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[PDF] Morte | by ↠ Robert Repino [PDF] Morte | by ↠ Robert Repino - Morte, Morte After the war with no name a cat assassin searches for his lost love in Repino s strange moving sci fi epic that channels both Homeward Bound and A Canticle for Leibowitz The war with no name has beg

  • Title: Morte
  • Author: Robert Repino
  • ISBN: 9781616956219
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback

[PDF] Morte | by ↠ Robert Repino, Morte, Robert Repino, Morte After the war with no name a cat assassin searches for his lost love in Repino s strange moving sci fi epic that channels both Homeward Bound and A Canticle for Leibowitz The war with no name has begun with human extinction as its goal The instigator of this war is the Colony a race of intelligent ants who for thousands of years have been silently building an armAfter the war with no na


[PDF] Morte | by ↠ Robert Repino [PDF] Morte | by ↠ Robert Repino - Morte, Morte After the war with no name a cat assassin searches for his lost love in Repino s strange moving sci fi epic that channels both Homeward Bound and A Canticle for Leibowitz The war with no name has beg Morte

  • [PDF] Morte | by ↠ Robert Repino
    323Robert Repino

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  1. A terrific, wholly original story Brutal, straightforward and unflinching yet really fun at the same time It had elements of Planet of the Apes and Heinlein, but with a lot heart.Mort e did that thing that only SF can do so well It told a story about humanity and all the things that we get wrong, transplanted into a totally unfamiliar POV, so it s not too obviously preachy Repino really pulled off that mix wonderfully.I ll be looking for from him in the future.

  2. I will keep this review short, for two reasons First, having read Mort e , I have earned the right to minimize further time spent on it Second, having been spared Morte e , you deserve the opportunity to escape unscathed.Yes, this is that most dreaded of book blog posts a negative review Whatever I may have previously said in regards to negative reviews, to whatever conclusions we may have come, you know that I don t engage in negative reviews lightly I try to look for good qualities even in boo [...]

  3. This book should come with a warning if you share a home with four legged companions, watch out I spent a lot of time assuring mine that they were much beloved members of my family, not slaves.To be honest, I ve never been a huge fan of animals as people adult books eg, Watership Down , although the Thornton Burgess books are among my childhood favorites But Mort e is not one of those books it s a riveting read, with Sebastian Mort e as a flawed hero His love, and search, for Sheba is inspiratio [...]

  4. Ummmmmm Just no That s the thought that kept repeating in my head as I read through Mort e I kept waiting for the story to click with me, but it never really did Generally, I don t have a problem with suspending disbelief, and I even get the appeal of anthropomorphic animals at the center of a story But with Mort e I just couldn t buy in Though I grew to tolerate Mort e as a protagonist, I felt no investment in the tale being told.Is there a decent story within these pages Sure, to an extent If [...]

  5. An interesting entry in the dystopian science fiction genre, this novel took two premises that usually populate the most cliche kind of sci fi giant ants and animals becoming intelligent , and treated them with the utmost seriousness That alone made me want to love this novel but there were a few things that held it back.The main character, Mort e ne Sebastian, is a house cat that has mutated to human proportions in the aftermath of a colony of giant ants declaring war on humanity To help in the [...]

  6. Ever pick up a book, knowing even before you start that you re destined to love it Ever have it exceed even those lofty expectations Mort e was sent to me several many months back I d been chatting with a PR person at SoHo Press about a different book I d reviewed, and she mentioned Mort e It s about a warwith antsd sentient house pets Or something like that.Of course I was all, Yes Yes please Send it Send it Send it Because ants Waging war against humanity I mean, Them is only my absolute FAVOR [...]

  7. There is a war between humans and the ants The queen of the ants, Hymenoptera Unus, has been planning this for thousands of years The queen has her many servants, and there are other types of ants as well worker ants, vulture ants, winged ants, and, most fearfully, the Alpha ants huge fighting ants that are bigger than human beings In addition to the war to exterminate humans, the Queen has released something that makes animals sentient, and many former pets and farm animals have joined in the f [...]

  8. The main character is a cat what could you want from a book This book was adorable, I dont think he intended it to be adorable but it was Im a major cat lover and it was just so cute Oh and theres fighting between humans, cats and dogs, and ants I really enjoyed the story and cant wait to continue.

  9. This was a book I read in about four hours on a drizzley final day of vacation The pages and their story moved briskly and I enjoyed it Later, when asked what it was about, I said It s about a cat who really, really, really wants to find his doggie friend Also ants take over the earth in an almost successful human genocide Also cats and all the animals can talk and think Not surprisingly, it s actually about the folly of religion I ll give you a spoiler, by the end you can t be bothered to still [...]

  10. This book annoyed the hell out of me It started out entertainingly enough I was interested in the ants method of advancing the animals to become sentient, and actually human like I was even ok with the war against the humans.But when the whole religion thing came up, the book lost me I m a literal sort of gal, so I m pretty blind to symbolism But a lot of this story read to me like something what an earnest high school student could write about I m still not sure if it s pro religion or anti re [...]

  11. An ancient colony of intelligent giant ants wages war on humanity, driving us to the brink of extinction The Ant Queen creates an army of allies by transforming the animals of the world into speaking, thinking, vengeful bipeds A war hero, a former housecat by the name of Mort e , searches endlessly for his friend Sheba, who fled on the day of Mort e s transformation I found Mort e frustrating, initially It purports to be science fiction.ns use advanced weaponry, ants communicate chemically and t [...]

  12. I guess I ll just list it out the half critique half rant Forgive the length, gotta get all my pent up irritation out somewhere Oh, and SPOILERS AHEAD.Pros It was a captivating read, the overall premise of animals becoming self conscious and Mort e s search for Sheba were what initially hooked me Cool cover.Cons The animal population hates humans issue Ok, I get that this is science fiction, the story requires an apocalyptic battle between species, great But seriously, how is it even logical tha [...]

  13. I m not sure how to describe this book Animal Farm meets The Plague dogs via starship troopers However you play it, this isn t quite like anything else Do not go into this book expecting Watership Diwn or a cute comedic spoof where the animals are animalian but a bit brighter and conspiring against the system While this is darkly comedic it pulls no punches on the war front, is an often scathing satire on the state of human society and is brutal and unflinching in it s descriptions of how the en [...]

  14. I saw this book at an indie bookstore, and after the owner made a comment, That s a book about about talking cats and ants taking over the world, I knew I had to pick it up I must disclose dystopian literature is among my favorite genres, so my review will surely be biased This isn t your average dystopia, and takes place in two stages, which I won t elaborate on in case you choose to read it It is also a fascinating commentary on religiosity and the attempt to stomp it out in favor of reason, a [...]

  15. Mort e is a phenomenon It should not work It is a marriage of such disparate elements that on the surface it seems like it should be incapable of being telling a story deeper than its components in this case sentient cats, giant ants and theology.Instead of being a parody of itself it utterly transcended everything I expected of it It s like Watership Down meets A Canticle for Leibowitz with than a smattering of whatever it is that makes Margaret Atwood s work so god damned special It really is [...]

  16. This book lived up to what I had hoped it would be I saw this novel online I love top 10 lists and had to get it I have been really focusing on not killing my bank account on books so I waited very impatiently for my local library to get it After I read it, I m happy I pushed through in getting it It s a very quick read which I wasn t to happy about didn t necessarily want it to end but the writer fit a lot into the book His character development was lacking in some areas, but the lead up to the [...]

  17. The premise of this story is fantastic This is a world where super intelligent ants have created a pathogen that transforms animals into large, bipedal, sentient beings Their paws turn into hands and their minds fill with knowledge This starts the war against humanity and ushers in a time of sentient animal ant dominance over our planet We follow Mort e ,a newly sentient cat who joins the war and quickly sets himself apart as a war hero That s the premise, but that s not the story The story is a [...]

  18. At turns touching, whimsical, original, thoughtful, hilarious Best of all the book was wonderfully entertaining For most of the novel you are in the mind of a neutered house catbut you also take a turn in the minds of a former attack dog, a pig, a bobcat, and the ancient queen of an all powerful ant colony The story of how these creatures evolve and find meaning and develop into moral creatures makes this book much than a romping page turner, although it s that, too Repino manages to pay homage [...]

  19. This book is absolutely incredible, and like no piece of science fiction I ve ever read The apocalypse has never, ever been this entertaining As Reprino takes you through the story, and introduces you to the various beasts that Mort e meets in his adventures, you get these incredible, powerful glimpses of this shattered world and it is as awe inspiring as it is heartbreaking.More up on BookRiot bookriot 2014 12 01 riot r

  20. Wow, what to say about this amazing book From the first page I was hooked, the writing is so GOOD, the characterizations so deft, and the story thought provoking, entertaining, sad, funny, just so so awesomely good Read it.

  21. What an overall batshit crazy book To continue with this review would mean I d have to keep thinking about the book, and I d rather not.

  22. I would consider this tale a parable While on its surface it is about humans, ants and animals it really is about the utility of hope, religion and belief sets The ants represent a species living entirely on instinct and science, while the humans put so much stock into their religious beliefs that it leads to paradoxical behavior An animal character states.e belief has corrupted all of them I ve seen this evil up close I ve seem what a human can do when he is cornered and praying to his god for [...]

  23. Mort e was just a housecat named Sebastian before the change A cat who spent his day protecting the family that rescued him, and observing the outside world through the various windows in the house Then one day he realized he could understand speech, and read words He didn t know this was all planned by the ants, lead by an intelligent and vindictive queen hell bent on destroying humanity for being lesser beings She releases a chemical worldwide that gives animals human like minds and bodies, wh [...]

  24. This book fucked me up incredibly After reading the first half, I spent a while worrying that my cat would hate me, should he suddenly become self aware and capable of holding weaponry I bought him a lot of treats today before I sat down to finish the book.Besides my own cat lady problems, this was an incredibly effective post apocalyptic novel, and extremely unique, given that many others are about zombies rather than ants This book is like if Animal Farm and 1984 had been smashed together.I th [...]

  25. Advanced reading copy review due to be published January 20, 2015 Mort e by Robert Repino is a fast paced SF apocalyptic thriller where the animal kingdom, as led by an ancient Queen ant, rises up against the humans for dominion over the Earth The book succeeds as an action story but fell flat for me as the social satirical statement it is trying to be Think George Orwell s Animal Farm combined with the film version of Robert Heinlein s Starship Troopers Young adult gamers will likely be the bes [...]

  26. I don t remember which review convinced me to pick this up, but I never found my way into Mort e It just kept moving from implausible to ridiculous without taking a step back I added a star because I ve never read anything quite like it and that s worth something Also, I suffered through the audio version of this novel, read by Bronson Pinchot he sounded so bored with the material that reading in the character voice of Balki Bartokomous from Perfect Strangers would have been an improvement Good [...]

  27. This book is off the charts bananas House pets become sentient beings, and work for the ant army, who are attempting to kill off all humans in a mass genocide There s a lot going on in here about the purpose and meaning of religion and death This would be a great book to read with a friend or group because there s lots to chew on It s a very dark book with some humor as well and the first chapter is one of my favorite first chapters ever.

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