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Countdown to Killing Kurtis

[PDF] Download ↠ Countdown to Killing Kurtis : by Lauren Rowe [PDF] Download ↠ Countdown to Killing Kurtis : by Lauren Rowe - Countdown to Killing Kurtis, Countdown to Killing Kurtis I do love my husband To death I love him so much that I ve waited a whole year minus one day for Killing Kurtis Day to arrive Tomorrow it will finally be here and I m giddy with anticipation Don t jud

  • Title: Countdown to Killing Kurtis
  • Author: Lauren Rowe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 484
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Download ↠ Countdown to Killing Kurtis : by Lauren Rowe, Countdown to Killing Kurtis, Lauren Rowe, Countdown to Killing Kurtis I do love my husband To death I love him so much that I ve waited a whole year minus one day for Killing Kurtis Day to arrive Tomorrow it will finally be here and I m giddy with anticipation Don t judge me you don t know the whole story I reckon if you were in my shoes you d kill your husband too Readers recommended due to some adult content and situationsI do lov

Countdown to Killing Kurtis

[PDF] Download ↠ Countdown to Killing Kurtis : by Lauren Rowe [PDF] Download ↠ Countdown to Killing Kurtis : by Lauren Rowe - Countdown to Killing Kurtis, Countdown to Killing Kurtis I do love my husband To death I love him so much that I ve waited a whole year minus one day for Killing Kurtis Day to arrive Tomorrow it will finally be here and I m giddy with anticipation Don t jud Countdown to Killing Kurtis

  • [PDF] Download ↠ Countdown to Killing Kurtis : by Lauren Rowe
    484Lauren Rowe
Countdown to Killing Kurtis

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  1. Lauren Rowe delivers a tale of a married woman counting down the days till her Happy Killing Kurtis Day Kurtis is the heroine s porno king husband who has promised to film a legit movie starring the heroine Charlene aka Buttercup has been told countless times by her Daddy that she deserves nothing but the BEST out of this life Buttercup has had this mantra drilled into her beautiful head and gosh darn it no matter the circumstances NO ONE will interfere with her dreams of being a legendary movie [...]

  2. ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT Charlene,aka,Buttercup lives in a trailer park with her alcoholic mother and her Daddy,who she just adores.Her Daddy tells her every day how pretty and special she is and that she deserves the best things in life and after all Nothing but the best for Charlie Wilber s Daughter Buttercup dreams of being the next Hollywood star and wants to be just like Lana Turner and Marilyn Monroe.One day her Daddy comes home and announces he is going to Hollywood and after all he s only one [...]

  3. DNF 15% Countdown to killing Jamie 52 PAGES I tried.I mean I really tried Normally I would say 15% is wayWAYo soon to DNF a book but Buttercup is driving me insane

  4. AUDIBLE 5 stars HOLY SH T what in the helllll This is not really a romance story but wow, just wow I m thinking some of the low reviews are because of the expectation the story is a romance This story is so well written, you feel the crazy Ok so the only negative I can think of is for some it may be too long or go long in some of her parts where she s thinking talking I was fine with it and it added to the state of mind of the character No real spoilers per say but definitely a good look into cr [...]

  5. 4.5 Stars As many others have said, this is not anything like Lauren Rowe s previous trilogy The Club which I loved DO NOT LET THIS TURN YOU AWAY This is a great read along the lines of Gone Girl There are some areas that could be thinned out with editing, but sill a very intriguing read Buttercup was one narcissistic SOB I ve met plenty in real life, but never read one that was so textbook The colloquialisms were a riot How one person can come up with so many, I have no idea Just when I thought [...]

  6. As a huge fan of The Club, I ll tell you right now that this is completely different, and yet you will recognize the snarky wit of our beloved author In true Lauren Rowe style, this story is riddled with hilarious metaphors, questionable life choices, and steamy sexual innuendo Couple this unique style with a recipe for murder, and you ve got a blockbuster on your hands Whether or not the heroine in this story ever becomes a famous actress , I sincerely hope that whomever is chosen for the starr [...]

  7. Countdown to Killing Kurtis by Lauren Rowe5 stars I reckon my husband better start thinking about giving his heart to Jesus, cause his ass is mine I was toying between a 4.5 and 5 for this book but for the sheer entertainment value I decided to go with a 5 I know you are probably thinking ENTERTAINMENT This is a book about KILLING YOUR HUSBAND Yes it is, but it is so much than that I think that Lauren Rowe has just invented her own genremantic comedy with a dark edge I first stumbled across Lau [...]

  8. Charlie buttercup Wilber has a dream One day she wants to be the leading lady that everyone loves, she want to be on the big screen in Hollywood and nothing anyone says or does will stand in her way because Nobody tells Charlie Wilber s Daughter what she can and can t do Wesley Miller fell for Buttercup the day he laid his 15 year old eyes on her He ll do anything to be the one she depends on, anything to be the one she needs than air and the only one who can truly protect her.Kurtis Jackman is [...]

  9. When I began this book, I of course read the blurb, so I didn t go into this blind I did know that this would be a dark book It was a very disturbing book to read, it was very raw and beautifully organized It was equivalent to a crazy, intense, LifeTime movie, if I had to categorize it I was completely blown away I can t say that I was speechless, well, because after completing the book, I asked myself What the hell did I just read And that response is not to be taken negatively When I finished [...]

  10. 5 What The FuckWow Stars Holy hell, that was a fun ride This book is unlike any other book I ve read.I ve got to say that I was not expecting what I got I thought it would be good, but what was delivered was great First off, the internal dialogue of Buttercup was hilarious The sayings she had, the way she talkedher character was written extremely well I can t even imagine coming up with that much southern banter At first, I thought Buttercup was crazy and delusional, just like her daddy Then I r [...]

  11. Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit this book is outstanding This book was gloriously thrilling and twisted And I absolutely LOVED it I never read thrillers or books like this but as I love Lauren s writing style I just had to give it a go Buttercup is a perfectly twisted psychotic woman, who despite some of her actions and insane plans you can t help but love her The way Lauren writes her is brilliant, it was as though I could actually hear her talking at points She was totally hilarious [...]

  12. 4 STARSOh me, oh my I did not see this coming.As a huge fan of The Club, super excited to get an ARC of this and damn it did not disappoint My mind is spinning HUGE turn of events, holy moly It never ends well, Jeb view spoiler Ok, honest time I guessed what was going to happen on page 31 referencing lots, and lots, of dead big Hollywood actresses Marilyn Monroe, Jayne Mansfield Because, she loved their stories so much she was going to become one However, I did not think it was going to turn out [...]

  13. Well now.I did not like any of the characters except for the brief Jeb But that did, in no way at all, take away my enjoyment of this story I can be very fussy at times, but this story really grabbed my interest and held on like a dog with a meaty bone I Liked It

  14. Buttercup was just a girl in a trailer park Just a girl with a dream and one that is about to make it all come true But this naive small town girl is not as simple minded as she comes across The big day is coming Killing Kurtis Day The day her husband will meet his end Okay So this is one of those books that I just could not feel I read through a few of the early reviews and can see that so many loved this one, so let s just chalk this up to personal tastes Buttercup was a hard character for me [...]

  15. Let me start my review by saying that I can totally understand why most people have been completely blown away by this book, it s clever and it s different, so why not me Well I struggled with Buttercup from beginning to end, I know for this book to work she had to be the way she was and so yes she was perfect for the book but not perfect for me, my problem is I need to like my characters and I didn t in all honesty like her in fact she drove me mad at times, I struggled to find any redeeming qu [...]

  16. Growing up Charlene was always her daddy s girl and was told she was amazing and could do wonders, that she was the prettiest and smartest girl in the world As she got older, Charlene planned to go to Hollywood and become a famous actress like Marilyn Monroe It even helped that she looked similar to Monroe When Charlene was in her teens, her dad left, and Charlene had a new step daddy, that was until one night she snapped Put into foster care, Charlene meet a guy who would become her best friend [...]

  17. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review This bookwhat can I say about this book was INSANE, CRAZY, OVER THE TOP AMAZING This book is unlike anything I have ever read before I finished it over a day ago, and I am still trying to wrap my head around it Lauren Rowe s writing knows no boundaries, and she is brilliant once again While this book is completely different from The Club Trilogy, you can anticipate that her quirky and unique sense of humor are very p [...]

  18. 3.75 Star Review by Jennifer Hagen Nobody tells Charlie Wilbur s daughter what she can and can t do This is the mantra that Charlene s father has her repeat time and time again Her father is a little on the simple minded side with grandiose plans never amounting to anything His teleportation configuration system is as nonexistent as his elaborate mini golf courses He lives for his dreams and that is what he has taught Charlene Her mother is drunk all the time, but still manages to be the only br [...]

  19. I was gifted this book for an honest review This is the first Lauren Rowe book I ve read WOW Seriously unique 5 STAR read Her previous works WILL be added to my TBR list Countdown to Killing Kurtis is the story of a young girl set out to make something of herself in Hollywood Through whatever means, necessary The main character, Buttercup is a good Texan girl that s had to do a few bad deeds in order to achieve her rightful spot in the limelight No one can tell Charlie Wilbur s daughter what she [...]

  20. What can I say about this book First off let me start by saying I received an ARC of this book and I am so thankful I did because it was a CRAZY good read Charlene or Buttercup is a great example of a sociopath she will do whatever she needs to do to fulfill her sacred destiny She is a very smart and talented girl but she has some serious demons in her soul Although despite herself, she wants to be seen as pure and good Enter Kurtis Jackman, who promises to do what it takes to make her into a st [...]

  21. This was the best twisted thriller I ve read in a long time I absolutely LOVED it The characters were very intriguing Just when I thought I had Buttercup Charlene figured out she shattered me again Just when I thought I knew what was going to happen next I so didn t I loved that around every corner I was thrilled yet again And as I was nearing the end and thought I had kept up and knew it all of the storyBoom As I said before best thriller I ve read in a very long time This is a must read thrill [...]

  22. you, Lauren, are a freaking genius.I just read Countdown to Killing Kurtis I Could Not Put It Down.Seriously Brilliant the review system asks when I finished reading the book, which was May 1 at 8 am It should ask when I started reading it, bc that would be May 1 at 4 am.

  23. I m creating an addendum to the previous review, which is still listed below After settling down and having time to ruminate over the book and after someone pointing out how I really needed to do just that , I must say that the intricate way the author laid out the psychological interworkings of this story is flawless My problem is with the CHARACTERS, not the story itself I HATED the main character and subsequent other characters Instead of putting the book down, I felt compelled to read on, an [...]

  24. Lauren Rowe is an amazing writer, point blank and period After loving THE CLUB series, a romance trilogy she has gone with her talent and ventured to the dark side No not the Darth Vader dark side The dark side of romance writing Countdown to Killing Kurtis is a gritty yet whimsical novel about some less then nice characters that you can t help but fall in love with The story spans the lead, Charlene WIlber aka Buttercup Bovier s life from childhood to her 20s.Charlene grew up in a bad situation [...]

  25. Lauren Rowe is a new author for me I have not read the Club but now I want to When I read the summary I just knew that craziness was for me so I pre ordered it I finished it in a couple of days, even when all I wanted to do was watch Orange is the New Black I would put this book in the same genre as Gone Girl and Marrow Psychological Thriller It s also a dark read involves murder and other graphic tellings If you like reads like those I would highly reccommend it I went into this book thinking t [...]

  26. Oh Bless her Heart, Lauren Rowe has written a deliciously, twisted, laugh out loud dark book in Countdown to Killing Kurtis From the start of Buttercups story to the final word, you are on a rollercoaster ride She is definitely psychotic, yet also so lonely, vulnerable, and craving affection and attention As crazy and twisted as Buttercup is, you still feel for her and pull for her as she tries to attain her sacred destiny All of the characters in this book help cement the destiny that Buttercup [...]

  27. Charlene has grown up with the notion that she is beautiful and smart Her father instilled in her a sense of grandeur that led her to have an over inflated ego When her father leaves with the promise to come back she is sad but believes him As the months turn to years with still no sign of his return she loses hope When her mother brings home a new man who tries his hardest to win her over she is conflicted Determined to get this man out of their lives once and for all Charlene does the unthinka [...]

  28. ARC received in exchange for an honest review and because I love this author so darn much MB Yes, indeed, I love Kurtis To death What the actual fuck did I just read As the author says, this is not a conventional by the formula story It s not a romance It s a book that makes you wonder WTF is going to happen next There are a ton of idioms in this bookke a lot someone can think of all of them is beyond me Lauren Rowe is a very talented writer, weaving you from the past to the present, going back [...]

  29. Killing KurtisWow This was completely different than anything we have read from Ms Rowe before I fell in love with this author after reading The Club Trilogy After reading tons of carp books I stumbled upon The Club and it was amazing A funny, intelligent, sexy, love storytually a rare find.This book like it Although I didn t hate this I didn t love it either I did love the writing Loved the southern quips from our leading gal Buttercup I love a good psychological thriller but this was just diff [...]

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