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[PDF] Download ✓ Newport : by Jill Morrow [PDF] Download ✓ Newport : by Jill Morrow - Newport, Newport Following in the steps of Beatriz Williams and Amor Towles this richly atmospheric spellbinding novel transports readers to the dazzling glamorous world of Newport during the Roaring Twenties and t

  • Title: Newport
  • Author: Jill Morrow
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ✓ Newport : by Jill Morrow, Newport, Jill Morrow, Newport Following in the steps of Beatriz Williams and Amor Towles this richly atmospheric spellbinding novel transports readers to the dazzling glamorous world of Newport during the Roaring Twenties and to a mansion filled with secrets as a debonair lawyer must separate truth from deception Spring The Great War is over Prohibition is in full swing the Depression stillFollowing in the st


[PDF] Download ✓ Newport : by Jill Morrow [PDF] Download ✓ Newport : by Jill Morrow - Newport, Newport Following in the steps of Beatriz Williams and Amor Towles this richly atmospheric spellbinding novel transports readers to the dazzling glamorous world of Newport during the Roaring Twenties and t Newport

  • [PDF] Download ✓ Newport : by Jill Morrow
    400Jill Morrow

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  1. I absolutely loved this book Warning though read at your own risk of not getting anything else accomplished I got nothing done over the weekend as every available minute was spent reading Newport The characters were so vivid and richly drawn that I felt as if I had been watching a movie.The plot twists kept coming, one after another and dialogue was intelligent and witty I d love to know what happens to all of the characters in the following decades hint, hint An added bonus was reading the essa [...]

  2. 1.5 5 StarsReceived this book from a First Reads GiveawaySo, this review is going to be a bit less structured than my normal reviews only because I don t know what to say about this book Its a historical fiction with some paranormal mystery elements I was fairly excited to read this book but as I got about 150 pages in, I just kept wondering when it would end I hate saying that but its the truth I did not connect with any of the characters and frankly I found most of them to be rather annoying f [...]

  3. Newport combines several fiction elements that I love historical detail, a 1920 s setting, a compelling mystery, and a love story or two This is one of the new releases that I have looked forward to most, and it far exceeded my expectations.First, there is the setting Liriodendron, the summer cottage in Newport, was spectacular and atmospheric In my mind s eye, I pictured Rosecliff in Newport, which served as Jay Gatsby s mansion in the 1974 film The Great Gatsby.Then there are the period detail [...]

  4. Morrow maintains your interest as you, along with protagonists, try to figure out exactly what s transpiring and if the parties involved are legitimate You find yourself starting and stopping piecing the bits laid before you as Morrow leaves a trail of clues, it all couples together nicely in the end.The narrative possesses a supernatural element which leaves the characters themselves questioning plausibility as some vehemently defend the supernatural A element of mystery remains with the plot u [...]

  5. I ended up liking this book than I thought I would At first I thought the author had just taken every summer read cliche in the book pardon the pun , thrown them into a paper bag, tossed them around, and written them down in the order in which they fell out But I was wrong about that The pleasing pattern in which she arranged everything made for an excellent summer read Wish I could have been at the beach to read it Oh, and I know where the author got the name Liriodendron My daughter lives in [...]

  6. Tiffany s Review Loved, loved, loved this book Could not put it down once I got started I knew after the author revealed pieces of Adrian and Catharine s past that somehow the Chapman s played a roleI just never imaged exactly how big that role was I need of Catharine I desperately need her to find love and happiness in life If you are a fan of old love stories and how the wealthy lived in the early 1900 s this is the book for you I give Newport 5 stars

  7. Here is what I knew about this book going into it It was set in the 1920 s and deals with the rich in Providence, RI That s it I m not sure why I didn t know after all, I had the book with the synopsis on the back in my hand but I didn t I honestly can t say if that impacted my enjoyment of this book or not, but I think it is something I should disclose because one thing that I enjoyed about this book is that I never really felt like I knew what was going on.Okay, I know that sounds like a nega [...]

  8. Disclaimer I received this for free through a giveaway.I wish I could give half stars, because I don t think this quite deserves just two stars, but it s certainly not a three in my book.This is just okay Yes, it was entertaining, but it was overly dramatic for my tastes, and many of the characters were not likable The story line was okay, but it was never developed fully, and while the ending does explain many of the questions throughout, there were still others left unanswered I also liked som [...]

  9. Ridiculously predictable I had the entire plot and conclusion figured out within the first 50 pages I only finished it because 1 I prefer to finish what I begin and 2 I hoped I was wrong and there was a major plot twist further into the book Sadly this was not the case I also had hoped for immersion into the culture of the 1920s but was let down there as well Major letdown.

  10. I thought this book would be about the history and evoke the aura of the 1920 s era but, sadly no It was about s ances and the past coming back to haunt the flawed characters.I don t know anyone I can recommend this book to.

  11. I m always looking for a chance to be swept back to fascinating eras of time and when I first read the premise for Newport I knew I found my next read Aside from the decadent allure of the 1920 s, I had the possibility of the appearance of ghosts, s ances, ugly secrets and shattering lies of Newport s privileged to look forward to encountering Those aspects alone have so much promise and could create such a spellbinding story that anyone would absolutely love well not this time, hopefully next t [...]

  12. This was a great book set in the opulence of the 1920s, focusing on the storylines of several intersecting lives which began overlapping in the late 1800s The book flashes between both eras as it weaves the journeys of some very different people who are drawn together by an otherworldly force I loved how the different eras are captured, and how much can change in the span of just a couple decades and how little Looking back at these periods of American history, I was drawn in by how difficult th [...]

  13. Newport Morrow3 starsThis was perfect beach reading I even tried reading it at the beach, but I have to face it I can take the dog, or I can take the book I took the dog, and this became my after the beach trip book It s an English country house mystery shifted to a 1920 s upper class Rhode Island estate There s a bit of historical stage setting, but it s not terribly important to the story There s something psychic going on, the possibility of fraud, the secrets of an old love story and the beg [...]

  14. I would never have picked this book up on my own without the help of my book club, and I am so happy they did This novel was enticing, keeping in line with social morals of the time, but not killing the reader in too much historical detail The plot moved quickly, and dropping mystery in little bits It was juicy without feeling like I was watching a soap opera.

  15. Excellent So much to love Well developed characters, great plot, mystery.Have a new favorite author to add to my list.

  16. Not at all what I was expecting 1921 when spiritualism is all the rage In a summer cottage in Newport a family comes to some harsh realizations Very funny parts Some delightful characters.

  17. Very character driven mystery You will either love them or hate them but you will think about this book for a while after you finish it.

  18. I loved this book The writing was poetic at times the character development was very good I very much look forward to reading from this author.

  19. 3.75 stars Dear , Y U ONLY LET ME RATE WHOLE STARS Anyway Hokay, here is a quick little summary of this novel to start the review off Adrian and Jim are called to Newport to draw up a new will for their most affluent client, Bennett Chapman As a man who is about to get married, he wants to make sure his bride to be is the sole beneficiary to his fortunet his two horrid children Nicholas and Chloe are, go figure, violently opposed to this idea and plan to disprove their father s sanity by informi [...]

  20. Low key I have recently become a binge watcher of period piece mystery shows Quiet little shows that combine a historical setting with taunt intrigue, romance, great costumes, loads of red herrings, and shady characters who are all guilty of something Newport is the type of story I could totally see Miss Phryne Fisher or William Murdoch trying to decipher on their respective shows well, minus a golden handgun and Victorian styled CSI gear.Newport is set at the beginning of the Roaring 20s and it [...]

  21. Review Posted on Reading Lark 6 9 15 readinglark 2015 Newport is a beautifully dark historical fiction laced with elements of mystery and the supernatural I found myself enthralled by the time period and the complicated web that tied the characters together This is a must read for those interested in the glitz, glamor, and preoccupation with the dearly departed of the 1920 s.The novel has several characters that play crucial roles Newport opens as Adrian and Jim are making their way via ferry to [...]

  22. I love books about the supernatural the 1920 s so when I got this book I thought I hit the jackpot Unfortunately,I this story found it a rather slow read with plot twists I could see coming a mile away It s 1921.When handsome,accomplished lawyer Adrian De La Noye formerly Delano as he changes his name so people won t think he got where he was through family connections and his young protege Jim are asked to handle changing the will of 80 year old Ultra Rich Patriarch Bennett Chapman who is plann [...]

  23. This book was so much better than I expected I m just sorry that this author hasn t written I bought this at Strand earlier this year and was inspired to read it when Steve and I got back from an overnight trip to Newport It starts with introducing Jim Reid and Adrian de la Noye on a boat, where they end up meeting the drunk daughter of the client they are en route to meet It turns out that Bennett has been told by his dead wife via a medium to marry a woman his kids age and this means they wou [...]

  24. It s a common thread old man decides to marry a young woman and grown children begin to worry over their place in old man s will However, this time the story is told with a historical vibe Attorney Adrian De la Noye is the attorney for Bennett Chapman After the grown children claim their father has lost his mental capacity to make changes in his will, Adrian must make that determination for himself The problem Bennett has been claiming that his late wife, Elizabeth, told him to marry young Cathe [...]

  25. Newport was a very pleasant surprise I never know if I m going to like period stories like this one But, as I started the book, I found myself drawn into the story I even read it straight through in pretty much one sitting That was a late night Having grown up near Newport, RI and having visited the mansions and Cliff Walk, I could easily picture the setting of this tale.Basically, Adrian and Jim have traveled to Newport from Boston to re write the will of a client who is set to marry someone se [...]

  26. It s not that aging 1920s industrialist Bennett Chapman of Newport is haunted by ghosts, like the Cosmo Topper of Thorne Smith s Topper novels which led to the Topper movies and TV series No, Newport s Mr Chapman isn t haunted at all he needs a medium to reach his late wife The intercessor is Amy, the niece of the woman whom Mr Chapman wants to make his second wife, over the objection of his grown son Nicholas and daughter Chloe, who see their inheritance slipping away when their father calls th [...]

  27. Many thanks to librarything for the advanced copy of Newport by Jill Morrow in exchange for my honest review.Despite a slow start, Newport was an excellent novel, one that I enjoyed very much It captured my attention and engaged me throughout I read a great deal and many of the books are just shades of the same story Newport was not your typical novel I appreciated its originality and creativity Although Adrian and Jim reminded me of Sherlock Holmes and Watson, they had distinct personalities wi [...]

  28. 1921 An attorney and his assistant are summoned to the elegant and elite Newport to rewrite a will and get the legal house in order for a wedding The problem is that the wedding is between the patriarch of an old money family and a much younger woman of no means That would be enough for a juicy story but the potential bride to be has been commanded to wed by his dead wife who communicates everything through the young bride s niece during seances Sound fishy Of course Bennett Chapman s two kids f [...]

  29. Newport by Jill Morrow is a historical mystery set in Newport, Rhode Island in the Roaring Twenties Attorney Adrian de la Noye has a wealthy elderly client, Bennett Chapman, who has decided to revise his will Adrian travels with his young assistant Jim Reid to the Chapman family s luxurious summer cottage in Newport There the attorneys meet Bennett Chapman s son Nicholas and daughter Chloe, who are contesting changes to their father s will When he meets Bennett s much younger fianc e Catharine W [...]

  30. This was an enjoyable read and I finished it in a week I liked the mystery aspect and the romance I thought the ending was quite predictable, though, and I had figured it out about 100 pages before the ending I liked the characters that I was supposed to like and disliked the ones I was supposed to dislike I would ve liked character development on Adrian and Catharine It was unclear why Adrian s character changed so quickly after his post graduation carousing Why did he become a man of honor so [...]

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