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Of Silk and Steam

Of Silk and Steam Best Download || [Bec McMaster] Of Silk and Steam Best Download || [Bec McMaster] - Of Silk and Steam, Of Silk and Steam Enemies Allies Lovers When her beloved father was assassinated Lady Aramina swore revenge The man responsible is well beyond her grasp but his dangerously seductive heir Leo Barrons is fair game W

  • Title: Of Silk and Steam
  • Author: Bec McMaster
  • ISBN: 9781402291951
  • Page: 326
  • Format: ebook

Of Silk and Steam Best Download || [Bec McMaster], Of Silk and Steam, Bec McMaster, Of Silk and Steam Enemies Allies Lovers When her beloved father was assassinated Lady Aramina swore revenge The man responsible is well beyond her grasp but his dangerously seductive heir Leo Barrons is fair game When Mina obtains evidence proving that Leo is illegitimate she has the means to destroy both the killer and his son a man who troubles her heart and tempts her body A woEnemies All

Of Silk and Steam

Of Silk and Steam Best Download || [Bec McMaster] Of Silk and Steam Best Download || [Bec McMaster] - Of Silk and Steam, Of Silk and Steam Enemies Allies Lovers When her beloved father was assassinated Lady Aramina swore revenge The man responsible is well beyond her grasp but his dangerously seductive heir Leo Barrons is fair game W Of Silk and Steam

  • Of Silk and Steam Best Download || [Bec McMaster]
    326Bec McMaster
Of Silk and Steam

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  1. 4.5 starsLondon 1880, and the blue bloods rule London from their Ivory Tower With the unpredictable prince consort at the helm, rebellion within the realm is building, tensions are high Behind the scenes political manoeuvrings ensure those within the Echelon, remain distrustful of each other So it is with Leo Barrons, the bastard son and Duke of Caine s heir, and Aramina Mina , Duchess of Casavian, who both sit as rulers on the Council of Dukes Leo has pursued Mina for years But Mina wants nothi [...]

  2. Reviewed by Rabid Reads.Bec McMaster s LONDON STEAMPUNK series was my first experience with this particular Science Fiction subgenre, and I vividly remember being completely taken with this author s romantic writing style and alternate British Victorian era universe After the first two installments, I found that the plot sputtered slightly, and then began its decline with FORGED BY STEEL I briefly considered skipping OF SILK AND STEAM until I read the blurb, and realized that this was going to b [...]

  3. 5 Allies in Love and War Stars Steampunk Romance who knew What started out as a mistaken click, may very well have opened a whole new romance world for me I absolutely loved Of Silk and Steam Something of a hybrid between a historical, paranormal and a science fiction romance, Steampunk Romance combines the best of many of the romance sub genres that I enjoy, with the added benefit of bestowing it all in one convenient package Intrigue, suspense, romance, creativity, unpredictable twists and tur [...]

  4. I m so sad to see the end of the London Steampunk series It has wildly surpassed my expectations and I enjoyed this final installment almost as much as the previous books I have to admit after having two and a half Nighthawk focused books I greatly missed that angle I would love to read detective steampunk novels about the Nighthawks I really enjoyed all the quirky people working there plus the detective dynamic But I digress This book picks back up with Leo Barrons Honoria and Lena s half broth [...]

  5. My reaction to the romance plotline in this book is the eloquent meh, but I did enjoy the coup plotline quite a bit It helped that there s a lot of action in this book All in all, it s not the greatest last book in the series, but it did wrap up the story arc in an enjoyable manner.

  6. 4.5 starsI m not sure why I picked up this, the last in the author s London Steampunk series without having read any of the others, other than that I ve been meaning to give her books a try for a while and when I saw this on NetGalley, I thought why not Bec McMaster has created a complex world, full of intrigue and danger, and an intricate social hierarchy which is teetering on the brink It took me a little while to work out what was what, but she has skilfully built in enough information for a [...]

  7. Trigger warnings a lot of dubious consent.9 4 2017On reread, I m bumping this down to 3 stars, and almost all of that is for how the political side of things plays out I loved seeing the different protagonists from the various books working together, I loved the big plot twist in regards to the Queen, and I really enjoyed the way that the big climax of the story played out HOWEVER The romantic relationship in this one N.O.P.E Leo is ridiculously controlling and constantly ignores all signals whe [...]

  8. Holy smokesMcMaster ended this series with dramatic flair After all the posturing, scheming, and maneuvering, it all comes down to this Lines have been drawn and war has arrived Each character has a specific purpose to serve their actions, alone or together, to determine which way the tide will turn The battle waged on two fronts The political landscape was obvious, showcasing power and brute force However, the personal battle was riskier since it involved a battle for the heart Leo Barrons and [...]

  9. 4.5 amazing stars I dearly recommend this book, this author and this series for several reasons 1 The Steampunk genre I m really fascinated by the thought of a future, how it could have been, in the victorian era It s not easy to describe this genre, but for me it stands between HR and Sci Fi, and the mix is working surprisingly well because it s refreshing, unique, and gives the author space to play with curious inventions, mannerisms and cultural influences 2 The Excitement This author surely [...]

  10. I don t know what s going on with Bec McMaster but she seems to be writing her best books in odd numbers Kiss of Steel, My Lady Quicksilver, and now, Of Silk and Steam are all pretty spectacular, while I can t even remember the names of books in between.In many aspects the latest book brings to fruition all those various plans and plot threads which have been building throughout the first four books It starts a revolution, and Leo Aramina serve as the catalysts of this dramatic series of changes [...]

  11. 4.5 Stars Barron and Mina, finally They ve been dancing around each other foreverbut it was well worth the wait Mina has long been aware of Barrons as a man, and he quite attracted to her Being the heir apparent to the Duke of Caine, their paths often cross on a social and political level Even as the sexual tension between them begins to heat up, Mina is wary of a man that she cannot trust When a scandal erupts concerning Barrons, however, Mina comes to realize that they are on the same side Bot [...]

  12. I really wish this had been better for me I d been looking forward to this couple from the first book, plus MORE ABOUT THE QUEEN, but it just didn t quite work Some of it was just too much ACTION and PLOT at the end, when I wanted time for the relationship And I guess it just didn t meet my half formed expectations for the couple I don t know that I can explain it than that.

  13. A fantastic ending of a fantastic series WOW, just WOW Please take care if you haven t read all the previous books, you ll not fully enjoy this one Because here we tie all the loose ends But, this is also Leo and Mina s love story And what a story it is This book is full of action the unrest inside the Echelon is boiling, boiling, boiling and finally explodes With a bang The prince consort is completly out of his head and even if he s not in Fade, he completly out of control and starts killing h [...]

  14. Really, really good Bec McMaster is an amazing writer I love this series and I hope that this is not the end of London Steampunk I d love to read about Charlie and Lark and of those viking werewolves please

  15. For fans of the marvelous London Steampunk series, this is the book we ve been waiting for I strongly recommend to start this series with the first book, as there is a long running overall story arc that concludes with Of Silk and Steam Readers of the series know that Leo Barrons, acting head of one of the ruling houses sitting on the council of Dukes, isn t actually the Duke of Caine s son A secret he has hidden for nearly his entire life, Leo knows if it is discovered, he will be ruined Meanwh [...]

  16. 4.5 starsOf Silk and Steam is the final book of Bec McMaster s London Steampunk series, and it brings all parties to one thrilling action Viva Revolution From rogue blue bloods, the humanist supporters, the Nighthawks, as well as rebels inside the council, they all work side by side to overthrow the Prince Consort In amidst of this, we have the captivating enemies to lovers romance between Lady Mina Duvall and Leo Barrons.One thing I admire from Bec McMaster is her ability to develop different c [...]

  17. Well the fifth book in the London Steampunk series is a triumphant return to form I ve really enjoyed these stories set in an alternative Victorian type landscape but the previous instalment didn t quite wow me , liked it but didn t love it This book sees the author doing what she does best and that s writing about protagonists that make the readers heart beat quicker whilst taking us on one hell of an adventure Yes we finally get to see Leo and Mina forced to work together as all the previous p [...]

  18. Ahh, revenge Lady Aramina is consumed with it and her preferred target is out of reach, blinded by her pain and fury, she goes for the next best thing, his illegitimate son, Leo Barrons Is this Mina s chance to take down two birds with one stone or will her heart be swayed by the handsome Leo Will they somehow join forces against the corrupt political powerhouse that darkens their world Both have hardened their hearts to romance, but their resistance is faltering in this game of love and war.Bec [...]

  19. ARC Review 4.5 stars Masterful Bec McMaster s books helped me to love the steampunk world A world filled with mechanisms is fascinating enough, but even enjoyable is the politics and culture surrounding it Who controls the technology How is technology a currency Where is the intersection between technology and humanity Enter into this steampunk world shifters, vampires, humans and other supernaturals in conflict The vampires, actually pre vampire blue bloods, are at the top of the social order [...]

  20. Review posted on Got Fiction book blogMy first thought upon reading this was that it was great to be back in this world again Bec McMaster writes so vividly and her characters are so well written, that you can t help but love this series We begin with Lady Aramina dueling Lord Leo Barrons sees her and wants her But what I loved about him, is that he isn t an alphahole character He s a fantastic hero who wants her and pursues her, but he does it over years, giving her time and space And most impo [...]

  21. Of Silk and Steam is a vividly written, high velocity steampunk adventure.Lady Aramina Mina is out for revenge for the death of her father and since she can t take down the man responsible she is aiming for his son and heir, Leo Barrons.Leo Barrons is walking a tight rope between political machination to over throw the corrupt prince consort and keeping himself a playerin the Echelon he wishes to destroy.Leo is drawn to Mina like no other woman he understands but can t accept her disdain When ci [...]

  22. I liked Of Silk and Steam even though the adversaries to lovers pursuit by Leo Barrens of Mina, the sole Blueblood noble woman, doesn t draw out what was initially a very intense promise of sensual tension building, as Mina tries to deny her attraction and to hold on to the animosity she s held for Leo as the son of the man she believes to have poisoned her father Their relationship dance loses the spotlight a bit as it shifts to the side with the focus of the story moving to the larger series p [...]

  23. McMaster writes in a polished yet fun inviting style that really allows you to enter the story full force She brings her work to life in the most unique of ways The storyline kept me hooked with plot twists galore, yet never throwing anything at me out of left field McMaster uses intrigue to her advantage in this intricately crafted tale, ratchetting up the suspense throughout Her narrative and descriptive style brings this Steampunk world to life in a very vivid manner The cast in this novel wa [...]

  24. 2.5 5 3 stars B This book had sooooo much potential but I found myself skimming through the last 25% because I was sick to death of one of the main characters, Mina, and the seemingly endless drama with the evil Prince consort view spoiler If the Queen could whip out a knife and slit his throat at the end of the book, why the hell couldn t she do it at any other time in the last 10 years Totally didn t make sense to me hide spoiler I like this author s writing style and thought the steampunk Lon [...]

  25. And it has come full circle All the Echelon business concerning the Prince Consort, and the long standing feud between Lady Aramina and Barron s has finally come to a head And It Was Epic Previous couples and characters making cameos, explosive secrets and jaw dropping revelations, devastating betrayals A new story arc Gah OF SILK AND STEAM is brimming with the good stuff

  26. Imaginative world building, evocative writing and despite my hesitation about the pairing of characters Leo Barrons and Lady Armina Duvall, a great and satisfying ending to this story arc of the London Steampunk series 4.5 stars

  27. 4.5 stars Bec McMaster s novels will no doubt be a crowd pleaser Read this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction

  28. I really liked this one The heroine was smart and spunky but I did feel she kept her secrets for too long and Leo grew on me after his actions in the first book.

  29. 4.5 Stars I love this series And if you re a fan of smart, exciting, sexy historical romance with complex characters and a paranormal twist, you will too Books one and two are fantastic, and there s a novella in between that s also great, books three and four are good though the romance and excitement don t quite live up to the bar set by the first two, in my opinion but this book, book number five, Of Silk and Steam, brings the series right back up to top notch reading pleasure.Bec McMaster has [...]

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