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Westly: A Spider's Tale

[PDF] Westly: A Spider's Tale | by ✓ BryanBeus [PDF] Westly: A Spider's Tale | by ✓ BryanBeus - Westly: A Spider's Tale, Westly A Spider s Tale This is tale of a caterpillar named Westly who is destined to be a Monarch butterfly and the next king of the butterfly kingdom But sometimes things don t turn out the way we plan When Westly emerges

  • Title: Westly: A Spider's Tale
  • Author: BryanBeus
  • ISBN: 9781629720685
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Westly: A Spider's Tale | by ✓ BryanBeus, Westly: A Spider's Tale, BryanBeus, Westly A Spider s Tale This is tale of a caterpillar named Westly who is destined to be a Monarch butterfly and the next king of the butterfly kingdom But sometimes things don t turn out the way we plan When Westly emerges from his cocoon he is nothing like he expected As a spider he must rediscover who he is Adopted by the dirt eaters Westly is determined to make a difference He is deteThis is

Westly: A Spider's Tale

[PDF] Westly: A Spider's Tale | by ✓ BryanBeus [PDF] Westly: A Spider's Tale | by ✓ BryanBeus - Westly: A Spider's Tale, Westly A Spider s Tale This is tale of a caterpillar named Westly who is destined to be a Monarch butterfly and the next king of the butterfly kingdom But sometimes things don t turn out the way we plan When Westly emerges Westly: A Spider's Tale

  • [PDF] Westly: A Spider's Tale | by ✓ BryanBeus
Westly: A Spider's Tale

720 Comment Westly: A Spider's Tale

  1. Westly knows he s a little bit different but, then again, he IS a prince heir to the Monarch butterfly who is the king of the chandelier realm inside a glass menagerie Westly finds out just how different he is after the transformation ceremony, when he emerges from his cocoon totally unlike his friends Feeling unwanted and unloved, Westly sets out to find a place where he belongs He encounters adventures and strange creatures along the way Who is a friend and who is a foe Can the Raven who offer [...]

  2. The message of this book is a good one trust yourself, believe in yourself, it s okay to be different At times though the story just felt a little contrived A cute middlegrade read for 2nd and 3rd grade.

  3. From my 7 year old This book was so good that I read EVERY SINGLE WORD on EVERY SINGLE PAGE My kiddo is a very fast reader with very advanced skills for his age he read Ender s Game, for example , but because he s still only seven we have a hard time finding things that reach him at his level without being too simple He s been on the Boxcar Children books, and while he was enjoying them he wasn t really INSPIRED Westly to the rescue He really, really got sucked into this one, and I think he iden [...]

  4. What a great story Westly is a caterpillar who is destined to be king However, when he emerges from his cocoon as a spider, he knows life will never be the same The butterflies are stunned by what he s become so he leaves home He has a new life to adjust to and tries hard to fit in There are some fun mishaps along the way, and one of his new friends ends up betraying him Westly is a fun character At the beginning, he tries hard to show that he knows what he s doing but he s really just bluffing [...]

  5. Westly is a very different butterfly He is a prince of the butterflies He learns a lot of lessons in this cute story So did I I was busy saying that this can t happen really and was missing the point of the story Things a lot of the time don t happen like we expect it too but it can be even better Sometimes being different is better or useful.Westly is not a scary spider For those who like me don t care for them.The butterflies were beautiful and it is amazing how caterpillars change into them [...]

  6. Originally posted at Log Cabin LibraryWestly lives inside a glass menagerie high among the crystals of a chandelier He is destined to follow in his father s footsteps and become the next king of the Monarch butterflies, but Westly is fearful of the responsibilities that lie ahead And destiny can be a strange thing, especially when he emerges as a spider and not as the beautiful butterfly he had always envisioned he would be Distraught by the possibility of being a disappointment to his father, W [...]

  7. While you were a child growing up, ever believe you were one thing type of person, likes, dislikes, etc , and then, due to some event or circumstance, you came to discover you were not This pretty much sums up Westly s sudden journey from child to tween.The writing is very visual, which I especially noted from the first few words of the opening Any reader will instantly become immersed within the world of these caterpillars They have a home, a routine, and a hierarchy on that Westly is very much [...]

  8. Westly A Spider s Tale was an excellent story I found it to be immediately engaging Westly a scrawny, ugly little caterpillar was supposed to be the son of the Monarch Butterfly King, but when he emerged from his cocoon, he was not a butterfly at all, but a spider Since he wasn t a butterfly he could neither rule the after his father nor remain in the kingdom.Now, of course, we know that spiders hatch from egg sacks and butterflies take weeks to hatch from their cocoons, but this story is a fant [...]

  9. Westly A Spider s TaleThis is a very interesting story of how Westly thought he was a caterpillar who is going to be a Monarch butterfly and the next king of the butterfly kingdom It didn t turn out that way Somehow Westly became a spider This story takes on his adventure to find out where he is supposed to be and who he is I really thought the story was good, great for middle school kids and possible 2nd and 3rd graders as well Great fantasy story for kids to think about and finding the right p [...]

  10. What an AMAZING book I loved it Fun story line as a caterpillar emerges from his cocoon as a spider such a GOOD MESSAGE of life does not always turn out as planned Fantastic scenes as Westly flounders while trying so hard just to fit in And when he so desperately needs a friend one shows up but is he really a friend And how can Westly tell And who ends up being his true friends So MANY GREAT LESSONS Plus it is simply just an AWESOME READ Adorable pictures adorn the book making it a PERFECT get a [...]

  11. Great little book for kids, I think my boys will like it when they re old enough I picked up a copy last year after doing a few panels with Bryan Beus at LTUE, he s an insightful artist and I learned some neat stuff from him It s not surprising that such an endearing story came from his imagination.

  12. Westly is a young caterpillar and the son of the king Monarch butterfly He is intent on being the best butterfly he can be, but when he emerges from his cocoon it is not at all the transformation he wanted He is no butterfly, much to the shock of the butterflies in the chandelier of the menagerie Instead of becoming the butterfly princeling, Westly is adopted down below by the dirt eaters He is so unsure of himself and only wants to help, but he must learn how to use his new talents and make new [...]

  13. I was very excited to read Westly A Spider s Tale to my 2nd grade class I have to say, they were enchanted from the first chapter They really loved the characters and they also liked the different voices I used as I read the novel to them This book is perfect for the age group I teach, 7 8 year olds They couldn t wait each day until after lunch when it was time for Read Aloud They all groaned when I ended a chapter and put the book away to do something else They learned the main message from the [...]

  14. My Review 3.5 Stars I liked this story It s a modern day fable with lots of great lessons This story is well written and creative It teaches that it is okay to be different Being different gives you individual strengths and weaknesses, which is a good thing You won t always fit in, and that s okay don t let that bring you down Bloom where you are planted Do the best you can wherever you are Family is important Be wary of those around you who want to deceive you You know, the wolves in sheep s cl [...]

  15. Wesley is a really cute story for youngsters with good life lessons to learn As with people some think they are much better than others, whether they are better looking or have better material things In this story the better ones, or so they believe are the butterflies, and the other bugs are the dirt eaters, a rather subservient term.Something goes rather wrong when Wesley, the Kings son, goes into his cocoon to become a butterfly, and when he immerges he is one of the dirt eaters, a spider Poo [...]

  16. What a great book for children There are so many things that children can learn from this story Westly learned that things don t always turn out the way that you want them to, but did he place blame No he decided to accept the changes and learn from them When he was betrayed by someone whom he thought was his friend, did he stomp his spider legs and pout, no he went forward with courage and tried to turn things around He learned that there are consequences for choices made and that sometimes tho [...]

  17. Thanks to Edelweiss and the publisher for access to this title.This is a cute tale about a butterfly who never was and a spider who became all he was meant to be While a very thinly veiled attempt at showing how we should all be happy to be ourselves no matter who that self is, I think that younger kids will really enjoy the adventure part of the story while getting a good dose of confidence in trying their best.I did find the use of the worms in the well to be a little disturbing, and feel that [...]

  18. A sweet story of a creature unlike anyone had seen before Born wingless in a world of wings, and afraid of how he expected others would see him, he ran away His actions nearly destroyed the whole world, but his actions also saved it, and changed it forever.Favorite quote Never forget, children, we have all of this because a little black spider learned that being different isn t such a bad thing, and even misfits can grow to be heroes.

  19. So, yes, this book was cute I read almost a chapter a night to my two kids 9 and 11 It kept them in suspense and would beg for another chapter, even if it was late and they were tired The message is good, a moral story of judging, being included, realizing potential along with sacrifice and kindness lessons everyone can learn and relearn I give it a three because I m an adult My kids would rate it higher

  20. The back of the dust cover of this book states A unique mash up of fantasy and fable and I think that is a very good description of this fun little book I think it is a cute story with underlying messages for all ages Some of the themes and or topics for discussion include discovering our individual talents and abilities, accepting individual differences, finding our niche in life, tolerance of others opinions, judging others characters, and choosing friends wisely.

  21. This book is great for 4 6th graders The story was cute, the message was great Westly, the caterpillar was excited to make his change But, he came out of his cocoon as a spider, not a butterfly He left his home and made friends with the dirt eaters that his kind would have never associated with Westly found that he fit in than he thought he did, and was able to help save the home and the life of his family.

  22. What a wonderful tale This is about being who you are and working together It s kind of an ugly duckling retelling Westly is a caterpillar, son of the Monarch, except he comes out of his cocoon as a spider He of course comes to unite all the insects I did notice there were no other spiders around and save the day.

  23. win Will read and review once received.This is a cute little read This is a book I can see a lot of younger children liking It was a quick and short read for me I really loved the underlying meaning of the story To like yourself for yourself I would definitely read this book again and recommend it.

  24. winter break bookaday Epic cautionary tale with lovable characters and a bird villain Classic story of good vs evil and not fitting in and beware the unknown and different, almost hits reader over the head with the message, but well developed characters overcome this Team ZugZug

  25. I can see where younger readers will enjoy this, but for me there was a world that wasn t really built, leaving me to want to know much Perhaps that will be added in publication with images DNFC provided by publisher.

  26. This was an interesting fantasy story All the bugs and animals in the book are very anthropomorphized, and kind of cutsie The illustrations are wonderful.

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