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↠ Stephan ✓ Hazel Gower ↠ Stephan ✓ Hazel Gower - Stephan, Stephan This is a re releaseStephanI always thought the gypsies cursed my family centuries ago but most members of my family feel different they say we were gifted with prosperity and the ability to know ou

  • Title: Stephan
  • Author: Hazel Gower
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition

↠ Stephan ✓ Hazel Gower, Stephan, Hazel Gower, Stephan This is a re releaseStephanI always thought the gypsies cursed my family centuries ago but most members of my family feel different they say we were gifted with prosperity and the ability to know our soul mate Great you say well they forgot to mention when we find our soul mate we turn into possessive cavemen I never wanted the curse to get me I was happy with my priThis is a re releas


↠ Stephan ✓ Hazel Gower ↠ Stephan ✓ Hazel Gower - Stephan, Stephan This is a re releaseStephanI always thought the gypsies cursed my family centuries ago but most members of my family feel different they say we were gifted with prosperity and the ability to know ou Stephan

  • ↠ Stephan ✓ Hazel Gower
    417Hazel Gower

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  1. Jade knows how to keep her head down and focus on the getting through highschool After her moms overdose, she is sent to live with her Grandpa who doesn t even want her In two months she will be eighteen and free, just two months to get through before she can build her own path There is a curse for Silverman men, they know when they find there one and when they do nothing will get in there way When Stephan sees Jade he knows she is it, but she is not cooperating She is stubborn, mouthy, and not [...]

  2. I don t normally pick at errors in a book but the amount in this book was overwhelming There were a lot of misspelled words, repeated words and missing words in sentences Frankly, it just distracts the reader from the story If the author cleaned this up it would be a decent read I choose this book because it had caveman in the series title and it did deliver It s great for readers who love the jealous and possessive Hero However the heroine was annoying and pushed away too much Also, there was a [...]

  3. 2,5 Stars Wow, ok Now, that was is Jordan Silver writing under another pen name I swear at some points i thought i was reading one of her books But weirdly that wasn t that bad Stephan is an asshole But in a good way He and his twin are bound to a spell that gives the ability to every male in his family to identify his true soul mate, but that turns them into overprotective, crazy cavemen He believes it s a curse, but he will soon change his mindWhen he meets the new student in school, Jade he w [...]

  4. Didn t like it that much The writing wasn t that good.Safety gang view spoiler H was a manwhore h was a virgin Before meeting the h he had a bj but he just narrated it, but still, it made me uncomfortable There was o w H slept once with her, before the h and she threw herself at him but he pushed her back It was while the h went out with H s mother and her friend H went out and there were women H did push all the women who threw themselves at him and he was drunk, but it did bother me that he sl [...]

  5. Stephan aka The CavemanJade aka Caveman s soulmate This book started out as fun and hot then quickly turned psycho with how controlling domineering Stephan was.Reminded me of a certain vampire book and movieThe characters some of the things they said or did they made no sense to me whatsoever This book gave me whiplash with all of the going back and forth over the things that made no sense I don t know how many WTF moments I had.But, if you are just looking for a semi steamy break from all reali [...]

  6. Dnf 65% If you are a fan of jordan silver or Alexa riley then this is the book for you But the minus point is you won t get ott sex at every turn like J.S and A.R s smutty books have But for sure you ll get Insta love Ott Alpha sweet hero Wannabe feisty heroine Supporting character who will refuse to help the heroine And too much sugary sugar plot Now, the thing is there was a time i would have enjoyed this ott sweetry book but now like i have said i am not into this sweetness any Infact half of [...]

  7. This was the perfect OTT Alpha romance Loved everything about Stephen and hope to see in this series soon Hazel I hope you have MF only cheat free reads Loved it.

  8. 2.5 starsI do love alpha heroes and Stephan certainly was in all his caveman glory Buthe was disgusting in the beginning I mean does anyone else know a 19 yo high school student who sleeps with a different girl or woman all the time and older women to boot He was a manwhore of epic proportions Before he meets Jade Not only that but he gets drunk and wakes up with an almost naked girl draped on him and he panics because he can t remember what, if anything, happened Nothing did Then, he breaks her [...]

  9. DnFed at 67%I tried to finish it, believe me I did but I couldn t connect to any of the characters.Stephan was overbearing and sometimes too cheesy for my liking I would have still liked the book if Jade had thrown some sass or stubborn attitude but she gave in way too easily.The blurb had some merit in it and it had a different plot from the books I ve been reading lately but there was something missing to make this story an interesting and enjoyable read.And the syntax and grammatical just add [...]

  10. 4 LITTLE BIT STARS The Silverman brothers have a curse and when they found their soulmates they turned complete cavemans Stephan is just 19 years old but when he sees Jade for the first time he knows she was his.If you love Alphas, well you have to read this book I loved it I had a good time reading it Stephan was truly a caveman Lol and I really liked that Jade put up a fight against him and his charm Hot Funny And again, this one is just for alpha lovers.

  11. I wanted to love this book and it started great but the over the top drama and the drawn out relationship busy didn t work for me Hopefully book 2 is better

  12. This is a solid 3 star read for me It was okay and interesting enough but not memorable.Stephan is a nineteen year old senior in high school who believes his entire family is cursed because they, when they find their one, become alpha possessive cavemen who can t seem to understand the fact that women have rights beyond merely being there to please them For the most part, Stephan is an okay guy Not amazing or wonderful but okay He has his stupid moments but what else can you expect from a guy st [...]

  13. Ok this book was one of those books you wouldn t admit to most of your friends that you read and loved.It had the OTT alpha, insta love, a few tstl misunderstandings or miscommunications, loads of editing issues and a very simple story line but it was the perfect middle of the night book to prevent me from sleeping so I could read how it all played out.I think this series is the perfect dirty little secret for anyone who likes Jordan Silver s alpha s and isn t going to cry about the fact that in [...]

  14. Huh I did not like the hero thought he was a JERK It seemed like a rip off of Jordan Silver, and I like JS But this did not work for me He treated her like shit at one point and I could not believe she let it go He was not even remorseful Just acted like a child who did not get his way And, BTW waking up with a mostly naked woman is not OK It is also not OK that you could remember nothing and never had to own up to it Does not matter that you did nothing You were so drunk you could not remember [...]

  15. 3 1 2 stars for me I was really enjoying the over top alphaness of the story and it would have been four stars, but the last 10% was too sweet for me I felt like Jade became a little too spoiled at that point and wasn t feeling it.

  16. Good story Really liked Stephan but got a bit frustrated with Jade at times and had to keep reminding myself that she was barely eighteen Would have liked an epilogue The ending was charming and I hope to see of Stephan and Jade in the rest of the series to come.

  17. This book was so funny and great to read The banter was great I don t usually compare series but imagine a crossover of Neighbour from Hell Slater Brothers Sorry Ms Gower if I have offended you I will most certainly continue with the seris Give me Richard NOW please

  18. Stars 4Overall Jade is starting a new school because her mother has just died from a meth overdose She moved to Reed Creek to live with her mean old grandfather and to start the last year of school On her first day she bumps into a guy that she calls Wanker After that said Wanker realizes that Jade is his soul mate that his dad and uncle have always told him about So he starts on a mission to win her over, but Jade has a guard up over her heart and it takes a lot for him to break through it Slow [...]

  19. I love the possessive, jealous caveman that lurks in men Sometimes you only get glimpses of him and sometimes he breaks down the door and sweeps you away Stephan and Jade have a mix of both.This book hit all the right hot spots and was a real page turner for me I love HG s books and have almost all of them I like the writing style and how easily it all flowed and how we knew the emotions of the characters Stephan s brother is next in the series, I believe He had a good time laughing at Stephan w [...]

  20. I loved this book It was an awesome read and I loved the characters This is m first book by Hazel and was a great read I love reading Aussie stories and this was set in Australia I was wondering if you plan on releasing and if so who will get a story and when I am looking forward to Richard, Zeck of course Derrick I hope we learn about Stephan Jade as things progress Derrick will make an awesome uncle On a side note I hope that the author will consider an epilogue next time I would compare the [...]

  21. Ok so this book kind of reminded me of Until November again with the soul mate and once found, H never waversH was such a caveman that in the beginning h didnt even get introduced and he was staking his claimAll in all it was a 3.5 4 star read for me If your into over the top alpha this reads for you

  22. What did I like about this book The premise of the story was fun, despite the MC s being so young to act in this way I was really on board with it the curse gift and the caveman thing, though it was getting on my nerves that everybody kept refering to it This was a really quick read filled with eyerollers moments, OTT situations, cheese squishi lines and a whole lot of nonesense that made this book so bad that ended up being good because of the fun you get at those things.What did I dislike abou [...]

  23. Not rambling onTotally LOVED this book.Getting in touch with MY inner cave womenI need book 2 NOWs club onto cave wall in tantrum 5 now I have read you I need stars from me xxWell done Hazel, feel free to pop an ARC my way for book 2 onwards 0 xxx

  24. AwesomeI loved this story This reminded me of a Jordan Silver story I m a big fan of steamy romances with hot alpha males and this one was perfect It had everything I love in a great romance I can t wait for the nextere were lots of hot men that could have great stories

  25. Re reading and loving Stephan all over again 3 3 3I so love this book It has all the elements I m looking for insta love alpha, possessive, obsessive, rich, crazy in love hero poor, strong heroine I just wish she s not super beautiful or super hot I also wish she s sweet like Abbi Glines heroine and she ll be perfect Hahahah Poor me and my wishful thinkings.

  26. Loved Loved Loved Even better than Jordan Silver and I love Jordan Silver.Hope this series continues in this fantastic pattern.Got a kick out of the Aussie lingo and I m from the South

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