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Longbow Girl

[PDF] Longbow Girl | by ☆ Linda Davies [PDF] Longbow Girl | by ☆ Linda Davies - Longbow Girl, Longbow Girl A stunningly exciting and dramatic story set in the wilds of the Welsh mountains where the brave and beautiful Merry Owen the Longbow Girl travels back in time to the autocratic kingdom of King Hen

  • Title: Longbow Girl
  • Author: Linda Davies
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 338
  • Format: Ebook

[PDF] Longbow Girl | by ☆ Linda Davies, Longbow Girl, Linda Davies, Longbow Girl A stunningly exciting and dramatic story set in the wilds of the Welsh mountains where the brave and beautiful Merry Owen the Longbow Girl travels back in time to the autocratic kingdom of King Henry VIII to save her ancestors Steeped in history ancient lore and crackling with tension between the central characters Merry and James Longbow Girl explores the themes of wA stunningly

Longbow Girl

[PDF] Longbow Girl | by ☆ Linda Davies [PDF] Longbow Girl | by ☆ Linda Davies - Longbow Girl, Longbow Girl A stunningly exciting and dramatic story set in the wilds of the Welsh mountains where the brave and beautiful Merry Owen the Longbow Girl travels back in time to the autocratic kingdom of King Hen Longbow Girl

  • [PDF] Longbow Girl | by ☆ Linda Davies
    338Linda Davies
Longbow Girl

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  1. 2.5 stars This felt like a middle grade novel, so it s probably fun if you know in advance that both the plot and writing style are targeted at a much younger audience Merry Owens is a homeschooled teen living in modern Wales She s super good at archery and even lost an eye because of it The family of her best friend James lives in a castle next door and hates the Owens a lot of the characters and conflicts felt like a children s tv show One day Merry finds what might be a missing book of the [...]

  2. E ARC from Edelweiss Above the TreelineMerry Owen is an archer, because her family was granted their land hundreds of years ago provided that they always would defend the king with a longbow She lost an eye in an incident when her bow broke, but still does a very good job She has been home schooled since her accident, but still has a friend in neighbor James, even though their families have been at odds for years When Merry finds a very old book buried in the earth, it turns out to be very old a [...]

  3. One of the coolest things about Longbow Girl is that while the events happen in present day, one character lives in an actual castle and another on a working farm so it feels a bit like it is set in the past A pretty groovy way of lending an authentic feel to a story entrenched in history When an old tomb is inadvertently uncovered, Merry discovers an old book that appears to be one of the tomes from the Middle Welsh collection known as Mabinogion Although some folks believe whole heartedly that [...]

  4. I knew I would probably enjoy Longbow Girl, but I wasn t expecting to fall utterly head over heels in love with it Longbow Girl is a tale of one young women in two different times After losing her eye continuing her families heritage of producing longbow men, 16 year old Merry s fierce independence puts her family s farm at risk to the neighbouring de Courcys, who are still holding a centuries old grudge over what they see as their land in the first place To save it, Merry discovers not only a p [...]

  5. To be honest, I am not at all impressed It was kind of slow in the beginning and confusing But, I did find out that this is Linda s first young adult novel So, I am giving her some slack Even with that, I still didn t enjoy that much.

  6. Goodness there are a lot of words for this book One in particular would be OUTSTANDING Sorry I had to use all capitals because this book is probably my favorite book in 2016 That said let s get on with the review.The book starts out with a girl named Merry Owen who can use a longbow and is superb with it These days you don t see girls in books who use a bow either that or they hardly use it in the book I was so excited when I saw this on Barnes and Noble All I did was read a few pages and it ins [...]

  7. A great stand alone story The world Linda Davies builds really drew me in and Merry was a great character, it was easy to stand with her and get behind her on her adventure little bit of a spoiler here I do like a good romance story but most books with a female protagonist really tend to over do the whole star crossed lovers thing and this book handled the romance subtly and as a sub plot which really appealed, their friendship, their heritage and the story came first I ll definitely be re readi [...]

  8. Despite a little clunky exposition early on, Longbow Girl has everything you need for a classic YA adventure action, mystery, and a protagonist with a unique and interesting skill set In this case, the protagonist is Merry Owen, a modern day Welsh 15 year old whose family land depends on a centuries old commitment to be longbow archers for the British Crown Merry s bow skills, sharp eye, and a tendency to be in the right place at the right time leads her back to the 16th century and a challenge [...]

  9. I really really enjoyed reading this book for many reasons, the main being that Merry is amazing, but another is that it took place in Wales The author did an amazing job describing the scenery and introducing you to the folk lore and history Merry was a great character, she was badass, fearless but willing to admit when she was scared She took chances but properly prepared for them before just jumping in She learned from her mistakes and cared for her family and friends Also she is a BAMF with [...]

  10. This book surprised and deeply pleased me Merry is a courageous, intelligent, practical young woman She has trained since the age of five on the traditional Welsh longbow Merry is not planning to win the Olympics, she is carrying out a family legacy that was set into motion over 500 years ago, when the land her family lives on and owns was granted to them with the caveat that a member of the family would always be available to protect the sovereign with a longbow Merry, despite a bow injury that [...]

  11. I really enjoyed this story Also, the cover is so beautiful Has to be one of my favourites of this year so far.It took me awhile to get into the story but once I did, I couldn t put it down and I loved every second of it.I really liked Linda s style of writing The way she describes things in this book makes you feel like you are there yourself and it is wonderful.What I really loved about this book was the history and mythology The past and present collide and untold danger, secrets and of cours [...]

  12. Fifteen year old Merry Owen has been learning how to master a longbow since she was five years old She loves riding through the woods and mountains on her horse, Jacintha, and having adventures On one of her adventures Merry finds a centuries old book Merry takes her book to her best friend James De Courcy and figures out that the book is worth some money, which is helpful because her family is in need of money However, flipping through the pages of the book, Merry finds a page that talked about [...]

  13. LONGBOW GIRL by Linda Davies is the first book in an exciting time travel adventure trilogy.Merry lives in the mountains of Wales where she s the latest in a long line of archers When she stumbles upon an old book in the woods and discovers an underground river into the past, Merry must use her archery skills to save her ancestral land.With lots of action, intrigue, and hint of romance, librarians will easily find an audience for this engaging mystery fantasy Many young adults will be attracted [...]

  14. 2.5 stars Oh, Longbow Girl, it is so hard to express how, exactly, I feel about you I liked the Welsh lore, the sprinkling of historical figures, and the whole concept of a longbow girl But the constant foreshadowing, the storytelling style and the way it made it hard for me to really connect to the characters , and the strong feeling that this would be suitable for younger readers except for a few moments just really affected my entire reading experience in the end.

  15. I love this book Merry is a heroine to admire and aspire to Longbow Girl has a bit of everything history, adventure, action, Henry VIII, drama, intrigue, family secrets, myth, legend, folklore and the scenic setting of the Brecon Beacons as the back drop for the story Highly recommend.

  16. Gripping from the very beginning Merry is a great character and the dual narrative works really well Plus, this book has one of the most convincing and considered time slip devices you are likely to find The last section was riveting I loved it

  17. I adored this book Amazing female protagonist, a mysterious book, adventure and horses My only complaint is that it wrapped up too fast Sequel, please

  18. I liked it It wasn t fantastic, but I liked it Here is what I liked I really liked Merry Owen, the heroine She was smart, strong, kind, believable and loyal She handled a bow very well, and she was super strong She has a missing eye from a bow snapping on her, but she doesn t let that stop her One thing I found refreshing, is that she PREPARES She s not one of those girls in YA who just jumps in thinking she ll find a way somehow She plans And she loves her family She s loyal to them to the end, [...]

  19. Fifteen year old Merry Owen is the longbow girl.Her father has trained her since she was five years old to shoot straight and true following a tradition that has been passed down the Owens family line for seven hundred years When her family risks losing their farm Merry is determined to find a way to save the farm and the way of life the Owens family has known for centuries.James de Courcy is the son of the Earl de Courcy.The Owens and de Courcy families have been at logger heads from the time K [...]

  20. What most attracted me to the Longbow Girl was the setting Fans of fantasy historical fantasy will be well aware of some of the genres main influences Nordic, Greek and Roman mythologies are so often used and deeply ingrained in the genre most fans will know the ancient gods, even if they ve never picked up a history book in their life So I was intrigued that the Longbow Girl was set in Wales, and flirting outrageously with the line between fiction and historical fiction.In this at least, I was [...]

  21. 3.5 starsAlthough this book had huge potential Who doesn t like time travel and life threatening battles , I just couldn t follow the plot of this book Merry Owen is a modern day teen, who travels to the 15th century, and winds up competing in a longbow tournament to save her family even though they ve never met before and their belongings It involves heirlooms and danger and a classic tale with a twist.I felt that the author made the modern day setting feel to much like an older time castles an [...]

  22. I m Disappointed to say that I have put off reading this book for a good two years, I have thought that this book was just another story of a girl who was so in love with a longbow and has cherished it Although I was so wrong this book is so much than that This book goes beyond the love of her longbow, Even though she does cherish her longbow she also cherishes the love of her family, their fair, her friend James, and he ponies As soon as Merry found out about her families debt after finding a [...]

  23. Once the action finally started, the book picked up pace and met all of my high expectations There was a lot of backstory and ominous foreshadowing within the first ten chapters I wouldn t say these chapters were unnecessary, but reluctant readers won t be able to dedicate enough time to get to the exiting bits.The ongoing feud between the two families added a sort of Romeo and Juliet vibe This is by no means a romance novel it focuses on the action No pining over a forbidden love here Merry Owe [...]

  24. Not worth the timeMinor spoilers I m giving this two book stars because the climax and ending was fast paced and entertaining Except for the completely unbelievable part about the horse fitting through an underwater tunnel WHAT EVEN WAS THAT The rest of the book was over dramatic to the extreme There is no such thing as subtle foreshadowing for this author Everything was little did she knowif she had only knownt I countedere were four pages between the statements at one point As a thriller write [...]

  25. Longbow Girl follows Merry Owen, a girl living in the 21st century who still feels a strange connection to her past She has a massive amount of talent with her longbow, which she has been training with since she was five years of age After a horrific incident that left her with the use of only one of her eyes, she is now home schooled and doesn t have many friends, except for James, a boy her age that lives in the land next to hers There is only one problem with that James comes from the de Cour [...]

  26. A good weave of original fiction, myth and historyThis story is an exsmple of good young adult fiction, mixing original story with elements of myth and history A bit like a famous five bookbut with four less characters, a bit like the first harry potter books but without the wizardry, a bit like king arthur, but longbowy It would be interesting if another of the lost pages were translated and there s definitely a loose end that wasn t definitively seen to be ended An ideal teen read.

  27. Folktale ish Strong female character Starts with an odd mix current day renaissance, perhaps my knowledge of contemporary English living was extensive enough It seemed that Merry had all the conveniences of today but yet lived in a cottage on a hill from days gone by Hard start for me Chpt 29 was the turn around Then we had a story worth reading I hope I can get my students to make it to chpt 29.

  28. I really loved this book The Owens family have been the protectors of Black Castle for generations because an ancestor had protected the castle with his longbow But this age produced a girl, and she must travel through a time portal to protect her family s claim to her land and complete a prophecy that she read in a sacred book she found It is a great adventure with a time travel twist.

  29. I loved this book, it has time traveling, romance, and it s based in Wales, since that s where the author it from And importantly, I loved that it had the name, Angharad in it, since that s my name I have never seen my name in any book ever It was great.

  30. Great time travel story Time travel back in time to Wales during King Henry VIII s reign Merry and James learn a lot about their ancestors and themselves during their trip back in time.

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