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The Intern

[PDF] The Intern | by ✓ Dale Wiley [PDF] The Intern | by ✓ Dale Wiley - The Intern, The Intern It s Things are going great for new Washington DC intern Trent Norris He s out on his own he s found a fabulous woman to date and if he doesn t love his internship he doesn t hate it either L

  • Title: The Intern
  • Author: Dale Wiley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] The Intern | by ✓ Dale Wiley, The Intern, Dale Wiley, The Intern It s Things are going great for new Washington DC intern Trent Norris He s out on his own he s found a fabulous woman to date and if he doesn t love his internship he doesn t hate it either Life is nice But things can change in a moment in DC and Trent finds himself the prime suspect in two murders and a slew of other crimes Overnight he becomes the most wanIt s Things ar

The Intern

[PDF] The Intern | by ✓ Dale Wiley [PDF] The Intern | by ✓ Dale Wiley - The Intern, The Intern It s Things are going great for new Washington DC intern Trent Norris He s out on his own he s found a fabulous woman to date and if he doesn t love his internship he doesn t hate it either L The Intern

  • [PDF] The Intern | by ✓ Dale Wiley
    213Dale Wiley
The Intern

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  1. With all the shenanigans going on in Washington what is not to like when we have an author whose imagination will give us another political adventure The Intern is the story of a man who ended up being in the wrong place at the wrong time and gets wrongly accused of a murder he did not commit Being original is the only way he will get out of his predicament The main player is Trent Norris, an intern who takes us all around the metro area and the government buildings and when he tumbles into some [...]

  2. What started out as a fun and slightly silly read quickly became and ridiculous and over the top By the last 1 4 I really just wanted it to be over While I can see how the storyline would pull people in, to me it felt like it was written by an imaginative 23 year old guy wishing his life was interesting or some crazy disjointed dream.

  3. Not sure if this book was a movie or I am confusing it with something else The plot was a little confusing at first even for someone who typically reads DC based novels, particularly murder mysteries But after a few pages the plot cleared up sufficiently so that I was able to follow better I think the hooker, Tabitha, was a little too much drama, no matter how true that profession is in real life, but to choose this type of person for a confidant to believe you when everyone else thinks you are [...]

  4. Trent Norris is an intern in Washington D.C for the NEA when first Trent takes a suspicious call about a problem that s going to be taken care of he wonders about the wording, but when Congressman Gregory Timmons end up shot and killed, Trent is the one being accused and is on the run to find the truth and clear his name Interesting read that takes the reader into the political intrigue and lies of Washington The author did a great job with the story and a few interesting characters readers won [...]

  5. This is the first book by Dale Wiley I have read It s an eye popping, breath holding, white knuckled page turner Captivating entertainment from the first page to the last, with no ho hum in between Looking forward to the next offering by this writer

  6. Great read I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book I was pleasantly surprised at how smoothly the storyline went It was funny and entertaining, almost comparable to a John Grisham novel Would definitely recommend and looking forward to reading from the author

  7. Fun Just an enjoyable story written in a casual conversational manner that makes me cheer for the writer and eagerly await the outcome.

  8. Clearing your name is risky businessIntern Trent Norris believes the worst part of his day will be waiting for the clock to strike 430, until he realizes he has stumbled onto a murder and makes the perfect scapegoat He goes on the run, focused only on clearing his name and not worried about what kinds of things he must do to do it This was a highly entertaining book, not dumbed down but easy to follow even if you aren t a Washington insider The main character is flawed but sympathetic and his pl [...]

  9. Good bookThis is a very good book I am a little late in reading it since some of the events seem a little dated The story is basically what is in the entire title We have a young intern involved with murder, hookers, a senator, and it all happens with the Watergate hotel as the backdrop Don t worry, it has nothing to do with Nixon I recommend this book.

  10. Hard to believeThe events that begin the story are not believable After that the story becomes absurd.It is entertaining, a simple story of a man who can t seem to do anything normal.

  11. This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader Trent Norris is not crazy about living in Washington, D C He s working as an intern at the National Endowment for the Arts , which isn t horrible but the general atmosphere, the parking, the expenses and so on it s just not for him He has a plan for what to do to get out, but we re not really told what that might be later, there s discussion of an unsuccessful novel that might be part of it He likes his job well enough, he s started dating som [...]

  12. I found this book to be at times entertaining but then at times so over the top that I just wanted to stop listening I think if I had been reading instead of listening I would have stopped I think I saw this story in a made for TV movie Or something very like it I liked Peter Danbury for the narrator He was the only reason I finished this book.

  13. Short, light, humorous and entertaining mystery thriller It took me a bit to really get into the story It started to pick up for me about an hour in As the story continues and the plot unfolds it turns into an entertaining listen If you like a mystery thriller with a little bit of suspense, some humor and not to dark and intense this is a good choice.It only takes one thing and your whole life can change in an instant Trent Norris finds this out the hard way Accused of murder he must figure out [...]

  14. Dale Wiley in his new book, The Intern published by Vintage Burns, LLC gives us an adventure with Trent Norris.From the back cover It s 1995 Things are going great for new Washington, DC intern Trent Norris He s out on his own, he s found a fabulous woman to date, and if he doesn t love his internship, he doesn t hate it either Life is nice.But things can change in a moment in DC, and Trent finds himself the prime suspect in two murders and a slew of other crimes Overnight he becomes the most wa [...]

  15. There s something glamorous about Washington DC as the setting for a crime thriller, with the possibility of high stakes politicking, the FBI having the capacity to investigate, locations including the Capitol Building and The White House Starting with an intern at the NEA National Endowment for the Arts this book obviously intended to take a different tack Sadly, much of what makes DC thrillers exciting is missing as a result, with the possible exception of the Watergate Hotel, which is used he [...]

  16. Short and fastThe plot is well thought out Good characters and novel cooperation between politicians, hookers, reporters and the accused I recommend this for a quick read.

  17. Trent Norris has an unpaid interneship working for the National Endowment for the Arts One day he is asked to answer phones for someone while they go into a meeting Little does he know that answering the wrong phone line will land him in the position of public enemy number one Trent has been accused of assassinating a Senator The media is busy publicly crucifying him and digging up all these people who claim to have known him in the past who talk about how he was strange and a loaner Meanwhile T [...]

  18. Wow This is the second book I have read by Dale Wiley and it won t be the last When I read Sabotage I was very impressed I am also impressed with The Intern The writing is smooth and the pace is great A serious adventure with some humor included Trent, a DC intern finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time An innocent mistake The twists and turns from there kept me reading late into the night to see what would happen next Trent makes some mistakes along the way but who always made perfec [...]

  19. I received a free copy of The Intern in exchange for an honest review.I don t tend to read books set in Washington or that have anything even remotely to do with any part of the American Government, so this was always going to be a challenge for me And it did indeed take me a little while to get into.I really like the format of the prologue being in the present and then the bulk of the book goes back in time to explain how the protagonist got to where they were in the prologue This always works [...]

  20. This was in no way a romance novel but a mainstream political thriller by local author Dale Wiley It s a quick read or quick listen via audible which is what I did One of my biggest Audible complaints is when the reader is not age appropriate The Intern was telling the story and I enjoyed the voice and appropriateness of the voice reading the story This is a great little who done it with a moderate level of angst Every time I read a pollitical story I wonder how much is based on truth Seems like [...]

  21. This was a great thriller through the streets of America s capitol Trent was one of those characters that I never knew what he was going to do next He had so many people looking for him, that I felt like they were always closely behind A lot of things can happen in DC and I would not want to be in as deep as Trent is I also thought that Tabitha was a nice addition to the plot Her past is not perfect, and she definitely has some decisions to make The ending was good and I especially liked how Tre [...]

  22. Dale Wiley gives us an anti hero in the form of Trent, an intern for the wacky stepchild of government programs, the 1990 s NEA Trent flies completely under the radar until one cheeky and ill timed message gets him caught up in a plot to kill a congressman We follow Trent on a rollicking journey as he becomes news story number one all over the 24 hour media and desperately tries to clear his name Wiley does an especially good job of reminding us how 24 hour news manipulates public opinion and de [...]

  23. Things were going well for DC intern Trent Norris until he became the number one suspect in the murder of two of his colleagues Soon, he s also accused of other crimes He had no choice but to run, but where can he be safe The answer to that might surprise you.Read Dale Wiley s The Intern if you re curious to know how Trent works himself out of a no win situation Written with an acute sense of how Washington, DC works and an astute command of the language You ll be on the edge of your chair for t [...]

  24. There are problems here with pacing, plot, and characterization There s also the issue that this was clearly written years ago who the hell uses Zip disks any but just published in 2014 The book also misfires by trying to include a love interest who is barely in the book, while the protagonist spends most of the book with a beautiful woman who is devoted to helping him, but develops only fraternal feelings for her There was some potential in the book, but the writer needs to work on putting toge [...]

  25. This audiobook was given by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review via Audiobook Boom D.C intern Trent is plodding along at his job.until things go from bad to worse as he learns secrets that make him the prime suspect in murder He teams up with a hooker, who s other clients supply them with things they need The humor had me laughing out loud, as I waited to see if they would get caught The narration was well done.The characters were well portrayed.

  26. There s a touch of humor along with the suspense, but this story is far over the top and highly unlikely I never came to like Trent very much, mainly because I couldn t accept that he could be stupid enough to do what he did Peter Danbury s performance is competent His youthful voice is appropriate for the story and he gives distinctive voices to the characters This is just a light mystery good for a few hours of entertainment NOTE I received a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for this un [...]

  27. An exciting rompThe protagonist, Trent, manages to get himself into the middle of a murder investigation as the main or only suspect Helped out by a beautiful young prostitute, will Trent be able to clear his name Along the way, he manages to clock two policemen, run up a sizable bill in a senator s hotel room and crash a limo into the front of an important news room Lots of excitement and dramare to become a big hit.

  28. Good pace of action, just the right amount of humor So many convenient circumstances and coincidences that occur to keep the hero moving toward a solution to his problem but I took that as just part of the fun and humor of the story The biggest flaw is continually referring to one of the women characters by the wrong name It doesn t spoil the story, though A good vacation book Maybe a 3.5 I would read another book but his author.

  29. Check out the full review at Kritters RamblingsA Washington, DC adventure that takes you all around the DMV metro area and in and out of government buildings Trent is an intern at the National Endowment of Arts and he stumbles into something and in an instance things spiral out of control Trent was a great character He was the most unlikely to become a suspect, but I loved that he came out of nowhere and somehow the clues could have pointed to him as a bonafide suspect.

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