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Lion's Share

[PDF] Read ↠ Lion's Share : by Rachel Vincent [PDF] Read ↠ Lion's Share : by Rachel Vincent - Lion's Share, Lion s Share Abby Wade has a dangerous secret Two months ago she disobeyed an order but instead of kicking her out of the Pride Jace offered her a job Since then she s been battling a completely inappropriate

  • Title: Lion's Share
  • Author: Rachel Vincent
  • ISBN: 9780692390542
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ↠ Lion's Share : by Rachel Vincent, Lion's Share, Rachel Vincent, Lion s Share Abby Wade has a dangerous secret Two months ago she disobeyed an order but instead of kicking her out of the Pride Jace offered her a job Since then she s been battling a completely inappropriate crush on the young hot Alpha But when accepting his job offer seems like the only way to keep her skeletons safely in their closet Abby doesn t hesitate Jace Hammond hasAbby Wade has a

Lion's Share

[PDF] Read ↠ Lion's Share : by Rachel Vincent [PDF] Read ↠ Lion's Share : by Rachel Vincent - Lion's Share, Lion s Share Abby Wade has a dangerous secret Two months ago she disobeyed an order but instead of kicking her out of the Pride Jace offered her a job Since then she s been battling a completely inappropriate Lion's Share

  • [PDF] Read ↠ Lion's Share : by Rachel Vincent
    219Rachel Vincent
Lion's Share

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  1. Reviewed by Rabid Reads.As a long standing fan of Rachel Vincent s SHIFTERS series, I was through the roof with enthusiasm when I discovered this spin off five years later I recommend reading the prequel bridge novella, HUNT, prior to this one because it sets the tone for LION S SHARE, and its events are referenced throughout this story As fired up as I was about WILDCATS book 1, the author s switch from Urban Fantasy to New Adult Paranormal Romance did worry me, and my trepidations turned out t [...]

  2. 1st Read February 20152nd Read July 20153rd Read December 2017I absolutely loved Rachel Vincent s Shifters series but although I was happy with the way the series ended I have missed the world and the characters over the last five years So as soon as I found out about this new spin off series I pre ordered my copy of Lion s Share and I started reading it the moment it appeared on my kindle In fact, I read all night until I finished it at 8am because I was enjoying it so much I ve been a bit lax [...]

  3. LION S SHARE is an incredible start to Rachel Vincent s spinoff series Wildcats It has the perfect mix of action, mystery, tension and suspense, and steamy sexy romance Told from both Abby Wade s and Jace Hammond s points of view, readers will get to experience the sizzling chemistry, the search for the killer, get teased about the secrets being kept, and uncover the shocking and horrifying truth about the victims from each character s perspective.With a killer on the loose in his territory, Jac [...]

  4. I love you my precious babies.Actual rating 4.5 5IF YOU DON T READ THE SHIFTERS SERIES I DON T KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING WITH YOUR LIFE.

  5. THAT WAS AMAZING I always loved the Shifters world and it was amazing being back there I m dying for in this spin off.

  6. Lion s Share is the first book in a new paranormal romance series from author Rachel Vincent It s an independent spin off of her Shifters urban fantasy series so she s releasing it herself, not through any publisher , and Vincent explained the finer details in her January newsletter While the Wildcats books are set in the original Shifters world and involve many characters you already know, this spinoff series will be romance, rather than urban fantasy What s the same The world and its rules The [...]

  7. Not my favorite read at all, and I was so excited for Jace s story The entire story felt like it was just some big lead in to the final two chapters when things actually started to get interesting with a tabby s storyline and the first real introduction to the Lion s Den I really wish those two things would have been featured in Lion s Share.Abby annoying and immature I just kept thinking, Jace deserves someone so much better than this girl Frankly he needed a WOMAN, not a girl who s just about [...]

  8. These cats have scratchI m a big fan of this author and she did not disappoint Series Yes, this seems to be the first in an upcoming series Sexy times Some Not explicit per se Plan on reading by the author IndeedSynopsis There s a lot of cat politics that are clear to the reader if you have read the previous Shifters series Even if you haven t, it s clear enough to follow That said, it s better if you have familiarity with the previous characters and their dynamics Anyhoo, in this story Abby h [...]

  9. A whole book about Jace and Abby too YES I ve been waiting 6 years for this to happen, i never gave up that it would and I m really hoping for a happy ending for Jace this time, he deserves it as does Abby, given everything they have gone through I am only just hanging out until the 23rd for this book, no doubt i ll have it read that very day too.

  10. It s been too many years since I ve been away from the Pride, but Rachel Vincent has returned to her beloved world that first gained my attention to her name with Lion s Share and it is basically the MOST AWESOME thing ever While you may be wondering about this spinoff and thinking, there s a 6 book series ahead of it, is it necessary to read all of those first No But should you, just to enjoy the incredible awesomeness that is Rachel Vincent Hell yes There was also a short story Rachel wrote ye [...]

  11. The prequel Hunt provided a bridge between Vincent s Shifters and its spin off series, Wildcats Strays, or Wildcats as they prefer to be called, have petitioned the council to formally acknowledge a Pride made up entirely of strays who wished to carve out a territory of their own in one of the free zones If you read Shifters, you know that Faythe s husband Marc is a stray himself So, it s no surprise that Faythe has been playing an active role in the process.Lion s Share picks up several months [...]

  12. 4 stars The Shifters Series is one of my favorite series and I was so happy when I found out that Rachel would be doing a spin off series I wanted from this world because I wasn t ready for it to end I really enjoyed this story and I m very much looking forward to the next in the series While there were a few things I had some frustrations over with Jace Abby s characters , overall it was a great read and I was into it from page one Sexy times, suspense and I definitely felt many emotions readi [...]

  13. I really liked this author s Pride series and was sad when it ended So when I realized that this story was the start of a spin off series I was very happy I really liked that this book was centered around Abby, the girl from the first book that was so broken It was nice to see her strong, to have gotten past what happened to her and learn from Faythe And whooo boy, did she ever learn from Faythe You don t realize it until the end when all of Abby s manipulations come out I really like the choice [...]

  14. 3.5 starsWell, I didn t expect it to end like this It felt like an opening for another book rather than a stand alone That was why I was a little disappointed I think their story needs than one book Well, after I let myself cool down I realized that there was no other way to let them stay on the Pride together The council wouldn t let that happen The author always has a strong storyline She never did something like plot convenient And for that I gave the book 3.5 stars Because I still didn t li [...]

  15. This was a good romantic read, with a murder mystery tied in, including a few wheels within wheels.Unfortunately, I will say I pretty much worked out half the mystery in the first quarter, with just a couple of points that were clarified later in the story.The main character was very likable with normal aspirations wanting to get on with her own life in the way we all want to have some control over our future The supporting cast and love interest were also very human by nature with concerns that [...]

  16. I ve noticed some really mixed reviews on this one, but I have to say that I enjoyed it I liked the original series overall, but Faythe tended to get on my nerves with her self centeredness, so Abby was a likeable heroine for me And I loved the way Abby handled herself at the end.I will say that I wanted Jace to end up as a Hero, and I was NOT team Marc, but in the long run, I prefer Abby for him over Faythe Yay 1st person POV from both sides, something else I like, and NOT in present tense tha [...]

  17. We are back in the Shifters world And it s so good After the Shifters series ended I was satisfied but I wanted I m so happy the author has decided to revisit it.The romance in LION S SHARE takes a center focus when young Abby all of a sudden is not so young any After knowing her since she was just a kid, and seeing the trauma she s been through, Jace sees her for the woman she s now become And he wants to take a bite.The politics of the Prides and the council are back in full swing when a seri [...]

  18. Let me start this review by saying, FINALLY I ve been awaiting another Shifters book for so long, and it s finally here For those who don t know, Lion s Share is the first book in a new spin off series The original series, Shifters, was Rachel s first published series and it was really awesome This original series featured Faythe, Marc and Jace and from what I gathered, this new series will feature a different couple each novel, following the traditional paranormal romance series Shifters was U [...]

  19. GIRLY SQUEAL EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I can NOT believe she came out with the spin off I missed all the characters Greatly missed them It s like coming home Brings back fond memories of when I immersed myself in this world and the original Shifters series.Still as good as it was then I ve always felt bad for Jace Sure I loved Marc and Faythe as the It couple but you just can t help but love Jace too And it brought back memories of Ethan I don t know what her plans are with this series or world I m [...]

  20. This made me want to go back and skim my Shifters books I don t remember much of Abby, but was ALWAYS team Jace I enjoyed this and look forward to see what else RV has for us in this world

  21. Loved it It was everything I wanted after loving the Shifters series, and was definitely a worthy continuation Not perfect, by any means, but satisfying nonetheless.

  22. Admito que Jace no era santo de mi devoci n en la serie Shifters pero, bueleer cualquier cosa que escriba Rachel Vincent

  23. INITIAL THOUGHTSAs I totally adored the Shifters Series by Rachel Vincent, it was a no brainer that I would definitely want to read this spin off series I consider myself as a Rachel Vincent Shifter Series fan so to say I have high expectations for the Wildcats series is a bit of an understatement MY REVIEWI purchased a kindle copy of this book from UK As I have said above I do consider myself a Rachel Vincent Shifters Series fan so couldn t resist purchasing this one I also should add that tho [...]

  24. I recently read Hunt which is a prequel to this book and I am really glad I did or I would have been so lost I was already lost due to not reading the original series, but there was quite a bit of info from that series given throughout the book A good thing because it helped me understand some things, a bad thing because now I know so much that now I am not interested in going back and reading those The main character, Abby drove me crazy, as did her secret Her reasons for everything bad that ha [...]

  25. I loved this book Great shifters spinoff, and I love hoe Rachel Vincent makes a story so compelling I was shocked, twisted up inside, and happy I can t wait to read book two.

  26. I loved Rachel her Shifter, series so when I heard of a spin off series I had to grab my copy on the day of release, although it took me a bit longer before I got around to reading it Lion s Share takes place in the same world as the Shifter series and it was so nice to be back in that world and see all those familiar characters again And while I really enjoyed this book, there was something missing that prevents me from giving this a 5 star.After reading this book I can say the prequel novella [...]

  27. Technically, it isn t necessary for us to read Rachel Vincent s Shifter series before starting this, but it would definitely help I, for one, have not read the Shifter series, so I was very much confused for a lot of the plot background A lot of things were difficult to piece together, and a sadly large portion of the background was left for the reader to inference Even without reading her story, I got the sense that Faythe was the kickass character, and Abby was her inept runner up Here, I assu [...]

  28. OMG You guys have no idea how excited I was to read this book This was literally me about this book I really loved the Shifters series and was sad when it finished so when Rachel Vincent announced this new series I was very excited This book confirms why Rachel Vincent in one of my favourite authors She did not disappoint This book was hugely anticipated not just by me, I m sure by all Shifter fans and she didn t let me down It was action packed and had already developed and well loved character [...]

  29. ReviewBeing a werecat means a lot of rules You don t expose yourself in cat form to humans, you don t tell humans that you re a cat and you certainly DO NOT infected a human.What do you do when HUMANS knows what you are and is hunting you like a prized trophy Abby Wade been through a lot but she also grown a lot from her horrid past.But now Abby Wade might be putting herself at risk of being DECLAWED because of a secret she s been harboring.Jace Hammond took over his stepfather s pride but he [...]

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