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Murder on the Hour

[PDF] Murder on the Hour | by ✓ Elizabeth J. Duncan [PDF] Murder on the Hour | by ✓ Elizabeth J. Duncan - Murder on the Hour, Murder on the Hour The residents of Llanelen are brimming with excitement Antiques Cymru a regional take on the popular national TV show is coming to the Welsh town and people are flocking from miles around hoping th

  • Title: Murder on the Hour
  • Author: Elizabeth J. Duncan
  • ISBN: 9781250074232
  • Page: 437
  • Format: Hardcover

[PDF] Murder on the Hour | by ✓ Elizabeth J. Duncan, Murder on the Hour, Elizabeth J. Duncan, Murder on the Hour The residents of Llanelen are brimming with excitement Antiques Cymru a regional take on the popular national TV show is coming to the Welsh town and people are flocking from miles around hoping their attic treasures turn out to be worth a fortune On the day of filming quiet local sheep farmer Haydn Williams brings a generations old long case clock for evaluation whThe resi

Murder on the Hour

[PDF] Murder on the Hour | by ✓ Elizabeth J. Duncan [PDF] Murder on the Hour | by ✓ Elizabeth J. Duncan - Murder on the Hour, Murder on the Hour The residents of Llanelen are brimming with excitement Antiques Cymru a regional take on the popular national TV show is coming to the Welsh town and people are flocking from miles around hoping th Murder on the Hour

  • [PDF] Murder on the Hour | by ✓ Elizabeth J. Duncan
    437Elizabeth J. Duncan
Murder on the Hour

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  1. This is the first book I have read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked the story In the town of Llanelen , the residents are excited that Antiques Cymru, a similar take on a popular national TV show, is coming to their Welsh town Everyone is wondering if a lost and forgotten treasure in their attic could be worth money As some residents dig through their treasures, Catrin Bellis decides to bring her family heirloom quilt Haydn Williams, a local sheep farmer, brings [...]

  2. This is the 7th book in the Penny Brannigan mystery series I have read all seven and to me this is a very good mystery series The location is Wales and Penny Brannigan co owns a spa in town An antique TV show has come to town and people are taking their antiques in to see if they have a unexpected treasure There is a murder that day What is different in this book is that the character is likable Most cozy books the character is unlikable.Penny has solved many mysteries in the past There is a mys [...]

  3. In Murder on the Hour, the 7th book in the Penny Brannigan series, a popular Antiques Roadshow esque show is coming to Llanelen and after local woman Catrin brings in an old family quilt, she is found dead in her home Meanwhile, Pennny meets one of the judges at the Antiques show and Gareth, soon retiring, begins to contemplate his life after retiring and life without Penny.One of the biggest draws of this series is how vibrant the characters are It s so easy to fall into a story when you feel l [...]

  4. This is the 2nd book of the Welsh series that I ve read and it was too cozy for me as well as a bit disjointed I thought the story skipped around too much, and some of the characters could have been eliminated as they just seemed to be fillerPenny is a local artist, amateur gardener, nail spa employee as well as the former girlfriend of Detective Chief Inspector Gareth Davies When a national Antiques Valuation Show comes to town, old secrets of treasure come to life.Penny seems to have a gift fo [...]

  5. All of the novels in this series are set in the small fictional Welsh town of Llanelin and feature Penny Brannigan, part owner of a local beauty salon known as The Spa, her friend and partner Victoria, and D.I Gareth Davies.In MURDER ON THE HOUR, Gareth Davies has recently retired and Penny isn t seeing so much of him The main action centres around the coming of popular national tv show, Antiques Cymru, to the town People search for an object or two they can present for evaluation and maybe a ch [...]

  6. I loved the premise of this cozy mystery but I have to say that the ending left me feeling a bit aggravated However, I will read other books in this series before writing off the author.

  7. I like this series about a pair of women in a small Welsh town who run a beauty shop The setting is so cozily described that I feel I could be strolling down a cobbled Llanelen lane with the characters In this book, an Antique Roadshow type TV show visits the town, and murder ensues.

  8. I was a little slow at first, but picked up as it moved on I didn t realize it was the 7th book in a series and that might explain why I didn t care so much for the beginning I think I will go back and at least read the first book.

  9. I was very happy to see a new Penny Brannigan mystery This has a nice little mystery involving an antique quilt and an antique clock A mysterious treasure map and a murder round out the storyline

  10. I liked the scenic descriptions but I would have liked some closure about Michael The motive for the murder or what led to it seemed a bit far fetched.

  11. Got this audiobook from library to entertain me while driving It was suitable for that task but probably not a series I would read.

  12. I ve enjoyed reading author Elizabeth J Duncan s Shakespearean in the Catskills series and I am excited to have found another of her series

  13. A fun cozy mystery I am enjoying the series but I think reading books in order would have been enjoyable for me.

  14. The Welsh village of Llanelen is excited to know that Antiques Cymru is coming to town Everyone has something they are sure will bring a fortune Alas, that is not always true.Our heroine is Penny, the co owner of a spa in town and she is also somewhat of a police junkie She is unable to see a puzzle and not want to solve it.Among the people who are taking a personal treasure to the appraisers for the antique show is Catrin Bellis She has a very old family quilt Since she is in need of money, she [...]

  15. Title Murder On The Hour Penny Brannigan Mystery 7 Author Elizabeth J Duncan Published 5 10 2016 Publisher St Martin s Press Minotaur Books Pages 304 Genre Mystery, Thrillers Suspense Sub Genre Women Sleuths Cozy Mystery Private Investigations ISBN 9781250074232 ASIN B015MQA2QY Reviewer DelAnne Reviewed For NetGalleyRating 4 1 2 Stars The residents of the small Welsh town of Llanelen is all a flutter with the news that Antiques Cymru is going to be filming an episode in their own Ty Brith Hall A [...]

  16. Murder on the Hour by Elizabeth J Duncan is the seventh book in A Penny Brannigan Mystery series The Antiques Cymru like our Antiques Roadshow is coming to Llanelen, North Wales The townspeople are hunting their homes for special pieces hoping they will be picked to be on air and that their item will be valuable Penny Brannigan, co owner of Llanelen Spa, was asked by Emyr Gruffydd to help organize the event Haydn Williams has special items in his home that were made by craftsman in Wales He has [...]

  17. A Penny Brannigan mystery, Murder on the Hour is a cozy mystery police procedural that is set in Llanelan, Wales Penny, our amateur sleuth, is organizing the Welsh version of Antiques Roadshow, Antiques Cmyru, which is coming to town The clock furniture specialist appraises a long case clock Grandfather clock to Americans at the home of a local farmer, Haydn Williams The appraiser shows him several secret nooks and crannies, one of which has half of a map drawn by a child in 1700 At the actual e [...]

  18. Murder on the Hour is the 7th book in the Penny Brannigan cozy mystery series I received an advance reader s copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Penny Brannigan is a spa co owner in the small town of LLanelen in North Wales She has until recently been involved with Gareth Davies, who is head of the Llanelen CID, and has apparently been involved in helping to solve several murder cases Llanelen is abuzz as Antiques Cymru, is coming to town to televise its show The residents are s [...]

  19. What a fun cozy this turned out to be Elizabeth Duncan, in Murder on the Hour, brings back amateur sleuth Penny Brannigan and her spa partner, Victoria DCI Gareth Davies is retiring and Bethan is in charge of the latest murder in a small town in Wales.Small town or not, big time excitement visits when the Antiques Cymru comes around Similar to the American Antiques Roadshow, all the villagers scurry to bring something they think may be of value Surpassing the biggest surprise of valuables examin [...]

  20. Murder on the Hour, A Penny Brannigan Mystery is the first book I ve read by Elizabeth J Duncan.When the regional version of a national T.V show, Antiques Cymru, comes to Llanelen, residents are bringing their treasures in for appraisal hoping for a big payoff For one resident, an heirloom quilt is not worth what she was hoping for to help with her money situation So, why then, is she later found murdered in her home and the quilt is gone Penny is brought into the investigation when she goes to [...]

  21. Yet another one of the mystery series I follow appeared in the library last week This one features Penny Brannigan who fell in love with North Wales 25 years ago while visiting from Canada and remained in the village of Llanelen on the River Conwy.Over the life of this series Penny has renovated a ramshackle stone building developed a thriving spa business as a haven of beauty and companionship and recommitted to her life long interest in the arts Her on again off again relationship with DCI Gar [...]

  22. 7 in the Penny Brannigan series A good cozy series where the characters actually mature, although not at actual calendar rate Penny is an ex pat Canadian who has been living in Llanelen, North Wales for twenty odd years in The Cold Light of Mourning 2009 she was a manicurist and now with partner Victoria Hopkirk, she is the co owner of a luxurious spa Now the Welsh version of Antiques Road Show has come to town and unearthed photos and a map that lead to a pre WWI mystery.Penny Brannigan series [...]

  23. Antiques Cymru is coming to the village of Llanelen to do appraisals and to film their television show Penny Brannigan is one of the coordinators and is thrilled at the turnout Local farmer, Haydn Williams has a very old longcase clock that he wants appraised When the appraiser opens the clock, he finds half of a crudely drawn map He has no idea how old or what the map is Catrin Bellis brings an antique quilt that belonged to her mother She is disappointed when the quilt is only valued at 300 po [...]

  24. I hadn t read the other books in this series but I only felt a little lost People were introduced smoothly without too much fanfare The mystery was interesting and there were some parts of the story that I suspect regular series readers will enjoy Penny Brannigan is helping the Welsh version of Antiques Roadshow visit her small village I have actually had the chance to go to bring some items to the American version when they were in my area and the description is very similar Unfortunately, some [...]

  25. Antiques Cymru, a regional TV show is coming to the Welsh town of Llanelen and the residents are excited wondering what take the item to take it have elevated At the show, two pieces were selected and antique clock value highly and a map is found hidden in it One resident brought in pen and ink drawings byJohn Lennon and another member of his band, appraised value at 100,000 Catrin Bellis is disappointed that the handmade quilt she has is not worth as much as hoped Later that day Catrin is found [...]

  26. This murder mystery that takes place in a small Welsh village has such detailed description of the natural beauty of the area that I felt like I was there personally walking in the woods and enjoying the scenery of beautiful forests and lakes The book is full of detailed information about the local culture and everything Welsh, like antiques, as well as the interpersonal dynamics of a small village If the murder victim weren t one of the most likeable, innocent, and most promising young person i [...]

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