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Mercury Striking

[PDF] Mercury Striking | by ↠ Rebecca Zanetti [PDF] Mercury Striking | by ↠ Rebecca Zanetti - Mercury Striking, Mercury Striking Thrilling post apocalyptic romance at its dark sizzling best Lara Adrian Nothing is easy or black or white in Zanetti s grim new reality but hope is key and I hope she writes faster New York Times

  • Title: Mercury Striking
  • Author: Rebecca Zanetti
  • ISBN: 9781420137958
  • Page: 252
  • Format: ebook

[PDF] Mercury Striking | by ↠ Rebecca Zanetti, Mercury Striking, Rebecca Zanetti, Mercury Striking Thrilling post apocalyptic romance at its dark sizzling best Lara Adrian Nothing is easy or black or white in Zanetti s grim new reality but hope is key and I hope she writes faster New York Times bestselling author Larissa Ione With nothing but rumors to lead her Lynne Harmony has trekked across a nightmare landscape to find one man a mysterious damaged legend Thrilling post

Mercury Striking

[PDF] Mercury Striking | by ↠ Rebecca Zanetti [PDF] Mercury Striking | by ↠ Rebecca Zanetti - Mercury Striking, Mercury Striking Thrilling post apocalyptic romance at its dark sizzling best Lara Adrian Nothing is easy or black or white in Zanetti s grim new reality but hope is key and I hope she writes faster New York Times Mercury Striking

  • [PDF] Mercury Striking | by ↠ Rebecca Zanetti
    252Rebecca Zanetti
Mercury Striking

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  1. 4 Zombie Walking Dead, I Mean Ripper StarsSo you know those books you request from Netgalleyen realize a year later that you still haven t read Then you randomly open your kindle one day and it s staring right at youJudging you and your procrastinate tendenciesWell, that was this book for me Shame on me In fact, I requested this bad boy, blurb unread, at the advice of a friend who deemed it a must read, if I remember correctly.Well, after reading a couple things from this author before her milit [...]

  2. 5 Blue Heart Stars That s where you re wrong, Lynne Harmony The second you crossed into Vanguard territory, the very moment you asked for my help, that s exactly what you became What she asked, sounding breathless now Mine Mercury Striking is the first book in Rebecca Zanetti s new dystopian series entitled The Scorpius Syndrome I have absolutely loved many books by this author so, needless to say, I was like a kid in a candy store when I got my hands on this one Once again, this author has penn [...]

  3. 5 StarsShe was everything he didn t deserve, everything good, and he d make sure she stayed safe for the rest of her life, no matter what he had to do.Rebecca Zanetti s Sin Brothers series was easily my favorite that I read by heruntil I read this book I m hooked and there s no looking back Now admittedly I m not a reader that enjoys the post apocalyptic world in my books But Rebecca is one of the few authors I was willing to make an exception for because I truly love her work, and boy was I gla [...]

  4. Walking Dead fans aren t we sad to see Rick being all afraid and non killy Well, you need this book Our hero, Jax, is the leader of a group of survivors in a post apocalyptic world after a bacteria kills most of the population, and he is a killing machine A good killing machine The kind we love because deep down he has a heart of gold.It s the apocalypse The only thing left was the Cheeto factory Sheesh Unlike our heroine, Lynn, who has a heart of a blue neon light like an old K mart special She [...]

  5. 5 All the gentleman are dead, baby Soldiers and survivors are what we have now Stars If you were to tell me prior to reading Mercury Striking that I would willingly read a romantic suspense book that has the inclusion of Zombie type characters as part of its main theme, I would have promptly told you Hell No As a reader, film goer and just general human being, I do not do horror no matter what the level in any shape, type or form But this is Rebecca Zanetti, and I just couldn t resist.And I am g [...]

  6. 2.5 stars Full Review I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.With a deadly disease unleashed on the world, Lynne, the former head of the CDC Center for Disease Control is on the run Known as Blue Heart because after contracting the Scorpius disease, experiments on her to find a cure have colored her heart and the veins surrounding it blue, Lynne is trying to make it to a clinic known as Myriad and hop [...]

  7. Awesome This is one of the best dystopias I ve read and I don t say that lightly I absolutely love the world builder and the character development The romance part was why it didn t get a full 5 stars from me, it didn t really tickle all my senses what a weird thing to say, but you get the idea, right.Anyway, it was really well written and worth reading, especially if you like dystopias.

  8. 4 Blue Heart StarsPrettier Review Vanilla Spice BooksThe next world war will be between man and nature Nature has never lost When I read I seem to always have scenes from movies not necessarily characters with a similar theme in my mind and thus applying colors for the book In this case it was the desert yellow brown of scenes from Mad Max Why my mind does that, no idea but it works for me to be in a certain mindset when I read to feel the atmosphere.We are thrown into a world of utter devastati [...]

  9. 4.5 star ARC Review In individuals, insanity is rare but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule Friedrich NietzscheMercury Rising is an explosive debut for Rebecca Zanetti s latest, The Scorpius Syndrome It s a dystopian series in which a pandemic wipes out over 90% of the population in the United States It is unclear how the rest of the world has fared because communication is limited The infrastructure is decimated and the government is trying to re group Resources are limited [...]

  10. Mercury Striking is a nice balance of action and romance I enjoyed the action a lot than the romance because I find Mercury s personality to be militant, hard, and practical perfect for a high intensity, action thriller Take this same personality into the bedroom, though, and I m a bit disappointed I find the romance to be too stiff, mechanical, and perfunctory Nevertheless, I would recommend this book to fans who prefer a lot of action with a practical measure of romance I received this title [...]

  11. 4.5 post apocalyptic, action packed, exciting and romantic starsI m a huge Rebecca Zanetti fan She writes fantastic action adventure, suspenseful, sexy and romantic stories, and she s totally nailed it with this one Full of sensational characters living in a terrifying world, they face danger and violence and a true struggle for survival There are lots of surprises and on the edge of your seat excitement, and the romantic and super hot love story woven throughout satisfied the romance reader in [...]

  12. So far this book goes to the top of my favorites list on the shelf of best books of 2016 5 If I could give it then I bloody would stars It s been a long time since I can say that I can give a book 5 stars or A big thank you and smackeroo to Kensington Press for this book From this sentence alone I was hooked.She forced strength into her voice You don t want to kill me without taking me to Mercury first Jax Mercury, to be exact If he still lived If not, she was screwed anyway Time is running ou [...]

  13. Mercury Striking is listed as number one in the Scorpius Syndrome series but I feel it only fair to warn other readers that there s a prequel entitled Scirpius Rising in the anthology On The Hunt that really sets the scene Lynne Harmony worked for the CDC but became infected by a mutated strain of an alien bacteria Worse still although Lynne has pulled through millions across the world have succumbed to the deadly infection and now Lynne is hunted but this clever woman has a plan.Jax Mercury kno [...]

  14. I know this is labeled book one, but you really need to read the.5 novella first.It gives you the very beginning of the bacteria outbreak What caused it, what they tried to do to cure it and even some of the characters that will play a big part in this series I think some readers would be confused in the beginning if they jump into this book first.I found a great description of what The Scorpius bacteria is and what it does to people This was in a training session our main character Jax quoted t [...]

  15. Overall rating 4.5 Blue Heart stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Love triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Sex with om ow view spoiler No hide spoiler Intimate pasts view spoiler The hero definitely had casual sex over the years throughout his life and no relationships or love The last time he had sex was about a year ago I honestly don t recall about the heroine how much sex she had She definitely had a few relationships, especially with one of the villains She didn t love hi [...]

  16. Rating 4.5 starsAn ARC was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest opinion I might be ok alot biased since I really enjoy and love Ms Zanettis books that I had to request for an ARC And I read this book while I was on my flight to my holiday destination which made it a hell of a interesting flight.I would suggest everyone read the anthology On the Hunt because it introduces the world of scorpius syndrome and it features a great couple as well I have surmised what happens t [...]

  17. 3.5 starsImagine a world where a new bacteria gets released that causes pretty much everyone to either a Die most of the time b Become a mindless dumb killerc Become a genius serial killer with no empathy ord Become something somehow than you were beforeThis is the world this book is set in it s like a dystopian zombie book only with killers instead of zombies I found the concept to be interesting but there were some things that I picked up on in the book that kind of annoyed me a little view s [...]

  18. If you haven t read Scorpius Rising from the On The Hunt anthology, stop and read it now It isn t a must , but in my opinion it really sets the stage for Mercury Striking.Fans of an apocalyptic type read will no doubt devour this one It us unlike anything I have read from Zanetti before I d say that Walking Dead meets the Sin brothers is the best way to describe it The world has changed, and those that have survived it are either enhanced, or worse a zombie like creature set on tearing you limb [...]

  19. HE BEAT HER WITH A BELT I don t care if they are in a primitive society as the asshole called it but beating a woman is never okay And then to have them have sex in the same day without an apology Yeah no Authors stop romanticising abuse.

  20. ARC received for reviewGood start to a new series Lots of back story of course which made it slow in parts Great chemistry, romance and hot bedroom scenes between Lynne and Jax Lots of crazy people aka Rippers running around creating chaos Great secondary characters that I can t wait to know about, but Ms Zanetti is on my poop list for one thing.

  21. Reviewed for herding cats burning soup.Ooooo Rebecca Zanetti grabby hands I was crazy excited for a new series from Zanetti The woman can write action and suspense like you wouldn t believe and a new world kicking off with a pretty badass cover I m in The quick of it is that the world has been hit with a deadly bacteria Billions are dead and the world is pretty much a gritty war zone One the heroine who many blame for the horrors they ve been through is desperately crossing in order to find the [...]

  22. Full review atOh My Shelves BlogI think the author definitely elevated her game in this book I admit that I love Rebecca Zanetti s writing Whenever I open her book, I feel confident that I will get both a good plot and likeable characters While this novel book was no exception, she really took time to lay the foundation to what I believe will be an exciting new series.I read the prequel awhile ago and I don t remember much from it So I don t feel like it affected my enjoyment of this book The wo [...]

  23. This book It makes the next five books that I read after it look meh in comparison.Scandalicious TBR Lottery ChallengeSeries YesSexy times Hotsie Totsie but nothing that pushes the boundaries of vanillaPlan on reading by the author I think you already know how I feel Synopsis Crazy world gone dystopian at the behest of a mad and bad virus One woman, who we meet in the previous book, Blue Heart, who might be the key to saving humanity Or not One man, holding his own and holding 500 people, just [...]

  24. I really was taking a 180 from my usual genre I ve been wanting to branch out So I picked this book Sci Fi, with some romance thrown in I have other Zanetti books in my library, but I wanted to start with book one in this Series I took my sweet time reading this I m not a skimmer, but I really read word for word I really got into the futurist post apocalyptic thriller There s really no date given, but I got the impression that this could have taken place in the very near future Scorpius is a kil [...]

  25. Lynn Harmony is in search of freedom Blamed for starting the Scorpius Syndrome, she is hunted and a pariah to mankind Her hope lies in Jax Mercury, a leader in the Vanguard group and survivors of this plague.Zanetti has two very powerful characters that bring this story to life The hostile world climate is on the brink of imploding and you can truly believe Jax and Lynn have what it takes to survive but I wasn t 100% all in to them being a couple I was very excited when I found out about a new s [...]

  26. I received a free copy of Mercury Striking from Zebra via Netgalley in exchange of an honest and unbiased review Mercury Striking is a very powerful dystopia suspense novel, where most technology is down, and what is left of humanity is fighting against a horrible bacteria for survival.

  27. Breakdown of Mercury StrikingWorld An outbreak caused by bacteria has killed most of the population Survivors come in all forms and not all of them are good for the future of humanity The US is in shambles, and folks have no idea if the government still stands Jax Mercury is a troubled solider who sets up a stronghold in L.A protecting the weak Lynn Harmony is a wanted woman who risks everything to ask Jax for help Lynn may hold the key to a cure L.A is broken up into territories ruled by groups [...]

  28. Let me say right off the bat that I have struggled with Zanetti s books in the past This new apocalyptic series, however, looks to be right up my alley Mercury Striking is not a perfect read by any means The wordbuilding for the setting could be a little better but overall I am quite pleased with the book and this world.Lynne Harmony is the nation s top microbiologist When a pandemic begins after a highly infectious bacteria is brought to earth during a meteor shower, she is brought in by the go [...]

  29. Rating Clarification 4.5 stars It had romance, action and Jax Mercury What could I ask for I loved it My only complaint was that I thought the ending felt rushed, things happened too quickly for my taste I can t wait for Raze s book, August is so far away.

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