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After the Ashes

[PDF] Read ✓ After the Ashes : by Sara K. Joiner [PDF] Read ✓ After the Ashes : by Sara K. Joiner - After the Ashes, After the Ashes In this riveting coming of age survival story a stubborn and intellectual teen must fight for her life when the mighty volcano Krakatau erupts and puts her hometown on the Javanese coast in mortal da

  • Title: After the Ashes
  • Author: Sara K. Joiner
  • ISBN: 9780823434411
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Read ✓ After the Ashes : by Sara K. Joiner, After the Ashes, Sara K. Joiner, After the Ashes In this riveting coming of age survival story a stubborn and intellectual teen must fight for her life when the mighty volcano Krakatau erupts and puts her hometown on the Javanese coast in mortal danger In on the island of Java in the Dutch East Indies thirteen year old Katrien Courtland is determined to prove Darwin s theory of natural selection Unfortunately nIn this ri

After the Ashes

[PDF] Read ✓ After the Ashes : by Sara K. Joiner [PDF] Read ✓ After the Ashes : by Sara K. Joiner - After the Ashes, After the Ashes In this riveting coming of age survival story a stubborn and intellectual teen must fight for her life when the mighty volcano Krakatau erupts and puts her hometown on the Javanese coast in mortal da After the Ashes

  • [PDF] Read ✓ After the Ashes : by Sara K. Joiner
    448Sara K. Joiner
After the Ashes

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  1. ARC from Baker and TaylorIn 1883, Katrien has always lived on Java with her father, who works for a Dutch company Her mother is dead, but her Aunt Greet lives with her, and her uncle Maarten also resides nearby Katrien is very interested in the study of insects, and has all but memorized Darwin s Origin of the Species She goes into the jungle with her good friend, Salmet, whose mother works for Katrien s family Greet doesn t think that Katrien should spend so much time with a native boy now that [...]

  2. After the Ashes takes place in the 1800s, on the island of Java The volcano Krakatau is about to erupt after being dead for many years, and this story centers on a young lady and what happens to her I found the story hard to read, granted it takes place a long time ago, and the main character is Dutch and the attitudes towards native populations were not great, but it just felt a bit awkward and wooden The main character is portrayed as a bit of a tomboy who is now being asked to no longer be fr [...]

  3. A nice teen survival story set in a time and place that I did not know anything about I like when learning is this painless Not only did I learn about the Dutch settlement of Java and the eruption of Krakatau, but I learned generally what a volcanic eruption and tsunami can be like.

  4. I loved this one The whole book was tense and made me keep reading obsessively to find out what would happen The first part is very reminiscent of Calpurnia Tate in Jacqueline Kelly s books The 13 year old protagonist is growing up in a rather wild place and wants to study natural selection and science She is starting to feel constrained by society s expectations of her and although her father wants her to be smart and happy, he also doesn t want her to be a social outcast with no friends There [...]

  5. I adore the way that this book introduces us to 13 year old Katrien Set in 1883, on the island of Java in the Dutch East Indies, we are first introduces to young Katrien s obsessive thirst for knowledge about the natural world A catastrophic event on a nearby island turns the natural world against her and robs Katrien of much of what she loves the best The starkness of the scene after the disaster that befalls her home is beautifully depicted, as is Katrien s determination to save something of h [...]

  6. After the Ashes was a little slow to start because the action happens in the final half of the book with the explosion of Krakatau Prior to the explosion, Katrien deals with family cultural expectations of how a girl is supposed to act, male female friendships, Christian Muslim friendships, and other divides of that century Everything is well researched and historically accurate I enjoyed the book Hand it to anyone who has an interest in historical fiction, volcanos, and the water surge that com [...]

  7. I like how this book explored and taught us what happens after a natural disasters occurs The volcano erupting and causing an ash over the island for days and the girls leaning on each other is great I have never been in an natural disaster and for me personally this tells me what it is like for the victims of the disaster even days later when everything is still ruined and they are trying to escape and just get out the environment to a safer environment I really enjoyed reading this book.

  8. This is the story of a budding entymologist on the Dutch Islands in the 1800 right before the volcano blows This may just not have been my taste it was in particular difficult to read about the preparation of a beatle s body for pinning while I ate my lunch which is frequently the only time I have to read I did not finish it.

  9. Katrien lives in Java with her father and aunt Her mother died when she was a child She loves Java and enjoys exploring the jungle with her friend Slamet, looking for beetles to add to her collection She is obsessed with Charles Darwin s Origin of the Species Her aunt Greet thinks she needs to become ladylike She wants Katrien to be friends with Dutch girls like Brigitta instead of native boys like Slamet Katrien and Brigitta don t get along at all and it seems like everytime they meet they end [...]

  10. Hot ash falls from the sky Burning chunks of stone plummet to the ground and explode on impact Tsunami waves over 100 feet high wash everything away, tearing apart churches, homes, and businesses No, it s not the latest box office smash it is an actual historical event, the eruption of Krakatau in the Dutch East Indies in August of 1883 This is the backdrop for the story or Katrien and Brigitta, two teenage girls living in the town of Anjers on the coast of Java At the beginning of the book thin [...]

  11. I ll admit I didn t have high expectations for this book I didn t find the cover art attractive, and what did I care about Dutch settlers in Java in 1883 It took about a chapter to completely and totally captivate me Katrien was born in Java to Dutch settlers She, her father, and her aunt live there She is a scientist a devotee of Charles Darwin who often quotes his words She collects insects, and likes nothing better than to be in the jungle with her native friend Slamet Katrien rebels against [...]

  12. I received a copy of this book from.Katrien lives with her father and aunt to live on the island of Java Her family emigrated from Netherlands.There is nothing she loves than exploring the jungle with her friend Slamet, a Java native.She enjoys finding, collecting, and documenting beetles and insects they find while exploring, eager to discover a new species.Katrien often quotes Darwin s On the Origin of Species and wants to become a scientist when she grows up.However, is distraught when her a [...]

  13. I think this will end up on a Newbery list interesting historical fiction about Katrien and her family before and after the explosion of Krakatau in 1883 The character of Katrien has been allowed to run wild and explore and not act like a proper girl, when her father and aunt start to pressure her to end her friendship with the native boy she runs with and become friend with girl Katrien tries to rebel, she comes of whiny and annoying I don t like how she was written it is hard to be sympatheti [...]

  14. I read this to my children who are 11, 13, 15 They all enjoyed it The chapters are short, so we usually read 2 3 chapters a night The first half of the book acquaints the reader with Katrien, and the changing relationships and expectations she is dealing with as a young teenager The the volcano erupts, and her life, and the book, are forever changed Now the descriptions are of life and death situations, which lead to descriptions of the horrid aftermath of the disaster The author handles it well [...]

  15. Such an interesting setting the Dutch East Indies in the 1880s, at the time of Krakatau s eruption Katrien feels Indonesian, despite her Dutch ancestry, but her aunt and father are primarily concerned with raising her to be a proper European lady, while she is primarily concerned with her scientific research inspired by Charles Darwin All that changes when the volcano erupts and survival is the only thing that matters I really enjoyed being absorbed in this time and place, but it does require qu [...]

  16. I love books that combine adventure, danger, and themes of friendship and this book hits all three Katrien, the protagonist, has all the traits that make me want to follow a character through her journey She is smart, strong, and not perfect Her refusal to see anything good or worthwhile about the other girls her age could have been off putting But because I saw these girls from Katrien s point of view, I empathized with her right from the start The vivid setting brought life to Katrien s love o [...]

  17. A Dutch family living in Indonesia is torn apart when Krakatoa erupts A compelling and exciting read, the main character of the story survives an ash fall, several tsunamis, and the aftermath of a notable geologic event My only real complaint is that I wish that the tension with the native population had been either explored fully or been less of a plot point Recommended for students in grades 5 and 6, especially those who are ready to take a step up from the ever popular I Survived series.

  18. Katrien lives on the island of Java in the Dutch East Indies with her father and her aunt She is obsessed with Charles Darwin and spends as much time as she can in the jungle collecting rhinoceros stag beetles She resists all of her aunt s efforts to turn her into a proper young lady The first half of the book is fairly slow moving It is in the second half of the book, when Krakatau erupts in 1883, that it becomes much interesting The eruption triggered tsunamis, and Katrien must use all of her [...]

  19. More than an engrossing survival story, the author adds rich layers of issues from the controversial writings of Charles Darwin and a girl s interest in insects to class differences between the natives and Dutch inhabiting Java, an island north of Australia, friendships tested, etiquette demanded, grief and loss I couldn t put it down There is much to recommend it for a book discussion, most particularly for girls but boys would like this story too.

  20. Wow, this book tackles a number of topics evolution, colonialism, discrimination, death and destruction I found it slow to start, I didn t feel engaged for the first 100 pages The volcanic eruption and aftermath were stunning Well researched, compelling ending My elementary students probably wouldn t have enough background knowledge to understand this story.

  21. The survival of 2 girls after the eruption of Krakatau in the 1880s includes the relationships the Dutch had with the Javanese as well as each other We see the grim scenes of bodies where the town used to be, as well as bodies for miles in the ocean Also mingling facets of grief and regret are discussed in relation to being able to heal in such loss Not for the faint of heart.

  22. Story has the potential to be a Calpurnia Tate style in the tropical east However it lacks the charm and lush writing and this one features an annoying, whiny main character Once the volcano erupts and the survival part of the story kicks in, character growth begins and saves the book Based on actual events, the author note explains the research process.

  23. Interesting story with some historical information Didn t really care for so much of the Darwin quotes Glad I read the book It is a good book about human nature and the decisions they make that makes them the adult they become.

  24. Learning about history of a part of the world I have not visited lived is fascinating Learning about survival of a volcanic eruption and tsunami is also interesting.

  25. A slow start but rich with detail, especially about the natural world and Darwin I found myself looking for information about Krakatau and Java as I was reading.

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