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Unlimited Lewispjäserna - by PeterMay Charlotte Hjukström Unlimited Lewispjäserna - by PeterMay Charlotte Hjukström - Lewispjäserna, Lewispj serna Fin Macleod numera s kerhetschef p en privat gd egendom p Isle of Lewis f r i uppdrag att utreda en v g av illegal jakt p n Hans efterforskningar terf renar honom med Whistler Macaskill en lokal tjuvs

  • Title: Lewispjäserna
  • Author: PeterMay Charlotte Hjukström
  • ISBN: 9789176455623
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover

Unlimited Lewispjäserna - by PeterMay Charlotte Hjukström, Lewispjäserna, PeterMay Charlotte Hjukström, Lewispj serna Fin Macleod numera s kerhetschef p en privat gd egendom p Isle of Lewis f r i uppdrag att utreda en v g av illegal jakt p n Hans efterforskningar terf renar honom med Whistler Macaskill en lokal tjuvskytt som var Fins b sta kompis under ton ren Whistler b r sedan l nge p en stor hemlighet Och n r terf reningen tar en m rk v ldsam v ndning inser Fin att det skulFin Macleod numera s


Unlimited Lewispjäserna - by PeterMay Charlotte Hjukström Unlimited Lewispjäserna - by PeterMay Charlotte Hjukström - Lewispjäserna, Lewispj serna Fin Macleod numera s kerhetschef p en privat gd egendom p Isle of Lewis f r i uppdrag att utreda en v g av illegal jakt p n Hans efterforskningar terf renar honom med Whistler Macaskill en lokal tjuvs Lewispjäserna

  • Unlimited Lewispjäserna - by PeterMay Charlotte Hjukström
    189PeterMay Charlotte Hjukström

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  1. So, after reading well, listening to actually this trio of books back to back I ve reached the end AfterThe Blackhouse andLewis Man introduced us to Fin MacLeod, this story completes a perfectly formed trilogy The descriptions of the wild and remote Hebridean islands is ever present as is the all pervading influence of the church, but it s the individual characters that rightly take centre stage here We are introduced to quite a cast from Fin s early years and learn a good deal about how his li [...]

  2. The Lewis Chessmen are real artifacts, discovered near Uig, Lewis in 1831 There is some speculation as to their origin, but they appear to have been crafted in the 12th century, and most historians believe they were originally created in Norway.In this book, the last of the Lewis Trilogy, replicas of the chessmen play a pivotal role in solving a murder There is another murder that is discovered one that occurred 16 years ago Again, Peter May s masterful weaving of the stories of his characters p [...]

  3. This completes the trilogy of murder mysteries set on Lewis Island in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland Fin left this rural backwater 18 years before when he went to college on the mainland and subsequently became a police detective in Edinburgh But the death of a child and the break up of his marriage has him looking for self repair from his roots in this remote Gaelic speaking community In the prior book, we learned he has a special connection in the form of a son he didn t know about being raise [...]

  4. I hate to say this but the concluding book in the trilogy left me somewhat disappointed if you had removed the epilogue, and this wasn t the concluding chapter in the trilogy, I might have felt differently I.e if this was a series of books like the David Hewson Nic Costa series , I wouldn t have felt that the entire story was compromised My main issues would be I do not understand why the new character of Whistler was introduced He had never been mentioned prior to this and given the relationshi [...]

  5. This is the third book in what is an excellent trilogy Centred around Fin Macleod, the novels have taken him from an Edinburgh DI, grieving the loss of his young son and the breakdown of his marriage back to his childhood home on Lewis in the Outer Hebrides to reconnect with his old friends and lost loves Now resigned from the police and employed to manage security on a large estate, he is living with his childhood sweetheart and coming to terms with being a father to a son he didn t know he had [...]

  6. Rating 3.5 of fiveThe series is complete My relief is genuine.I ll find something to say in due course DUE COURSE HAVING ELAPSED Peter May cut his storytelling teeth in Scottish television, creating two prime time drama series and script editing a third He is very clearly Scottish, choosing an unfamiliar and unforgiving setting for this series The Hebrides, no less than Ann Cleeves s famous Shetlands TV and book series, is globally known for its distilled essence of Scottishness No smart author [...]

  7. With ex Detective Inspector Fin Macleod once again living permanently on the Isle of Lewis, it wasn t long before he re connected with his old childhood friend, Whistler Macaskill The carefree days of their youth were over shadowed by the poachers in the area Fin s new job was to investigate the illegal activity and catch them But the night the two were high up on the mountains in a terrible storm, was the night of what was known as a Bog Burst when the loch they were overlooking drained down in [...]

  8. I feel quite saddened to have to score it only three stars after having really enjoyed the first 2 books of the trilogy Beautiful scenery, a very likable lead and an imaginative back story running from the previous books However, for me there were a number of flaws Whistler for being such a good friend, he needed to have been mentioned in the earlier books Solas if helping the band through Fins school uni years was so much a part of his life, it should also should have been mentioned earlier Rod [...]

  9. Fin Macleod is working as a head security on an estate on Lewis He is in charge of investigating illegal game hunting and this brings him at a collision course with an old friend of his Whistler Macaskill a local poacher The something unexpected happens, the dead body of musician and an old friend to both Fin and Whistler is discovered in an airplane in a lake.The first two books in this series are truly great and I ve been looking forward to reading the last book in the trilogy and it was great [...]

  10. Book ReviewThird in The Lewis Trilogy, The Chessmen brings us to the conclusion of the trilogy This time, the crime bears some resemblance to the The Lewis Man, in that a cold case appears to have been unearthed as a small airplane bearing the body of a murdered musician is uncovered from a Lewis Island loch lake some seventeen years later.What struck me in this reading as well as the previous novels is May s dedication to the art of writing a novel The man spent five years on the island in orde [...]

  11. This final book of the Lewis Trilogy accomplishes a lot in bringing some closure to many, though not all, story threads begun in The Blackhouse As was true with the first two books, while there are mysteries both old and new that require investigation, the essence of The Lewis Men is once again the location and the people of the Hebrides, most especially the Isle of Lewis,a physically lonely and lonesome spot at the western most edge of Europe Buffeted by the wind and water off the Atlantic, the [...]

  12. In the final novel of The Lewis Trilogy The Blackhouse, The Lewis Man, The Chessmen, Fin Macleod is once again employed, this time as head of security on a private estate He is given the task of curbing the poaching of animals and of salmon, but one of the poachers is his old childhood friend Whistler Fin will be faced with making important choices and decisions As with the previous novels in this trilogy, the action takes place on the Isle of Lewis in the Hebrides and the location is an integra [...]

  13. The Chessmen has much of what made the first two books of this series worth reading The wildly beautiful setting and the atmospheric overtones that accompany each scene keep it from being less than three stars, but I m sad to report that it fell short in most other ways It surprises me how much I dislike this book in comparison to its predecessors The best part of this story is also the most confounding Fin s friendship with Whistler Whistler is a larger than life character, and the emotional ti [...]

  14. This is the 3rd book starring Fin Macleod, this time he has taken on the job of head security for the estate on his birth island His main job is sussing out who is poaching the salmon on the island into extinction Well rest assured we never find out in this book.While the previous books did tell you something about the history of Isles and the various parties who played a large role in their history, this one seems to be about Fins teenage College years and a music band and its role in Macleods [...]

  15. This is the last book of the Lewis trilogy and I hope the author reconsiders and writes I think this was the best of all It s amazing how the strings of childhood stay with us for all of our lives This one involves the disappearance of a member of a famous Gaelic group that Fin used to roadie for A body in an airplane shows up when a lough mysteriously disappears.May creates such a sense of place that I almost feel I ve visited this wind swept island off the coast of Scotland The character of t [...]

  16. This third and final novel in the Lewis Trilogy is the best of the 3 Fin MacLeod is once again thrust into a weird crime setting, a long lost missing plane, and a body from 15 years ago As usual, Peter May compels us with his exceptional writing skills, his knowledge of Scotland Isles, and emotionally rich drama as well as suspense God I love how this man writes I am so disappointed that we won t be seeing of Fin, or the generations of families that have been created in these wonderful historic [...]

  17. The least of the three books and I can only reiterate what other reviewers here have commented on Most of them have it spot on.1 Nowhere in the previous two books did we see or hear of the character called Whistler Considering the friendship with Fin, you d think it would ve been at least touched upon He was far too important in Fin s life to be dragged up now 2 Same with the character of Mairead She s the lead singer of a world famous Celtic rock band that Fin once roadied for and known since h [...]

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  19. The third instalment of the Lewis trilogy preceeded by The Blackhouse and The Lewis Man and to my mind, the most enjoyable of the series Ex Edinburgh DI Fin MacLeod has severed ties from the mainland and his former life, and taken up permanent residence on the Isle of Lewis, working as head of security for a private estate After the discovery of a plane and body in a drained loch, and an illegal spate of poaching, Fin is thrust into an uneasy relationship with his friend Whistler Macaskill as th [...]

  20. Carnage Fin is obviously one of these people who attracts trouble I d love to think Peter May would write of this series but he just killed off pretty much every decent character in it so I guess that s a no , then.Sadly, May adds in characters who were apparently friends from boyhood but who never got a mention before, very unlikely and detracts from the series overall.Again, with some willing suspension of disbelief on my part, May lays out the landscape enticingly and peoples it with intrigu [...]

  21. A story that captures the imagination a thrilling and at times sad read, parts of which kept me so enthralled, I was impervious to time passing The descriptions of the Islands, the people, the inclusion of the tragic tale of the Iolaire in 1919 all of this the author weaves around a mystery thriller It is a compelling read I hope the author reconsiders and resurrects Fin and the other authentic characters he has created in his Lewis books.

  22. An excellent third book in the trilogy I thoroughly enjoyed it and am only sorry it s finished I will look out for books by this author I love his style and really couldn t put the book down once I got into the story I almost felt that I lived among the characters

  23. Such a good series.d to see it end It was a joy to read.Part three starts with the discovery of a body in a plane after a bog burst Can that really happen Fin is part of this discovery and leads back into a great tale regarding his time As a road manager for a band Like the other two parts of this series, lots of flashbacks in time and great storytelling.

  24. The Chessmen is the final novel in Peter May s crime trilogy set on the Isle of Lewis, in Scotland s remote Western Isles I found the first instalment, The Blackhouse, interesting and atmospheric but flawed in terms of character development, but thought book two, The Lewis Man, was excellent.Unfortunately I think The Chessmen is by far the weakest of the three In its favour, it does have many of the features that attracted me to its predecessors, including sharply accurate descriptions of the be [...]

  25. I read the entire Lewis Trilogy but Peter May this month and I m sad to leave Lewis Island and Fin McLeod behind May does what you always hope that a mystery writer will do, develop characters which are multi dimensional, create an evocative setting and tell a great story with an intricate mystery Each of the books of the trilogy are excellent in and of themselves, but combined together the were powerful.As with so many protagonist Fin McLeod is both damaged and dynamic Fin is strong man dealing [...]

  26. The last in the Lewis Trilogy, was an enjoyable read Fin Macleod was a great character whom I wish there was going to be novels with him in it I thought Peter May did some great work in painting the landscape of Lewis and Harris, the windswept moors and sometimes desolate landscape was at times haunting, and made me miss the island and my cousins It had a special interest for me, as my great uncle Donald Murray from Bragar was one of the few survivors of the Iolaire shipwreck I remember as a ch [...]

  27. Not as good as the last 2 unfortunately Felt like a draft that needed tightening up on the next re write Disappointing end to the trilogy Would have given 2.5 stars if I could.

  28. Fin Macleod, now head of security on a privately owned Lewis estate, is charged with investigating a spate of illegal game hunting taking place on the island This mission reunites him with Whistler Macaskill a local poacher, Fin s teenage intimate, and possessor of a long buried secret But when this reunion takes a violent, sinister turn, Fin realizes that revealing the truth could destroy the future.More of a book about the past than the present Most of the story is told in flashbacks of the ma [...]

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