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Unlimited Exposed - by Sapphire Knight Unlimited Exposed - by Sapphire Knight - Exposed, Exposed Cameron I cared about fun I cared about getting through school and my future with the mafia That is until I was wrecked by London Layla Traverson s secret and a grimy biker Cain I cared about my bike

  • Title: Exposed
  • Author: Sapphire Knight
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 318
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Exposed - by Sapphire Knight, Exposed, Sapphire Knight, Exposed Cameron I cared about fun I cared about getting through school and my future with the mafia That is until I was wrecked by London Layla Traverson s secret and a grimy biker Cain I cared about my bike fighting and my club The Oath Keepers MC Well up until I saw London Layla Traverson s icy blue eye s again London I had to get to Tennessee to help Emily as fast as poCameron I cared about f


Unlimited Exposed - by Sapphire Knight Unlimited Exposed - by Sapphire Knight - Exposed, Exposed Cameron I cared about fun I cared about getting through school and my future with the mafia That is until I was wrecked by London Layla Traverson s secret and a grimy biker Cain I cared about my bike Exposed

  • Unlimited Exposed - by Sapphire Knight
    318Sapphire Knight

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  1. He loved asses so much,He became one.4 BikerOverRussian STARS ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewCain and London I had a secret of my own.A secret that was big enough to change our lives Just when I thought it didn t get hotter than a Mafiya member enter Cain the BIKER I adored Cameron in the last book and was looking forward to reading about London and him Talk about SHOCKER was not expecting that The characters were well written and I loved reading about familiar faces COUG [...]

  2. I m thinking I need to move to Texas I m seriousif bikers in Texas are anything like what s described in this book, then I need to start packing immediately Exposed by Sapphire Knight is my very first MC book I ve read And since finishing it, I want to scold myself for taking this long to read one Once again, Sapphire Knight blew me away with another sexy, suspenseful, heartbreaking, and enticing story I absolutely LOVED this book5 Sizzling Stars In Exposed, the story has multiple POVs It follow [...]

  3. Exposed How to explain the way this book made me feel I was so Excited to read this book, but with the excitement was a wealth of nervousness and trepidation I knew there was going to be twists and turns, and someone was going to be EXPOSED But what happened never even entered my mind London is a free spiritCain is a badass bikerCam is trying to make it in the MafiaWhat happens next will blow your mind I can t say much without giving to much away, but this love triangle is something else I don t [...]

  4. Well, since you brought up the food, well, umm I m kind of pregnant, too.Okay, so if I thought that book one Secrets was great this one just blew it right out of the water I really didn t know what to expect with this one since it was crossing the Mafiya with an MC club This book didn t disappoint, it was brilliant I loved Cain Can I just say YUM I enjoyed how this book let us see why London was only mentioned briefly coming to the last few parts of the first book It was a great spin, when we fo [...]

  5. This story is EVERYTHING Raw Gritty Sexy Real Cain is THE man Rough Rugged Sexy Pure unadulterated alpha male This is a fast pace read but so well written and so worth the damn read Sapphire hid Cain and London s relationship so well in Secrets, Book 1 Who knew the depth of their relationship Hell I didn t have a friggin clue Kudos to Sapphire for playing the game so brilliantly I was a little salty with London bouncing between two men but quickly learned Cameron was something to do and made sen [...]

  6. I was given this in exchange for an honest review.At the end of Secrets we meet Cain and I wasn t sure what to think of him In the beginning of Exposed, we go back in time and find out how London knows Cain I quickly liked Cain and the rest of the characters I don t want to give to much away so I will just say that I really enjoyed this book and can t wait for the next I can tell you that I have become a fan very quickly, I read both, book 1 and 2 in two days I m excited to see what Sapphire giv [...]

  7. russian mafia an MC yes please I loved the second installment of this series While this book mainly focuses on London Cain Cam, we still get Emily Tate This book was amazing, had suspense, little angst a dirty talking biker Can t wait for book 3 Avery 2 Piece.

  8. Come on now Where are all my MC peeps How come no one told me about this author before now I have binge read the whole series at this point Cain and London made me fall in love with the Oath Keepers And I just kept on going The Oath Keepers are 1% ers so be prepared for the outlaw brotherhood mentality Loved everyone in the club so far Lots of characters And London she can hold her own for sure Grab this series

  9. Overall Rating 4.25 Rockin This is a new take on the combining of two different types of romance, Mafia and MC Sapphire Knight s, Exposed is definitely a must read for all romance readers She pulls you into her unique world and continues to entertain you throughout the entire story This book oozes sexy, smoldering alpha males and beautiful smart, gutsy women Once you mix that together you have the second book in Sapphire Knight s, Russkaya Mafiya series.Cain and London were made for each other T [...]

  10. Exposed is the 2nd book in the Russkaya Mafiya Oath Keepers MC Novel and my god is it a good book I was lucky enough to get an ARC in exchange for a honest review so that s what your gunna get.This book is good, no scratch that its awesome Cain Hot Bad ass alpha biker with a dirty mouth and tenancy for getting what he wantsLondon Sassy, tatted brunette who knows what she wantsCameron College guy trying to make his name known in the MafiaYou see, Cain London are old pals, like back in school pals [...]

  11. Cain can get my motor running any timeThis is the second book that I ve had the opportunity to read from Sapphire Knight and I am not disappointed While this is not a true continuation from her previous book Secrets, it does have a couple of characters in it that you should read about before reading this book though with that being said I guess you could almost consider it a stand alone as it deals with a whole new story While reading this I was reminded a little bit of SOA Cain has a certain sw [...]

  12. Originally posted at Revenge of the Feels The Russkaya Mafiya Oath Keepers series is literally a melodrama in a book series from There is literally so much drama, so much betrayal and so much secrets in each novel and EXPOSED has twice as much drama as SECRETS EXPOSED is really a mind changing novel The people I love from SECRETS is literally all so different in EXPOSED Tate and Emily is still the same and honestly, if it s even possible, I am most definitely shipping this couple together so muc [...]

  13. London has come to Emily s aid but no one knows about Cain and his story I love London as she is full on and knows what she wants She is so sassy and a really nice person she will drop everything to help a friend and that is what happened with Cain London Cain were good together and she got to meet his brothers and she was happy being with Cain what is not to like he is a biker has tatt s all over and he is mean fighter.He cares deeply for London he has had a crush on her since school so he is v [...]

  14. I had a much harder time getting into this book than Secrets I really liked Secrets I think part of the problem was I am just not that big of a fan of London Second, this book was pretty much just sex Personally, thats not really why I read so that might not be bothersome to you as a reader I m a prude, I admit it Both London and Cain were pretty slutty with other people which was just odd to me They didn t cheat when they were together, so that was good Overall, I think this is a good book, but [...]

  15. Explosive Expos You must read SECRETS which is book one to get the full scope of this triangle This book blew my mind From page one we see the relationship between London and Cain before she went to help her friend Emily and hooked up with Cameron London and Cain s relationship was an all consuming kind of love one that actually started in the sixth grade and neither wanted to say anything to the other When London leaves we see that Cain struggles to move on Fast forward and you notice that Lond [...]

  16. London runs into Cain, school acquaintances back in the day.Now things are different Now all grown up, matured, consenting adultsA few romps later,London flees to warn Emily about her psycho ex.Cain not being too happy, both part ways horribly London reacquaints herself with Emily s life lives it to the fullest With Cameron These two get cozy serious than ever before A chance trip for Cain brings these two full circle which is nothing but a big cluster f London has a huge secret, Cameron s dist [...]

  17. This is a stand alone book however for it to make sense you will need to read the first book in the series SecretsOMG where do I even begin I knew that Cam was up to no good but I didn t see that coming This is the second book in the series and it blew my mind I loved the fact that Sapphire blended the MC with the Mafia which is my two favorite genresn we say holy amazeballs I liked how we got to see POV from London, Cain CamI liked getting the different perspectives and how they all tie into th [...]

  18. I had the privilege of reading an ARC, and I m here to give my honest review.Well, I can honestly say the Authors work continues to get better and better.London is the fiery fun loving, honest knows what she wants out of life kinda girl, and goes for it.Cain is this Hot Alpha Male who is loyal, trustworthy to his club, loves his bike and London turns his world upside down.Cam, This is a man on a mission, working hard at being pulled into the Mafia world and wants to have London by his side as fo [...]

  19. Cain, how do I describe him Hot, sexy, hardly any patience when.his woman is driving himd, you grab my as one effin time, and I m droppin those panties right here and effin you in front of everybody, I growl out I love that he spoils his woman especially when she gives him good news, I nod and spread her legs My baby deserves a treat with the news she just gave me Cain may come off as a harda but that man is sweet, and knows how to take care of his woman, you can have whatever you want, sweet c [...]

  20. Exposed is book 2 in the series This one is a little different to book 1 as this one isn t just centered around the mafia its also about the oath keepers mc I haven t ever read another series of books that combines the two like these do.Exposed centers around Emily from Book 1 s best friend London and the two men she finds herself torn between, Cameron and Cain.I really enjoyed this book as I knew I would, it was a combination of two genres and boy did it work The twists and turns kept me guessi [...]

  21. I have offically become obsessed with Sapphire Knight These 2 books i have read in this series have blown me away Not only did i get Mafia but in comes the Oath Keepers MC This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole times I didnt know what to expect between each page I experienced every emotion in this book Def will continue on with the series and I cant wait to read everything this author writes i have become addicted from 2 books.

  22. I m not sure if I just couldn t focus tonight or what I LOVED the first book and was so excited about the Russian Mafia aspect This book doesn t have as much mafia in it and it just didn t flow good in my opinion In the first book Cam and London were fun, then all of the sudden he s a huge jerk in this one I just couldn t connect.

  23. Cain and LondonWow, I love sapphire knight so much, girl Let me say what a great book got it a couple days ago and between school and real life I just finished it I loved everything about this book I loved that Tate and Emily were in here as well I am excited to read about Avery and 2piece next sosorrycambutnotreally BUYTHISBOOK

  24. Lord have mercy Cain is now my newest book boyfriend I have to say the initially I wasn t sure if I liked London , but once I became absorbed in her drama I really liked her But Cain, Cain Cain sigh

  25. Absolutely love Cain and London I couldn t not put this book down once I started, I had to finish This story is an epic love story, and very refreshing And I love that their relationship didn t have a lot of drama like a lot of books do.

  26. Wow great read,I love how it wasn t a predictsble story It kept me wanting to read, and getting mad when I would have to put it down so I could go back to work.

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