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Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons

[PDF] Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons | by ↠ Lauren Calhoun [PDF] Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons | by ↠ Lauren Calhoun - Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons, Twisted Knights Angels and Demons I wasn t sure it was the Jack Daniels or it was Demon When his tongue found it s way into my mouth I could feel a fire starting to burn between my thighs The moment I saw Demon at Twisted I knew he w

  • Title: Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons
  • Author: Lauren Calhoun
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons | by ↠ Lauren Calhoun, Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons, Lauren Calhoun, Twisted Knights Angels and Demons I wasn t sure it was the Jack Daniels or it was Demon When his tongue found it s way into my mouth I could feel a fire starting to burn between my thighs The moment I saw Demon at Twisted I knew he was down for a sultry good time He stepped back and I couldn t help it but I started to cover myself He smacked my hands away the scars that nobody has ever seen sud

Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons

[PDF] Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons | by ↠ Lauren Calhoun [PDF] Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons | by ↠ Lauren Calhoun - Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons, Twisted Knights Angels and Demons I wasn t sure it was the Jack Daniels or it was Demon When his tongue found it s way into my mouth I could feel a fire starting to burn between my thighs The moment I saw Demon at Twisted I knew he w Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons

  • [PDF] Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons | by ↠ Lauren Calhoun
    191Lauren Calhoun
Twisted Knights: Angels and Demons

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  1. Lauren Calhoun delivers an action packed, steamy romance with Twisted Knights If you love MC s and hot scenes that are sure to get your mojo going, then this one s for you Demon is the hot, tatted bad boy with a sweet side that only Angel sees Angel has been beaten down but one thing is for sure, she is not broken That girl is a spitfire Both having sad past, they come together under circumstances that may very well in the end tear them apart I can t wait for the next book to see what happens ne [...]

  2. I was given an ARC for an honest review Wow what an action debut novel by Lauren Calhoun Twisted Knights is the first in a new MC series and wow what a great read If you enjoy reading MC books then this book is for you MC biker lovers I know I am one of them and I really liked how Lauren wrote Twisted Knights I was hooked on the first page and couldn t put it down loved every minute of it.Demon is the bad boy that Angel meets and sees how he really is He has a softer side when he is around Angel [...]

  3. It grabbed my attention from the very beginning this is only the 2nd mc book I ve read I am looking forward to the next book in the series The way Demon and Angel come together in this story is amazing You get some real insight of bikers You re not reading the book saying to yourself that shit like this doesn t really happen Angels ex has the money and power to try and find her The book is put together really well, especially for it being her debut book The cliffhanger leaves you begging for .

  4. I loved this story And Demon MMMM Awesome story CANNOT wait for I have to see what happens next I loved it, you will too BUY IT

  5. Twisted ARC provided in exchange for a honest review This is a great debut from an author I m going to definitely look forward to reading from Angel and her babies are hiding out from her abusive ex in her brother s MC Demon who s returning from being gone after a devastating loss, he takes one look at the feisty bartender and wants her Unbeknownst to him its his VP sister who he will be teaching self defense too but haven t met yet When these two come together it is EXPLOSIVE the chemistry dri [...]

  6. I received this as an ARC for an honest review I may or may not post spoilers so read on if you dare I normally do not read MC books, but I took a chance on this book LOVED the way the author was able to show that abuse in any form is not to be accepted She has written a very realistic story There is a few typos that can be easily fixed, but do not distract you from the basic story line Over all this story was HIGHLY enjoyable BUT it has a rushed cliff hanger When I say RUSHED I mean it Out of t [...]

  7. Reviewed on behalf of Obsessed by Books This is the first in the series of a brand new MC book, and the first debut by by this author.I must say I was pleasantly surprised, this book will have you hooked from the first page, the writing is like that from an established author.We follow the story of Demon and Angel Angel is on the run away from an abusive ex and Demon has demons of his own Two people that come together and help each other in ways that they didn t know were possible.The story is a [...]

  8. Lauren Calhoun has done a wonder job with her debut novel Twisted Knights It was a fast passed read everything flowed smoothly and quickly The characters had great chemistry easy connect with.Rebecca aka Angel is hiding out from her abusive husband Demon has just returned from being away on a two year assignment along with fighting his own demons, he is now thrown into fighting Angel s as well This was a great sold read If you like hot sexy tattoo alpha male MC reads that live a little dangerous [...]

  9. This was my first ever read of a MC book and I loved it Lauren has created great characters which are very much relatable along with an awesome story line There s also a bit of comedy included, or at least I thought so Esp during the duel between Angel and Chloe I literally busted out laughing and then I read the scene to my hubby who laughed as well I love Angels Rebecca spitfire personality She says what she means and means what she says And Demon, Gah, he s a sexy beast who does pretty much a [...]

  10. I had the privilege to read an ARC for my honest review Lauren has done well for a debut novel This story is so full of potential, and I enjoyed reading Angel Demons story Angel who must get out of her prestigious life or end up dead, makes the call to her brother Steel who is the VP of a motorcycle club, and he is determined to save Angel and her babies Angel may have been beaten and used, but she was never broken Demon has been gone from his club for some time to get over a huge loss one he is [...]

  11. Needs Editing Badly This book could have potential but it needs some major editing Putting that aside, I also felt the storyline was rushed and found it hard to follow at times I want to read a story where my minds eye can descriptively imagine where, when, who and why events are happening I will say that I think the author did a really good job with the sex scenes I absolutely believe that she s got it in her to turn this into a solid series if some extra time is given to detail This ends with [...]

  12. This book will leave you screaming From the very start of this book you are on the seat of your pants, not sure what is going to happen Angel Rebecca is hiding out in her brother, Steel s MC from an abusive husband Her husband has not stopped looking for her and will stop at nothing to get her back Steel pays Demon to protect her but everyone knows what happens when a HAWT MC Alpha man and a feisty woman get put together in close quarters.HOT SEX These two are dynamite together But just when you [...]

  13. I won an ARC of this debut from the author loved it, it s a fast paced book but lets u know who the characters are whats happened to them in the past few years now normally i wouldn t even have read this book as it s only 100 pages these are really not the books i would spend money on BUT bc it has a CLIFFHANGER ending i m gonna be buying the next part bc i was hooked as soon as i read the 1st chapter, AMAZING DEBUT

  14. great start to new MC seriesI just love these MC books This is the start of a new series, it does end on a cliffy, but don t let that stop you We meet Demon, the enforcer for the Twisted Knights who is the new bodyguard for the VP s sister, Angel who is on the run from her abusive ex This book was very fast paced, just wished it was longer, can t wait for part 2 the next ones in the series.

  15. I gave this book 5 stars Can believe this is a debut novel Lauren makes it so easy to get into the characters and their feelings This is one of my top picks for May.

  16. First time author for me It is of a novella and is part 1 of a 2 part story The entire story books 1 2 together had the potential to be at least a 4 star But there were too many little inconsistencies that I noticed and while I understand a biker princess can be a bad ass, this one was a little over the top with her vengeance I think The twins children by her ex were or less background characters and I would have liked to see that relationship developed between Demon and the kids The overall [...]

  17. Read this as part of Smut Hut Promotion for an honest review Let me start by saying that I enjoyed this book Just recently I have got into MC books Just something bout the dark romance along with the bad boy image I really enjoy The one thing I really enjoyed was that the author found a way to balance in everything A lot of dark romance books you read does not have that balance So I was able to enjoy the dark side, bad boy, and the romance, it all kind of equal out.I thought at first I was going [...]

  18. Obsessed by Books copy given in exchange for an honest review There was only one way this could end, one of us has to die When the past is too horrifying to comprehend sometimes we have to evolve and become someone else, someone stronger, someone shaped by the trauma that has been survived Angel is a sassy, sexy in control woman The sister of the MC s Vice President she has returned to the safety of the club to fly under the radar of her abusive husband Re inventing herself and shedding the Step [...]

  19. Great debut from author Lauren Calhoun I ve read a lot of MC books and this was one that starts off quick and really sucked me right in Rebecca aka Angel is abused by her husband who happens to be a very powerful man so she attempts to disappear Her brother Steel, who is the VP of a motorcycle club tries to hide her at his compound but they know her husband isn t going to let her go that easy She knows the only way she getting away from him is if she kills him or if she ends up dead herself Know [...]

  20. I was gifted this book for an honest review This is the first book I ve read by Lauren Calhoun Angels and Demons Twisted Knights MC book 1 is a FABULOUS first installment Not sure how many people actually read the dedication, but I do, and props to this author on the dedication If you re new to reading motorcycle club books, Calhoun includes a glossary GREAT idea , newbies, don t be afraid to give the MC world a try Rebecca has never been grateful for her brother His role in the Twisted Knights [...]

  21. This is the first book in the Twisted Knights MC series It is a short story but it was a really good, original one Rebecca is married to a very rich man who is in the public eye also happens to be VERY physically abusive to her He has what he calls a playroom but it is actually a dungeon that he would sometimes lock her in for days at a time After his most recent attack where he slashed her breasts thighs with a knife because she wore a bikini to a pool party Rebecca finds out she s pregnant kno [...]

  22. Rebecca was a woman who thought she had the perfect man when instead she had the perfect monster The things Clarke did to her in the name of love were heinous Her only escape was to get a new identity and disappear With the help of her brother Stele who just so happens to be VP of the Twisted Knight MC helps her do just that Now Rebecca is gone and Angel has emerged and she has way to live for now With the birth of her twins Angel will stop at nothing to be rid of the danger Clarke poses Not be [...]

  23. Review from Abibliophobia Anonymous Book ReviewsThis is a great start to this series It was a fast paced, quick read for me I really enjoyed it It does contain domestic violence, but she got away It also ends in a cliffhanger, but I love cliffhangers.Angel Moore, AKA Rebecca Murphy, is in hiding at the Twisted Knights MC compound, with her twin babies Her brother, Steel, is their Vice President, so she is safe and protected, for now Her husband, Clarke Murphy, is a very abusive piece of shit Onc [...]

  24. Great Debut from a New AuthorIf you love a good MC novel as much as I do then you are going to love this book It is a quick steamy read Angel and Demon have sizzling off the charts chemistry I picked this up and didn t put it down until I was through Angel is a girl in hiding from her abusive ex husband, so she decides to hide out in her brothers MC Then we meet Demon a smokin hot tatted alpha, and as soon as he spots Angel he has to have her It turns out that Demon is going to be the one traini [...]

  25. I was given an ARC for an honest review I was provided an arc from the Author for an honest review This was a GREAT Debut Novel It was full of action and steamy sex I was immediately hooked from the beginning and devoured this in one sitting The chemistry these two have is off the charts The story line was original and the characters were interesting The connection and banter between these two made me fall in love with them Demon and Angel both have sad pasts And we are taken back to those time [...]

  26. As much as it pains me to do, i have to give this book 3 stars It s has so much potential, so much, original storyline, interesting characters, it just needed , What that is I couldn t tell youThe storyline was interesting, really original and no way cliche compared to some MC books out there, and believe me I have read heaps The sex scenes were written well, it was just the rest of book which seemed to be lacking that is most likely down to Lauren Calhoun s lack of history in writing with this [...]

  27. Received as an ARC for honest review.Reviewing for Smut Hut Promotions.Holy cow This is a story that captivates you from the very beginning We meet Angel Rebecca and her infant twins, Ryder and Rylynn, who is hiding out from her very connected, very abusive husband , Clarke, at her brother s Marcus aka Steel MC club, Twisted Knights She changes her appearance, which is her natural state, and works at the bar at the club.In walks Demon, a club member Demon has his own demons he s dealing with, es [...]

  28. I received an arc in exchange for an honest review I ve been trying to get through this book for about two months now and the process has been excruciating The grammar in this book was my biggest problem, I couldn t connect with the characters or even enjoy the storyline because the grammar didn t allow me to This story is fairly short but there wasn t a chapter that didn t contain various errors I don t ever want to put anyone s work down but I believe that the author needs to send the book to [...]

  29. It is safe to say that a MC storyline are fast becoming my favourite I haven t read a great deal in this genre, but those that I have, have been great and this one is no exception.Twisted Knights is the first novel from Lauren Calhoun and what a great start to the series.Rebecca or rather Angel is hiding from her abusive ex at her brothers with her twin babies whom her ex don t know exist Damon is tasked with teaching her self defence and ends up getting than he bargained forThis is action pack [...]

  30. New authorAt the end of the book this author asked for a review based only on what is in the book I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and thought the author did a really good job writing and telling the story The negative with the book was that the editing was pretty bad There were words sometimes left out or added I had to re read parts several times to understand what was going on I really liked Angel and Demon s characters along with Steele The sex scenes were pretty steamy but not over the to [...]

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