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Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges

Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges Best Download || [Tonke Dragt] Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges Best Download || [Tonke Dragt] - Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges, Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges Eine phantastische Geschichte wird pl tzlich Wirklichkeit Lehrer und Sch ler werden in ein geheimnisvolles Komplott verwickelt in dem es nicht nur um einen verborgenen Schatz geht Und dann Was passie

  • Title: Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges
  • Author: Tonke Dragt
  • ISBN: 9783407780638
  • Page: 459
  • Format: Paperback

Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges Best Download || [Tonke Dragt], Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges, Tonke Dragt, Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges Eine phantastische Geschichte wird pl tzlich Wirklichkeit Lehrer und Sch ler werden in ein geheimnisvolles Komplott verwickelt in dem es nicht nur um einen verborgenen Schatz geht Und dann Was passierte dann Jeweils f nf Minuten vor halb vier beginnt Lehrer Franz seinen Sch lern Geschichten zu erz hlen von Kriegern und Krumms beln von einem finsteren Schloss vonE

Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges

Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges Best Download || [Tonke Dragt] Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges Best Download || [Tonke Dragt] - Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges, Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges Eine phantastische Geschichte wird pl tzlich Wirklichkeit Lehrer und Sch ler werden in ein geheimnisvolles Komplott verwickelt in dem es nicht nur um einen verborgenen Schatz geht Und dann Was passie Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges

  • Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges Best Download || [Tonke Dragt]
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Das Geheimnis des siebten Weges

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  1. Frans van de Steg, teacher, devoted time at the end of each school day to telling tall tales A born storyteller, he entranced his students with yarns about his adventures, shipwrecks and desert island escapades as hero, Frans the Red One day, he told his class that he was expecting a letter and headed for home without weaving a story An ensuing storm rattled windows, blew open doors and a mysterious letter drifted in requesting that he take a carriage provided by GrGr signature illegible at 7 30 [...]

  2. De Zevensprong is one of my childhood favourites that I still reread occasionally, even though I now know the story by heart It s a children s book by the famous Dutch author Tonke Dragt, and has received general critical acclaim here in the Netherlands.This children s book can probably be described best as a mystery novel, in which schoolteacher Frans van der Steg almost hopelessly stumbles about, pulled into it all by what seems to be a simple accident but is actually a well concocted plan by [...]

  3. I received a copy of this title from Allen and Unwin for review.Ten Second Synopsis Frans is a reasonably content young school teacher who enjoys nothing than sharing a tall tale all featuring himself, of course with the children he teaches When one of his tales starts to permeate into his real life however, Frans is reluctantly drawn into a centuries old mystery and a plot to save a young boy from a fiendish foe.After having put Dragt s The Letter for the King and The Secrets of the Wild Wood [...]

  4. Het was drukkend heet, al stonden de ramen open, evenals de deur naar de gang De kinderen waren een uur lang doodstil geweest, waarschijnlijk meer door de warmte dan door de boetpredikatie waar de meester de middag mee begonnen was Nu waren ze bijna allemaal klaar met de langdradige les die ze hadden moeten overschrijven uit hun taalboek De rust begon te verdwijnen er klonk gefluister, een kuchje, onderdrukt gegiechel, geschuifel van voeten, gekraak van banken, geritsel van papier.Frans van der [...]

  5. This book was turned into a tv series when I was young I saw all the episodes, except for the last one So when I bumped into the original book, I figured after 30 years it was time to find out how it ended Turns out it s not a bad book, at least for children, but it doesn t age with the reader, the way some children s books do like Harry Potter All the mystery and suspense I remember from my youth, turns out to be a bunch of weird characters doing weird things and so accidentally solving an anci [...]

  6. One of my favorite books still Every now and then I read it again It s a clever, sligtly sinister, fun story where the good guys win.

  7. Spare, Vintage Post Modern , Whimsical, Strange, Fantasy AdventureI very much enjoyed this book, and so want to do it justice in trying to describe it as a reading experience It was first published in 1966, in Dutch, and has now been translated Dragt was, and is, rightfully celebrated in the Netherlands and it is a real pleasure to have her available now to English readers Because many of her books have sci fi and fantasy elements and are set in near future environments, and because of her crisp [...]

  8. So, De Zevensprong, or The Song of Seven, was a major part of my childhood Some of my favourite memories are of my father reading the book to me when I was young, or Skyping home while at University only to realize my family is binge watching a Dutch TV adaptation of the book When a novel is that close to your heart it becomes close to impossible to be objective about it The same counts for the Harry Potter books, for example I will defend those books to the death, simply because they have becom [...]

  9. This is an English translation of a well known Dutch tale, one that was even made into a television show.Mr Van der Steg is a teacher, who loves to tell adventurous tales to his pupils the last minutes of school something the pupils enjoy as well When he announces one day that he s waiting for a letter, said letter is suddenly swept to him in a storm and signed GrGr He s sure it s a practical joke thought out by some students, but when a carriage arrives to take him to the mysterious GrGr, the m [...]

  10. I was drawn to the description I was given of this book initially even though it said it was geared towards middle schoolers I m so glad I took a chance with this one What I found is a well written novel full of intrigue, mystery and magic.Frans Van De Steg is a professor for ten and eleven year olds When school started at the beginning of the summer semester he found by the end of the day the children were too rowdy His solution to this was at the end of every day he started telling them of his [...]

  11. Thank you to NetGalley and Pushkin Children s Books for providing me with an e copy to read and review.The Song of Seven by Tonke Dragt was a true joy to read It is perhaps the most exciting fairytale mystery adventure I have ever read.Yes, it is that good.So good that the only thing I felt compelled to do was sit back, relax, and read and write down names here and there there are a lot of names to remember I constantly had to know what would happen next.The story is compelling right from is ord [...]

  12. I love Dragt s books, but this one was just a little disappointing The Letter for the King was good 4 stars and Secrets of the Wild Wood even better 5 stars so I had very high expectations Contrary to Dragt s abovementioned books, this one was new to me I ve read the other two in Dutch before I read this translation, so maybe it has something to do with my rating, I don t know The Song of Seven reads like it was intended for a younger audience than the stories about Tiuri The bad guy really isn [...]

  13. I can t help but love Tonke Dragt her writing This book evoked strong feelings of nostalgia within me, since I remember my teacher reading the first two chapters of this book in Dutch to my class when I was ten Now, many years later, I can finally say that I have finished the story, even though it is in another language This story is not necessarily very action packed or fast paced, but yet it has a feeling of tension weaved through it that makes you want to continue reading Right from the begin [...]

  14. I thought this book was delightful I didn t realize until I finished it that it s a translation of a 1960s Dutch book I think I enjoyed it so much because it has the charm of older fantasy novels such as Narnia, Alice in Wonderland, Phantom Toll Booth, etc It s quirky, funny, ridiculous, and whimsical There isn t much else I can say about it that wouldn t spoil the story It s a wonderful read if you want something laid back and just plain enjoyable.I read this for free thanks to NetGalley.

  15. Review first published on my blog pagetostagereviews 201I was so excited when I discovered that Pushkin Press had brought out English translations of Dutch children s classics The Letter for the King and The Secrets of the Wild Wood by Tonke Dragt, because finally people could discover the incredible words and illustrations from an author who was a big part of my childhood in the Netherlands And Pushkin Press didn t stop with her most famous duology either Together with translator Laura Watkins [...]

  16. Omdat ik op 6 september a.s weer een boek zocht om een interactieve voorleesmiddag te organiseren sprong dit boek in het oog Het boek is super maar de serie ook Ooit gezien Vergeet het niet meer al was ik toen nog in mijn jeugdjaren Via de volgende link is de serie nu nog te youtube watch v n2YQODit boek leent zich echt om bijvoorbeeld te beginnen met de eerste aflevering te laten zien, daarna voor te lezen, dan een hoofdstuk toneel te spelen bijvoorbeeld het bezoek van meester Fran [...]

  17. Een jeugdtrauma Jaren terug toen de dieren nog spraken, GSM een afkorting was waar niemand iets bij kon verzinnen en televisie met mate werd geconsumeerd kwam in Belgi Sinterklaas ook toe in Nederland Zoals Mies Bouwman Dag Sinterklaas zei heeft niemand het ooit nog over zijn of haar lippen gekregen De intrede van de Sint zelf nam vreemd genoeg het minst tijd in beslag Het langst waren de interviews met alle wachtende kinderen die van alles voor de Sint meebrachten, een beetje te vergelijken met [...]

  18. Te doen op FB De Zevensprong by Tonke Dragt is definately one of my all time favourites.It is a whodunnit mystery about Frans van der Steg, a village school teacher Besides working at the local school, he is tutoring the son of a count, Geert Jan He does this at a nearby mansion in the woods, where the boy lives with his uncle The true mystery starts right there, in the mansion and the goal of the mystery is to save Geert Jan A second purpose of the mystery is for Frans is to help Geert Jan sear [...]

  19. Charmant gedateerd qua taalgebruik en een mooi verhaal, maar ik denk eigenlijk dat ik de boot heb gemist door m pas op latere leeftijd te lezen De personages spreken me in ieder geval niet zo sterk aan als ze ze zouden hebben gedaan wanneer ik een kind was De hoofdstukindeling is wel goed gevonden het liedje van de Zevensprong komt niet alleen terug in het verhaal zelf, maar ook in de structuur ervan Leuk om zulke kinderliedjes weer terug te horen.

  20. Re reading and re re reading and then overanalysing this for a current project at work I loved this book as a kid, fell even further in love through the series and even years later I keep on falling in love with it It is in my honest opinion one of the best children stories suited to both guys and girls at the ages 9 12 The only downside is the somewhat archaic language, but this is to be expected from a children s book that has been a bestseller since the 1960 s

  21. Je kan inmiddels wel echt merken dat het wat langer geleden geschreven is Voordat het goed op gang komt is het al wel 150 pagina s ver, maar er zitten mooie geheimzinnige elementen in, vooral een van de personage die een soort onduidelijke dubbelrol blijft spelen als Roberto Brozem.Niet haar beste, maar toch wel erg leuk, jammer dat mijn zoon na 180 bladzijden zijn geduld verloor.

  22. Pure youth sentiment An exciting tale where people are by no means what they look Full of riddles Nevertheless, of all Tonke Dragt s books it is the one most set in the here and now others are in the time of the knights, in the future or in a paralel universe It has also been filmed, a miniseriess.

  23. Ofcourse, as many, I knew the book because of the tv series It was one of my favorite ones back in my childhood years.And now I m reading the book and the atmosphere is still the same and I love how the author plays with the text A real must read, I think.

  24. This was my favourite book when I was a little kid, and it will probably always be one of my favourites I read it first after I saw the musical theatre production, which was great, too Definitely re reading this soon

  25. Samen met mijn 9 jarige zoon gelezen en allebei zeer genoten Voor mij jeugdsentiment omdat ik de Tv serie keek en voor mijn zoon een spannende speurtocht langs geheimen en raadsels tot aan een onverwachte ontknoping.

  26. A fantasy twist to a very common tale if I remember correctly it was made into a tv series for Dutch tv at one point.Tonke Dragt has a talent for making the common seem mysterious and making you see wonder in the world around you.

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