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Steps to Heaven

[PDF] Steps to Heaven | by  Wendy Cartmell [PDF] Steps to Heaven | by  Wendy Cartmell - Steps to Heaven, Steps to Heaven The greater the evil the higher the price When a soldier is found to have killed his family in a brutal attack British Army Detective Sgt Major Tom Crane and his team are called in to bring a swift r

  • Title: Steps to Heaven
  • Author: Wendy Cartmell
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition

[PDF] Steps to Heaven | by  Wendy Cartmell, Steps to Heaven, Wendy Cartmell, Steps to Heaven The greater the evil the higher the price When a soldier is found to have killed his family in a brutal attack British Army Detective Sgt Major Tom Crane and his team are called in to bring a swift resolution But as vengeful killings by soldiers of their families come to light it soon becomes clear that there is something far sinister at work Crane knowThe greater the evil the h

Steps to Heaven

[PDF] Steps to Heaven | by  Wendy Cartmell [PDF] Steps to Heaven | by  Wendy Cartmell - Steps to Heaven, Steps to Heaven The greater the evil the higher the price When a soldier is found to have killed his family in a brutal attack British Army Detective Sgt Major Tom Crane and his team are called in to bring a swift r Steps to Heaven

  • [PDF] Steps to Heaven | by  Wendy Cartmell
    255Wendy Cartmell
Steps to Heaven

496 Comment Steps to Heaven

  1. Good story, but needs some closer editing there were some spelling and tense changes, which were made jarring because they were unexpected.

  2. Steps to Heaven A Sergeant Major Crane Novel By Wendy Cartmell Kindle and Paperback352 pages Sergeant Major Tom Crane of Aldershot has a real life, as do his colleagues This is no simple sketching out in order to give the characters a little flesh Nor are the other people who inhabit this story mere stock characters Wendy Cartmell has obviously invested considerable time developing her protagonist It seems she has invested emotion also Unless I m mistaken, her lead character means something to h [...]

  3. I paid for a download of Steps to Heaven after reading an author interview.I like police procedural stories and Wendy Cartmell s had the bonus of military police, too The interaction between the civil and military was interesting The settings were well described as were most of the characters.Unfortunately the story had few surprises for me, and I didn t like the protagonist who seemed borderline bipolar He rarely just spoke to anyone he shouted and stomped, was sarcastic and couldn t sit still [...]

  4. The story concerns Sergeant Major Crane, a Special Investigations Branch Detective in the British Army, and follows both the Major s private, and working life Crane is on the case of a soldier, who, after having returned from Afghanistan, murders both his young son, and wife Several similar murders of soldiers and their families occur soon afterwards, and Crane begins to believe that these incidents may be linked to a local church Is this really the case or, is something else sinister at work T [...]

  5. I m so glad I looked at this book I saw it on twitter and thought the idea was original, so read the blurb and decided to give it a try I was gripped all the way through Part of this was the familiarity of the services background I was brought up on RAF bases but that was a small part of my reason for enjoying the book It s written in a no nonsense style which is, none the less, descriptive enough to set the various scenes and portray the characters well At first I found the use of the present t [...]

  6. I won this book through the giveaways and overall I did enjoy this book but there are good and bad points for it I enjoyed the lead character and thought that having him as a military police detective made for a change from being a normal police inspector and the story was different and easy to read However despite enjoying the book overall and would probably read of this authors work, I do have to say that I thought the front cover picture looks very amateurish and the fonts look poor and ther [...]

  7. Loved it I loved this first in a series of 8 so far so much, I ve just been and bought the next 7 all at once The story was interesting and well written and I enjoyed discovering about the characters as I read I ll be starting the next one as soon as I finish this, so I would definitely recommend if you like UK crime series.

  8. GoodA story that plodded along rather than dragging you with it but when Crane is fully fleshed then it is not inconceivable that another rebus has been born

  9. 1.5 starsDid I enjoy this book Not much.I have to give Mrs Cartmell credit for creating a unique story I know that s not easy and a great first step for a truly outstanding novel Unfortunately, it unfolded in a dry, lackluster, linear fashion.First, this story lacks character development I didn t feel any connection to anyone in the book I couldn t feel bad for the victims or cheer for the protagonist because they didn t feel like real people with backgrounds, intimate thoughts, relationships to [...]

  10. Review of Wendy Cartmell sSTEPS TO HEAVENReviewed by Author Roy MurryMs Carmell s writing kept me involved with the events of the first in her series A Sgt Major Crane novel It would seem to some that the novel was a military war story, but it isn t This novel is an after the war entanglement where a military police detective, Crane, has to unravel a deadly problem the physiological effects of soldiers returning from war in a state of vulnerability Not a whodunit, but a why did they do it, is th [...]

  11. A delightful police procedural mystery, only this time the procedure is done by Sgt Major Crane, of the British army.It starts off gorily is that a word enough, with a soldier, newly returned from a tour in Afghanistan, slitting his wife s throat, then that of his 5 year old son, and then his own Eeeuuuu Imagine the blood everywhere.The head dude of the garrison is prepared to write it off as a murder suicide, probably due to the rigors of the soldier s duty in that war torn country But Sgt Majo [...]

  12. Sergeant Major Tom Crane is in the British Army working as a detective in the Special Investigations Branch and stationed, for the moment, at Aldershot Garrison When he has to investigate a case of a soldier murdering his wife and small son then committing suicide with the same knife he doesn t think it s a clear cut open and shut case Something doesn t seem right, but with his Commanding Officer telling him to wind it up he does so reluctantly Until six weeks later when another very similar cas [...]

  13. I really enjoyed the Steps to Heaven A Sgt Major Crane Novel that I read recently This book wasn t an easy read and did take me a while to read since I only read it in little sections whenever I got the chance It wasn t one of those books you had to re read to find your place though, I definitely remembered where I was at when I next picked it up It had pieces that would draw me in and want to read I think I enjoyed this book so much since it s similiar to the types of books I used to read when [...]

  14. Wendy Cartmell has triumphed in this top notch thriller Opening with a horrific scene, she inviegles the reader into the intricate investigation led by Sgt Major Tom Crane and his staff, Billy and Kim Someone is luring young fathers into killing their families and in spite of the army hierarchy announcing that the first episode is a domestic argument gone too far, Tom has reason to think otherwise Things go downhill from there.As the army investigators and police dig deeper, tragedies occur, gi [...]

  15. Steps to Heaven Steps to HeavenSgt Major Crane is a special investigator for the British Army intelligence One afternoon the Sgt Major gets a call about a murder that will change his life forever and lead him and his colleagues down a dark and dangerous path with a religious fanatic who believes that only he knows the true path to god With time running out and a colleague who seems to have taken the wrong path, Sgt Major Crane finds this murderous religious fanatic and save his colleague from ma [...]

  16. Where to start, this book was for me conflicting, throughout I wanted to see of the main characters, their thoughts and feelings, I wanted to be drawn into his story just a little I had to remind myself that this is a crime novel, and one I really enjoyed The story was interesting and informative I enjoyed getting to know the characters and understood the story line The twists in the story were captivating and kept me trying to answer that age old question, who done it , I did work it out, but [...]

  17. Shortly after Solomon returns to Aldershot Garrison, he murders his wife and son, and then commits suicide To solve the crime, Sgt Major Crane teams up with Inspector Anderson the military working with the local police.Solomon s murder suicide is followed by two murders at two different garrisons What is going on The story unfolds slowly perhaps reflecting the speed of real investigations , but with enough twists to keep the reader s interest.I found the let s have a child debate between Crane [...]

  18. I enjoyed this debut book from Wendy Cartmell I liked the fact it was set in the military setting and that the main characters investigate crimes within the military, they work for a special investigation branch You have to like the main characters Sergeant Major Tom Crane and Billy one of his staff members We get a look into their own lives as well as the investigation of a soldier who murders his wife and young son not long after returning from Afghanistan Crane learns of several similar murde [...]

  19. This is another one of those books that once you get into the story you want to keep reading for as long as you can.This is a combination of British Military, Police Procedural, and Mystery Thriller.Sergeant Major Tom Crane is in charge of a investigation related to a murder suicide on his base The reason for this only becomes clearer after two similar incidents are committed on other bases Will he catch the person orchestrating these events before it becomes too late for some one close to him [...]

  20. Now that I have discovered Wendy Cartmell s books I am a big fan Her writing is crisp and well paced, her characters well developed, the inter action between them flows well, and her storylines interesting Sgt Major Crane of the Aldershot Military Police Special Investigations is a cantankerous old cat who gets his teeth into an investigation and gets the job done every time Even if it means going against the norm Considering the crimes he s investigating are generally anything but normal, it is [...]

  21. Great murder mystery This is a great book by Wendy Cartmell About Sergeant Crane, Billy and Kim working a case of Officer Solomon who killed his wife, his son and then himself Crane wanted to find out why he would do this, it appears they had a happy and healthy family so why kill his family and then commit suicide Then they wanted to close the case, which upset Crane,only to discover another officer killed his son and then killed himself However on this case he did not kill his wife The only th [...]

  22. Review by Zen Cherry The author doesn t give the reader room for a breath, the book beginning with a double homicide suicide and continuing into the investigation smoothly.It becomes apparent quickly that though it may seem on the surface that the young soldier had a domestic dispute gone horribly wrong, that there may be something much sinister afoot.Enter Sgt Major Crane, an observant, intellectual investigator that digs further into what everyone is willing to write off, at first , as an ope [...]

  23. In the first book of a three part series, meet Sgt Major Crane of the Specials Investigations Branch, and join him in what can only be described as one of the most gripping novels I have read in a long time.This book has crime, suspense, religion and murder, all rolled into one.Wendy Cartmell obviously knows her stuff when it comes to the British Army as well as how to write a good thriller, which is what kept me gripped from the first chapter.This has got to be one of the best books I have read [...]

  24. I really couldn t be bothered with this It hasn t been properly edited and made for a painful read I gave up at 8% Apostrophes were misused a LOT, draught was given the American treatment and morphed into draft and she puts spaces into words that don t need it like play station I got to page 18 and questioned was used when questions should ve been and I d seen enough, I m afraid I couldn t face another couple of hundred pages.I realise it is set around the Army and I work on an Army base so thou [...]

  25. A series of murder suicides in garrison towns appear to have links to a mysterious religious cult This is a detective novel with a difference as it focuses on the army s SIB rather than the civilian police.It s hard to fault for plot, building tension well with plenty of twists and turns I found it easy to empathise with the main character, Sgt Major Crane, too.However, the book really needs the attentions of a good editor The text is littered with tense switches and there are than a few wrong [...]

  26. This is the second Sgt Maj Crane book I have read and will certainly be reading the rest Wendy s insight into military life is very much in evidence and brings a grounded realism to her stories The subject matter is both touching and appalling and it is extremely difficult to read this book without being affected by the events which it contains Add to this the effects that the investigation has on all concerned and their relationships with others and the reader becomes immersed in the life of To [...]

  27. This is the first book I have read by this author, but it won t be the last Her style of writing is very enjoyable and easy to read The story was well written with enough action and unexpected turns to keep me engaged The characters were well developed and interesting The story had me hooked from the beginning and I had a hard time putting it down I actually finished it in a day, which is usual for me Can t wait to read her next book I would highly recommend this for anyone who likes lots of sus [...]

  28. Did not particularly enjoy the characters in this book, especially Sergeant Major Tom Crane He needs some anger management therapy I did not appreciate the way he treated his wife and his employees Ending was somewhat predictable The book was also poorly written a lot of misspellings, as well as bad grammar I doubt I will read another in this series Glad I only paid a minimal amount for the Kindle download.

  29. I really enjoyed this debut book from author Wendy Cartmell I love the originality of the setting as it s a bit different from the standard detective novel So anyone with familiarity of the RAF garrisons would love this and for the others it s an insight into how they re run The story was sufficiently gory, it had lots of suspense and I really like the characters and look forward to seeing how they will develop over the next few books More please

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