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Unlimited Artefact - by Jamie Sawyer Unlimited Artefact - by Jamie Sawyer - Artefact, Artefact Mankind has spread to the stars only to become locked in warfare with an insidious alien race All that stands against the alien menace are the soldiers of the Simulant Operation Programme an elite m

  • Title: Artefact
  • Author: Jamie Sawyer
  • ISBN: 9780316386388
  • Page: 432
  • Format: ebook

Unlimited Artefact - by Jamie Sawyer, Artefact, Jamie Sawyer, Artefact Mankind has spread to the stars only to become locked in warfare with an insidious alien race All that stands against the alien menace are the soldiers of the Simulant Operation Programme an elite military team remotely operating avatars in the most dangerous theatres of war Captain Conrad Harris has died hundreds of times running suicide missions in simulant bodies Mankind has spread t


Unlimited Artefact - by Jamie Sawyer Unlimited Artefact - by Jamie Sawyer - Artefact, Artefact Mankind has spread to the stars only to become locked in warfare with an insidious alien race All that stands against the alien menace are the soldiers of the Simulant Operation Programme an elite m Artefact

  • Unlimited Artefact - by Jamie Sawyer
    432Jamie Sawyer

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  1. If you re a fan of James S.A Corey or Robert A Heinlein, or any military themed sci fi such as Aliens, Starship Troopers, Avatar, Stargate, Halo, or Mass Effect, you ll feel right at home with Artefact.Sawyer begins with a familiar setup a troop of tough as bullets space marines who laugh in the face of death, led by a battle scarred captain with a dark past and layers on some interesting worldbuilding, interspersed with some great action sequences.Looking forward to book 2

  2. 3.5 to 4 stars Plenty of action in this military SF space opera Only slowed down a bit about 2 3 of the way through but then ramped up for a satisfying conclusion Planning on starting the 2nd book this week.

  3. certes, Artifact est r server aux amateurs du genre mais si vous en tes, M Sawyer a crit un page turner tr s prenant J ai aim les concepts l artifact les aliens le principe et la psychologie des militaires simulants mais je tiens souligner galement que l auteur sait crire la premi re personne donnant de la profondeur ses personnages Les flash back clairent les v nements et les r actions du capitaine Conrad Harris, sans ralentir l action principale Pour une fois, j ai trouv que les comparatifs ut [...]

  4. Artefakt je zda il nap l military sci fi a space opera, o kousek lep ne podobn military sci fi od Fabi na.

  5. Enjoyable MilSF that varies the formula a little by projecting the personal implications of remote control warfare Starship Troopers for the UAV generation.

  6. I am quite surprised by the quality of this book given that it is claimed to be the debutant work of this author There is a compelling, well worked out and somewhat original story although comparisons with Avatar are unavoidable the characters are well made and the writing is exceptionally good for a debutant.Although there are some fierce space battles at the beginning of the book most of the story plays itself out on the ground Also, I have to say that, the space battles mostly felt like world [...]

  7. Gory, high body count military SF made tedious by hamfisted banter, total disregard for verisimilitude the narrator watches space battles with his naked eyes, for instance , and long, pointless flashbacks After a while, I was skipping some chapters and skimming the restd even so it all seemed interminable.

  8. Really enjoyed this book Engaging plot with lots of interesting SF ideas The characters are also really interesting I d definitely recommend This is the first book of a series, which I ll be following.

  9. Exciting space adventure Loved the characters, especially Harris main character and narrator and his squad of simulants Perfectly paced so an easy read All round a very enjoyable book.

  10. Reading Jamie Sawyer gave me the same feeling as Neal Asher s Polity A great thriller of a sci fi tale, which holds back some of i s reveals to near the end A good cast of characters It is a military SF tale and sticks to the soldiers and the aliens they are fighting It has the tropes you d expect around that It s cleverly done nonetheless and leaves you wanting to know what the squad faces next and what the consequences are of their choices on this mission.

  11. I loved this book, I was hooked after the first chapter I am Dyslexic and reading new books can be quite nerve raking and difficult, I did not find that with this book and I only had to look up a few words lol I am on my way to buy book two now Can not wait for it to arrive Jamie Sawyer is being added to my dyslexic friendly reading list.

  12. M m pocit, e autor m r d podobn scifi jako j , tedy Vet elce, Pred tora, Dunu, Starcraft, Hv zdnou p chotu a patrn i mnoh dal , kter v Artefaktu vykradl Tedy, inspiroval se od nich, abych neurazil Nic proti tomu, kdo m furt vym let nov ufony, ale chce to doplnit alespo tro kou originality a ta tady bohu el sch z a ne, simul ky za origin ln ani technicky uskute niteln opravdu nepova uju Krom prost ed p li nefunguj ani emoce, a to jak v pr b n retro lovestory, ani p i setk n ch s pred tory Teda ze [...]

  13. This book was EPIC from start to finish Jamie Sawyer had me hooked quick If you love science fiction, great characters, beautiful plots, action, space travel ships and vicious aliens this book is for you I can t wait to start book two in the series Once you pick it up she ll be hard to put down.

  14. Un m lange d AlienS, Avatar et Apocalypse Now Alors si tu aimes les space marines, les combats spatiaux, les combats contre des aliens d gueux, les artefact extraterrestres, et les savants fous tu sais ce que tu dois faire En plus, c est taill pour le cin ma.

  15. delivreenlivres 20 Un livre qui m aura fait frissonner, une bonne lecture bien prenante dans son genre.On pourrait argumenter le fait que tous les l ments pris individuellement ne sont gu re originaux, et que si on a regard par mal de films ou lu pas mal de livres de ce genre on y retrouvera pas mal de points d j vu Mais l originalit c est de les avoir combin ensemble, ainsi que la personnalit du h ros.En fait si vous prenez, Aliens, Starship Troopers et Avatar et que vous faites un mashup des 3 [...]

  16. In the future humanity finds itself in 2 groups, the Alliance and the Directorate The Alliance finds itself fighting terrorist from the Directorate a deadly foe called the Krell The Krell are biological lifeforms that create everything, their ships and weapons biologically As a way to even out the fight, the Simulant project was created, allowing people to operate simulants of their own body that are engineered for war They are larger, stronger, faster, better in every way But when a Simulant te [...]

  17. This is not bad military scifi but this is not the cream of the crop either.The story contains a lot of flashback that are supposed to flesh out the main character but they do not really achieve this.My main issue aside from the setting that is very StarShip trooper like is with the psychology of the main character From one chapter to the next he keeps changing.Overall there is a lot of potential in this novel that was not realized I already purchased book two so I will read it but if the author [...]

  18. Edit After enjoying the second book in this series I upped this rating to 4 stars It was written well and kept moving at a pretty great pace One of my guilty pleasures are books like this A cool, somewhat mysterious premise, and plenty of action It had elements of the Alien and Warhammer Series Already picked up the second book and will continue on with the series.

  19. Pretty decent military scifi Doesn t feel like a debut novel at all kept me hooked through the whole book The enemy aliens are a little one dimensional, but the action scenes and the space battles were very well done.

  20. I didn t finish this one.It s all too simplistic and formulaic And then the guy telling the story doesn t seem to be too bright All in all nothing that I would consider worth reading Others might have different opinions and are probably also correct, it just wasn t my piece of cake.

  21. The concept was good, but the prose was a little too purple for my taste Questionable character affect and questionable word choice made reading less smooth than it could have been.

  22. Scenes from Aliens Warhammer 40k constantly repeated Tyranids in playNot a bad book, also, not good enough The idea is good, but not really well developed

  23. Not bad, not brilliantThis is an odd one The writing is good, the characters are interesting, and the plot is engaging But the basic premise is not very compelling, in my view The premise is that we follow people who fight by connecting with simulants, which are essentially biological robots grown for extra strength and so on The problem with this is that it makes the war much like a video game, the deaths essentially irrelevant And there are practical problems too, associated with the implausi [...]

  24. I obtained this book via my local Mead Library, thus, I am beholden to no one.The writing was even and had solid expression That s the good stuff.This book contains way too much fluff e.g excessive information about Captain Harris, of the Alliance, and his love life constant reflection on the Directorive sp but little background information for the reader maybe the author could ve done this and spent less time on the captain the author provided little descriptive on The Krell yet mentioned them [...]

  25. In a word, boring.Aside from the simulant tech, there is nothing special about the setting The characters are all flat military types with little personality and I just didn t care about them The title character is a clich and so is his back story The pacing is horrible.This book is recommended for fans of Alien, Edge of Tomorrow and the Expanse series I love all three of those franchises, and this book did nothing for me I got about two thirds in and just couldn t finish it and that s a pretty [...]

  26. I had low expectations of this going in but was pleasantly surprised This book knew what it was and stayed consistent A good book for anyone who enjoys some classic sci fi tropes and not getting bogged down with detail and over complicated explanations of the their fictional universe This is about the mysteries of the story and not beating you over the head with science I even started to sympathize with the aliens toward the end Solid 4 5 Will definitely finish this series.

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