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[PDF] Possession | by ☆ Violetta Rand [PDF] Possession | by ☆ Violetta Rand - Possession, Possession Ambitious young attorney Tina Bethel doesn t have time for commitment but she wouldn t pass up some hot no strings sex with the right guy like Sons of Odin officer Vincent Ramos Six feet five inche

  • Title: Possession
  • Author: Violetta Rand
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Possession | by ☆ Violetta Rand, Possession, Violetta Rand, Possession Ambitious young attorney Tina Bethel doesn t have time for commitment but she wouldn t pass up some hot no strings sex with the right guy like Sons of Odin officer Vincent Ramos Six feet five inches of solid muscle and biker masculinity he revs Tina up like no man ever has The trouble is every time they get physical Tina s cravings are never quenched because VincenAmbitious young


[PDF] Possession | by ☆ Violetta Rand [PDF] Possession | by ☆ Violetta Rand - Possession, Possession Ambitious young attorney Tina Bethel doesn t have time for commitment but she wouldn t pass up some hot no strings sex with the right guy like Sons of Odin officer Vincent Ramos Six feet five inche Possession

  • [PDF] Possession | by ☆ Violetta Rand
    232Violetta Rand

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  1. ARC received for review2.5 starsThis has got to be the most passive MC I ve ever heard of Plus only one or two have nicknames, what kind of MC is that Vincent was so blah, and Tina was sexy and had a smart mouth I had to force myself to finish.

  2. 3,5 STARS OK, I have a confession to make After reading some reviews before I actually started this book, my thoughts were hmmm, not sure I m gonna like this story And after reading a few chapters I feared that this story might not be as enjoyable as I first thought BUT after the first 50 pages or so it started to get better and by the end I was quite pleased with how the story turned out I liked the plot and characters, well, aside from one but when you read the book you ll be the same opinion [...]

  3. A pussy tease No, thanks Not a fan of the h being the aggressor Oh yeah, and I feel the need to point out that he refused to have sex with her when she got him all worked up 5 months ago so he went out and had a one night stand with a stranger instead That he regrets, of course Yeah, not my cuppa ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

  4. Attorney Tina Bethal is focused on building her career and even though she would like to warm the bed of Sons of Odin officer Vincent Ramos, she isn t looking for a relationship Despite Vincent s attraction to Tina, he doesn t plan on taking her up on her offer Vincent has been burned twice and he doesn t want a third time in his future When Tina gets into a jam with a client who won t take no for an answer she seeks protection at the MC Vincent protects her, no questions asked, and when he find [...]

  5. Vincent has been resisting Tina for a while He s been burned and is hesitant to pursue the feelings he s sure Tina would bring about Tina is a lawyer with a stalker on her hands She seeks out the Sons of Odin for shelter while being followed At some point Vincent stops resisting and watching their relationship develop is interesting They seem to have been brought together due to the stalking incidents but there s definitely to them than that I like that Tina wants for him and his relationship [...]

  6. This was the first book that I have read by Violetta Rand and while it was not the first in it s series, I was able to read it and understand what was going on Generally in a series of books you need to read within the order or you feel completely lost, not so here It is definitely an MC based story but it deals mostly about the two main characters Vincent and Tina Tina is in lust with Vincent and while he is definitely attracted to her, his failed marriages make it hard for him to commit What I [...]

  7. ARC kindly provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 4 Badass stars from me Yeah here it comes the second book of Sons of Odin MCPossessionwhich i enjoyed a lot In this story we have the defense attorney Tina Bethel and badass biker Vincent Ramos Well when read that the heroineis an attorney and the hero a biker you kind of say no waye will be uptight and he will be the wild rebel who loves only sex, drugs etc but no no no there are perfect characters not what you expect Ready He s [...]

  8. Wow Just Wow I still can t catch my breath after this one Rand melds steam with suspense, red hot romance with genuine feelings, and places it all amidst the dangerous world of an MC I was captivated from cover to cover Rand s unforgettable plot shine through as her vibrant, if at times dark, descriptions really bring out the best and worst in everyone The intense and intricately woven plot took me to so many different places and evoked so many emotions that I couldn t get enough of it.And don t [...]

  9. Jesus, Vincent is a sexy man, he smirked If you ever end up on my bike, Tina, you better be prepared to wear my patch Sometimes Tina lets her mind wander to see if her man can forget about things, he blew out a breath Too late, baby Her eyes traveled down his front, stopping on his magnificent k Maybe she could convince him to do something else Hey He waved his hand Up here Vincent isn t one to beat around the bush, he blew out a frustrated breath Steady I m asking you not to eff other guys I e [...]

  10. I m sorry to say I struggled to finish this book The story felt a bit disjointed and both Vincent and Tina seemed to be missing that something that would draw me into their storyC provided by Loveswept via NetGalley.

  11. Another kick butt book from Ms Rand I loved it from start to finish It had everything bad boy, tough girl, hot sex, drama, and love I loved Vincent He truly evolved into the man the reader could see in him It took him a minute or two, but he did He is super hot in looks and his big heart When he loves he loves As he said live hard, die hard, and finally love hard He definitely does that He has had some hard times and was able to take that and turn it into something special with Tina He is a darn [...]

  12. this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review 3 starsPossession is the 2nd installment in the Sons of Odin Series We ve met both characters in the first book as Tina and Vincent played prominent roles Tina works as an attorney, and ins currently representing Kline Barnes, the wealthy nephew of her boss Kline is being accused on a domestic related incident, and after the case has been tried, she finds Kline finding it difficult to move on Being wealthy, and the nephew of her boss, Kl [...]

  13. This is the second book in the Sons Of Odin series by Rand and while I didn t read the first one I didn t feel lost while picking this one up From what it looks like is that Tina and Vincent met in the previous book When the book starts they are familiar with one another and have an explosive chemistry that just heated up the pages Vincent, the treasure for Sons of Odin, can t get enough of Tina but he never takes it too far with her He wants to make sure his feelings are then lust I really lik [...]

  14. ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Like the previous installment, I would consider this book MC lite.Vincent Ramos and Valentina Bethel have resisted their attraction toward one another for six months But now that their respective best friends are married to each other, Tina redoubles her efforts to persuade Vincent to engage in a friends with benefits relationship because he is gun shy when it comes to commitment When a client, on parole, begins to stalk her, she uses it [...]

  15. The concept is quite a turnaround for MC romance and I loved it She is the aggressor and Vincent the biker is backing away I found both characters realistic and though this is their story together there is a wonderful history provided for both The reader is truly yanked into the insanity and absolutely wants to drown in the hot sizzling writing of Ms.Rand Possession is an outstanding chapter in the lives of the Sons of Odin MC and I look forward to visiting again in the future.DelaneReviewer for [...]

  16. DNF at 54%Vincent and Tina knew wach other because their friends and they have hook up before Vincent has shit story with women and now he is the one that don t wanna a relationship.I really like Tina she has a bad mouth and has principles for the poor ones.Yet nothing was really happening just the Kline s harassament towards and that is the only major issue to going on in the book I really did not understand Vincent why not just casual sex What make her to him It isn t really much on deep feel [...]

  17. ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review.If you are a big fan of biker MC romance books like me, Possession by Violetta Rand is the book for you It is well written, has a good story line, a villain, a strong, sexy, alpha biker hero, and a smart, independent, and strong heroine This is a definite must read

  18. I have come to the conclusion that MC books just aren t my thing Not that Possession is bad, just not for me.

  19. Finally, after many cat and mouse encounters, Vincent Ramos lets himself fall for Tina When a client starts harassing her, Vincent protects her and decides to let go of his past and look to a future with Tina.

  20. Finally Lilly tied a knot with Lang and Tina finally wanted to pursue her crush Vincent But Vincent doesn t believe it happily ever after after two failed marriage Feisty Tina wanted to pursue Vincent but he seems he is always arm length away from her When one of her client harasses her, she seeks his help not only her client is following her, he constantly calls and follows her around When he finds out she has been harassed by a client, he is willing to do anything to protect her Tina doesn t w [...]

  21. ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review3 Just Friends StarsSo this is the second book in this series but can be read as a stand alone There are some connections to the first book Persuasion, and that is where we actually meet both Vincent and Tina as secondary characters I love that they get their own story but we still see and have a connection to both Lang and Lilly Tina and Vincent meet a year ago when their best friend fell in love Tina followed her best friend Lill [...]

  22. Link wp p5GNrB 463 Book review 4 biker starsOnce again Violetta Rand draws me into her wonderful world of irresistible bikers First, in Persuasion, she made me fall head over heels in love with the special and one of the kind prez of the Sons of Odin MC, Lang Anderson Now, she makes me do the same with MC s treasurer, Vincent Ramos I simply L O V E the name btw But let s take it from the start The Sons of Odin MC series has a new addition to its family the second installment, Possession This boo [...]

  23. I received an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review and here it is 4 stars.This is the first novel I ve read in this series, but I ve previously read and thoroughly enjoyed the author s Devil s Den MC series, which was why I was eager to read this new one While her writing is, as usual, excellent, I wasn t quite certain what to make of Possession.First, we meet Tina She s maid of honor at her friend Lily s wedding to Lang, a former president of the Sons of Odin MC, who,m I m assumin [...]

  24. My star rating for POSSESSION is 4 out of 5 stars My Blogging Reader s Review after reading anARC Copy of POSSESSION Sons of Odin MC Series Book 2 via BooksMoviesFandoms.wordpress This is my honest review of the second novel of the Sons Of Odin MC Series by author Violetta Rand Here is my honest review for this MC novel of the Contemporary Romance genre Possession is written from the two main character s P.O.V s point of views , Valentina Tina Bethel and Vincent Ramos.Valentina Tina Bethel s bes [...]

  25. Friends with benefits plusIf anyone has noticed I ve been reading just a few MC Romances lately Ever wonder what it is about the MC culture that attracts us besides the lawless badass alpha males Well, I can t speak to everyone else but I can relate it all to myself You see when I was a very young girl, I had a favorite uncle that would drop by on his motorcycle and pick me up for road trips My memories don t go so far as to remembering where we went or for how long nope, it was all about the wi [...]

  26. Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfThe Sons of Odin series continues with Possession, Tina and Vincent s story No two Motorcycle Club Romance series are going to be the same, every author puts their own unique spin on the genre I enjoy Violetta Rand s spin The focus is on the couple and their lives which is something I m enjoying in this series.Tina had met Vincent at Lily and Lang s wedding With a bit of liquid fortification, she made a move on the sexy biker Her seduction didn t go very far that nig [...]

  27. Received an ARC copy through NetGalley.Once again, I am blown away by Violetta Rand Her writing is beautiful and the characters are amazing I enjoyed the first book in the series and the second book was just as good and different from the first two characters.Tina Bethel, a defense attorney, has always been an awesome character ever since her appearance in the first book, Persuasion Even though her job requires her to be somewhat uptight, she knows how to have a phenomenal time She is bold and b [...]

  28. Authoress Violetta Rand just keeps the romantic hits coming with Possession The sizzling second offering in the Sons of Odin series.This time around we are introduced to up and coming defense attorney, Valentina Bethel, and Sons Of Odin Treasurer, Vincent Ramos.To say that these two are attracted to each other is without a doubt, the biggest understatement of the year But succumbing to the pull of passion can be than a little difficult when anything than a kiss sends Vincent running for the hi [...]

  29. Possession 3.5 starsTina Bethel doesn t have time for commitments but that doesn t mean that she doesn t like a hot, sexy role in the sheets Too bad the one guy that she wishes to do that with has not only a fear of commitments but also a fear of falling in love which means he continues to shoot her down regardless of how many times she puts the move on him But when she begins to be stalked by a crazy client that refuses to take no for an answer she finds herself with none other than the man of [...]

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