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Held Hostage

Held Hostage Best Read || [Morticia Knight] Held Hostage Best Read || [Morticia Knight] - Held Hostage, Held Hostage SWAT officer Cole can handle just about anything until he rescues Brett a man who makes him question all he s ever believed about love As a member of the Las Vegas Police Department s SWAT team Co

  • Title: Held Hostage
  • Author: Morticia Knight
  • ISBN: 9781784306250
  • Page: 271
  • Format: ebook

Held Hostage Best Read || [Morticia Knight], Held Hostage, Morticia Knight, Held Hostage SWAT officer Cole can handle just about anything until he rescues Brett a man who makes him question all he s ever believed about love As a member of the Las Vegas Police Department s SWAT team Cole has seen his fair share of danger but he s never taken a chance on love He s willing to have some fun when the mood strikes him but he s married to the job Called in onSWAT officer

Held Hostage

Held Hostage Best Read || [Morticia Knight] Held Hostage Best Read || [Morticia Knight] - Held Hostage, Held Hostage SWAT officer Cole can handle just about anything until he rescues Brett a man who makes him question all he s ever believed about love As a member of the Las Vegas Police Department s SWAT team Co Held Hostage

  • Held Hostage Best Read || [Morticia Knight]
    271Morticia Knight
Held Hostage

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  1. This is very Insta Lovey and rushed, but I can forgive a lot when men in uniform and arse hole waxing are involved Brett is Parker s ex boyfriend from Copping an Attitude, the second book in Morticia Knight s Sin City Uniforms series Brett is working the retail bump and grind he s lonely and not even remotely fulfilled by random hookups On top of all that, he becomes a hostage during a scary situation at the store he manages The poor guy cannot catch a break SWAT team member Cole is rough around [...]

  2. Brett was introduced in book 2 of this series when he and Parker were casually sleeping together Well, it was casual on Parker s part, but Brett ended up with his heart broken I had felt bad for how he was treated in Parker s book, so I was super happy that Held Hostage gave him a sweet and sexy HEA.Cole is a Vegas cop and has a comfortable relationship with his best friend The have sex and remain besties, with no strings attached Just how Cole likes it No commitment, nothing serious When a host [...]

  3. 2.5 starsMaybe I m just not into f ck buddy plot I don t feel anything about it The only thing I liked is when Brett come to his senses and confront Cole That s what I liked the most.

  4. Copy of the book was kindly provided by the author for fair and honest review.First of my bad Not only did this my first timer reading Morticia Knight piece, I had picked the latest of an ongoing series Having skipped previous books, there were some details mentioned here that had me muttered, dang, that was on book whichever and I haven t read them But as a standalone, I quite enjoyed this story.As could be guessed by the title and Cole s occupation as a member of LVMPD SWAT team yes, highly tr [...]

  5. I received a copy of this book via Don t Buy My Love program in exchange for an honest review This is a series book, but easily enjoyed as a standalone.Brett is manager of an upscale men s clothing store in Las Vegas This is a step down from his regional manager position He made this career move to have time with a man he thought he loved, Officer Parker from a previous book in the series Parker didn t return his strength of affection, but Brett had already set his mind on settling down, so he [...]

  6. A bright and breezy tale of Brett who has decided to settle down, and recently moved to manage a fashion store in Las Vegas He meets hunky Cole, a police officer and SWAT team member who is a native of the city There is chemistry between both guys, but Cole is not looking for love.The story is told in third person and from both main characters points of view There are some mild elements of BDSM as Cole introduces Brett to a walk on the wild side, but mostly this is a gentle love story Brett figu [...]

  7. I received this book from the author through the m m romance group s Don t Buy Me Love Program in exchange for a fair and honest review 3.5 StarsI was really looking forward to this book and I wasn t disappointed despite the fact that it started with a couple of my personal dislikes I just couldn t help but like these kind, sweet men I enjoyed getting to know former Army ranger, Las Vegas SWAT Team officer Cole Silva and retail store manager grant writer Brett Langevin I really dislike seeing my [...]

  8. I was given this book free by the author in exchange for an unbiased review I really enjoyed this It s the fourth in a series, but I haven t read the others and had no trouble following, so it s definitely a stand alone I m curious about Books 1 3, though, because of the mention of previous characters, which I usually enjoy re encountering because of the continuity and closure that brings.This is a warm relationship between Brett, store manager, and Cole, SWAT team member They meet when there is [...]

  9. I was given this book free by the author in exchange tor an unbiased review.I am loving this series Although a series, each book could be read as a stand alone Previous MCs do pop in and out which is nice.Cole needs Brett after he is called in with Swat whilst Brett is held hostages Brett is not long out of a relationship and Cole doesn t do relationship.One offers comfort to the other and slowly they seem to be heading for a relationship.There is some angst at the end and it takes Cole being sh [...]

  10. 3.5 StarsI m glad that Brett got his own story I really liked him and Cole I loved watching him come out of his shell Cole was okay I loved when Brett put him in his place I loved how he was Brett s rock when he needed Cole Looking forward to from this series.

  11. my notes Was that Brett Ok, peril and hurt comfort from the get go Excellent Oh No it wasn t But still, it showed Cole s heart Really The book shows Cole isn t exclusive just so as to start off with a meaningless sex scene I m not invested in this couple and there s no passion Boring And I don t like seeing the MCs with other partners, especially ones who are friends and true lovers, not just meaningless sex,a unless it s critical to the plot I think people who choose to attempt suicide in a pub [...]

  12. I completely loved this book It started out with some heavy action and continued in that way for a good portion of the story There were some slower, less dramatic portions of the book, but this was, after all, a romance There did need to have some time for that to develop Cole was a member of the SWAT team in Las Vegas I think I get tired just thinking about being a cop of any kind in Las Vegas Sin City The City that never sleeps Idiots abound Desperation springs up with every lost game Anything [...]

  13. Held Hostage Sin City Uniforms OK so I haven t read the previous books in this series but I m assuming they are all stand alone cause I had absolutely no problem with this Also, I ll be checking some of the other ones soon cause this one was very cool Cole Silva has a dangerous job one he very much loves and is good at too, he s part of the Las Vegas SWAT team.And leading a dangerous life like that, he feels that is best to be alone just a handful of people in his life he d call friends and actu [...]

  14. As an LVPD Swat officer, Cole has learned how to separate business and pleasure Hell, he and his hostage negotiator even have a friends with benefits thing going Then a call comes in that a local department store is under fire, there are hostages, and Cole comes face to face with the one man that has captivated his thoughts since the night he saw him at a local bar.Brett doesn t have the best track record with men, especially men in uniform Leather however, leather he can do Then a cute little t [...]

  15. FourStarsThis is the type of story that has been told many times, and every author has a different style of telling it I happened to enjoy it The writing captured my attention, and kept it This is a sexy, heart warming Journey with Cole and Brett that the author delivers with excitement, humour and some tender moments.Some people might enjoy the intense chemistry between the characters, and the hot, sweaty moments too phew, they are hot Some people might find it predictable, but like I said, eve [...]

  16. 4.5 Heart Review by KimberleyThis is book four in the Sin City Uniform series and one that I was eager to read.I was intrigued with Brett s character since his introduction in book two Copping An Attitude and a couple appearances in book three before finally getting his own story I am really very glad that the author decided to give Brett his HEA I felt really bad that his heart was broken in the first book.This story, as with the others in this series, is evenly paced, it has the perfect balanc [...]

  17. A free copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewBrett has spend the last many years of his life travelling for his job He has finally had enough of his lonely life and decides to take on a position as a store manager in the retail company he works for and settle down in Las Vegas.He is not particularly fond of his job but he is good at it Brett has taken care of other people all his life be it customer or employees or his younger siblings years earlier when th [...]

  18. A free copy of the book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review This isBook four in the Sin City Uniforms series.This book is about two different men Cole , a SWAT officer, and Brett, a store manager for the Jon Martin and Company men s clothing store , transferred from Denver to Las Vegas.Cole is strong and handsome, and caring but he doesn t want to have a relationship so he has his colleague Steve and his one night stands for sex Brett is another story he wants to have a r [...]

  19. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I have to say, it s kind of funny that I ve only read every other book in this series, and somehow, this one was picks up the story of Brett, The cast away lover of Parker from the second book.Admittedly, I really don t remember that much about him, but well, he probably didn t get much spotlight in that book Anyways, inspire the painful breakup with Parker, he wound up moving to Las Vegas hoping to find a fresh start and put d [...]

  20. The author was kind enough to provide me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.When I saw this title pop up on DBML, I jumped on it because I really liked Guarded Desires by the same author So I had high hopes for this too Sadly, the book turned out to be kinda disappointing.There wasn t an awful lot of plot to this I liked the beginning with the hostage situation at the mall That was a really interesting way for the two MCs to bond After that, nothing much happened, tho [...]

  21. This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review.This is book four in a series, but can be read as a standalone Some of the previous characters show up in this story, so it would help with knowing their backgrounds when reading, but it is not imperative.Brett who we met in book 2 has moved to Las Vegas He was previously the district manager for the men s clothing store Jon Martin and Company, but had to travel all the time This worked out previously in his casual ho [...]

  22. A Joyfully Jay review 4 starsHeld Hostage brings us to the fourth book in the Sin City Uniforms series Brett was introduced in the second book, but just introduced, and this book would work as a standalone However if you are following the series, there are a few brief glimpses of the former couples from earlier on.I enjoyed both of the characters that Knight has created here There is Brett, relocating and feeling at loose ends with so many things in his life He really wants a relationship and ra [...]

  23. A free copy of this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review This was just an okay read for me I liked Brett I liked Cole Everything just went super fast, and didn t really buy into the potential of the romance I say potential because everything s kind of left in the early days of the relationship when they re just deciding to be a couple for real, until the epilogue at least The connection between the characters was there, but for me, the book didn t really cover enough [...]

  24. Original Post Review Held Hostage Sin City Uniforms 4 by Morticia KnightReview by multitaskingmommaMy Rating 3.5 of 5 StarsThere are times when I just love insta love plots, especially when written quite well and with reason Remember Speed, where Keanu Reave s character fell in love with Sandra Bullock s in the midst of a stressful encounter with speed and a bomb Well, this is what sorta happens between Brett and Parker Their encounter was set in the midst of brains splattering across the hall a [...]

  25. This book was receieved free in return for an honest review via the Don t Buy My Love program Having read and reviewed several of Ms Knight s books before, I went into this story with a chip on my shoulder and a grain of salt But I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this shorter story, even wished it might have been a little longer.Cole is all alpha, a SWAT member of the Las Vegas Police Department and happy with his fuck buddy relationship with friend and fellow cop, [...]

  26. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I really enjoyed this book Other than this book, I ve only read the second story in the series Yes, you could probably read this book as a stand alone, but it would be helpful to read the others There were times where I felt like I should have known a character and I didn t.Basically, Brett who we meet in the second book moves to Las Vegas to become a store manager His only friend in Las Vegas is his ex boyfriend, Parker and Pa [...]

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