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Bright Stars

Bright Stars Best Read || [Sophie Duffy] Bright Stars Best Read || [Sophie Duffy] - Bright Stars, Bright Stars Four students are involved in a tragedy that rips their friendship apart What happens when they are reunited years later Cameron Spark s life is falling apart He is separated from his wife and awa

  • Title: Bright Stars
  • Author: Sophie Duffy
  • ISBN: 9781785079849
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Paperback

Bright Stars Best Read || [Sophie Duffy], Bright Stars, Sophie Duffy, Bright Stars Four students are involved in a tragedy that rips their friendship apart What happens when they are reunited years later Cameron Spark s life is falling apart He is separated from his wife and awaiting a disciplinary following an incident in the underground vaults of Edinburgh where he works as a Ghost Tour guide On the day he moves back home to live with his widoFour students are

Bright Stars

Bright Stars Best Read || [Sophie Duffy] Bright Stars Best Read || [Sophie Duffy] - Bright Stars, Bright Stars Four students are involved in a tragedy that rips their friendship apart What happens when they are reunited years later Cameron Spark s life is falling apart He is separated from his wife and awa Bright Stars

  • Bright Stars Best Read || [Sophie Duffy]
    135Sophie Duffy
Bright Stars

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  1. Cameron has moved back in with his father He has problems with his wife and has lost his job because of an unfortunate incident His student years are far behind him, but they come to the surface again when he receives a letter from his old friend Christie She now lives in Canada and has a successful career They used to be a group of four, but Cameron hasn t seen his university friends in twenty five years He was the quiet shy one in the group Christie used to be outgoing and she was really prett [...]

  2. 4 stars I liked this book in the fact that it centered on four characters that went to uni together Not all of them would be the type that you would necessarily see hanging together Actually, Cameron is the type you would not see hanging with anyone The story goes back and forth from uni days with the four of them to Cameron s present day Then one day they are all invited to the unveiling of one of the four friend s newest wine While there, they reminisce about uni days and a secret known by thr [...]

  3. Many thanks to NetGalley and Legend Press for providing me a copy of Bright Stars in exchange for an honest review Originally on nivthebooklovingnerd.wordpresThis is one of those times when you are confused about how you feel about story when you are so disputed about your thoughts that you d rather not review than say anything But since I ve been asked to review, I will give a non spoiler y summary of my thoughts.The story is told by Cameron Sparks, a misfit, awkward guy whose life is currently [...]

  4. We are back to the 1980 s here were there are four lads at Uni Each of the lads are very different in character and make up, which I sometimes wondered how they merged together as a friend unit, but they do say that Opposites attract right This story goes back and forth to the time in Uni to present day events, gradually leading us up into the now.We learn about a tremendous tragedy and they each go their separate ways One of those ladsCameron Sparks is now 25 years old, he s lost his wife, job [...]

  5. I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I was interested in this book because of the gorgeous cover, which had me expect a darker kind of chicklit That was no at all what I found However I did find a captivating and interesting read.The book is Cameron s diary, that he is writing because of his counsellors suggestion It is however, nothing like Bridget Jones It is a tool for Cameron to deal with what happened 25 years ago and move on with his life The reader gets to exp [...]

  6. Bright Stars is one hell of a page turner Flitting between 1986, 2013 and 2014, we are dropped into the lives of Cameron his family, and Myrtle the dog , Christie, Bex and Tommo four fantastic, albeit, unusual friends As teenagers they go through the mill, their troubles culminating in one, life changing event The story is told by Cameron, who takes everyone else s issues on his shoulders in a bid to look out for the people he loves and holds dear Later on, we get to follow the four friends and [...]

  7. I am always sorry to say that I did not like a book I know authors invest a lot of time in writing it, but you can t please everybody and it seems like I am one of the few people here who could not enjoy it I did not like any of the characters and the story got on my nerves than gave me pleasure reading it Out of respect I finished it but I have to admit I was happy when I reached the end.

  8. .Many thanks to NetGalley and Legend Press for providing me a copy of Bright Stars in exchange for an honest review.I put off reading this book for so long because I didn t think it was my cup of tea but it turned out that it was, this is a novel a group of unlikely friends who meet at university, we have Cameron the Scot who is a bit of a nerd and has never really belonged anywhere even in his own family, Bex the hippy who is a feminist and an activist, Tommo the rich spoilt kid with no regard [...]

  9. I like how this book revolves around the four characters, the most unlikely of friends at University The way the story was written, split up as the past and present showing us how they lost contact and the reunion after 25 years, was interesting It certainly kept my attention because I really wanted to know how the car crash came about and what happened afterwards.The awkwardness of the reunion just felt incredibly real in all honesty I loves Christie and Cameron s friendship, but I don t know w [...]

  10. Bright Stars is about four people who became friends at university and their lives become intertwined one fateful evening in 1986 The story is narrated by Cameron Sparks in the form of his journal it takes place in the present day, and during his time at university 25 years earlier.Cameron Sparks is 46 years old and his life is spiralling out of control He has been suspended from his job as a Ghost Tour guide in the underground vaults in Edinburgh He is separated from his wife and is living back [...]

  11. Please check out my other reviews at ultraviolentlit The synopsis of this book tells us that four students are involved in a tragedy that rips their friendship apart, and they are reunited twenty five years later I found this a bit misleading, because the tragic event really played such a small part in the story There wasn t even much anticipation leading up to it, and in fact I forgot that we were waiting for some sort of climax to occur Complicating things further was the fact that there were [...]

  12. 4,5 Stars Cameron is struggling through life He never really stands up for himself He was a nerdy student and by accident he became friends with Bex, Tommo and Christie They are all very different characters, not very nice ones But somehow they formed a friendship Until a tragic accident happened, after that they lost contact Now, 25 years later Christie offers them a reunion.This book is like a journal Cameron was told by his therapist, that he should write everything down what happened The st [...]

  13. Legend Press and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Bright Stars, in exchange for an honest review.Rebecca Bex Stone and Cameron Spark met at the University and became fast friends He held a torch for her, but her eyes were set on Tommo from the moment they met A tight foursome with Christie, one tragic night changes their lives forever Years later, separated from his wife, Cameron gets an invitation from Christie, celebrating a new wine she has created Curious as to whether Bex an [...]

  14. This was a fantastically moving story involving four people who became friends at university in the 1980 s A strange bunch, who come together mostly by accident, they find themselves muddling along together, until tragedy strikes and they are sent their separate ways 25 years later, and Cameron Sparks is struggling to hold his life together His job is on the line, his wife has left him, he is living back home with his dad and still struggling to come to terms with the outcome of the tragedy Then [...]

  15. Much as I would have loved to read this in a single sitting, a multitude of things got in the way and I had to be content with intermittent half hours and the odd 15 minutes over the course of several days With many novels you d have to shake your head and spend a few seconds getting back into the story not so with Bright Stars As soon as I would open the Kindle app to read the next line it was as if I d not had to put the book down, the storytelling is that good The characters are wonderfully t [...]

  16. Sophie Duffy is a wonderful writer, and I ve read her other two books This one is equally sharp with some lovely twists and turns, and original characters who at times, I wasn t sure I liked or not But it works because of this and doesn t settle for the predictable or mundane formula A compelling read and a story that stayed with me A must read.

  17. This book was great because it was real I know it sounds weird, but I get so bored with books that are strictly happy endings I like realistic ones that you can relate to I wouldn t necessarily say that the main character was a likable guy He was kind of whiney and a perv The perv part was extra disturbing since it was aimed at his love interest s teenage daughter Also, I feel like the book tried to make him out to be a selfless hero, but I didn t get that vibe I saw him as desperate for atten [...]

  18. Bright Stars follows the story of four friends, Cameron, Bex, Tommo and Christie and how what happens one fateful night in their youth impacts their later adult lives The story is written over two timelines which I found didn t work that effectively The beginning of the book was very confusing and I found it difficult to feel empathetic towards any of the characters It did pick up by the end but it feel like too little too late The characters were all immensely unlikeable which can work quite we [...]

  19. I received a Kindle edition of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review Cameron is 46 years old and has recently moved back in with his father while he and his wife are separated He is facing a disciplinary hearing regarding an event that occurred while he was working as a ghost tour guide He receives an invitation in the mail from a college friend to attend the launch of an Icewine He hasn t seen his college friends in 25 years, and with good reason He decides [...]

  20. Four students are involved in a tragedy that rips their friendship apart What happens when they are reunited 25 years later Cameron Spark s life is falling apart He is separated from his wife, and awaiting a disciplinary following an incident in the underground vaults of Edinburgh where he works as a Ghost Tour guide On the day he moves back home to live with his widowed dad, he receives a letter from Canada It is from Christie Twenty five years earlier, Cameron attends Lancaster University and [...]

  21. Review originally posted at All Books Considered 3 STARSI hate to say it but although this book was mostly beautifully written, it was so, so depressing That is, this book is ultimately about looking back on your life 30 years later and realizing how horrible it is to get old and to have regrets Ostensibly, the characters regrets stem from one night and a whole lot of lies but there was just this overarching sadness in the book concerning aging and death The beginning of the book really dragged [...]

  22. Gritty and real, Bright Stars was a refreshing, and recognisable insight into the lives of four university students and how their lives intertwined.Cameron Sparks, a painfully shy Scotsman from Edinburgh moves to Lancaster University and forms an unlikely friendship with three other students Tommo the charming rockstar in waiting Christie, a wealthy Canadian and Bex, outspoken activist and the love of Cameron s life Against the odds the four friends become virtually inseparable despite their dif [...]

  23. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.Four unlikely people end up becoming friends while in uni We have Cameron, who s incredibly shy and in love with Bex There s Bex, an feminist activist with beauty Tommo, an outgoing wannabe rock star And finally, Christie, an outspoken and feisty Canadian One day, a tragedy rips them apart and they don t meet for at least 25 years Honestly, I didn t enjoy this as much as others did I really, reallydisliked Tommo and Bex, especially after view spoi [...]

  24. Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom Thomas JeffersonCameron Sparks is from Edinburgh, Scotland and is the narrator protagonist of this story In earlier times he was rather dweebish nerdish so it is surprising to him that when he goes away to Lancaster University in England, he makes three cool friends Ptolemy aka Tommo, a hopeful rock star Bex, an activist that Cameron falls into unrequited love with and Christie, coming from a rich Canadian wine family.Then a terrible accident ha [...]

  25. Around 25% or so, I was feeling like it was taking me a long time to get through this, but the first 15% of it had me intrigued and around 35% it really started to pick back up By 60%, I was really interested to see how everything turned out The characters are interesting and the slow unveiling of everything had me impatiently devouring the book The only thing that I can say is a bit odd to me are all the footnotes I would prefer a section in parenthesis, personally Though I appreciate the tongu [...]

  26. This story strongly reminded me of a 21st century Brideshead Revisted in a good way Set on a university campus in the 1980 s, it is written from the point of view of the clumsy, likeable, working class Cameron, who lives in the glittering shadow of his fellow student, Tommo, a manipulative, charismatic and privileged aspiring rock star Tommo s personal magnetism and wanton disregard for the welfare of the people who love him leads inevitably to tragedy and ruined lives all around However, suffic [...]

  27. This took me a while to read I liked Sophie Duffy s other books, particularly The Generation Game , so I was quite excited when I got to read an advance copy of this one through Netgalley The biggest problem I had with Bright Stars is that most of the characters are not very likeable They are all, in their own way, really flawed Even Cameron, the narrator, may seem like a nice guy, but he really never stands up for himself in any way Tommo is just despicable, Bex is an egoist with very little co [...]

  28. In 1986 Cameron Sparks started uni as a shy awkward teenager who found it hard to communicate and make friends, but along came Christie, Tommo and Bex An unlikely foursome but they live as students getting drunk and into the music scene until an accident happens that changes everything.In 2001 Cameron s life is still not on track he has been suspended from his job as a ghost buster, separated from his wife and at his age having to go back to live with his Dad Then out of the blue a letter arrive [...]

  29. I d been reading a lot of crime novels so I thought I d try something a bit lighter This was the wrong choice The whole mood of the book is very downbeat I can t quite comprehend why other reviewers have said the book is full of likeable characters I couldn t warm to any of them One is a boring knowall who spends all his time smarming around his mate s girlfriend like some weird little perve One is an X Factor style big headed wannabe One is a typical, boring activist student and the final is bo [...]

  30. This is the story of 4 students who have been at university together, a tragedy strikes which ripped apart their friendship what happens when they are reunited 25 years later.4 well written characters Set in the 80 s present day The story goes back forth A very warm and great read which is both laugh out loud funny but also sad in places One that I will recommend to family friends.Many thanks for the publisher NetGalley for this advance reader copy in exchange for my honest review.

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