worked at Gamestop I could have sworn it was him The only r [...]

  4. amazing the most spectacular peice of literature of the 20th century I was changed forever.

  5. Of course I didn t expect Mein Kampf to be a great book, even within the admittedly narrow antisemitic messianic homoerotic prison genre, but I did expect a little showmanship If you ve seen Riefenstahl s Triumph of the Will, then you know Adolf could really work himself into an artful spittle flying lather My German is middling, but I ve heard he was all charismatic and persuasive or whatever Like, if you were just planning to go out for a stroll and pick up some schnitzel, you d happen to ove [...]

  6. I read this in 1979 as part of my first degree in history whilst doing a course on Modern German History It doesn t read easily Hitler wasn t a natural author The most interesting thing is that this was written without hindsight or from a position of power, or at the time any immediate likelihood of power The ideas are not new they are recycled and an understanding of fin de si cle Vienna and the maelstrom of ideas in the late nineteenth century which influenced Hitler is vital The mix of ideas [...]

  7. Mein Kampf or My Struggle Five Hundred and Sixty Pages of Struggle against Lies, Stupidity, Irrationality and Sheer ProlixityUnderstanding Hitler s political methods, rhetorical techniques and organizational skills is often cited as the best reason to read this book in the modern age, since many dictators still use it as a handbook Understanding their guidebook might be the best way to beat them at their own game Many readers today avoid the book to avoid the taint of being seen reading it and a [...]

  8. While I was teaching on my placement at the start of the year my supervising teacher had an incentive program going on with some of the students in the VCE history class we were taking He told them he would pay 50 to any student who finished reading Mein Kampf by the end of the year He told me he had made this offer every year and had never been required to pay up He believed this was because the book was so poorly written and so turgid that even the most money hungry 16 year old would figure th [...]

  9. The author of this book is certainly one of the five or ten biggest nutjobs in the history of the world Complete raving lunatic No one should ever listen to a thing he says If you agree with him, you re some kind of Nazi scumbag.

  10. Inicialmente comecei a leitura porque acreditava que ela explanaria os ideais de Hitler e como sua mente lidava com eles, resultando ent o em suas posteriores atitudes Eu sabia que o livro havia sido escrito durante o per odo que ele estava preso, mas aprendi muito mais sobre minhas vis es de mundo do que sobre a vida dele O livro dividido em algumas partes, o que facilita um pouco o entendimento e o momento da vida dele que ele estava contando.Hitler n o tinha genialidade nenhuma Era um cidad o [...]

  11. Glancing at this book, no one has given it even one star.I find this kind of hard to believe, because the book is amazing Amazing that one person could have not only thought these things but had the audacity to write them down for posterity.I read a good chunk of this in it s original German form It was assigned to us in high school as a get as far as you can stomach sort of read I admittedly skimmed most of it, and cringed at the bits I did read.But as I had an idea for an altered book project, [...]

  12. I was standing at the check out desk at Tolman Hall s library at U.C Berkeley back in the 1970s I have no idea what I was checking out at the time Maybe it was the time that I had spent at their library reading the Salem Witch Trials, the court documents But as I was standing at the counter, I noticed a speech written on the wall behind the desk I stood there reading it, and while I was reading it I realized that it was a humanitarian speech, and I thought, That is the most beautiful speech that [...]

  13. hitler should have changed his last name to hit , because that s what this book is the main character, who looks like sarah jessica parker, is in her mid 30 s and looking for love in all the wrong places when she gets transported back in time to repressive regime of hitler, the language barrier and her liberal ideals won t stop her from finding true love a lil bit of trivia the audio book was narrated by a young jody foster.

  14. Yes, I have read it, hell I still own a copy I make no excuses, and will not issue apologies I am not a nazi sympathizer, anti semitic, or racist, fascist, or any other variety of colorful names that I have been called for having this on my shelf I confess that I was curious about the method to the madness and how such whole sale slaughter of human life could be rationalized Get past impressions that are forced down your throat in history class and read it for what it is, a historical text that, [...]

  15. Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler 1966 1341 176 20 1351 531 1371 508 1373 1375 1376 1382 9645870844 1384 1386 1387 1388 1388 1392 9789645870841 1369 532 1389 744 9786005912036 1390 589 9786002530035 1392 1390 604 9786005462166 1392 1393 605 1391 671 9786006538433 1392 663 9789643518073 1396 450 9786008696193 1396 456 9786006443225 1924 .

  16. I found the narrator, a racist german war veteran imprisoned for an attempted coup, very unrelateable He was just not very sympathetic or likeable Also the book is written in german, which is not very relateable to me, someone who doesnt speak german.

  17. i HATE writing negative reviews but this one is the exception i started reading this book a week ago and couldn t bring myself to finish it so Why one star Because everything about it is HORRIBLE The writing style translation , his ideas are just disturbingly fascinating, Bigotry at its best i picked up this book thinking it s time to hear his side of the story, his perspective Let me be clear, Reading this book doesn t make me a Nazi fan or Neo Nazi i m just a human driven by curiosity For a Lo [...]

  18. I don t now what compelled me to pick up this book but I am often intrigued with cults and other disgusting behavior I wish I wouldn t have because it was poorly written and for the most part incoherent, but I did enjoy some of the explanations of propaganda.

  19. One of my top 2 favorite pieces of autobiographical political propaganda brilliantly written if obviously logically flawed a beautiful look into the crafting of a thoroughly well rounded political theory about as much to be lieved as any other not for the dogmatic among us

  20. Being German, I first read it at the age of 15 or so, the copy my grandparents were given for their wedding in 1942 I did not understand everything at the time, in particular some of the allusions to the parliament, but I understood well enough and could not believe what I was reading In Germany it is not easy to get a copy, I think, but for me this was and is a must read Hitler wrote it when no one believed he would ever be in a position to do all this nasty stuff but then, when he was, he actu [...]

  21. I don t actually intend to read this book, just to share the following passage from Volume 4 of Kasparov s My Great Predecessors Bobby Fischer and Samuel Reshevsky at the 1970 Interzonal in Palma de Mallorca During the tournament they could sometimes be seen, leisurely walking along, peacefully chatting, little Sammy and tall Fischer An idyllic picture an orthodox Jew and an extremist who praised Mein Kampf Later Reshevsky explained He has his views, I have my views It didn t bother me I tried t [...]

  22. Slow and rambling Terrifying in its statements of wars of extermination and the force of propaganda Excellent for understanding the psychology and neuroses of future dictators and megalomaniacs For example Hitler s interest in his method of reading finding only the most relevant bits of information could be interpreted as a demand for facts which fit pre determined worldview Obsessive patriotism as refuge from conflicted family life Failed artist leading to view as romantic hero savior Lord of G [...]

  23. First things firstWho should read this Anyone intelligent enough to see through Hitler s BS.Who should not read this everyone elseUnfortunately I was in the second category when I read Mein Kampf most teenagers are The first part of the book is a very convincing patriotic, nationalistic point of view The second part is where all the hate propaganda truly begins By the time naive readers reach the second part, they might be convinced that Hitler is making sensible arguments.I was well through thr [...]

  24. I laughed I cried It was better than Cats But I still didn t like it I even tried listening to Wagner and making shitty art while reading it What the heck, it beats the shit out of The Fountainheadright No Yeah, its pretty bad Analyze it all you want for whatever reason it still blows.

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