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Fever Best Read || [Tonya Plank] Fever Best Read || [Tonya Plank] - Fever, Fever Rory s once promising ballet career was destroyed by family tragedy and illness She turned her life around and became a lawyer Now at the start of her legal career she lacks passion in her work and s

  • Title: Fever
  • Author: Tonya Plank
  • ISBN: 9781942289005
  • Page: 216
  • Format: Paperback

Fever Best Read || [Tonya Plank], Fever, Tonya Plank, Fever Rory s once promising ballet career was destroyed by family tragedy and illness She turned her life around and became a lawyer Now at the start of her legal career she lacks passion in her work and self confidence in her abilities But when she meets gorgeous mysterious Russian ballroom dancer Sasha at a firm holiday party her passions for life and dance are immediaRory s once promising


Fever Best Read || [Tonya Plank] Fever Best Read || [Tonya Plank] - Fever, Fever Rory s once promising ballet career was destroyed by family tragedy and illness She turned her life around and became a lawyer Now at the start of her legal career she lacks passion in her work and s Fever

  • Fever Best Read || [Tonya Plank]
    216Tonya Plank

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  1. Wow I m in love I forgot how sexy dancing could be If you like movies like Save the Last Dance or Dirty Dancing, you will probably enjoy this.Rory dreamed of being a ballet dancer ever since she was a child, but she didn t get support from her family and friends So she put her dreams on hold and became a lawyer Working at a small firm, she felt like something was missing Her spark in life came back when she saw Sasha dancing passionately at a company party So she signs up for dance classes at hi [...]

  2. I received a copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review You can read the full review and enter the giveaway on my blog here courtneysreads 20 There were some things about this novel that really frustrated me I would have liked some development of the characters, particularly Rory I felt it was a bit slow at times What I really enjoyed was the dancing It was very beautifully described and makes me want to take up ballroom dancing now.

  3. I got this book through a giveaway hosted on CourtneyReads blog and the book was sent to me by the author Thank you so much It s actually the first giveaway I ve won, and that s one of the reasons I really wanted to like this novel I love watching Dancing with the Stars and I love romance novels, so this seemed like something right up my alley The actual rating is of a 3.5 There were a couple of things I could ve done without, but overall I enjoyed it I really liked how realistic it all was Aur [...]

  4. Incredible start to one woman s journey into the ballroom dance scene I was intrigued with this book from the start The book pulled me in from the beginning, and I was hooked The book starts out with an immediate introduction into ballroom dancing Rory, a small firm lawyer, and her boyfriend James, also a lawyer, are attending his company s holiday party, where Rory watches Sasha, a latin dance ballroom champion, perform a dance number with his partner Rory is immediately entranced by Sasha, and [...]

  5. Tonya Plank s FEVER INFECTIOUS RHYTHM series is a sexy contemporary ballroom romance in three parts that delivers real characters, a fascinating look into the scandalous competitive ballroom dance scene and PASSION on the dance floor AND in the bedroom.In part 1, Rory is an L.A lawyer whose love of dance is reignited when she meets ballroom champion Sasha at her boyfriend s holiday work party Sparks fly, dance lessons ensue and Rory faces the struggles and uncertainty of following one s dreams T [...]

  6. Impressive Very impressive This was my first Tonya Plank novel and I was really blown away at this author s ability to bring so much to life Truth I despise cliffhangers But every once in a while, a series comes along with all the right ingredients Just the right mixture to reel me in And, my book friends, this is one of them I first saw him at The Beverly Hilton Witness him, is like it I m a huge fan of dance all dance I love doing it, while no one s watching I love watching it from the raw an [...]

  7. A girl who wanted to follower her dreams of becoming a dancer are dashed by tragedy and illness Now set a new direction in life, with a little push from her family, but it s not really her passion until her old love of dance is reignited with one intriguing encounter with a famous dancer.Fever is a 3 part series that follows lawyer Rory on her quest to dance and enjoy life We read of her struggles with self image, and in a job at a small law firm that is not very stimulating for her, along with [...]

  8. First, let me preface this by saying I am friends with the author Secondly, wow what a great book At first, I really wanted to hate Rory because she was such a doormat but then I got into the book and found there are probably underlying issues to that Then I wanted to smack Cheryl and Luna seriously those two And then the ending Excellent, Excellent way to end the first book I cannot wait to start reading book 2 My only issue overall with the book was that some of it was a little too over descri [...]

  9. I d like to thank NetGalley and Dark Swan Press for providing me with a free copy in exchange for an honest review.This was a nice read, but there were one thing that bothered me This is a long book over 400 pages , which means a lot of pages to build up a relationship and tension But here, nothing happened in the romantic sense There were hints and clues of a plot, but I m not entirely sure there was a plot This was much about character development than an actual story being told.On the other [...]

  10. I received a copy from Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review.This is a good book The story is great, and the characters are good too Sasha is hot, charming, and passionate, especially when he dances Rory is smart, cute, and also passionate about dancing I did not like James, he was a controlling boyfriend to Rory I don t think she needed that in her life However, there is not really any romance in the story, although it is hinted It made the book a bit boring The dancing in the book is the [...]

  11. Complex main character with love to share for the right fellow.I must have a magnet attached to my Kindle that draws serial works to it Again sadly, an interesting topic, with interactive dialog and characters that could be worth exploring, but my bugaboo rears up at the supposed end of the book with stay tuned for in Volume Two Serial writing exit Stage Right as Snaggle Tooth used to say More trials and angst to come for our young hero s, but I will never know Dance on my pretty.

  12. Well this book was right where i was hoping it would gowell anyway i will be setting up a review shortly so i will edit and put my blog site where you can find the full review latenightsexybookreviewer

  13. Quite a promising book on ballroom dance, but where is the romance Poor Rory her story often reminds me of the person I was myself I used to write stories and poems in college but the harsh realities of life forced me to work hard for a living Rory s once promising ballet career was destroyed by family tragedy and illness She turned her life around and became a lawyer Now at the start of her legal career, she lacks passion in her work and self confidence in her abilities If you are in Rory s sho [...]

  14. Note This review has been published in my blog Book and InkHighly driven Lawyer protagonists are something I m quite bored of these days thanks to an overdrive of John Grisham books during my school days I signed up for this book for it s unconventional story line Lawyers and ballroom dancing that should be interesting The book surely was interesting.Written from Rory s perspective, the story is about Rory juggling her career as lawyer and rekindling her passion for dancing after dancing with th [...]

  15. I received this book free from the publisher through Reading Alley I thank them for their generousity In exchange, I was simply asked to write an honest review, and post it The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising Most ballroom dancing is not about competing Ballroom dance should be primarily about fun Unfortunately, former dancer Auror [...]

  16. Lacking passionFever is the first book in A Ballroom Romance series by Tonya Plank The beginning of the story leaves you wanting to know At the end of the first chapter, I was wondering how this book will end The author did a good job of drawing the reader in to her world She did a great job of making it very realistic The pace of the story was very slow and drawn out form the first chapter to the last The main characters and the secondary characters were exciting The biggest issue with the boo [...]

  17. THIS IS A REVIEW FROM KATELYN HENSEL FOR READERS FAVORITE Fever A Ballroom Romance was certainly smoking hot I felt that I was visualizing all the smoldering sexiness of a tango, combined with the grace and agility of a ballerina Rory s dreams of becoming a professional dancer were crushed long ago She s almost forgotten the sensual, exhilarating pull of the dance floor, until she sees Sasha, a Russian ballroom dancer who reignites her passion in ways than one Sasha too has his past pains, but [...]

  18. I liked this book a lot, actually The writing was smooth and invisible, and the characters at least the main characters were whole and real.The main character was very realistic Having lived with a former ballerina, I thought her neurosis were well incorporated She didn t think about them a lot, but the reader was definitely aware that something wasn t 100% with her.The reader is left with this feeling of ambivalence towards the main character s choice to take up dancing again On the one had you [...]

  19. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review And I have to say that I wasn t expecting much Being new to this facet of the industry my initial thought was don t get your hopes up Boy was I wrong.Rory is a modern day woman with all the problems and issues the rest of us face and unlike most books I ve read Sasha doesn t rush in and make everything perfect As a matter of fact, he s a little hard to figure out and his motivations are unclear But as the story progres [...]

  20. Fever A Ballroom Romance, Infectious Rhythm Series, Book 1 by Tonya Plank This book is a three book series, and not standalone While reading Fever, I was swept away in the contemporary ballroom romance This book started off great and stayed amazing The storytelling, and setting was vivid and real I never lost my interest I could imagine myself getting dance lessons or getting instructional dance lessons from Sasha The story flowed without snags, and characters dialogues were believable I got cau [...]

  21. ARC provided by netgalley for an honest review I loved this book This is the first time I have read a book by this author the story was good but I honestly hated the main character s Rory for one was killing me with the always comparing herself to the other women the whole body issues thing got on my nerves I felt that Rory just needed to grow up and admit that what she is doing to her body is wrong and love herself and also she needs to eat way then what she was eating Sasha was just plain rud [...]

  22. I loved this book First of all, I have danced throughout my entire life although not on a professional level, so I was all in as soon as I saw the book cover I was transported into every scene through Ms Plank s wonderfully rich and sensual writing I enjoyed every description of every type of dance class, body movement, and rhythm right down to the aching, pinched toes and blistered feet The chemistry between Rory and Sasha, the sexy Russian dance teacher and world renown star, is palpable and I [...]

  23. Ambition can be reach when you are determined I LOVED how passionate Rory is to learn about ballroom dancing She is one very ambitious girl It is only her way to release the stress from work and from her boyfriend too who does not support her passion I really admire her determination I want of her and Sasha I LOVED this two I know they have connection with each other I LOVED their flirtations while practice It is not enough for me This story will help us learn about ballroom dancing and how h [...]

  24. This is the first book I ve read from this author Fever A Ballroom Romance is a sexy contemporary ballroom romance that comes in three parts I really that the characters feel real That you get swept away in the passion of the ballroom dancing.I really liked Rory She was a refreshing lead female character She s a L.A lawyer whose love of dance is reignited when she meets ballroom champion Sasha at her boyfriend s holiday party Sparks fly, dance lessons ensue and Rory faces the struggles and uncer [...]

  25. Spoilers ahead Loved the story that I stayed up until I finished it that night and bought the next one in the morning Rory is such a developed character that I feel like I know her, like a reader should I cheered for her when she left her idiot boyfriend so she could continue prioritizing her passions I hoping she will leave her job next because she doesn t receive any satisfaction from that I love how dancing helps her feel connected to her dad I just love her and her story and can t wait to fi [...]

  26. Didn t Like The Cliffhanger Rory was an attorney who felt that most attorneys were boring Her boyfriend is James, whose also a lawyer in LA She had studied ballet for 14 years At a party, she saw a dance being done and longed to dance again.This was a little slow moving, but I did finish it I didn t like where it left off I didn t realize it was part of a serial when I got it Maybe if I get a chance to get the other two books, I will feel better about the whole story I received an ARC of this st [...]

  27. Okay Fever moves very slowly Tonya Plank was able write about dancing and you are able to feel the music and the dance She throws a little mystery into the character of Sasha You wonder what he is all about I can t wait to start Fever A Ballroom Romance, 2 I love Dancing with the Stars and reading this book I was able to see and feel the dances I am hoping the second book is a little bit faster paced.

  28. Rory is an attorney and Sasha is her love interest I m not really a ballroom dance person but I enjoyed this story It was easy on my mind s eye, seeing the very sensual and sexy dancing Ms Plank s details were spot on I got to see Rory mate, into the woman s she d always wanted to be, as she left the safety net of her life and danced into her dreams of a lifetime It s a fun read, full of colorful characters that left me wanting to move on to book two.

  29. Competition in DanceI thought the story would have progressed of a mutual relationship between Rory and Sasha I really would have enjoyed Rory and Sasha to have become of a couple He seemed to be of a mystery to how he felt about her I look forward to reading of your work.

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