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Flight Dreams

↠ Flight Dreams ☆ Michael Craft ↠ Flight Dreams ☆ Michael Craft - Flight Dreams, Flight Dreams Seven years ago Chicago socialite Helena Carter disappeared In three months she will be declared legally dead and her fortune will go to Chicago s Catholic Archdiocese Investigative journalist Mark

  • Title: Flight Dreams
  • Author: Michael Craft
  • ISBN: 9781575668543
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Paperback

↠ Flight Dreams ☆ Michael Craft, Flight Dreams, Michael Craft, Flight Dreams Seven years ago Chicago socialite Helena Carter disappeared In three months she will be declared legally dead and her fortune will go to Chicago s Catholic Archdiocese Investigative journalist Mark Manning believes the missing heiress is still alive To prove his case he enters a world where religion and politics make uneasy bedfellows as he confronts the inescapabSeven years ago

Flight Dreams

↠ Flight Dreams ☆ Michael Craft ↠ Flight Dreams ☆ Michael Craft - Flight Dreams, Flight Dreams Seven years ago Chicago socialite Helena Carter disappeared In three months she will be declared legally dead and her fortune will go to Chicago s Catholic Archdiocese Investigative journalist Mark Flight Dreams

  • ↠ Flight Dreams ☆ Michael Craft
    217Michael Craft
Flight Dreams

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  1. This was quite an enjoyable story It was first published in 1998 and so I think it would be unfair to judge it against the kind of gay literature that we have today Today there is a plethora of stories with gay main characters We now have popular gay romance m m , gay mysteries, gay contemporary fiction, as well as so many urban fantasy, and paranormal series which have gay characters The writing environment for gay literature has become highly diverse and very competitive.Having said all that I [...]

  2. Don t judge a book by its cover Although the cover as well as the title implies, at least in my mind, a somber and depressing tone, there is no trace of gloom nor depression in sight in Flight Dreams In fact, it was a fairly light mystery that even made me laugh at points.Long story cut short there is a missing airline heiress now an elderly widow , who everyone believes is dead, except for our main character, investigate journalist Mark Manning He believes her to be alive, only if he can prove [...]

  3. Flight DreamsBy Michael Craft4 stars Flight Dreams, the first of Michael Craft s Mark Manning Mysteries was published in 1997, which is antique last century in this online book review world But Craft s husband is a Facebook, and when he realized that I review lots of books, he asked if I knew Michael s books.I ll jump at any excuse to read something new, and especially a genre I have loved since Joseph Hansen caught my imagination in the 1970s I focus on gay lit in my recreational reading for a [...]

  4. Original Blog Post headouttheoven 20I am currently in the mood for mysteries and thrillers and few fluffies on the side I saw this offered in Netgalley and found it interesting Knowing this was written in 1998, some date it 1997, I thought to compare the writing style of the present MM writers to that period when LGBTQ media were not only unheard of by most of the population but also frowned upon I would just like to point out that Open Road Media is currently very active in re publishing these [...]

  5. First I want to say that I think it s great that Open Road Media is publishing digital editions of so many out of print and backlist titles That may be the best thing about ebooks being able to read books that have long been unavailable.Second, I appreciate that this book features a gay man as a serious investigative journalist I do think it s important to see all types of gay characters.However, this is not a very good book The mystery is not that interesting, and somehow it s hard to take a pl [...]

  6. Where is the line between dated and historically interesting Somewhere behind this book, I guess, since it was approaching the boundary, but hadn t made the leap Originally published in 1997.The book wants desperately to be literary present tense narration for no reason some POV hopping , and the writing is just overdone in large part The mystery was kind of silly And the insta love between the main character and the love interest was possibly the most unbelievable I ve read in a long time the M [...]

  7. 3.75 starsFlight Dreams is the first novel in the Mark Manning series It was published for the first time in 1997 Thanks to the Open Road Media, we can now enjoy the series in the digital format It s also one of the author s earliest works You can see that especially in the characterization and the novel is somewhat dated, but author still delivers a satisfying mystery and gives us a good set up for the rest of the series.The book is written in present tense which might not appeal to some reader [...]

  8. 3.5 stars A nice beginning to a series with much potential The MCs, Mark and Neil, are smart, talented and sexy really nice guys, and mutual friend Roxanne is an interesting character as well Both the mystery and the budding romance between Mark and Neil are well done I enjoyed reading about the cats and had to look abbies up on line for info.I m not a big fan of this writing style, much preferring first person, but this was only mildly annoying, and each time I sat down to read, it only took a [...]

  9. Flight Dreams is the story of Mark Manning, an investigative reporter who is determined to solve the case of a missing airline heiress who hasn t been seen in seven years Soon she will be declared officially dead, but Manning is convinced that she is still alive As he unlocks and secrets surrounding Mrs Carter s disappearance, he becomes involved with men than ever before When the case takes Manning to Arizona, he meets the man of his dreams, literally The two share the same dream that they c [...]

  10. Flight Dreams by Michael Craft is a well written crime story centred around Mark Manning, an investigative journalist who is convinced that airline heiress Helena Carter is still alive He has three months to prove it to save his career After that she will be declared dead and her fortune will be given to the Catholic Church.On the way he and his side kick figure out their sexual chemistry.The book is a good set up for the rest of the series, the characters, the story and the pace all showed grea [...]

  11. This book was written around 1998 and, readers still depended on actual newspapers for information Mark Manning is 39 and a respected journalist for a Chicago paper Seven years ago a wealthy widow with a passion for breeding expensive cats disappeared Manning is the one voice of reason While others are relying on physics and are willing to convict the houseman, Mark maintains there is no evidence that Helena is in fact dead Mark s paper for some odd reason joins the circus Mark was given an ulti [...]

  12. The online rating system is kind of skewed in that if you start a book and don t finish it because you don t like it you usually just don t review it This system leaves fewer one star reviews.Well here s my one star review I got to 25% and began skimming heavily and got to 35% and stopped The story is not interesting, the main character unlikable, there s no action, someone not exploring their homosexuality until age 40 seemed homophobic to me for some reason, it was a chore to continue reading. [...]

  13. Great storyThe mystery was good but not really suspenseful although the full stories of the protagonist was a shockIt was clear early on were the story was headed and who was likely troublemaker Still it was nice to read , in fact this I believe is my 4th time reading it over the years but this is first time digitally.I hope they consider audio, would love to hear it on Audible.

  14. A journalist tries to track down a missing heiress She has been gone nearly seven years, and the court is being asked to declare her dead so her wealth can be distributed to good causes She owned an airline, was a cat breeder and devout Catholic, leaving most of her money to the local Diocese But there is no proof that she is deadThis story also contains gay themes.

  15. I m not a big fan of stories told in the ever present present What is that called Any way, I find it rather distracting to read.However, once I got past that little problem, I found the mystery and the characters to be engaging and interesting well worth my time to read this book I ll keep an eye out for of Craft s stuff in future reading.

  16. This series caught my eye from a review that said a whodunit like Agatha Christie d as I read shounen ai yaoi, male male pairings don t bug me at all I suck at solving mysteries, but I still found this series a great read.cially after he changed to first person perspective in later books

  17. I would ve liked this book if the author hadn t added a melodramatic twist to the plot near the end of the book The murder mystery stood up well on its own and, in my opinion, was weakened by the addition of a socio political conspiracy intended to outrage the presumed audience of this novel.

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