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フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51]

[PDF] Read ☆ フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51] : by Hiro Mashima [PDF] Read ☆ フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51] : by Hiro Mashima - フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51], Fear Teiru

  • Title: フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51]
  • Author: Hiro Mashima
  • ISBN: 9784063954890
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Read ☆ フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51] : by Hiro Mashima, フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51], Hiro Mashima, Fear Teiru

フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51]

[PDF] Read ☆ フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51] : by Hiro Mashima [PDF] Read ☆ フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51] : by Hiro Mashima - フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51], Fear Teiru フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51]

  • [PDF] Read ☆ フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51] : by Hiro Mashima
    170Hiro Mashima
フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51]

132 Comment フェアリーテイル 51 [Fearī Teiru 51]

  1. The battle against the Avatars continues and Natsu reveals a new technique We discover some very interesting information about Zeref and Natsu A whole chapter about his story And we meet a character we ve all been eager to know something about Not spoiling it Gah, I can t help it I really love Zeref His story is heartbreaking Everyone want Fairy Tail back, however, is that really true Did anyone move on and forget This was a good volume, I don t think I need to mention how much I hate the fan se [...]

  2. This volume starts off with Chapter 430 Operation PurificationNatsu seems to have turned into of a monster after only a year of training I wonder about why he is naive to Lucy s feelings Lucy confuses me as well, and I wonder if her feelings are attributed to only nostalgia Or does she have real feelings for Natsu Juvia was hysterical in this volume, even though she acts so pitiful I ll write when my editing mode hits.Happy Readings Fly my Pretties Fly

  3. When the lives of the the city Magnolia are at risk, only Natsu and the rest of the magic using Fairytail guild can stop the evil group called the Legion 12 Follow the fiery male mage who will do anything for his friends, Natsu Dragneel, the witty female mage Lucy Heartfilia and the icy cold male mage Grey Fullbuster in the graphic novel Fairytail 51, by Hiro Mashima After Fairytail had been split up, Lucy Heartfillia was heartbroken By fate, the reckless Natsu Dragneel burned down the 7th annua [...]

  4. stato bellissimo leggere dei nostri protagonisti che si incontrano dopo un anno di separazione e ancora di pi vedere il nostro quartetto preferito, ossia Natsu, Lucy, Gray ed Elsa combattere insieme contro il culto Avatar Bella e toccante anche la parte legata alla ricostruzione della Gilda di Fairy Tail, una cosa che credo anche noi lettori abbiamo desiderato La parte per che pi mi ha scioccato e preso di questo volume la parte dedicata ai flashback di Zeref che spiega un po di cose e ne fa int [...]

  5. Fantastic ride, you will not know what coming Natsu and the gang are at their finest with some new tricks up their sleeves If you love Naruto or One Piece you should definitely pick up Fairy Tail You will not regret it.

  6. The plot in this one was a lot better than most of the previous volumes It sucks that they re finally getting a good balance back on track near the end of the series I wish they would ve done this in the beginning I m glad I stuck it out for this though.

  7. I m glad this gave backstory on Zeref Kid Zeref is just adorable I love the reunion chapter too It was fantastic.

  8. Despues de tanta emoci n con el vol men 50 era necesario un respiro.Este vol men complace a los fans al reunir a todo el gremio, Fairy Tail a vuelto Me gust la historia, me complace verlos a todos reunidos una vez m s y el final deja ver que un nuevo arco se aproxima Estoy ansioso por leer el siguiente vol men

  9. I am continually impressed by Hiro Mashima s ability to hold my interest with this series, and this volume is no exception Mixing the resolution of two plotlines with Lucy s emotional trauma at the guild s fracturing at the end of the Tartaros Arc with a major story revelation, this is a lot of fun and easy to get lost in Small glimpses of Natsu s face as he looks at Lucy indicate that he has some emotions brewing beneath the surface, though whether they are anything other than guilt at having l [...]

  10. I m actually getting tired of this Maybe because the scheme is always the same and I read the whole story in a year, but it s getting really tiring to read.

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