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De gevaarlijke erfenis

De gevaarlijke erfenis Best Read || [Victoria Holt E.A. van Leent-Sieburgh] De gevaarlijke erfenis Best Read || [Victoria Holt E.A. van Leent-Sieburgh] - De gevaarlijke erfenis, De gevaarlijke erfenis Lovely Ellen Kellaway was rescued from a bleak future by her newly discovered guardian Jago Kellaway Lord of the Far Island off the wild coast of Cornwall There Ellen was drawn deeper and deeper i

  • Title: De gevaarlijke erfenis
  • Author: Victoria Holt E.A. van Leent-Sieburgh
  • ISBN: 9026979444
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Hardcover

De gevaarlijke erfenis Best Read || [Victoria Holt E.A. van Leent-Sieburgh], De gevaarlijke erfenis, Victoria Holt E.A. van Leent-Sieburgh, De gevaarlijke erfenis Lovely Ellen Kellaway was rescued from a bleak future by her newly discovered guardian Jago Kellaway Lord of the Far Island off the wild coast of Cornwall There Ellen was drawn deeper and deeper into the secrets of a past as alive and threatening as the present There Jago offered her the fabled Island Necklace worn by the mistresses of Kellaway Castle But was it a pLovel

De gevaarlijke erfenis

De gevaarlijke erfenis Best Read || [Victoria Holt E.A. van Leent-Sieburgh] De gevaarlijke erfenis Best Read || [Victoria Holt E.A. van Leent-Sieburgh] - De gevaarlijke erfenis, De gevaarlijke erfenis Lovely Ellen Kellaway was rescued from a bleak future by her newly discovered guardian Jago Kellaway Lord of the Far Island off the wild coast of Cornwall There Ellen was drawn deeper and deeper i De gevaarlijke erfenis

  • De gevaarlijke erfenis Best Read || [Victoria Holt E.A. van Leent-Sieburgh]
    393Victoria Holt E.A. van Leent-Sieburgh
De gevaarlijke erfenis

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  1. Lord of the Far Island is an older Gothic mystery romance by the prolific Victoria Holt.Ellen Kellaway is the poor orphaned relative taken in by wealthier relatives, who never let her forget her place She s reluctantly on track to become a governess when she s swept off her feet by Phillip, the attractive son of a neighboring family We re way too early in the book for a Happily Ever After, though, and sure enough, disaster strikes Luckily for Ellen, a relative of her father suddenly and convenie [...]

  2. 2017 Summer Lovin Reading List I think this may have been the very first romance novel that I ever read in my life, at around age 11 or 12 I remember how much I loved the book at that age and that is probably influencing my rating today.Talk about Gothic A heroine who is an orphan, living with distant family members as a Poor Relation Check Beautiful spunky Check Mysterious goings on Check Subtly threatening handsome man with secrets who arrives in the nick of time to save her from the horrid fa [...]

  3. Just as good as I remember Ellen Kellaway is an orphan taken in by her Aunt s good will, and for no other reason She grows up as the poor relation always knowing, and dreading the day when she will have to go out and become a governess But one day changes everything and now Ellen is marrying into a wealthy family Ellen, is not sure but that she has made a mistake in excepting Philips proposal Why they hardly know each other Unfortunately,Ellen doesn t know how to back out gracefully.Then Philip [...]

  4. A Mystery set on an Island off CornwallI love Victoria Holt s romances and every now and then pick one up as a pallet cleanser While a mystery than romantic suspense, there is a lot of intrigue here.As always, it s written from the first person And presumably it s a Victorian Ellen Kellaway, orphaned at age five, was a poor relation raised by wealthy cousins Plagued by the same terrible dream, she lives in a family where she is never allowed to forget that her fortunate circumstances are owed t [...]

  5. I came across this book at a book sale and picked it up for a song I haven t read Victoria Holt until now because quite frankly, it never occurred to me that I should buy one of her books I remember seeing her paperbacks in the romance section in the local five and dime all through my adolescence but I was interested in buying magazines Of course, I was going to be a supermodel and would never need a romantic suspense novel unless I needed kindling Was I ever in for a surprise Holt does atmosph [...]

  6. Ellen Kellaway, was alone in the world when she was just five years old Her mother s wealthy cousins took her in, and raised her alongside their own daughter, Esme But they never let her forget that her every advantage was owed to the charity of others And that while Esme was destined for a great marriage, she would have to go out into the world when she came of age, and earn her living as a governess.Ellen didn t like that at all She appreciated what was being done for her, but she had no inten [...]

  7. Raised by a wealthy distant cousin after the death of her mother, Ellen Kellaway is forever reminded that she is the Poor Relation Resigned to her eventual fate as a governess, she is suddenly taken by surprise when childhood friend Phillip Carrington declares his love and proposes a whirlwind marriage, much to the chagrin of Cousin Agatha who was counting on wealthy Phillip marrying her daughter Esmeralda Curiously, Phillip s family is thrilled with the match to a girl with nary a penny to her [...]

  8. I really enjoyed this book Much like Janet Evanovich, it was just a fun read It was one of those books you like to curl up with for pure entertainment I liked that you didn t find out the whole story until the very end It was done so well, you didn t even know there would be surprises and there were many.Ellen Kellaway, the poor relation to cousin Agatha and her husband Josiah, was never allowed to forget how she got to live in the lap of luxury, even though she never got to touch it per se Her [...]

  9. I began the book with hopes for a pleasant mix of romance and suspense The first two thirds of the book were pleasant and engaging I immediately liked the heroine, Ellen I was attracted to her spirit and determination to look positively at life despite her bleak future Then plot turned, as expected but not the way I expected, poor Philip Enter Jago Now, I had every intention of liking the man He was all that promised romance attractive, wealthy, rescuer, mysterious, and much However, I quickly [...]

  10. Ellen has had the same terrifying dream almost her entire life She sees a room with red curtains, and the dreams progressively reveal a little each time and give her the feeling of something terrible about to happen The room exists nowhere in her life as a Poor Relation, the orphan of a mysterious marriage that no one will talk about Then her life changes for the better with a marriage proposal, which unfortunately didn t end in marriage view spoiler when Philip died of a gunshot wound which wa [...]

  11. The plot works well and many scenes are vividly portrayed Although certain outcomes were predictable, owing to the author recycling storylines from several of her previous works, certain revelations did surprise me.The characters are all well drawn, especially the heroine of the piece.As usual with Ms Holt much of this novel revolves around a long suspenseful build up to a climax that s over too soon I often feel that this author doesn t squeeze the full potential out of dramatic exciting fright [...]

  12. This was my first Victoria Holt book, and it was amazing Ellen was an amazing character so captivating I felt like I was in the book with her I think this book was interesting near the end, where things started to speed up It definitely didn t end the way I thought it was going to, but I was even satisfied with the ending than I would have been otherwise It also kept me interested all the way through I would totally recommend this book

  13. Another book by Vickie is back in print Hallelujah Ellen Kellaway, orphaned at age five, was raised by wealthy cousins, but was never allowed to forget that her every advantage was owed to the charity of others However, when the son of a powerful London family asks for her hand in marriage, her world is opened up to untold wealth and social position She never imagined that such an unlikely dream would come true.

  14. Books written by Victoria Holt are so cheesy, but sometimes that s exactly what you need I ve read a loooot of her books when I was 14 15 years was the last time I ve read them I absolutely loved them at the time I m thinking of reading one of her books just for the old times sake

  15. I read all of Victoria Holt mystery romance books in my 30s Holt books are a higher caliber of romance fiction than something like Harlequins Historically accurate Good recreational reading with something to keep you turning pages.

  16. Visszafogott, de rdekes romantikus t rt net nagyj b l a XIX sz zad v gi Angli b l Holt most is egy talpraesett h sn t kre lt, s b r rz ki jelenetekkel nem is, de n mi titokkal s letvesz llyel megsp kelte a k nyv t Kellemes kikapcsol d s volt.

  17. I remember reading Victoria Holt when I was younger My mother and I both enjoyed her books Rereading them once in awhile is a blast from the past

  18. Well I didn t care for this book The dialogue was unrealistic, the main character drove me crazy, and some of the other characters I just really didn t like The only reason I gave it two stars instead of one is I didn t guess the plot twist kudos for that.

  19. Also posted at my blog, TBR Mountain Range come for a visit A master storyteller, Victoria Holt transports us from London to the coast of Cornwall in a classic gothic romantic suspense, bringing back fond memories of her books read throughout the years.How I love re experiencing the type of books I loved as a teenager For those of us who read Victoria Holt s books during the years they were first published, they sometimes become how we compare all others like them Even if we haven t read them in [...]

  20. Captivating book The author is unpredictable and so keeps your interest A true romantic suspense story.Ellen Kellaway was considered the poor relation for most of her life Her mother died when she was 7 and then she lived with her maternal grandmother who never loved her, but resented her for her mother s betrayal in marrying a man she didn t approve of Her mother and father s marriage didn t last long and at age 3, her mother left her father and brought her back to London Her Aunt Agatha took h [...]

  21. I ll try not to spoil it, but the hero is a jerk Ms Holt is not always successful when she tries to create enough mystery so that we can t tell who the good guy is In this case, the big reveal only confirmed the jerky arrogance of the good guy Plus the plot had a lot of weak points Oh well The island sounded cool.

  22. I had been in a reading slump for a few weeks, discarding books left and right for a slew of reasons Actually, only one reason I just could not get into any of them So one afternoon, I decided to go to my local used bookstore and found three treasures, one of which was a rather battered hardcover of Lord of the Far Island by Victoria Holt I reached for this automatically, knowing that whatever reading ailment has seized me, Holt will cure.Victoria Holt holds a very special place in my heart as Q [...]

  23. Somewhere in my mind I would like to believe that Victoria Holt sat down one day and thought Rebecaa and Jane Eyre are so great, I am going to make stories just like those And then she did In reality, successful historical novelist Eleanor Hibbert probably thought Rebecaa and Jane Eyre are so great, I am going to start writing books like those and make lots of money And she did, after choosing a suitably Victorian gothic writer pseudonym Well, here s another from 1975 It s filled with the usual [...]

  24. My rating 3 5Always treated as the poor relation, Ellen Kellaway was raised by her Cousins William and Agatha Loring But with fire and spirit, she embarks on an exciting adventure to uncover the mystery surrounding her past When her cousin Agatha informs her that she has overstayed her welcome and lived on charity long enough, Ellen is persuaded to take a post as governess to cousin Agatha s friend, the Honorable Mrs Lemming Out of a desire to escape her present situation, she agrees to a marria [...]

  25. Typical gothic romance Elements include beautiful brash heroine Dark brooding possibly homicidal hero villain AKA read to the end to find out which, gothic fans, but if you re a fan of melodramatic gothics, you probably know already A castle Secret diaries A smattering of dudes both handsome and inconsequential, ready to woo our heroine if she d only look favorably on them Names like Jago, and Carrington, and Esmeralda A character with an unspecified learning disability, attributed to premature [...]

  26. Lord of the Far Island by Victoria Holt is a typical historical fiction This book is one of Victoria s older books dating back to the 80 s In Victorian London, Ellen Kellaway is an orphan at age 5 Taken in by rich relatives, she is never afforded love She is raised with Esmerelda, her distant cousin Agatha s daughter Ellen is constantly put down by her cousin Agatha who despises her When Esmerelda society debut coming up Ellen is aghast at the black velvet gown that is made for her Philip Carrin [...]

  27. Apprehension rules delightfully Victoria Holt pen name of Eleanor Hibbert was a prolific author of romantic mystery and suspense novels with settings in creepy, eerie and freakish locales with people to match Her books were consistently satisfying as proven by how many were published and now, thirty or forty years later, are being reprinted.Comparing this book to Bride of Pendorric, it has similarities the heroine s obscure origin and family relationships are gradually revealed, diaries are foun [...]

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