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[PDF] ნისლი | by ↠ Stephen King სტივენ კინგი ნიკა სამუშია [PDF] ნისლი | by ↠ Stephen King სტივენ კინგი ნიკა სამუშია - ნისლი,

  • Title: ნისლი
  • Author: Stephen King სტივენ კინგი ნიკა სამუშია
  • ISBN: 9789941215988
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] ნისლი | by ↠ Stephen King სტივენ კინგი ნიკა სამუშია, ნისლი, Stephen King სტივენ კინგი ნიკა სამუშია,


[PDF] ნისლი | by ↠ Stephen King სტივენ კინგი ნიკა სამუშია [PDF] ნისლი | by ↠ Stephen King სტივენ კინგი ნიკა სამუშია - ნისლი, ნისლი

  • [PDF] ნისლი | by ↠ Stephen King სტივენ კინგი ნიკა სამუშია
    434Stephen King სტივენ კინგი ნიკა სამუშია

429 Comment ნისლი

  1. There are two short stories that I read over and over The Mist has always been a favorite, and I can t believe how many people haven t read Survivor Type It s awesome I ve lost three copies of this from lending it out Don t ask you can t borrow it o

  2. There will be some of you that think three stars is kinda harsh for this collection After all, it includes such amazing tales as The Mist and The Jaunt It must be amazeballs, right Not so much Even the epically awesome stories in this collection need to be trimmed down Most of them start slower than a Lars Von Trier movie, and over half of them never really pay off There are some serious WTF stories within this collection stories I didn t understand ten years ago and still do not understand toda [...]

  3. Skeleton Crew What a great name for this book of short stories Many pack a scare Some not so much I thought I d just highlight a few of my favorites The Mist It s by far the longest short story in the collection Really, it could be called a novella I m glad it was included here instead of a novella collection something that SK has become famous for doing The Mist starts things off with a bang, or should I say a storm After the storm comes the mist, and within that mist is the stuff of children s [...]

  4. Some stories were awesome and some not so much but none were terrible.I reread some of these and finished the book I bumped my rating up from 3 stars to 4 I really enjoyed this collection my favorite 2 were the mist and GRAMMA OMG that one was so good and unexpected the only one I didn t care for was the jaunt I didn t listen to the whole story so it may have been great but spacey stuff just isn t my thing Dylan Baker reading the milkman stories was FANTASTIC Because of his stellar performance, [...]

  5. Revisiting Skeleton Crew, Stephen King s collection of twenty two short stories published in 1985, for the first time since I was in 7th grade a time when I was trying to dress like Don Johnson and get Madonna s Into the Groove out of my head was a wonderful experience The horror stories I loved as a 12 year old were each better than I remember A couple I didn t have the patience for back then became new discoveries A lot of the stories I never cottoned to are still terrible Five stars The Mist [...]

  6. I finished Skeleton Crew with tears in my eyes I thought I d read The Reach the story that closes out this collection before, but I guess I hadn t It was an entirely new experience for me, and it packed quite the emotional wallop As I write this review I m still trying to mentally recover from that one, so pardon me if my thoughts are a little scattered My Fornit died, and I m stuck doing the job myself.By the time this collection was published in 1985, Stephen King was a bona fide literary rock [...]

  7. Stephen King seems to be a bit hit and miss with me Sometimes there can be a Joyland and sometimes there can be a Under the Dome But they have never been bad or unreadable, just seemingly poor, rushed and formulaic I am noticing that I like his modern tales greater than his 80s and 90s huge output.So here is a short story collection from that time The time where it seems like he was writing a book every couple of months And it was just how I find myself feeling about all of his works There were [...]

  8. I finished Skeleton Crew with tears in my eyes I thought I d read The Reach the story that closes out this collection before, but I guess I hadn t It was an entirely new experience for me, and it packed quite the emotional wallop As I write this review I m still trying to mentally recover from that one, so pardon me if my thoughts are a little scattered My Fornit died, and I m stuck doing the job myself.By the time this collection was published in 1985, Stephen King was a bona fide literary rock [...]

  9. Overall, a great collection of short stories by the King We ve since seen a number of these made into films notably The Raft being included in George A Romero s Creepshow 2 and The Mist which was brought to the screen by, he of the Shawshank Redemption adaptation, Frank Darabont But it is some of the less talked about stories in this collection that shined for me The Jaunt, which first appeared in The Twilight Zone Magazine in 1981 was a fantastic melding of science fiction and horror that well [...]

  10. After finishing this I must confess that it was quite cathartic.One of those of books you need to put down for a second when you finish a chapter just to think about what you ve just read.

  11. It has been a while since I read this collection, but some stories not the ones usually cited by reviewers really frightened me.1 Here There Be Tygers We all know that the tiger lurking just beyond the bend in the L shaped bathroom is only a childhood fantasy But it s better not to take chances, anyway2 The Monkey Scary toys Your parents pooh pooh your fears, but you know that they are out to get you3 The Raft Safety is only metres away, but unreachable all the same.4 The Jaunt Haven t we wished [...]

  12. I first read this collection about a thousand years ago while I was a sopho or junior in high school That was the mid late eighties, and my Stephen King fascination was in full bloom Now, nearly thirty years later, I am rereading all of King s books mostly in chronological order, attempting to recapture the ecstasy I felt upon reading them initially.To my delight, Skeleton Crew has withstood the effects of the passage of time, held up impressively, in fact.This collection of stories, most of whi [...]

  13. 1 The Mist 5 52 Here There Tygers 4 53 The Monkey 4 54 Cain Rose Up 4 55 Mrs Todd s Shortcut 2 56 The Jaunt 3 57 The Wedding Gig 4 58 Paranoid A Chant 3 59 The Raft 4 510 Word Processor of the Gods 4 511 The Man Who Would Not Shake Hands 2 512 Beachworld 5 513 The Reaper s Image 3 514 Nona 5 515 For Owen 4 516 Survivor Type 4 517 Uncle Otto s Truck 3.5 518 Morning Deliveries Milkman 1 3 519 Big Wheels A Tale of the Laundry Game Milkman 2 4 520 Gramma 4 521 The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet 3 522 [...]

  14. Probably like 3.5 5 overall as a group of stories for me I would give The Mist, The Raft and Gramma 5 5 with the rest all like 3 5 Worth the read for sure for those three alone.

  15. Skeleton Crew is still my overall favorite of Stephen King s short story collections Several of the stories have been used in film and television in forms that I actually enjoyed and I think that overall he does a good job of maintaining an aura of suspense throughout the collection instead of from story to story The collection actually starts off with a novella, The Mist, that I used an excerpt from during high school for a competitive forensics dramatic reading that I scored very well with thr [...]

  16. Most of this very long review consists of connections to King s other books, so you might want to skip those I do them for my own benefit.Audiobook Narrated by frank Muller Excellent narration.I ll have to qualify that excellent because for some unknown reason The Mist sounds like it s part of a different recording The voice is faint and there s a continuous annoying crackle that makes it sound like it was recorded fifty years ago And from what I can hear it doesn t sound like Muller So, I skipp [...]

  17. Pro itao sam Kingovu zbirku pri a jednom, i to mi je bilo nedovoljno, pa sam je pro itao jo jednom.Moja Kingomanija traje jo od mladala kih dana i ova zbirka pri a ju je samo dodatno oja ala Na to bih samo dodao da je mom pozitivnom utisku itekako doprineo odli an prevod Gorana Skrobonje Na Kralja, ipak, ne mo e svako da se nameri A retki su oni koji mogu da ga savladaju Kao i sa svakom zbirkom pri a, neke pri e vam vi e legnu, neke manje, neke vas oduvaju, a neke ostave zami ljenim nad knjigom [...]

  18. A collection of stories that starts with the novella The Mist There are a couple of fantastic stories with the rest being good I didn t enjoy the inclusion of two poems, but overall the ratings averaged out to a solid four This is King s second short story collection, but I enjoyed his first, Night Shift , the best.1.The Mist I reviewed this where it originally appeared in the anthology Dark Forces See my review there 5 5 2 Here There Be Tygers Short and strange There is a tiger in the boy s bat [...]

  19. Comprato per Nebbia, dopo che ho visto a pezzi, il film the Mist E la prima storia e non male visto che non ricordo nemmeno come finisce il film.Le storie non sono male Direi che merita il massimo Il Re il Re.

  20. A short story is a different thing all together a short story is like a kiss in the dark from a stranger from the Introduction to Skeleton CrewIt had been a while since I revisited King s short story collections, and for the most part, I wasn t disappointed The Mist is a novella than a short story, at about 125 pages Since I grew up living at a cottage on Lake Michigan in the summers, I could relate to the small town feel and the blind fury of the storm Some people think this story goes on a li [...]

  21. This isn t my favourite collection of King s short stories, but there were a couple of cracking tales in there which really lifted the whole anthology.The dark and twisted Survivor Type is a huge stand out How far would you go to survive What would you be capable of if your only other option was death I can only hope to never have my mettle tested so far.The Mist is a great read and that came as a surprise I was seriously apprehensive about reading it as I m still suffering some pathetic but ver [...]

  22. I like that the format of short fiction forces a writer to use an economy that a novel doesn t require in the few books by King I ve read there are times when I feel bogged down in a narrative section bloated by scenes of little consequence King s short stories suffer not from this issue The Mist is the strongest of the bunch as advertised novella in length and sporting an ending I really loved The Jaunt made me think about a potential horror of teleportation I d never previously considered Nona [...]

  23. Another solid Stephen King outing.Just writing about The Mist I find it interesting how Stephen King draws the townsfolk and their various reactions to what is happening.It s almost like watching the progression of grief denial, anger, bargaining, depression acceptance with everyone on their own journey, but also being influenced for better or worse by those around them.In the end, sometimes the horror is other people, than anything that can be conjured up by the Mist.

  24. ReviewI m not generally a fan of short stories, but I am a big fan of Stephen King I ve read two collections by him prior to this one Hearts in Atlantis and Different Seasons I thought both of them were stronger collections The main difference is those contain fewer, but longer stories I think.This one has been on my radar for a long time, in particular because of The Mist, which is the first and longest story It s actually a Novella, where the rest are short stories It s supposed to have major [...]

  25. The stories in this book are either hit or miss, but most of them are pretty cool It s definitely a better anthology than Night Shift The stories I enjoyed the most are The MistCain Rose UpThe JauntThe Reaper s ImageNonaGrammaHowever, I would have to say that the best stories in here are The Mist, The Reaper s Image and Gramma Stephen King is a master craftsman of the short story Other anthologies of his I plan to read are Just After Sunset,Four Past Midnight, Everything s Eventual 14 Dark Tales [...]

  26. The following is a true story.I work in a call center, 5 p.m to 1 a.m Glamorous, right Don t answer that Anyway, toward the end of the night, when the calls slow down, there can be stretches of up to five or ten minutes, sometimes longer, where there s nothing to do but stare blankly at the computer screen And since we re not allowed to use said computers to amuse ourselves in any way even a simple game of solitaire is strictly verboten it gets so fucking boring I ve seriously considered strangl [...]

  27. Stephen King re read 21 King s third story collection contains a few absolutely brilliant pieces foremost The Mist and my favorite story ever, Mrs Todd s shortcut but this time they are interspersed with some lesser ones In contrast to his earlier collections Night Shift Different Seasons this one very much should be enjoyed by careful selection As it is, the overall impression is bogged down by the less interesting, shall we say stories.My order Mrs Todd s Shortcut Absolutely mindbendingly bril [...]

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