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Going Dark

Free Read Going Dark - by Linda Nagata Free Read Going Dark - by Linda Nagata - Going Dark, Going Dark In the third book in The Red Trilogy former Army Lt James Shelley becomes a black ops sniper working for the Red a suspected rogue artificial intelligence that is ripped from today s headlines James

  • Title: Going Dark
  • Author: Linda Nagata
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 197
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Read Going Dark - by Linda Nagata, Going Dark, Linda Nagata, Going Dark In the third book in The Red Trilogy former Army Lt James Shelley becomes a black ops sniper working for the Red a suspected rogue artificial intelligence that is ripped from today s headlines James Shelley has left his lover Delphi and his companion in arms Jayne Vasquez with a fortune acquired from a fallen oligarch They believe him to be dead and he doesn t tryIn the third book

Going Dark

Free Read Going Dark - by Linda Nagata Free Read Going Dark - by Linda Nagata - Going Dark, Going Dark In the third book in The Red Trilogy former Army Lt James Shelley becomes a black ops sniper working for the Red a suspected rogue artificial intelligence that is ripped from today s headlines James Going Dark

  • Free Read Going Dark - by Linda Nagata
    197Linda Nagata
Going Dark

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  1. Like the title suggests, but it doesn t quite spell out, it s a novel of going dark and silent as well as a right hand turn going straight into the darkness.I mean, we already knew that Shelly was going to leave the side of the angels and go deep into black ops for the sake of a god that he can t trust, but at least he s able to rely on his idealism to salve his conscience Right Right And so we have black ops military events that continually get fucked up beyond belief and and it s now time to f [...]

  2. Going Dark was decent finish to a series that was very good overall This last book lacked the emotional element present in the first two books, instead focusing strictly on the carrying out of various missions I think the book suffered slightly by not having any relationship story included in it this time around, but that is just my personal feeling I would rate the series as a whole 4 stars.

  3. The Red is a good series Unfortunately this book is only a mediocre entry in that series.James Shelley is now totally committed to the Red Working as part of an Existential Threat Management ETM team, he and his fellow LCS Red influenced soldiers seek and destroy things that represent a threat to civilization or the Red itself But he still cares about the life he s left behind, and those people still care about him.Like the previous books, this one is very episodic, split up into code named miss [...]

  4. I was pretty disappointed with the last book in this series I really missed the relationships and connections Shelley had from the previous two books There was plenty of action but it became really repetitive Go on mission, shit gets fucked, get out by the skin of your teeth, rinse and repeat Not until near the end did I even feel like I cared what happened I ended up liking the open ended finale we got but most everything leading up to it I could take or leave.

  5. Overall I really enjoyed this series I did feel like the end was a bit unsatisfying and that there are quite a few loose ends for this to be the last installment I actually finished this yesterday but I had to think about it before I related it Books where the line between the good guys and the bad guys is very thin always leave me feeling a bit unsettled.

  6. My original GOING DARK audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Going Dark, the finale in Linda Nagata s terrific military science fiction trilogy, The Red, returns Lt James Shelley to the front lines of a war dominated by artificial intelligence Presumed dead following his low Earth orbit exploits at the close of The Trials, Shelley has been serving as a squad member in the secret Existential Threat Management team, a group of soldiers whose deaths have been faked by [...]

  7. I m not a big fan of military science fiction Battles tend to bore me and set me scanning But the small squad fighting like in these books is a interesting to me than armies clashing What was most interesting here is how seamlessly Nagata integrated the technology The way she was so good at making the soldiers seem real, the fighting seem real and the tech seem real, it always felt so completely true to life that I almost forgot this was science fiction These books have a vitality that works fo [...]

  8. Excellent conclusion to The Red trilogy I enjoyed the first two books and was anxious to see how Linda Nagata would wind things up for James Shelley and his squadmates Nagata created a world of complex and competing layers of control, assumed control, and lack of control in this trilogy In Going Dark, she brings it to a wild and fast paced conclusion I enjoyed reading all three books, but if pressed, I d say I enjoyed this one the most of the three In each book, we get deeper and deeper in to Sh [...]

  9. I hope Linda Nagata eventually continue the story, because I am still curious about the overall motivation of the red.I enjoyed the fact that each of the 3 books is different.In this one yes there are stil mission episodes, but the first endeavour kind of fail and the protagonist are not even sure what was their goal this is answered later in the book So the overall feeling of this book is one of ambiguity.By the end of the book we know various powers are trying to influence the red through othe [...]

  10. The series wraps up with a lot military action, much of it of questionable morality Shelley quits three or four times, The boy seriously needs to make up his mind.

  11. The third installment in the Red trilogy, this book regains the blistering pace and exciting action of The Red First Light, after the lackluster bridge novel The Trials.This is a really fun book Nagata does a great job maintaining a fairly large set of interesting characters Despite the fact that nearly everyone is a super commando, no one really feels like a stock character The action sequences are very absorbing, and done in a way that effectively conveys information about characters and the p [...]

  12. Going Dark closes out The Red trilogy in an unsatisfying manner Lt Shelley has gone off the grid entirely, now handling Existential Threat Management for The Red Whenever the enigmatic AI detects a threat to its existence or to world security, Shelley and a squad of soldiers who have been marked officially dead in the databases, and survive in the cracks of the classified world with forged orders, show up and trouble shoot with extreme prejudice The story opens with an assault on a arctic oil ri [...]

  13. Shelley isi insceneaza moartea si se alatura unei organizatii secrete care lupta de partea The Red Misiunile sunt tot mai alambicate si implauzibile, tot ce poate merge rau va merge rau, si lumea pare sa scape la mustata de un genocid ca sa nimereasca intr o apocalipsa.Ce mi a placut faptul ca Shelley incepe sa traga concluzii legate de The Red care nu mai e un Dumnezeu binevoitor, ci un jucator dispus sa si sacrifice piesele, sau poate chiar mai multi jucatori cu interese diferite Ce nu mi a pl [...]

  14. I enjoyed this series, but it was a tad confusing To me, the RED was mentioned a lot, but we never got an inside knowledge or background The readers were in the dark as much as the characters.Overall good sci fi military action I liked the 1st book the best The Red , then this one, then the 2nd I would recommend you read the books in order so you come to understand the relationships and plotlines.

  15. The Red is still around and still stirring up trouble Some of the characters are still fighting the battle the Red wants and some are trying to get as far away as possible For me the plot just came to a stand still and the end was a bit of a disappointment I do think it is an interesting series but each book held my attention less and less Try it and see what you think.

  16. Pretty good ending to the trilogy Definitely too much non stop war, but done pretty well Though in the end it s not real clear what gets resolved Not a happy book, this is not a pretty future And it remains a very different take on emerging AIs 3.5 of 5.

  17. I should maybe not have read all three of this trilogy back to back, by the time I got to this book I was feeling a little bored with the story and the hero Still, it was a good conclusion to the story.

  18. This third book is polished than the previous two ones and the plot makes sense.As a result it gets 4 stars.

  19. Final book in the Red trilogy A worthy finale to the set, bringing to a close an expertly plotted and written tale of near future warfare, AI gone rogue, and global politics.

  20. Funny how a lot of reviewers felt this was the weakest book of the series I felt it was the strongest and a fitting ending to the trilogy that saw Captain James Shelley progress from a somewhat idealistic young soldier into a jaded warrior fighting black ops operation for The Red In Going Dark, when his team inadvertently starts a war in the Arctic, Shelley starts to question his somewhat blind loyalty to the rogue AI that directs their missions He s always known he s a puppet in The Red s army [...]

  21. I had to struggle through this one because I really enjoyed the other two books in the series I think Nagata took for granted the cool tech that was established in the first novel, and then just turned this into an action thriller Similar to a Mitch Rapp book The potential there and plenty of existential plot elements, especially when it came to body mind modification It just didn t quite rise to the level of the precious two books.

  22. Prime Nagata battleLinda Nagata writes fast paced and vivid battle scenes This volume of the Red trilogy starts with battle and, effectively ends with it Along the way, Several Call of Duty quality ensembles erupt and we find about the Red and the precarious state pf the world.

  23. This entire trilogy has been amazing near future military thriller, with an interesting sci fi bent mechanically enhanced soldiers, ala Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, are entangled with an AI referred to as The Red whose purpose we are unsure ofNagata keeps the story flowing with incredible military SF action, while raising questions of the place of AI in a near future society.

  24. Not as good as the first two and I got tired of the whining of the main character For a hero, he has no spine and the I hear him complain and moan about everything, the I disconnected from the story just got very old.

  25. While the first book was a really great read, second was much less exciting and the third was a real letdown Nothing was completely resolved, character relationships and the story were mediocre and honestly it was a huge disappointment after such a promising start Too bad.

  26. Mia em inne oczekiwania odno nie tej trylogii i rozmin y si z planem autorki Ale to nadal wietna, wype niona akcj , dynamiczna fabu a Cho , ostatecznie, nie b d do niej wraca Jednak zapewnia mi e odpr enie wi c nie by to czas stracony.

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