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Free Download Beastkeeper - by Cat Hellisen Free Download Beastkeeper - by Cat Hellisen - Beastkeeper, Beastkeeper Falling in love means becoming a monster Sarah has always been on the move Her mother hates the cold so every few months her parents pack their bags and drag her off after the sun She s grown up lone

  • Title: Beastkeeper
  • Author: Cat Hellisen
  • ISBN: 9781250073648
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback

Free Download Beastkeeper - by Cat Hellisen, Beastkeeper, Cat Hellisen, Beastkeeper Falling in love means becoming a monster Sarah has always been on the move Her mother hates the cold so every few months her parents pack their bags and drag her off after the sun She s grown up lonely and longing for magic She doesn t know that it s magic her parents are running from When Sarah s mother walks out on their family all the strange old magic they have trFalling in love


Free Download Beastkeeper - by Cat Hellisen Free Download Beastkeeper - by Cat Hellisen - Beastkeeper, Beastkeeper Falling in love means becoming a monster Sarah has always been on the move Her mother hates the cold so every few months her parents pack their bags and drag her off after the sun She s grown up lone Beastkeeper

  • Free Download Beastkeeper - by Cat Hellisen
    262Cat Hellisen

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  1. The day she falls in love for the first time, Sarah will transform into a beast unless she can figure out a way to break the curse forever.

  2. Cat Beauty and the Beast middle grade unconventional twist Sold.And Cat says that this is first person female POV AND THE GIRL IS THE BEAST DSo excited

  3. This was such a surprising book I was so blown away by the writing style and the plot Once I started this book, I couldn t put it down and I ended up finishing it in a little over 2 hours This book was so full of magic and I loved how deep rooted in classic fantasy the plot was Beastkeeper reminded me the books that my mom would read to my sister and I when we were kids She always read fantasy to us and Beastkeeper is something that would have mesmerized me as a child Overall, I absolutely loved [...]

  4. ARC provided by NetgalleyEver since she can remember Sarah and her parents have always moved Always further and further south as her mother hates the cold Til the day her mother finally walks away from the family And something strange begins to happen Old magic comes out of hiding and her father begins to change slowly, but surely into a wild beast Before he fully becomes a beast he takes Sarah to the last place she expectede ruins of a crumbling castle where her grandparents live And the curse [...]

  5. I suspected I might be in for a treat when I read the dedication page on this book, which mentions the author s two children Tanith and Noa Tanith You named your KID after Tanith Lee This book CANNOT be bad And indeed, it is quite excellent I wouldn t say it s derivative of, or even particularly similar to Lee s writing, but the aesthetics are all what I love It s a contemporary fantasy, but it succeeds very well in meshing the timeless beauty of fairy tales with a modern setting Sarah is a youn [...]

  6. Arc provided by Henry Holt Company through Netgalley Release Date February 3 rd I had to re read this story immediately after I had finished it for first time, because with only one read, I honestly did not know what to say.First of all, I loved its first pages They had that bitter sweet tone of well done magical realism, and they held so much promise.We get immediately thrown into this family s live, and we can see that something isn t quite right Besides the obvious that is Page after page we [...]

  7. As expected from Cat Hellisen, this novel is a beautifully written, mesmerizing and strange little book that takes familiar concepts and shapes them into new, original and bizarre forms Beastkeeper is in all likelihood the most original Beauty and the Beast retelling I ve ever read, and probably the most honest, too This novel takes the familiar fairy tale and reshapes it from a story of eternal love and idealistic romance, to one of sacrifice and loss where the human heart is at its rawest and [...]

  8. A lovely middle grade fairy tale.Sarah Sarahbear is a 12 year old girl who lives in a magical world of boxes and new schools Her mother Merete has raised her on magical stories and fairy tales But one day her mother has decided she is done running from Winter She is afraid of the curse that she knows has been put upon the family and makes a run for it Meaning she leaves Sarah and her father Leon Leon is heartbroken He can t cope with the sadness and sends Sarah to stay with his mother Sarah find [...]

  9. This is not a review, it s a giftling short story.An adult fairy tale about Inga and Freya and falling in love A prequel, if you likethellisen counter cu

  10. I find this difficult to rate, but I m going to say high 3 low 4 Occasionally, I come across books that I find difficult to review Whether it s because I don t like them and wanted to, like them too much and don t know how to express it, or am in some weird limbo where I can t even begin to tell you what I liked or didn t like, and why, there are some reviews that just stump me a little And sometimes, as I work through what I felt about the book, these reviews can get a little long, and maybe a [...]

  11. For reviews, gifs, Cover Snark and , visit A Reader of Fictions.Lately, I ve been less and less interested in middle grade fiction It s been with sadness that I ve watched a number of YA authors switch to writing middle grades In fact, I initially thought Beastkeeper was going to be young adult, but alas no Even so, it was by Cat Hellisen, so fuck yeah I was going to read it anyway One does not simply skip a Hellisen novel.Reading Beastkeeper was one hundred percent the correct decision Cat Hel [...]

  12. I love retellings of Beauty and the Beast, but I disliked Beastkeeper The premise was great the prince is cursed to turn into a beast as soon as he falls truly in love for the first time The curse will only be broken when his true love loves him in return Sounds great It wasn t This book felt like a rough draft with a loosely sketched in plot Dialogue was sparse, broken by pages of description and self reflection from our heroine, Sarah, a twelve thirteen year old I didn t like any of the charac [...]

  13. I thought this was an interesting book because the book was very creative Like what the story was about was fascinating and I like how it was good through out the whole book I do wish it ended better because it left me with some questions Otherwise I think this is a good book This is what I thought about Beastkeeper.

  14. Magical, beautiful, and bittersweet A dark, original fairy tale that s not just for kids Full review to come.

  15. You can read this review and on my blog, Caught Read Handed NOTE I was provided with an e ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you to Henry Holt and Co for letting me read this One freezing cold night, Sarah s mother leaves her and her father Her father starts to change he s lazy, wild, strange, and yes, his hair is out of control Beastkeeper is said to be a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, and it is, but also isn t There s than one beast, for instance, and S [...]

  16. Are you looking for a wonderful, happy fairy tale One with a happy ending and all that jazz Well then, you are in the wrong place If you thought this would be a cute MG retelling, you are wrong.Beastkeeper is a nice, quick read about a girl, Sarah, longing for magic, but unfortunately she really doesn t know what she s asking for Once she encounters it through a family curse, one that turns her grandfather, her father, and even herself into a beast if their first love doesn t love them After fin [...]

  17. 3.4 starsKids in stories are always going where they shouldn t and discovering hidden treasure and evil plots and unmasking villains.Beastkeeper is a middle grade fairy tale But it is not childish but utterly magical This is a rather short story and I read it in a few hours But this little story has a mood and an atmosphere This is not your typical beauty and the beast retelling Moreover, this book is original in it s own way You will meet enchanted forest full of magic, speaking ravens,strange [...]

  18. no spoilers To be completely honest I actually finished this book yesterday but kept finding myself staring off into the distance and murmuring huh to myself, so I figured I d wait to write a review The first 50 or so pages will probably go down in history as the fastest I ve ever fallen in love with a writing style and the very IDEA of the novel is so unique Honestly this book would ve been a perfect five stars if not for a few issues 1 Clocking in at under 200 pages, I felt like there was a wo [...]

  19. I adore this Like, ah door I m going to be throwing it at my teens heads when they come into the library like READ IT READ IT AND LOVE IT AND LEARN WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A MAN WOMAN These days I feel like I rarely come across authors who genuinely love language, who understand theoretically simple but often tricksy devices that can be abused or over used, like metaphor, and who treat words with respect, finesse, and care Cat Hellisen does She gets it she has a beautiful relationship with this craz [...]

  20. I got a copy of this book through NetGalley to review This was an absolutely wonderful retelling of Beauty and the Beast I loved the writing style, there was wonderful description here and wonderful characters Sarah has a mother who hates the cold and constantly has their family chasing summer from one location to the next When Sarah s mother finally walks out on her and her father, the family is thrown into discord Sarah s father becomes and unkempt and reclusive and eventually decides that S [...]

  21. I don t give many one star ratings And I don t say this very often about a book but this was terrible.Our main character, Sarah, is not particularly likable or believable within a few pages, she goes from completely normal teenager to being perfectly comfortable with magical forests, talking ravens, and humans turned beast no questions asked The book reads like she s older than 13, and much of what she says and thinks feels far beyond what a 13 year old is capable of.I feel like this started out [...]

  22. Actual rating 3.5 starsAn enjoyable read with twists of both the predictable and the Wait what variety For most of the book, it felt like this was a MG book in YA trappings, or maybe the other way around With a 13 year old protagonist, age actually becomes important towards the end of the book, but for most of it, I kept thinking she s a bit naive for a YA read, and the writing s a bit advanced for MG But I definitely enjoyed it I m still not sure about how I feel about the ending, including bot [...]

  23. You guys, this book With its fairy tale vibe, it s so very much the kind of story I loved to read when I was in middle school and high school, without seeming dated It was a solid four stars until the end, and then it just hit the perfect note, somber and hopeful, and I just want to smoosh hug it forever.

  24. The book was fairly good The rushed ended rather ruined the story I love fairy tale retellings This one was good, up to the last 1 5 of the book.

  25. This book is about curses that Sarah has to break before she turns into a beast My emotions for this book can t be described.I enjoyed this book I give this book a five star because it is about family and rescuing which makes it interesting Spoiler Alert Sarah moves in with her grandmother and tries to stop the curses makes this interesting on how she is going to stop the curses reaching to her I gave this book a five star because through the novel Sarah s emotions are shown which made me want t [...]

  26. I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review And so I am honestly reviewing it.Beastkeeper and I got off on the wrong foot a little bit It was a bit hard for me to engage in the story because of the main character, Sarah Luckily, she grows quite a bit by the end of the story but I still have some caveats about liking her The story is a tale as old as time Sorry Not sorry It s a mid grade retelling of Beauty and the Beast with a few spins on it Sarah s family has been curs [...]

  27. The other day, a good friend and I were talking about the middle grades we were raised on.To properly describe it, I d have to draw forward the example of that scene from The Lightning Thief, where Percy sips ambrosia for the first time and finds that it tastes like his mother s brownies warm, fresh, soothing If I ever had the chance to taste test ambrosia for myself, I m quite sure it d taste like the books I chose carefully when I was younger wild, deep rooted in old folklore and enchantments, [...]

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