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Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria

[PDF] Read ☆ Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria : by Carolly Erickson [PDF] Read ☆ Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria : by Carolly Erickson - Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria, Her Little Majesty The Life of Queen Victoria With her customary deft mastery of historical narrative Carolly Erickson reveals the inner contradictions of the resolute highminded often cantankerous woman who became queen at the age of eighteen

  • Title: Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria
  • Author: Carolly Erickson
  • ISBN: 9780684807652
  • Page: 366
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read ☆ Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria : by Carolly Erickson, Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria, Carolly Erickson, Her Little Majesty The Life of Queen Victoria With her customary deft mastery of historical narrative Carolly Erickson reveals the inner contradictions of the resolute highminded often cantankerous woman who became queen at the age of eighteen and reigned until her death sixty four years later The short stout Victoria diminutive in form yet dominating in spirit emerged as the defining symbo

Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria

[PDF] Read ☆ Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria : by Carolly Erickson [PDF] Read ☆ Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria : by Carolly Erickson - Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria, Her Little Majesty The Life of Queen Victoria With her customary deft mastery of historical narrative Carolly Erickson reveals the inner contradictions of the resolute highminded often cantankerous woman who became queen at the age of eighteen Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria

  • [PDF] Read ☆ Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria : by Carolly Erickson
    366Carolly Erickson
Her Little Majesty: The Life of Queen Victoria

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  1. The book starts as most bios of Victoria sharing the background of the Hanoverian kings and her sheltered childhood with her mother, the Duchess of Kent, and her controller, Conroy At the age of eighteen she ascended the throne and took control of her life Except she didn t, because she fell into the pit of belief that women needed a man to rule them, so she in turn depended on her prime ministers and her husband, Albert, as well as her uncle,Leopold, and an advisor, Stockmar, to advise her in h [...]

  2. The last 100 pages or so are far gratifying than the first 100 There s a lot of speculative she must have felt garbage than I felt was warranted Compared to the fantastically written and researched biography of Abigail Adams by Lynne Withey I read the week before, this one is pretty lame Erickson even went so far as to put in quotations of what she thought Victoria would have said That s just tacky Most frustrating was the fact that I never really knew what was fact and what was speculation Eri [...]

  3. I rather liked this lively biography of Queen Victoria As I ve read a small mountain of books sixty or so about her, many of which would be exceedingly dull and plodding for someone less obsessed with the subject than myself, it was very refreshing to find a biography that concentrated less on the weighty political issues of the era and on Victoria as a person.Though this book does tend to concentrate on Victoria s bad points, it felt to me as if the author had researched the queen and found a [...]

  4. This biography of Queen Victoria is a recent addition to the plethora of material available about the famous British monarch Erickson tells the story of a not terribly likeable and rather homely woman who grew up in elegant but extremely difficult circumstances A woman of her time, she happily hands off her responsibilities to the handiest sympathetic male First, Prime Minister Lord Melbourne and then her husband, Prince Albert so when she is confronted with having to stand on her own after Albe [...]

  5. 4.5 stars I very much liked this biography of Queen Victoria Apparently others found this to be a depressing read From everything I ve learned about Her Little Majesty , she was very comfortable with the depressing I like that the book seemed to be an honest accounting of how life really looked to Victoria When I decide to spend time learning about a giant, historical figure, I want to be able to feel like I see their world through their eyes I want the author to make me FEEL the subject This au [...]

  6. Raamat oli huvitav Raamatu lugemisel tasub netiavarustest otsida v lja Victoria sugupuu avastasin raamatut l petades, et raamatu tagalehel on m ningane sugupuu siiski olemas Eeldan, et see oli t el hedane elulooraamat, siiski h mmastas mind kirjeldus temast kui pirtsakast, tujukast, v hese haridusega inimesest eriti lapsep lves Tema v limuse inetust v i oman olisust kirjeldati mitmeid kordi Mulle tundub, piltide j rgi, kuninganna p neva olekuga ja omamoodi ilus Samas, mul on silme ees see imearm [...]

  7. About half way through so far, lots of speculation on Victoria s feelings and opinions, which is odd given she wrote about 2000 words per day in her diary giving us an invaluable primary source to go off of So far extremely biased against William IV, most of what I ve read and listened too suggests his down to earth and frugal, almost philistine manor endeared him greatly to his subjects especially after the opulence and gluttony of his older brother Author tries to pass it as a given fact that [...]

  8. In an effort to learn about Queen Victoria, I downloaded several short books to my Kindle The Personal Life of Queen Victoria by Sarah Tooley and Queen Victoria The Biography by University Press Biographies They were somewhat informative but certainly not exhaustive Then I went to the library and found Her Little Majesty among the biographies on Victoria I found the author s treatment of her subject depressing, emotional, and so negative that I had a hard time finishing it I would say it is the [...]

  9. Erickson has given quite a wide coverage to the story of Victoria s life I did enjoy the way the story was told, and found the material all new, considering you don t really read much of the history of foreign leaders in school I did wonder though, at the frequency with which different secondary characters were lauded for the same exact behavior that in Victoria was seen as a character flaw One example would be when Victoria was unfairly harsh in her criticism of a servant of her Mother s who as [...]

  10. This is the briefest sketch of Queen Victoria s long life, not a full fledged, in depth biography Her life and reign cannot be covered in a mere 264 pages Too many of those pages are devoted to the author s assessment of Victoria s physical appearance Okay, I get it, she was no beauty I plucked this book from my own collection where it had sat for several years, unread I was looking for information about her childhood and the influence John Conroy had over Victoria s mother In that respect, I t [...]

  11. This is a well done examination of the life and times of Queen Victoria The author not only follows the life of Queen Victoria, but also summarizes the overall treads that affected the Victorian age from the rigidity of early Victorian morals to the disillusionment of these values at the end of her regime Primary source materials, as well as extensive secondary materials, were cleverly used to weave a story that I found engrossing and entertaining Victoria is portrayed as a human being with her [...]

  12. I love the Victorian era and personally believe we have much to learn from the remarkable people who shaped it During this period, England went from a small European power to the first great super power of the world The Victorian empire spread around the globe This was an era that created the idea of worker s rights, social justice, indoor plumbing, railroads and steamships, and a host of other innovations I think the book touches on most of these accomplishments, noting rightly that Victoria s [...]

  13. A well researched presentation of the long life and reign of Queen Victoria There are many similarities as well as significant differences between the lives of Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth I Both lived very long lives reigned for the better part of an entire centurye 16th for Elizabeth and the 19th for Victoria Both had relatively troubled childhoods, although for very different reasons While Elizabeth never married and was childless, Victoria had a single husband along with nine children [...]

  14. A good straight forward biography of Queen Victoria, focusing primarily on her personal life I liked the format of this, very narrative but based completely on historical correspondence, journals, etc rather than an author making up fake dialogue or extrapolating too much, which sometimes irks me It made me think about Victoria of a person, and it was interesting to see how much of her personality and preferences helped shape the Victorian era and the contemporary world as well I m visiting Lon [...]

  15. I have a pretty complicated relationship with Carolly Erickson s work I despise her historical fiction with a passion but I love her biographies It feels like a novel which makes it for smoother reading and are very easy and enjoyable to read How does someone write such good biographies but terrible historical fiction It s baffling but this book was no exception I love reading about Queen Victoria from this point of view and the details of her life A must read for those who want to know a little [...]

  16. Interesting to learn about this famous royal couple, Victoria s unpreparedness for her role, not her doing, the role of Women in that society, submissive , yet she had to voice her opinions as Queen The status of the country, run by Parlament, her role much the same as Queen Elizabeth today Conflicts, family issues,dependent on Alfred,loneliness as a widow, self pitying at times, to become the longest serving monark in History Book lacks a time line, genealogy , maps and the author s portrayal V [...]

  17. Queen Victoria Forever immortalized as the reigning monarch of Britain during the age that came to be known as Victorian, this book tells her story, from beginning, to very end, in a simple informative way.I really enjoyed reading this book Although the monotonous tone, or the occasional allusion to risque events turned me off at times, overall I would definitely recommend this book to others interested in learning about the life and times of one of England s longest reigning monarchs.

  18. A quick read, this is an easy book to get through but one which doesn t leave you terribly well informed afterwards It s the trashy romance approach to biography, the kind that s become very popular in the past few years full of cliches, of the author imagining what Victoria must have been thinking, it skips over entire years in its narrative not surprising, given its slim size.Elizabeth Longford s magisterialVictoria RI is far worth your time.

  19. I visited Kensington Palace last Monday Whilest there I saw and heard a few things aboout Queen Victoria and thought it would be interesting to find out about her I found this book really well written I love that it is written in an informal way, almost like a novel I learnt a lot about Queen Victoria and her family and am looking forward to reading biographies by Erickson on other historical figures.

  20. A good, quick compaired to some of the books I ve read on her biography of Queen Victoria This books doesn t pull any punches, it shows both her bad and good sides in equal measures I ve never read a bad book by this author, and picked this one up just because of the authors name being on the cover If you enjoy Royal biographies this is a good one for you.

  21. This is a good, brisk biography of Queen Victoria, with enough detail to make it interesting without making it a giant tome It comes in at a modest 264 pages, plus endnotes It has rather a negative view of her as a ruler, but still maintains a compassionate tone I would have liked one chapter at the end to summarize the social changes that took place over her reign.

  22. After Young Victoria, I was very much interested in learning about her life SO fascinating How she came to be queen, how the royal family works, I really had no idea But after she met Albert and they got married, I quickly lost interest Don t judge I ve never pretended to be a smarty pants.

  23. It was an interesting read The fact that it was written like a novel made it enjoyable I m not quite sure how I felt about Queen Victoria though I vacillated between being really irritated with her and respecting her I hated her relationship with Albert After he died, I think I liked her .

  24. I thought this was a well written biography of Queen Victoria I didn t know much about her, and this was both interesting, informative, and entertaining Recommend for anyone who d like to know about her and her abiding love for Prince Albert and the legacy they left to England and Europe in the form of their generations of offspring.

  25. After having read a novel about Queen Victoria, I wanted to read a biography to get the real story Informative without being too detailed, this one is ideal I d previously read and liked two other biographies by this author on Josephine Bonaparte and Bonnie Prince Charlie so I knew it was a good bet Erickson skillfully condenses Victoria s long and very eventful life into only 264 pages.

  26. I m researching Queens of England for a project I m working on and started with this bio of Victoria It was really easy to get through, and the author tried to incorporate scenes into the history to make it seem novel like, which helped.

  27. Her Little Majesty by Carolly Erickson is really interesting in its honest portrayal of Queen Victoria All her warts are shown along with the evolution of her person to the Queen of legend she ultimately became An intriguing read for me.

  28. A hugely enjoyable read This book had sat on my bookshelves for many years before I read it, now I wish I had read it sooner A very informative, well researched book of the life of Queen Victoria I have read other books by the same author which are just as good as this one.

  29. I stopped reading because the author appeared to hate Victoria and idolize Prince Albert You know it s a poor piece of historical nonfiction when the author biasly takes real people and makes them so one dimensional.

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