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Citadel of the Sky

Free Read Citadel of the Sky - by Chrysoula Tzavelas Free Read Citadel of the Sky - by Chrysoula Tzavelas - Citadel of the Sky, Citadel of the Sky A Dark Lord is rising Again But hey that s what the royal family is for right Kicking butt in nice dresses a new epic tradition Her not very Serene Highness Princess Tiana tries her best not to thin

  • Title: Citadel of the Sky
  • Author: Chrysoula Tzavelas
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Citadel of the Sky - by Chrysoula Tzavelas, Citadel of the Sky, Chrysoula Tzavelas, Citadel of the Sky A Dark Lord is rising Again But hey that s what the royal family is for right Kicking butt in nice dresses a new epic tradition Her not very Serene Highness Princess Tiana tries her best not to think about the dark lords ravaging her country or how the magic in her bloodline makes her family go mad The descendant of a legendary hero she prefers bringing the mythA Dark Lord is

Citadel of the Sky

Free Read Citadel of the Sky - by Chrysoula Tzavelas Free Read Citadel of the Sky - by Chrysoula Tzavelas - Citadel of the Sky, Citadel of the Sky A Dark Lord is rising Again But hey that s what the royal family is for right Kicking butt in nice dresses a new epic tradition Her not very Serene Highness Princess Tiana tries her best not to thin Citadel of the Sky

  • Free Read Citadel of the Sky - by Chrysoula Tzavelas
    484Chrysoula Tzavelas
Citadel of the Sky

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  1. First, I want to thank the publisher for the ARC on Netgalley in exhange for my honest review.So I just finished Citadel of the Sky, and really enjoyed it, despite the issues I had with it I will say this the author is not short of imagination And for those of you who are looking for something ORIGINAL, this is for you Okay, so I want to start with the main issues first, because they re important than praise I had problems getting into the beginning of the story I felt as thought the author did [...]

  2. Make room, GRRM Chrysoula Tzavelas knows how to bring on the pain.I ve just finished CITADEL OF THE SKY, and, like, whoa.This is not GRRM style fantasy, let me make that clear You don t spend every turn of the page in fear that your protagonists are all going to be dead on the next one It s a cast of several, but not thousands It s also under 300 pages, which is like a quarter or a third of the length of a GRRM book And in voice it s it s not even faintly GRRM It s almost well, the tone is lik [...]

  3. As a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, I can say that after while my state of mind could only be classified as LOST in between the second last episode and the season finale, it was something HUGE for Citadel of the Sky to pull me out of a Game Of Thrones funk and get me into another world because it was THAT good I should probably start by saying that I m NOT going to elaborate on the actual story here, because if I tell you what happens, why would you read it Like if someone told me about The Red Weddi [...]

  4. I found this book through Kickstarter, having no previous knowledge of the author s work I was hooked as soon as I read the preview I backed the Kickstarter immediately and spent days wondering what happened next while I waited for the Kickstarter to end and my purchase to be filled This book has a gripping, constantly evolving plot with a tinge of horror, set in a world with unique and complex systems of religion, politics and magic.The only thing I disliked about it is that it ends on a cliffh [...]

  5. I got the ARC through Netgalley in exchange for providing an honest review.It was my first book from the author and the first thing that caught my eye was it s intriguing synopsis which promises too much fantasy.Well coming to the book I ve got so many problems with it, first of all the writing skills are really hard to understand and there were so many words that aren t clear and confusing.Other than the problem with the writing skills, there were so many corrections to be done The Only good th [...]

  6. Firstly I would like to thank netgallery and the author publisher for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review My review is as follows This book was an OK read I would like to praise the author for their imaginative but the whole thing for me was that it was trying too hard to be an epic fantasy and I got confused The main character are Kier and Tiana but if I m honest neither of these characters grabbed me as interesting I may be too old to relate to these cha [...]

  7. This book wants to be a magic story in the style of Sanderson aliens are invading, and nobody really knows how magic works, but they ve got to learn the rules really fast if they want to beat the aliens.Where the book falls down is in its failure to explain the rules of magic Partially this is because the viewpoint characters have lived with magic their whole lives, so they don t bother with exposition about it the way we learn how it works is by watching them do it But there are a bunch of plac [...]

  8. I recieved this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewThis book was pretty good It was really original, I haven t read many books like this The character development was perfect, it was realistic and even though one of the main characters, Tiana developed negatively she became impulsive and started to not care about consequences The world was new and refreshing, not just the setting but the political and magic system I m extremely grateful that the author did not forget to add a f [...]

  9. Interesting premise where the royal family has magic but it also brings madness its a shame it had less than stellar execution.The magic system was very confusing and towards the end of the book I still wasnt sure how it worked.The book actually has two narrators Tiana and her cousin Liar I prefer red to follow Tiana and ended up skimming Kiars view point chapters.The dialogue between Tiana and other characters felt very stilted and I just didnt get a sense of their relationship.Its saying somet [...]

  10. Boy, I ve been suckered into a bunch of crappers lately This one was so bad I only got 3% in before DNF ing it.

  11. Too hard to followI found this book to be very difficult to understand and follow I re read chapters to see if I missed something, but I just didn t get this book.

  12. Citadel of the Sky is an intriguing mix of royalty, politics, history, conspiracy and suspicion It also has an immense fantasy aspect.Despite having these wonderful elements, I struggled getting started The author could have done a better job front loading readers with the basics of Tiana s world, the phantasmagory and the creatures All of the characters were quickly thrown at readers, and for a while it was hard to make the connections between them I discovered that there was a characters list [...]

  13. Title Citadel of the SkyAuthor Chrysoula TzavelasSeries Thrones of the Firstborn 1Publication 2015 by Dreamfarmer PressPages 382Source NetgalleySummary Her not very Serene Highness Princess Tiana tries her best not to think about the dark lords ravaging her country or how the magic in her bloodline makes her family go mad The descendant of a legendary hero, she prefers bringing the myths of old to life on the theater stage, not on the battlefield.Then a rash of suspicious deaths strikes the Rege [...]

  14. In Citadel of the Sky we meet Tiana, a princess of a family with magic in their bloodline which makes her family go mad There is a lot going on in the world around Tiana There are some suspicious deaths happening and the Noble s Councils seems eager to cover everything up Tiana is determined to find out what is really happening, and who is killing her friends and advisors This review is definitely a difficult one for me write I finished reading this book and decided it was best to write the revi [...]

  15. OVerall enjoyed the book and look forward to the next The ending just wow So yeah wow that was wow and crazy and really takes the breath away At first there was confusion for me trying to follow the storyline The world and everyone wasn t really explained in the beginning so you were just thrown into the pond head first no background As you go further into the story the characters draw you in Tiana although at times is a brat she is plucky and brave while Kiar is quiet but strong in her own way [...]

  16. See all of my reviews gloriouspanic.wordpressAt the very beginning of the book the amount of foreign information and immense amount of detail had me a bit lost Once I really began to understand the new vocabulary and had a sense of the world I really began to enjoy the story There were a few moments I felt the detail was a bit over done but I still really enjoyed it The characters were what really drew me in from the very first scene There were quite a few to keep me engaged but not so many I ha [...]

  17. I received a copy via NetGalley for an honest review.I rated this book with consideration on the plotd the potential It s socloseyoucanfeelitrighthere Literally a power house plot and I wanted to love this book from the description.I was confused from the beginning, unfortunately I didn t want to be and kept trying to straighten who was who, but maybe a little description or character definition will help that in the future The potential plot vs the story telling content didn t work for me, it [...]

  18. I received a copy for my honest review As soon as I read the summary I knew that I had to read this book However, I ended up feeling disappointed and confused when I finally started reading I felt like the author kind of dropped the reader off in the middle of the book and even though I don t normally mind that I appreciate it if the author catches the reader up at some point For most of the book I was still kind of confused about the characters backgrounds and that made it really difficult to c [...]

  19. This book grabbed me on the first page In fact, I recall reading it aloud to the class I was teaching at the time because I thought it was such a delicious hook Great Uncle Jant s Regent died of old age, and cousin Cathay s Regent was thrown from his horse, and Uncle Yithiere s Regent had a heart attack, but it was all just bad luck until the King s Regent died It took than bad luck to tear somebody s arm off It took a fiend, or a team of horses, or somebody really spiteful It was so darkly amu [...]

  20. I received this book in exchange for a honest review.I really, really wanted to love this, but it just didn t happen.I never really got immersed in the story The writing style was definitely intriguing, but it s just not for me I was confused through most of it, I didn t really know who s perception I was reading from.You know when you re late to the movie, when you finally get to your seat, you realize you ve missed half of it and you don t know what s going on at all That s how I felt I m sorr [...]

  21. I received this novel free from the author via a giveaway on Library Thing.In Citadel of the Sky, Chrysoula Tzavelas demonstrates amazing imagination and an admirable level of eloquence I was quite impressed with this book despite not being in the ideal demographic.This is the first book in a new series by Tzavelas, Thrones of the Firstborn In Citadel we re introduced to the youngest generation of the royal family and given some insight into the political intrigues of the land and the nature of [...]

  22. This was a great start to a new series Also a rather abrupt cliffhanger ending, but then I think I wasn t looking at the page numbers on my kindle carefully enough I love the magic systems, and their weird interactions what happens if and the feeling that the heroines don t have to be perfect to be effective and interesting I also love the sense we get that the main characters are completely isolated from the world, and that feeling of dawning horror as they start to realize what s been going on [...]

  23. Very original I loved the eidelons I did look it up but it would have become clear if I hadn t, I think The beginning was a little confusing, but in a way I think that added rather than detracted from the story After all, it is about characters concerned with going mad, and the whole circumstances the novel opens with are confusing to everyone involved I really liked the characters, and Twist especially really grew on me Tiana and Kiar are both strong female characters, and I liked how Kiar real [...]

  24. I really liked this book, couldn t put it down Characters were interesting and the setting was different, with interesting magic Love that the main powers are brown There were a few things that threw me out of the story at the beginning, but I think those were directly tied to reading other people s reviews, and that if I hadn t then it would have been just fine mostly I was thinking why on earth did this bother that other reviewer Already looking forward to the next one

  25. I wanted to love this book as I loved the description of it and usually enjoy when princesses use magic powers to kick butt However, I could not get into it The action seemed passive as much of it occurred while in a dream like state I never really bought into the fact that anyone was in danger Maybe it was just me but I wanted to connect with the characters and the plot The idea was great though.

  26. ConfusingI didn t understand the point of the book, it seemed like it is just a set up for the next in the series and nothing was resolved in this one, yes one princess supposedly knows who the enemy is but no one seems to know their power s or allies The mother is brought up but nothing much to go on, sure to be a major player at some point The king dies with questions than answers Maybe it is just me but nothing made sense to me.

  27. Am I the only one who read the first two chapters and then had to put down the book out of utter confusion There are so many terms that the writer does not fully explain and while I appreciate a story that instantly jumps into an exciting event the way the writer wrote about the people there left me feeling very confused and without any connection to the MC.

  28. Complex high fantasy with female MCs YES PLEASE I suspect my friends who like Tamora Pierce s works will love this The worldbuilding on this is nuanced, and there s plenty of danger, magic, and adventure potential for the later books Have in both ebook and paper Actually read in ebook.

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