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Hello Life!

✓ Hello Life! ☆ Marcus Butler ✓ Hello Life! ☆ Marcus Butler - Hello Life!, Hello Life The Sunday Times number bestseller Marcus Butler s irreverent YouTube channel has long combined laughs and comedy sketches with thoughts on serious issues What sets him apart from the rest is his ab

  • Title: Hello Life!
  • Author: Marcus Butler
  • ISBN: 9781472230072
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover

✓ Hello Life! ☆ Marcus Butler, Hello Life!, Marcus Butler, Hello Life The Sunday Times number bestseller Marcus Butler s irreverent YouTube channel has long combined laughs and comedy sketches with thoughts on serious issues What sets him apart from the rest is his ability to mix light hearted banter with a deep empathy for the problems facing young people today Thanks to his experiences of family illness his parents divorce weigThe Sunday Times numb

Hello Life!

✓ Hello Life! ☆ Marcus Butler ✓ Hello Life! ☆ Marcus Butler - Hello Life!, Hello Life The Sunday Times number bestseller Marcus Butler s irreverent YouTube channel has long combined laughs and comedy sketches with thoughts on serious issues What sets him apart from the rest is his ab Hello Life!

  • ✓ Hello Life! ☆ Marcus Butler
    240Marcus Butler
Hello Life!

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  1. The author looks very familiar but even after reading this, I cannot connect the dots I thought that this book read like a recipe, it was a mixture of diet tips first crushes and a bunch of other things that I felt did not really contribute Less is better, this book had entirely way too many things going on, thus it was not really consistent at all It could be cause I do not know who Butler is, so I was glad that he introduced himself, but generally speaking the entire time reading, I was asking [...]

  2. I ve been watching Marcus and his journey on YouTube for a couple of years now and I ve read various another books written by other YouTubers so I thought why not check this one out It offers some great advice, and great tips when it comes to dealing with certain situations and thinking about things positively The pictures in the book are also great to flick through before you start reading it.Fans of his channel will practically know over half of what is written in this book but it s a great i [...]

  3. Rating 3.5 5I ve never read a self help book before, and the only other book I ve read by a Youtuber is Felicia Day s Recently I rarely go on Youtube since I prefer Tumblr, but over the past few years I ve seen quite a few of Marcus s videos on his channel and on his friends channels While he s never been my favourite Youtuber, he s pretty up there with how silly and friendly he comes across So when I was able to get this book from a free giveaway not I was hopeful for something good, and luckil [...]

  4. This sort of autobiography either charming and endearing or extremely annoying Whichever it is, somehow it managed to make me read on A lot of the life lessons bits are just regurgitated common sense, but sometimes common sense is only acted upon when its packaged up like this Sweet effort.

  5. Here s the thing I used to watch Marcus s videos punctually when I was 15 so that s like 4 years ago When the book came out I desperately wanted to get my hands on it because I was just so excited I m sure if the 15 year old me would ve read this one,she would ve undoubtedly given it 5 stars and she would ve spent time gawking at the pictures than actually reading the book.I mean Marcus has done a good job with the tips and all but I can t say that it ll help anyone whose beyond the age of 18 s [...]

  6. Marcus Butler s irreverent YouTube channel has long combined laughs and comedy sketches with thoughts on serious issues What sets him apart from the rest is his ability to mix light hearted banter with a deep empathy for the problems facing young people today Thanks to his experiences of family illness, his parents divorce, weight issues and catastrophic hair days, Marcus is in a unique position to share everything he has learned about healthy living, relationships and dealing with the daily pr [...]

  7. Out of all the You Tuber s that have brought out books so far, I have enjoyed Marcus the best Not only does it have some of the best advice out there, he also talks about difficult topics, such as family death, eating disorders and family divorce I think this book will help not just teenagers as it has lots of subjects in there that can help anyone of any age If you want the best health routine too, then open this book Well done Marcus for writing a very enjoyable and helpful book

  8. This book is clearly aimed at the younger teenage audience and as an outsider of that age group, I can imagine that it would be helpful I love how Marcus comes across like an older brother and his advice on lifestyle changes and healthy eating Overall it s a well presented and helpful book One of the better one s from the youtube clique.

  9. Ein Ratgeber f rs Leben Eigentlich lese ich sowas nicht, aber ich liebe Marcus und habe das Buch von meinem Bruder bekommen Und was soll ich sagen ich liebe es und kann es nur weiterempfehlen D

  10. Marcus Butler is a British Youtuber who I have been watching for a few years now, so when I heard he had a book coming out I was excited to read it My mom actually ended up winning a signed copy which was AWESOME I read the entire thing in just over a day and let me tell you this, it was fantastic Practically perfect His knowledge of certain subjects is astounding and I really had no idea he had been through so much as he had or had this much wisdom to pass on to his readers I have heard some pe [...]

  11. Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try YouTubers are releasing books left, right and centre, and Marcus Butler is no different Hello Life allows his viewers an insight into his world, problems he s faced and decisions he s made that have led him to his current lifestyle.This book is filled with sometimes amusing, sometimes emotional anecdotes about Marcus s life, and covers topics from bullying to bereavement and from healthy living to family drama Each topic is addressed with care [...]

  12. I enjoyed this book so much I found Marcus advice really helpful and I am definitely going to take it on board I also enjoyed the pictures and how they were set out and the typography in the book Definitely a must read

  13. I was really impressed with this book I went in not expecting much because I ve noticed Youtuber books aren t all that great However, Marcus did well with this I m definitely going to use his tips in my life

  14. Marcus is a very popular Youtuber I have followed for years now but have only just picked up his book he wrote a while ago now.Marcus tells us of his fitness journey, and dating escapades before enlightening us into his past school days when he went through a phase of being a troublemaker before settling into better friendships.We could see how much he cares about his family and friends as he tells us of his Nan s death and being a shoulder to cry on for his sisters and mum during the time as we [...]

  15. Ich habe seit langer Zeit mal wieder einen Ratgeber gelesen, dieser hier wurde von Marcus Butler geschrieben Ich denke viele kennen ihn von Youtube oder von seiner neuen Freundin Stefanie Giesinger In seinem neuen Buch gibt er alle m glichen Tipps, die einem in seinem Leben weiter helfen k nnen Er schreibt ber Dating Dos and Don ts, Familien Probleme, Ern hrung, Mobbing, Pr fungsstress, Bad Hair Days und so einiges mehr.Meine Meinung Der Ratgeber ist sehr kurzweilig und l sst sich fl ssig lesen, [...]

  16. I was very excited to purchase and read his new book, and I genuinely enjoyed it and the topics Marcus discussed in it In this book, Marcus talks about health, dating, how to survive a crisis with friends family, and how to be successful.What I liked was Marcus would start each topic talking about his experience in that area, and then would give advice or tips afterwards that could help you I loved reading about health and how he changed his lifestyle to a healthy one He and Niomi are both inspi [...]

  17. Marcus started his YouTube channel in 2010 and I became one of his subscribers in 2012 when I was going through some really tough stuff at school and I still am a very loyal fan of his He s an amazing guy and stupidly enough, I call him one of my friends even though he doesn t know me But his videos and friendship got me through a lot of rough stuff and always put a smile on my face I hope one day to meet him in person and tell him how much his videos mean to me Reading this book was like watchi [...]

  18. I thought it was an average book This autobiography by the famous Youtube personality kept me reading some of the time and left me bored at other parts Personally, I think this book was not as good as it could have been They could have used better language and used it as than just a promotional material The first section which talked about healthy living aimed to show how fit he was, and was self centered than self help Personally, I felt the next section was the most interesting This section [...]

  19. I think this was the second book I ve read from a Youtuber This book was an easy read but I think the editing of this book was just totally off It started with being healthy and all that stuff So, I was actually thinking this book was all about being healthy.Although the author s writing was okay It wasn t properly written Like, this book was all over the place.But I actually appreciated his advices on life, and among other stuff Definitely younger audience will love this book.Over all this was [...]

  20. Hello Life is a book that I read during Summer Break and it is officially now in my top 5 books I am a person who likes socialization, healthy living, and solving with family issues Those topics are in the book and that s why I really like this book Marcus Butler writes a lot about his experience and I feel like I can totally relate to his life There were many things that happened in his life that I was so happy, shocked, or even excited about This book is kind of like a self help type of book, [...]

  21. Hello Life is INCREDIBLE Discovering Marcus life within a book was like discovering a friend from the wild because they have been through so much that you sometimes lose the thought of what you originally thought of them Reading through what Marcus has been through before Youtube really reminds me that everyone you see, whether it s a famous person or that popular kid in school, is human and experiences mistakes This book includes many life tips and how to manage dilemmas within them and surpris [...]

  22. I ve been following Marcus since his early days on YouTube and I heard he s releasing a self help book I love s h books , so why not purchase it Basically, Hello Life is a self help book mixed with his personal experiences dealing with life difficulties This book is a fun quick read and I honestly find some of the contents in the book very helpful Though, some parts people might find this annoying since he keeps on rephrasing what he s been saying in the early pages Overall, it s a very sweet ef [...]

  23. I didn t start this today I did read it though, and though it might be an odd book for a 51 year old to read, I found it pretty enjoyable I will let you know that, in the case here, your enjoyment is gonna be tied up in whether you are familiar with the world of YouTube vloggers If you are, and if you are familar with Marcus Butler, you will be interested in his humorous takes on various parts of life.

  24. This books a good read, it s not nearly as monumental as some self help books but it s interesting I found the first section on healthy living to be the most influential I ve even tried his work out a few times The best part about this book is that it s coming from a You Tuber as if he s your friend We all know Marcus and that gives the book a level of personality that is hard to reach I also love the books layout and style Congratulations on your first book Marcus

  25. This book was such a quick and easy read, I have been watching Marcus on YouTube for a few years now so I know a bit about his life already, but this book really goes into detail about his life.I really enjoyed that it had separate parts like his workout routine and how he lost his weight, about his relationship with Naomi and other family related things.I really enjoyed it and I feel like i know about him now and that hes not just a YouYuber and an actual person.

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