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My Kind of Wonderful

My Kind of Wonderful Best Download || [Jill Shalvis] My Kind of Wonderful Best Download || [Jill Shalvis] - My Kind of Wonderful, My Kind of Wonderful UNEXPECTED AND UNDENIABLE Bailey Moore has an agenda skiing in the Rockies exploring castles in Europe ballroom dancing in Argentina Now that she has a second lease on life she s determined not to

  • Title: My Kind of Wonderful
  • Author: Jill Shalvis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 279
  • Format: Kindle Edition

My Kind of Wonderful Best Download || [Jill Shalvis], My Kind of Wonderful, Jill Shalvis, My Kind of Wonderful UNEXPECTED AND UNDENIABLE Bailey Moore has an agenda skiing in the Rockies exploring castles in Europe ballroom dancing in Argentina Now that she has a second lease on life she s determined not to miss a thing What she doesn t realize is that item comes with a six foot one ski god hot enough to melt a polar ice cap She doesn t want to miss out on him either UNEXPECTED AN

My Kind of Wonderful

My Kind of Wonderful Best Download || [Jill Shalvis] My Kind of Wonderful Best Download || [Jill Shalvis] - My Kind of Wonderful, My Kind of Wonderful UNEXPECTED AND UNDENIABLE Bailey Moore has an agenda skiing in the Rockies exploring castles in Europe ballroom dancing in Argentina Now that she has a second lease on life she s determined not to My Kind of Wonderful

  • My Kind of Wonderful Best Download || [Jill Shalvis]
    279Jill Shalvis
My Kind of Wonderful

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  1. My Kind of Wonderful is book two in the Cedar Ridge series by Jill Shalvis.I completely fell in love with the first book in this series, Second Chance Summer, which focused on Aiden and Lily and the Kincaid family and the ski resort they co own and run at Cedar Ridge, Colorado So there was no doubt that I would equally love getting to know the first of the twins, Hudson Kincaid Hudson and his twin brother are half siblings to the other three Kincaids They and their mother are the product of a fl [...]

  2. 4 Stars My Kind of Wonderful is the second book in Jill Shalvis s newest series entitled Cedar Ridge and like the previous installment was a sweet contemporary romance that made me smile and swoon and fall in love not only with our two main characters, but also with all the supporting characters and the small, gorgeous town Cedar Ridge It seems this author has the perfect formula for a great clean contemporary romance a great strong heroine, a swoon worthy hero, entertaining supporting character [...]

  3. Too busy for loveI started My Kind of Wonderful a little worried I m a huge fan of Jill Shalvis, loved the first book in this series and enjoyed the family dynamics of those crazy Kincaids I was scared of getting emotionally attached to someone who has a second lease on life and might look delicate Was the story going to be about someone sick Were we going to have to see this couple just starting out, dealing with illness These thoughts were running through my head in the beginning and every tim [...]

  4. Hudson Hud Kincaid is one of a motley crew of siblings managing the family ski lodge in Colorado He s the one who works 24 7 and when he s not working ski patrol he s a cop with the local police force It s clear something s driving him, which makes him all kinds of interesting When he finds Bailey Moore stranded and unapologetic at the top of the dangerous, expert slope, Hud knows there s something special about this young woman I really liked both Hud and Bailey, two very different but colorful [...]

  5. 5 Mountain Hottie Stars What can I say about Jill Shalvis, that hasn t already been said I consider myself lucky in that I only discovered her writing this year, what makes me lucky I have dozens and dozens of books by this author that I can now take my time and immerse myself in, and nothing gets this reader excited than a series, and Jill has certainly got quite a few of those on the go that I have some serious catching up to do with I don t need options I just need you I fell in love with th [...]

  6. 4.5 Stars ARC provided by author Bailey Moore is a 24 yr old woman who grew up in a small town south of Denver She works as a graphic designer, but also enjoys painting on the side Bailey has had a rough time these last few years, feels like she has a new lease on life For so long she never had time for anything but survival, but now she has a list of things she wants to do, she plans to live life to the fullest Bailey has been commissioned to paint a mural at a family owned ski resort in Cedar [...]

  7. 3.5 starsSweet romantic tale of two people who need love and a connection with the world He is an over worked, over burdened, guilt ridden hero to all She is a survivor of cancer and is learning how to live expecting the next day to come.Very enjoyable audiobook, excellent narration.

  8. Cedar Ridge 2 368 Pages release date 22 December 2015 Grand Central PublishingBook 3 Nobody But You will be released 29 March 2016Bailey is finally healthy again, after fighting that stupid cancer for almost ten years.And she has a list A list of things she wants to do in her new life.One item on that list brings her to Cedar Ridge.She was hired to paint a mural on a wall of the ski town s hotel resort.A family portrait of the Kincaids.Enter Hudson Kincaid.He and his half siblings own and run th [...]

  9. My Kind of Wonderful is amusing, sexy and tender all rolled up in an attractive snow powdered package He flashed that panty melting grin and all her poor, neglected womanly parts flamed to life and did the Macarena Bailey Moore has never had time for anything except survival But now she has a new lease on life and with it a list of all the things she imagined she d enjoy doing during the decade she battled cancer, starting with painting a mural When the opportunity to do it lands on her lap thou [...]

  10. Guys I cannot believe that as a lover of romances that it took me this long to pick up a Jill Shalvis book No, really, I am quite embarrassed Once I read My Kind of Wonderful, which of course I was unable to put down, I have crowned Jill my new Queen of Romance.Jill s writing in romance is exactly what I crave I love the humor, I love the banter and I absolutely adore the quirky characters that dig their way into your heart.Bailey and Hudson were the main characters of this book, though the rest [...]

  11. 3.5sweet romance with a few laughs I love the Kincaid family and Cedar Ridge The romance lacked a little of the chemistry I felt in the first book but I did like both Bailey and Hudson I can t wait for the next book in this series.

  12. That really was My Kind of Wonderful I loved it, including the ending which made me want to laugh and cry at the same time Mini Review can be found at All About Romance likesbooks blog p 18990

  13. Reviewed for herding cats burning soup.Prepare for a swoon, ladies Prepare for a swoon Jill Shalvis has done it yet again I swear She hits the right spot every single time My Kind of Wonderful was just that.etely wonderful From beginning to end Hud and Bailey had me in one big ol swoon and left me with a big grin on my face and a happy sigh in my heart The quick of it is that Hud and his siblings run a ski resort and his mama has hired a random woman to come in and paint a huge mural on their re [...]

  14. My Kind of Wonderful by Jill ShalvisHere is a snippet of my review posted on Night Owl Reviews The humor and sharp witted dialogue kept the story balanced and despite the heavy hitting subject matter, it did not become too mushy or drippy Like Bailey, I am a big fan of mixing romance with great passion and emotional attachment and it is so very refreshing to read a romance novel that provides all these elements Bailey and Hud finally get their hard earned happy ever after and no one deserves it [...]

  15. Find contemporary romance reviews in 2016 at The Zest Quest.Can a woman just learning to live after a serious illness settle down with a man who is overly committed to his family s struggling ski resort Jill Shalvis once again pairs together an interesting couple full of spunk and surprises KIND OF WONDERFUL is an enjoyable addition to the CEDAR RIDGE series As expected, the Kincaid siblings razz each other to no end just as much as they come to each other s aid when troubled Can a mural depict [...]

  16. I have been looking forward to reading My Kind of Wonderful ever since I read Second Chance Summer earlier this year, and while there were parts of the story that I enjoyed, it wasn t what I was hoping for as a whole.Hudson and Bailey both bring a lot of baggage into the story that caused it to be a heavier read than what I was expecting Bailey is finally free to live her life for the first time in ten years and she has a list, and plans, and falling in love with Hudson is not on the agenda.And [...]

  17. Deep down, and I mean seriously like really deep down, Hud is a good guy with a good heart who likes to bring his woman substance, I have coffee, donuts, and bacon, he cajoled I wasn t sure what your poison was so I tried to cover all the basic food groups caffeine, sugar, and trans fats If none of those work, I ll I seriously loved Hud, he manfully sucked it up and let her fingers stroke up and down his back Can t have you suffering from cold parts, he said I ve got a hot shower and an even hot [...]

  18. I received a free ARC of My Kind of Wonderful from Forever via Netgalley in exchange of an honest and unbiased review My Kind of Wonderful is one of those stories that keep you up way too late at night, while you laugh, cry, shiver and swoon alongside the characters.This review was originally posted on un Conventional Bookviews

  19. This is second in a series, and while I read the first it was long enough ago that I ve lost the information And the story definitely suffers for that So I d definitely recommend reading the first, and doing so proximate enough that you mostly remember who people are.This is another that life and stress kept me from reviewing for a couple of days So again, details are gone I hate when that happens.I liked Bailey a whole heckuva lot She s spent a large part of her life battling a cancer with a lo [...]

  20. 3.5 starsRead reviews at What Danielle Did Next The Cedar Ridge series is typical Jill Shalvis fare warm, funny and smile inducing You can t help but grin as you read Jill s books and My Kind of Wonderful is no different Like its predecessor, Second Chance Summer, book two focuses on yet another yummy Kincaid brother Do they really make them like these hunks in Colorado If so, I have got to get me some skis Hudson Kincaid is the head of his family s ski resort patrol and he is all business Cons [...]

  21. For reviews, please follow my blog alysenovakIn Second Chance Summer, we were introduced to the Kincaid family Gray and Penny , Aiden, Hudson, Jacob mentioned , and McKenna Kincaid These siblings are working to save the family ski resort that their loser father left to them in a MOUNTAIN of debt Book 1 focuses on Aiden Kincaid and Lily Danville for my full review on Second Chance Summer, click HERE My Kind of Wonderful is the second novel in Jill Shalvis Cider Ridge series and focuses on Hudson [...]

  22. This is a review of the audiobook Karen White does her usual wonderful job narrating this next installment of the Cedar Ridge series Good vocal differentiations, tones, and pacing Honestly, I didn t think I was going to like this one I ve had enough of the ravages of cancer to my loved one and my patients to last several lifetimes and didn t really want to mix it with my escapist romance reading However, in the deftly creative and gently hands of Jill Shalvis, it is well done I definitely was ro [...]

  23. I don t ski, snowboard or fish I don t enjoy the snow or the outdoors in general I still want to move to Cedar Springs and live with the Kincaid family forever Seriously, outside of falling in love with Hudson and Bailey, both as individuals and as a couple, I fell super hard for the Kincaid siblings and their significant others all over again The banter that goes on between them in their meetings and the way they all watched on during the big gesture moment between Bay and Hud was one of the fu [...]

  24. As a long time Jill Shalvis reader, I have an idea of what I m going to get when I dive into one of her books There will be banter There will be laughs There will be sexytimes But from that description one might assume that there will be a lack of angst, or a lack of seriousness And that would be a mistake One of the things I appreciate about Shalvis as a writer is her ability to take on potentially weepy subjects with a light touch It s not so silly as to be glib, but it s not so serious as to [...]

  25. This novel is fun from the get go Shalvis takes the wonderful world that we came to know in the 1st Cedar Ridge novel and takes it to another level The scene comes to life in a beautifully larger than life manner Shalvis paints it through her words and invites her readers into this world for a short while She tackles life after personal disaster in this wildly entertaining story, while also showing how it s different for each of us The miracle of the human body and soul come into play in a big w [...]

  26. 3.5 starsI liked Bailey and Hudson well enough There is a lot of baggage between these two and it did get a little monotonous The best part of the story was all of the scenes with the entire family together And of course the grand gesture at the end Overall, it was a little drama than I was expecting, but still the fun sort of book I was needed to help me with a book hangover Huge thanks to Grand Central Publishing and NetGalley for providing the arc in exchange for an honest review

  27. The second book in the Cedar Ridge series by Jill Shalvis Bailey Moore is in remission and it is time for her to get started on her list Hudson Kincaid s mother, Carrie hires her to paint a mural at Cedar Ridge and she jumps at the chance But can she persuade Hudson that it s a good thing to do Hudson is certainly high on the dreamy hero list and I loved Bailey Lots of awesome characters It isn t my favorite Jill Shalvis book but it is worthy and I m loving this series and looking forward to the [...]

  28. Broken record alert I read another Jill Shalvis book and I enjoyed it My Kind of Wonderful is the second book in her new series set at a ski resort filled with hot guys I am not a skier I tried it once and decided I m the kind of person who would sit in the lodge with a good book and and a cup of coffee waiting for everyone else to finish their fun That said, if I knew where this lodge was located, I d be there in a heartbeat Bailey has lived most of her life sheltered and in fear of the future [...]

  29. In book two of the Cedar Ridge series, Jill Shalvis presents readers with something a little different I think The heroine, Bailey Moore, is a cancer survivor After battling for her life, her outlook has changed and she intends on making every waking moment something to remember While I liked what Bailey stood for, there were times when I thought she came across as too strong Tired of existing in the background, Bailey is taking life by the hands and giving it a good shake But there were times w [...]

  30. I absolutely adored this This is just one of those wonderful stories that makes me happy It s filled with all this goodness, all these great moments from flirty and fun to heartfelt and emotional and it was just pure perfection I loved every second Hudson and Bailey were truly great characters and I couldn t get enough of them Hudson was pretty amazing and I felt myself falling in love with him throughout the entire book So caring, sweet, and loyal but also playful and sexy I thought he was rea [...]

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