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Free Download Aftermath - by Chuck Wendig Free Download Aftermath - by Chuck Wendig - Aftermath, Aftermath New York Times Bestseller Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens Star Wars Aftermath reveals what happened after the events of s Return of the Jedi It turns out there s than just the Empire for

  • Title: Aftermath
  • Author: Chuck Wendig
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Aftermath - by Chuck Wendig, Aftermath, Chuck Wendig, Aftermath New York Times Bestseller Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens Star Wars Aftermath reveals what happened after the events of s Return of the Jedi It turns out there s than just the Empire for the good guys to worry about The Hollywood ReporterAs the Empire reels from its critical defeats at the Battle of Endor the Rebel Alliance now a fledgling New RNew York Times Bestseller Jou


Free Download Aftermath - by Chuck Wendig Free Download Aftermath - by Chuck Wendig - Aftermath, Aftermath New York Times Bestseller Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens Star Wars Aftermath reveals what happened after the events of s Return of the Jedi It turns out there s than just the Empire for Aftermath

  • Free Download Aftermath - by Chuck Wendig
    253Chuck Wendig

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  1. Fair reading but I found its lack of excitement disturbingW CANON EXPANDED FUTURENo Sith remain, d the lone Jedi that exists, the son of Anakin Skywalker, possesses an untouchable soul At least for now.I was expecting something different from this novel, Aftermath, since it s supposed to be the first book in a trilogy setting the new ambiance in the Star Wars universe after the events of Star Wars Episode VI The Return of the Jedi erasing the previously expanded universe now considered Legends.I [...]

  2. The TIE wibbles and wobbles through the air, careening drunkenly across the Myrrann rooftops it zigzags herkily jerkily out of sight And that was the moment when my eyes started bleeding This was when I realized the Disney canon is absolute garbage.Numerous other reviewers have noted the poor writing style of Chuck Wendig Those other reviewers are correct This book is horribly written, with a jarring present tense narrative The characters are dull and formulaic the tech genius teenager and his e [...]

  3. Somehow Canon FanfictionI can t think of a better way to describe this book Sure, Chuck Wendig knows plenty of details about the SWU but his writing style is completely discordant with the tone of the film series It really just reads like someone unfamiliar with the language and overall atmosphere but very familiar with minutiae wrote a Star Wars book It just took me out of the story when there were weird innuendos and frag being used as an expletive.While this takes place hot on the heels of th [...]

  4. We live in an age in which mediocrity reigns supreme That s fine for the masses We can prop up mediocre movies like Avengers and Jurassic World and overlook their flaws, the audience has lost its taste That s the way of things, fine, just don t expect me to blindly follow Aftermath is guilty of committing far too many amateurish crimes that I simply cannot forgive If I had submitted the dialogue to a film professor, I would ve failed If I would ve submitted the action scenes to an English profes [...]

  5. Probably all self proclaimed nerds have dipped their toes into the pool of tie in books for a franchise they like at one point or another, and I m no exception However, I mostly gave up on the concept years ago because reading a Star Wars book when what you really want is a new Star Wars movie is about as satisfying as eating Hamburger Helper when what you re really craving is filet mignon Feel free to insert your own prequel joke here.Yet, the idea of Chuck Wendig doing a book as part of the ne [...]

  6. This isn t some kind of inspiration story Some scrappy, ragtag underdog tale, some pugilistic match where we re the goodhearted gladiator who brings down the oppressive regime that put him in the arena They get to have that narrative We are the ones that enslaved whole worlds full of alien inhabitants We are the ones who built something called a Death Star under the leadership of a decrepit old goblin who believed in the dark side of some ancient, insane religion The dark heart of the Empire has [...]

  7. So, Star Wars Aftermath.This book is nothing it was marketed as.It was marketed as the journey to The Force Awakens, and I was expecting some degree of storyline as to the new, non Legends, course of Star Wars history.Instead Instead we get a minor side story with no major SW characters and a bunch of interludes that, very vaguely, hint at a possible course.Some of the characters in the side story are all right some are drek, and one is probably about as divisive in its own way as Jar Jar , and [...]

  8. Jar Jar Binks memoir would have been way entertaining I read dozens of EU books growing up and am super enthused about Disney s resurrection of Star Wars the animated TV show Rebels is A , but this book is boring It tries too hard to be clever and stylish at the expense of substantive characterization or emotional impact, and the clues into the Force Awakens storyline are shallow and meaningless Aftermath feels like it was written by an adderall fiend on a 48 hour binge As a fan hugely interest [...]

  9. Author Chuck WendigRating 2.5 stars This review is going to be short and sweet and hopefully spoiler free First, waaaay too many characters You learned about everyone from bounty hunters to civilians to Imperials to the guy who changes the toilet paper on the Star Destroyer No Just no It was character overload I felt like they attempted to cameo every character who will be in every planned upcoming Star Wars movie ever Stop that nonsense The story itself was drawn out to me and not very exciting [...]

  10. EDIT Yes, I have actually read this book cover to cover it became available at a local bookstore recently Stayed up most of the night and finished it on my lunch break the next day Review originally posted here at Geek of Oz.Other Journey to Star Wars The Force Awakens reviews Star Wars Lost Stars When it comes to Star Wars, I m a massive fan of the books In addition to all the Old Republic and Prequel Trilogy stories like Outbound Flight and The Rise of Darth Vader, I bought a lot of the old po [...]

  11. IGN S REVIEW A hundred pages into the last prominent post Endor Star Wars story, Heir to the Empire, I couldn t wait to find out about Grand Admiral Thrawn, Talon Karrde, Mara Jade, and Joruus C Baoth At the end of Aftermath, I d met almost no one I cared about The lack of compelling character development highlights a larger problem with Aftermath everything that s happening feels so small, so at odds with the interesting story you feel might be taking place somewhere off camera Ultimately, Af [...]

  12. It s my fault for not reading the excerpt from a couple months ago Had I done so, I never would have bought the book Horrid writing style and an absolute deal breaker for me Present tense I despise it Such a shame, as I was really looking forward to this book I read the first page and was immediately disappointed as I simply cannot and will not read a novel in present tense Skipped a few pages and then a few , skimming Hoping But no, he really DID write the entire book like that and in this chop [...]

  13. 2.5 stars I preordered this book because it has Wedge Antilles in it I had high hopes for such an integral part of the NU canon.My hopes have been dashed The storyhas potential Yet I had almost no understanding as to why the Imperials have focused on the planet of Akiva Or even why they are meeting there.Wendig s writing is juvenile There are parenthetical thoughts and additions that are incredibly unnecessary They could be italicized or even just a part of the text Sentences are choppy and some [...]

  14. Ugh what is this mess I had finally relented to this new Disney Alternate timeline since the movies will be based in it That decision alone took me 10 months to come to.But this why not hire the old authors who know how to do Star Wars I had to quit so far about half way through The characters are horrid and uninteresting thus far Please tell me this is some sort of Joke and the real book is coming out soon

  15. I quite enjoyed this book This book is not staring any of the main A listers of the Star Wars universe They are mentioned, and there are a couple of cameos the story is really about Disney creating their own characters.I do like the way that even though Luke, Leia, Han are the poster guys the rebellion is bigger than they are There billions of beings with minor to major contributions to the success of going from Rebels to the New Republic This is the sorry of one such pilot in the alliance thoug [...]

  16. If this is Disney s plan for new canon, you re better off making your own stories up to fill the space between Episodes 6 and 7 This reads like something I would make up when I was 10 years old with a few old action figures and some LEGO contraptions, and it makes about as much sense.The plot drags The characters are barely believable and should be thrilled to receive even the designation of throwaway The writing style is choppy, ham fisted, and slap dash The dialogue is laughable and makes the [...]

  17. 3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2015 11 09 rThis was it, the long awaited novel in the new Star Wars canon that was marketed as the bridge between Return of the Jedi and the new upcoming movie In retrospect, the publisher might have oversold that just a tad Well, okay, maybe a lot than just a tad Call me cynical though, but I never really expected to see this book provide much detail In truth, I was excited to see one of my favorite authors tackle one of my favorite franchises. [...]

  18. Aftermath is a quite decent addition to the Star Wars universe, which could pretty easily fit into either of the two now divergent timelines Most aspects of the book are, while nothing memorable, quite solid I do not really see where the hatred for Wendig s writing style comes from it was certainly not the best I ve seen, but not overly distracting either Some characters were interesting than others, and the story doesn t really take any chances.Some interesting thoughts did come out of it I ha [...]

  19. The present tense narrative choice for a Star Wars novel was a bold one.It failed Miserably.As did the writing The writing was horrid It felt like grade school fan fiction.I was so excited to read the NEW continuation of Return Of The Jedi I was so pumped to see what was so great that the Lucasarts people felt like they could get rid of all the previous Star Wars extended universe material.Now I m just confused.This is the story that is supposed to replace Timothy Zahn s Thrawn trilogy Ha.You kn [...]

  20. The great thing about the Star Wars universe is that a diverse collection of writers can make contributions to the overall canon in their own unique ways.Author Chuck Wendig, author of the Blackbirds series, adds his two cents into the mix in 2015 s Aftermath, a story set immediately after the death of Palpatine and Vader in the film Return of the Jedi One of the opening scenes depicts citizens of Coruscant pulling down a statue of the Emperor in a description that could be seen in post war Berl [...]

  21. Very disappointing If you were hoping to see what happened to Luke, Leia, and Han don t bother reading this.If you really want to read a fan fic of what Chuck Wendig s OC s would do after the Battle of Endor, then this is the book still isn t really for you The book was obviously extremely rushed and heavily controlled by the Disney Corporation As a result, it seems like a story by comity, making sure each box is checked with the minimal effort given to the story.I ll be honest, I wasn t a fan [...]

  22. I ll keep this short and free of spoilers I had hoped for glimpses into the post Return of the Jedi universe and hints related to The Force Awakens, and this novel delivers both, and so I m glad I read it That said, it is far from the best Star Wars novel available The familiar characters receive little time, the original characters seem two dimensional and clich d, and the scattershot narrative which is continually interrupted by brief glimpses of post Battle of Endor conditions in different pa [...]

  23. December 2015 I was nervous about reading this book for a couple of reasons Firstly, because there was a whole hullabaloo around it involving bigots upset at the reasonable portrayal of a diverse galaxy, and five year olds in the bodies of grown men mostly crying about the old Extended Universe being axed, and so they must automatically shun the new canon, as if the people writing those new books didn t love the old books as much as they did and wouldn t do their best to preserve as much of it a [...]

  24. I ve never been big on Star Wars It s there it s fine the movies are well made But one of the people I m closest to is a huge Star Wars fanatic, and has been slowly introducing me to the rest So I have the twice fold unusual perspective I m an outsider to Star Wars, and I read this well, as much of it as I could stomach while reading Timothy Zahn s Thawn trilogy for the very first time.On the first count, as an outsider to Star Wars, this book is garbage Some people have called the writing juven [...]

  25. Some promise, but overall disappointingThe good Nice tie ins with Rebels and New Dawn and the original movie trilogyDiverse cast of characters people of color and different sexual orientation The bad Writing style this has been covered at length by other reviewersPlotThis review of course is merely my personal opinion Like many others I found the author s writing style to be a big miss in this book I did not enjoy reading the author s prose, but rather found that it distracted from the story How [...]

  26. Well The writing style was awful Was there no editor to take out the thousand then s It was really quite bad I can t believe they allowed such a highly anticipated book to be published like this About halfway through some parts were better, like they were written by another author, but this didn t make up for the bad parts Also, the characters were terrible Two dimensional and boring There were too many of them and they all felt identical I had a hard time telling them apart even halfway through [...]

  27. I love star wars But star wars novels are usually a big let is no exception Bland characters dumb inept empire ingenious unkillable rebels a pretty uninspired story leading to a predictable ending Says it all when the only character of note is a droid.

  28. One of the worst parts of the Star Wars Expanded Universe novels, before the great Disney purge, was that most felt like fan fiction at best It is unfortunate that Sci Fi series can sometimes attract sub par talent, which in turn diminishes the legacy of the brand I m unsure if this is a lower bidder kind of thing, or if companies just figure the license can and will sell itself, that they are unwilling to invest in a major talent to produce books for their heaviest hitters.Which brings me to St [...]

  29. Welcome to Star Wars Aftermath, a prologue to a series that is a prequel to a sequel Huh Whatever Let s continue.First I must state what many of you already know I hate Chuck Wendig s writing style I only read this book because I m a Star Wars fan and this novel is canon But I ll likely stop here, because I cannot suffer Wendig s herky jerky writing Some fragmented sentences are fine, but I would hazard a guess that there are fragments here than full sentences He starts a paragraph Throws some [...]

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