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Coming to Hale

[PDF] Coming to Hale | by ë MarieJames [PDF] Coming to Hale | by ë MarieJames - Coming to Hale, Coming to Hale The only time she trusted someone with her heart she was just a girl he betrayed her and left her humiliated Since then Lorali Bennett has let that moment in time dictate her life Ian Hale sexy as

  • Title: Coming to Hale
  • Author: MarieJames
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Coming to Hale | by ë MarieJames, Coming to Hale, MarieJames, Coming to Hale The only time she trusted someone with her heart she was just a girl he betrayed her and left her humiliated Since then Lorali Bennett has let that moment in time dictate her life Ian Hale sexy as sin business mogul has never had than a passing interest in any particular woman until a chance encounter with Lorali leaves a lasting mark on him Their fast pacedThe only time she t

Coming to Hale

[PDF] Coming to Hale | by ë MarieJames [PDF] Coming to Hale | by ë MarieJames - Coming to Hale, Coming to Hale The only time she trusted someone with her heart she was just a girl he betrayed her and left her humiliated Since then Lorali Bennett has let that moment in time dictate her life Ian Hale sexy as Coming to Hale

  • [PDF] Coming to Hale | by ë MarieJames
Coming to Hale

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  1. This is an amazing debut novel I was literally gripped from start to finish It s an easy read with some brilliant hot and sexy scenes After being hurt by an ex boyfriend Lorali doesn t want to get close to another male She s afraid of getting hurt again However after bumping into billionaire Ian a few times the attraction just keeps getting stronger Can she open her heart and trust Ian Great storyline with some strong characters Fantastic secondary characters that I look forward to reading abou [...]

  2. I will start off by saying this book was scorching hot Lorali is very wary of falling for another guy since the first one she loved broke her heart and her trust Ian Hale is a workaholic, yet he comes to the rescue of those that he loves On one specific night, while he was doing just that, he sees a beautiful creature but doesn t get her name He s surprised to see this same beautiful creature at a function, but makes sure he reminds her who he is and my goodness, can his man get you all wet and [...]

  3. 3 low stars.At first read I was pretty happy with the flow Snappy dialogue, attraction, you get the picture Then it started feeling a little disjointed for me I kept reading because there were good moments than huh moments Then the final couple of chapters ruined it for me The h, Lorali, IMHO was just a dumba She s a 4.0 GPA college graduate, trained in journalism and investigative reporting, yet she does no researching of Ian, the H, and her stupid suspicions She drives by, sees something, fre [...]

  4. Coming to Hale was a spectacular read for a debut novel Marie set out to delivery a knock out novel and succeed with Ian and Lorali This is book 1 in the Coming to Hale series and I can t wait to learn about the next set of characters in book 2 Let me tell you why I enjoyed Coming to Hale so much Ian and Lorali have undeniable chemistry between the two of them Lust and desire was pliable and had my eager for them to finally give in and go for it Lorali being the level headed character she is, s [...]

  5. Loved this story Lorali is focused on her new job She finally is moving up and she wants to be the best she can so that she can keep moving up Insert sexy millionaire Ian sigh Hale During a chance meeting she felt tingles It wasn t until later that she finds out who this guy is They meet again and Ian, who also felt the tingles has to have her I love their whole journey They have great chemistry together They both speak their minds and know what they want This is a great story you definitely don [...]

  6. 1.5 Stars This book flirts with ridiculousness too much I first it was funny, then it was just annoying Too much lack of communication Seemed of a high school dating relationship instead of a grown up one.

  7. Coming to Hale is a great and original story about a woman who doesn t believe in fairytales but gets it anyway I really loved this story, because in some ways I am like Lorali I believe in the too good to be true fact Her story gives hope to people like us who don t believe in the dream so much And did I mention it s original It s so hard to find a story that isn t similar to another these days, which makes me cherish these unique, beautiful stories even This is the debut of Marie James and I [...]

  8. For new author Marie James Coming to Hale was a great debut book by far Very enjoyable read from start to finish The storyline keeps you moving from the very first chapter when the main characters Lorali Bennett and Ian Hale meet for the first time.At first meeting between these two it was pretty funny they way Marie wrote it likewhat are the chances of that happening This time however Lorli seems to have left an impression with Ian who never really ever gave a second thought to a woman before.W [...]

  9. Coming to Hale was the debut book by Marie James she did a great job with this one Lorali and Ian had a chemistry that was undeniable 4.5 Stars Lorali is a journalist working at The Courier she currently moved up to the Lifestyle section from the Obits One night while at the laundromat she lays her eyes on a man that smelled amazing and had the most piercing eyes She couldn t get him off her mind The first time Ian laid his eyes on Lorali he couldn t believe how beautiful she was He knew he woul [...]

  10. Lorali seems to have a stroke of bad luck lately her washing machine dies a spluttering death and her car is in the workshop but every cloud has a silver lining and hers comes in the form of a promotion of sorts , she s a journalist and she now moves from attending funerals and writing obituaries to attending parties and writing for the lifestyle section.I did mention her washing machine broke well a gal does need clean clothes so she s off to the laundromat and this is where she first bumps int [...]

  11. I was really impressed by this debut novel from Marie James It is the first book in the Hale series, but each book features a different couple and are standalones Coming to Hale is a fun, sexy book that was a nice and easy read for me The main characters were well drawn and likable, and there is a good cast of supporting characters too, which bodes well for future books in the series.Billionaire Ian and reporter Lorali literally run into each other by chance, but after a brief encounter never ex [...]

  12. Hot, hot , hotIan Hale had a glimpse of Lorali Bennett in a chance encounter at a laundromat of all places That awkward, yet funny, moment sets the tone for this sexy, humorous read Lorali is happy to start covering stories about the living as her work in the Lifestyles section of a local Denver paper starts off at two local social events What were the odds that she would meet up again with the sexy stranger Wary of the uber attractive, businessman, Lorali couldn t help but see where the attract [...]

  13. Lorali is an up and coming journalist Ok maybe not, but she is a journalist, just to the dead of Denver, Colorado Her boss gives her a chance to swing with the living, sending her to a high society charity event, where she runs into Ian Hale again This time, he makes a move, only to have her walk away.Ian Hale is one of Denver s top sexiest singles Land him and you land a God He is fascinated by Lorali She is beautiful, sassy, and smart He can t stop thinking, no lusting about her and wants her [...]

  14. Lorali and Ian fall fast and hard, but both are completely out of their element when it comes to their relationship Lorali has serious trust issues and goes into the relationship with eyes wide open Ian has never experienced the pull and desire for Lorali He can not get her out of his head It s so bad it is effecting his work I must say the sex between these two was intense While it was interesting to see what Ian planned next I felt most of the first half or so of the book was just sex I when t [...]

  15. Brilliant REVIEWING FOR ONE CLICK AHOLICS BOOK GROUP Where to start with this review.Lorali A journalist with a past experience that has broken her trust in men that is until she meets, or rather bumps literally into Ian Hale Ian A wealthy men, never seen with any one woman than once A socialite and extremely handsome alpha man too who isn t used to chasing woman, that they chase him in the vain hope of being the one to tie him down To say he s enamoured by Lorali would be an understatement, he [...]

  16. I liked this story Ian Hale was hard not to like sexy, rich and sweet Loreli was funny, sweet and sassy At times Loreli seemed pretty immature as well There was a turning point in the story where Loreli assumed Ian was involved in something illegal Instead of confronting him, she ended everything in haste and threw Ian under the bus to the police l would have liked to know of a background and specifics about both characters There were definitely some really funny parts to this story as well I v [...]

  17. This is my first read from Author Marie James and i must say that I did enjoy it For me this was a quick one I loved the dynamic between Lorali and Ian The sexual banter between the two had me smiling while I was reading And the sex scenes were pretty hot also I absolutely adored Ian even though he was a billionaire you don t see much of that in the story It seems like a normal down to earth guy The only change I would have made in the story was the epilogue I just wish it would have been longer [...]

  18. An ARC was provided in exchange of an honest review Lorali is a girl that has been hurt by her ex and has guarded herself from hurt for fear of it happening again Then enters Ian Sexy, yummy Ian Swoon These two ignite something massive within one another you will not want to stop reading until the end to see how their story turns out

  19. Oh wow what a scorching hot book, as I was reading the pages were burning lol be warned this has one intense alpha billionaire, and one feisty journalist, their chemistry together was super nova hot and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about them It is sweet, sexy, has a little bit of mystery and a lovely HEA can t wait for Garrett and Alexa s story

  20. When I first read the first few chapters, I thought this book had lots of potential Though there was not enough character building At times I thought the MC Lorali, was a little dense The book jumped right into lust and there wasn t really a plot, but a misunderstanding I thought this book could have been a lot better.

  21. Lorali and Ian have a wonderful story I absolutely loved Ian He knows what he wants and goes after it They meet at a laundromat and a few times after And then it gets GOOD Their story is pretty hot

  22. 4 Solid Stars I truly enjoyed reading about Lorali and Ian and hope to get meow about them in the future books as well I am really looking forward to Alexa and Garrett s story in the second book of this series

  23. 1 2 starsThis one was short and sweet I loved Ian and his aloha hotness but I also liked that he was the kinda man who didn t need games and just went after what he wanted I really enjoyed this read and can t wait for the next one

  24. Amazing Def a one click The story is intense and I could not put the book down Finished it in less than a day

  25. OMG I so fell in love with this book I received this book as an arc copy and I am so glad I did This book was awesome from start to finish love me some Ian Hale

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