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Uncovering You 10: The Finale

[PDF] Uncovering You 10: The Finale | by å Scarlett Edwards [PDF] Uncovering You 10: The Finale | by å Scarlett Edwards - Uncovering You 10: The Finale, Uncovering You The Finale They say love conquers all I know that vengeance destroys Jeremy put the gun in my hand and told me to shoot I let him live Now the repercussions of that choice are staring me straight in the face Ro

  • Title: Uncovering You 10: The Finale
  • Author: Scarlett Edwards
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Uncovering You 10: The Finale | by å Scarlett Edwards, Uncovering You 10: The Finale, Scarlett Edwards, Uncovering You The Finale They say love conquers all I know that vengeance destroys Jeremy put the gun in my hand and told me to shoot I let him live Now the repercussions of that choice are staring me straight in the face Rose Hugh and Charles all deep underground all shackled with collars Dear God what have I done Author s Note Uncovering You The Finale was the original conclusionTh

Uncovering You 10: The Finale

[PDF] Uncovering You 10: The Finale | by å Scarlett Edwards [PDF] Uncovering You 10: The Finale | by å Scarlett Edwards - Uncovering You 10: The Finale, Uncovering You The Finale They say love conquers all I know that vengeance destroys Jeremy put the gun in my hand and told me to shoot I let him live Now the repercussions of that choice are staring me straight in the face Ro Uncovering You 10: The Finale

  • [PDF] Uncovering You 10: The Finale | by å Scarlett Edwards
    111Scarlett Edwards
Uncovering You 10: The Finale

299 Comment Uncovering You 10: The Finale

  1. A Ridiculous Waste of TimeI wish I had never started reading this book It should have ended at about part five It s like the author was completely directionless I kept waiting for it to get better it kept getting ridiculous The plot and character arcs circled back upon themselves about three times.As for the ending, well, it didn t This segment led us off into a ridiculous wild goose chase involving a kidnapping, bad guys turned good turning bad yet again, the sudden appearance of a twin pointl [...]

  2. HorribleSpent all that money and time on 10 books for it to end in that wayI can t believe the hugest disappointment.

  3. Skimmed just to find out how it ended, this series could have been a lot better if it hadn t been dragged out for so long I really enjoyed the beginning of the series, then lost interest.

  4. Oh how I hated this book Oh how I am going to rave on and on about this book s horrendous plot This is how the book made me feel image error I wanted to do this to Stonehart in UC1 and this is what I still want to do that asshole even now image error I cannot even begin to describe how much i regret reading this series My brain kept telling me no when I started UC1 but I ignored its warnings since I loved UC1 so much but oh how I regret it now.To summarize this series, the author started writing [...]

  5. Just When You Thought It Couldn t Get More TwistedWhere do I even start with this one There were too many twists and turns to keep up with My head was spinning long before the halfway point For the second time in as many years, Lilly is kidnapped by a deranged psycho Really, what are the odds Jeremy s enemies decide to use Lilly as a tool for their revenge Raped, beaten and drugged, her existence is very similar to her early experiences with Stonehart.As a result of the inhumane treatment she su [...]

  6. Okay Wow I m not even sure where the fuck to start.First of all, I read through this ENTIRE series in like 30 hours It started off intriguing.Then I started seeing WAY too much familiarity to Consequences by Aleatha Romig.Then it continued to be practically the same God damn story.But I continued.Because despite being practically plagiarism, it at least kept me vaguely fucking interested 3 4 stars interested I m not one to DNF and I was too invested at this point.So here I am, finally getting to [...]

  7. Scarlett Edwards you ve held me captive reading this series over the months and with this book you gave me the final emotionally charged release ending that I needed.Thank you for the superb, thrilling and mind blowing ride you took me on, It will definitely stay in my mind for a long time.

  8. Pointless.I ve been reading this series for over a year now, I ve followed it from the beginning, giving it chance after chance, hoping that it ll be worth it in the end.It wasn t.I wish I could get my money and time back that I ve put into this, or listened to my gut instinct in the beginning to have cut loses and not continued with the series.As far as ending going, this wasn t one I feel like the author is mocking us readers It was terrible, the storyline made no sense maybe that was the poin [...]

  9. You see, I ve spent a lot of money on Miss.Edwards and her series I saw the third one was the first I saw actually I was so excited, thought it was a trilogy, didn t read of the detailsjust saw the beautiful covers Only to realise each book was so incredibly short and Jeremy was a dickmind the language.We reach the end Lilly has been raped, kidnapped, starved and tortured in previous books.Oh In this one she s raped, kidnapped, starved and tortured Oooh, and don t forget the schizophrenia.pAfter [...]

  10. I can t even put into words my emotions after reading this just omg This story has been one hell of a rollercoaster and part 10 alone completely blew me away, the highs, lows and everything else inbetween literally pulled me from one emotion to another.I don t think a book has ever left me a weeping mess before but this one, for the last 15% I ve gone from a single tear to full on kindle throwing in a heartbeat Loved every single emotion grabbiing page and by God this book was just phenominal ri [...]

  11. That ending Take my heart, just take it I don t understand, four books ago I wanted to scoop Stoneheart s eyes out with a spoon and now I m swooning over his devotion to Lilly What the actual fuck I can t believe I actually feel sorry for him There s something very wrong with meBut yeah, 5 major mind fuckery stars.

  12. Ughh, the ending killed me.I loved this series, and I m hoping Lilly and Jeremy finally find peace.This was fantastic and I m sad it s over.Thank you for one hell of a ride

  13. Loved the other books in the series but this one just ruined them all Hated the drug that made her crazy Hated how much of the book was taken up of her torture and trying to find a cure To me this series was about her and Jeremy and I just felt book 10 was not about that But most of all I hated the fact that the book was still left with the feeling of it being unfinished Yes her eyes flutter but what happens next Is she the same Do her and Jeremy live together forever I just felt like most of bo [...]

  14. Enjoyed the beginning and the middle but the last half was some what over the top weird confusing with all the drugs and schizophrenia stuff Hugh and Rose got off too lightly for my liking after what they did to Jeremy and Lily.I really enjoyed the very end because Lily finally gets her revenge on Mr Stonehart even though she might not know it At the end of the day that was what she set out to do all along in this series, seek revenge.Glad its come to an end even though their was a slight glimme [...]

  15. Oh my god this book This series I can t believe it s actually over Scarlett has done such a great job with this series, I know some people had a problem with how many parts there were but personally if there were another 10 parts to come I would still be just as hooked It was a great ending, I love that it was kind of left open so the reader could decide for themselves what happens Scarlett Edwards has certainly found herself a fan for life

  16. I don t know how else to put this, so I will make it simple for you and for me no, no, no, no NO Just NO , Ms Scarlett Edwards What was the point of this It s a complete clusterfuck It ends on nothing, it s like you didn t even write the whole story because we know NOTHING THE END I feel like the author herself was tired of this serial and just wanted to put an end to it yeah, I wanted it to end, too, but I was sure hoping for a decent finale.Now, in retrospect, if you d ask me if I d recommend [...]

  17. Ok where to start I loved this series from the start I loved this book I have slept on it I was so disappointed at the ending last night till I lay there for ages thinking about it and you know what I think the ending although it isn t what everyone wonted I know it wasn t my Kind of Ending I wanted a HEA but after thinking about it I suppose it is Kind of.It is up to interpretation The Last Line is a positive sign that everything will be ok Yes maybe closure would have been better.I also could [...]

  18. TerribleThe ending was horrible This last book ruined the entire series what,a disappointment To have the characters diminished to nothing in the end was a waste.

  19. Loved the Ending Totally worth it I usually stray from reviews, but I feel like I should write one to defend Edward s work, since everybody else but me seems to hate the ending.I thought the ending was perfect I saw it coming from the first book, with the prologue So, since I have a pretty sick mind, I kept reading to find out how Lilly would be broken to such a horrible point I saw her death as revenge for Jeremy, and also a way to free herself from suffering I didn t see her living and staying [...]

  20. After having this series go on longer than what I think it should have, I was hoping that the final book would not be a disappointment The ending killed me Of course it started off with Jeremy still messing with Lilly s mind regarding Hugh and company I was beginning to think that Jeremy had finally gone insane and was just dragging Lilly along for the ride She goes back to work, only to be kidnapped Some of the things that happen to her while being held captive will make a person cringe and are [...]

  21. This book deserved every one of its 4 stars It was a crazy, incredible journey and definitely the best book out of the entire series After being free from captivity and falling in love with her captor, Lilly is captured again by Jeremy s enemies And what she suffered while Jeremy s prisoner was a walk in the park in comparison She was brutalized by his enemies I can t think of a better word to describe what she endured It was brutal, sadistic, cruel, inhumane And the author wrote the scenes so p [...]

  22. Well we have to give scarlett one thing she ended the series But the way it was ended was really unexpected, but was good for scarlett because now she has a back door to add an 11th book Many of us are p ed of that it took 10 books and about 40 50 to get to the end, so another point for scarlett she strung us along and really made her money The story itself was good messed up twisted and the end just wrong Congrats Scarlett you wrote a good book I give it two stars because il upset about 10 book [...]

  23. How could the book end this way No, no, no, no, no I m so disappointed right now I really thought that they were going to have a happy ending and this ending Wow it just sucks so bad.

  24. The FINALEAs always, I have enjoyed Scarlett Edwards New novel, Uncovering You I gave it a 5 star rating because it was well written and broke my heart Any book that touches my soul and makes me feel is a book I adore.Thank you Scarlett.Debra

  25. Disappointed Lacked true closure.Needed a clearly defined end.Too nebulous I felt cheated out of the uplifting outcome Yes her eye flutter, but then what Be obvious.

  26. Well am glad the final book didn t rehash over earlier parts in the way the previous book did Talk about being in the crazy train I did not expect the ending to turn out quite like it but but then again if all books ended how ya thought or all the same, where would the fun be in that

  27. I hated this book I loved the first few and kept reading with the hope the story would come together but it did not Most of the last book is so ridiculous I could not even read it So let down.

  28. gooooooooooooooooooooooood god j ai termin Un truc de ouf Oui l histoire est super irr aliste il y a tout pour se dire merde ma vie c est de la merde mais moi par contre je serai pas sauv e ar un putain de milliardaire, bipolaire, dominant, affectieux 1 noter ce tome l est un bordel, et il n est pas aussi bon que les pr c dents, j tais comme a waaaaaaaaaaat, c est koi ce boredl, vc est n importe koi mais apres je me dis non c est jeremy et lilly l histoire est du n importe quoi sur le tome 10 to [...]

  29. Sono finalmente giunta all epilogo di una serie dark romance davvero bizzarra I primi 5 volumi sono stati ottimi, ricchi di eros e di azione, intrisi di pathos e suspance tanto da scivolare quasi sul thriller Ma poi gli altri libri, beh Che dire E stato come farsi un giro sulle montagne russe Non avevo mai trovato dei personaggi cos al limite della sanit mentale La consiglio con riserva alle amanti del genere

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