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Confessions of an Ugly Girl

✓ Confessions of an Ugly Girl ✓ Alice Wasser ✓ Confessions of an Ugly Girl ✓ Alice Wasser - Confessions of an Ugly Girl, Confessions of an Ugly Girl Millie Glockenfeld will never fall in love She will never get engaged She will never get married She will never live in a house with a white picket fence and children And all for one very simple r

  • Title: Confessions of an Ugly Girl
  • Author: Alice Wasser
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Kindle Edition

✓ Confessions of an Ugly Girl ✓ Alice Wasser, Confessions of an Ugly Girl, Alice Wasser, Confessions of an Ugly Girl Millie Glockenfeld will never fall in love She will never get engaged She will never get married She will never live in a house with a white picket fence and children And all for one very simple reason She is ugly Fortunately one thing Millie has learned over the years is that she doesn t need a man She s got a good job a loyal best friend and a crazy but lovMill

Confessions of an Ugly Girl

✓ Confessions of an Ugly Girl ✓ Alice Wasser ✓ Confessions of an Ugly Girl ✓ Alice Wasser - Confessions of an Ugly Girl, Confessions of an Ugly Girl Millie Glockenfeld will never fall in love She will never get engaged She will never get married She will never live in a house with a white picket fence and children And all for one very simple r Confessions of an Ugly Girl

  • ✓ Confessions of an Ugly Girl ✓ Alice Wasser
    228Alice Wasser
Confessions of an Ugly Girl

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  1. There aren t many books I read that are as straightforward, yet subtly funny, as this one It is essentially a love story but not even close to being a cheesy romance between a girl with low self esteem and the sweet, funny, sexy man who happens to have quadriplegia who falls in love with her While the heroine does have hang ups at first about dating a man with a disability, most of the conflict in the story is about her finding it hard to believe that such a handsome, confident guy could possibl [...]

  2. Unfortunately this is really so far the worst book I read this year I am not sure how the reader should be able to relate to the main character in any way if the author refuses to describe her in any specific way.Even there were some funny and witty dialogues in that book in total the heroine was rather annoying I think I got it after the 20th time that she was uglyEven when asked directly the author refused here on GR to give details about the heroine The male lead was nice enough to be liked [...]

  3. Finally A book that isn t about the thinnest, sexiest, and most beautiful people Is anyone else as bored as I am by this trend in books and movies television Heck, I ve gotten to where I can t tell actors and actresses apart as they all attempt to look the same And they are always striving to be the same age Don t other ages, shapes, shades, orientations, etc deserve adventures, love, money, their story told And don t get me started about the lack of strong females, having many of them in the sa [...]

  4. Hilarious Sweet and Straightforward , This story so funny and touching with a very likable and relatable heroine With a LOVE story that is not too cheesy Well edited and I m sure everyone will enjoy this I ve read this in just one sitting view spoiler I also liked how Alice Wasser handled Sam and the wheelchair thing I love Sam Webber He is so amazing hide spoiler This is a great read I recommend to everyone br br br br br br br br br br br br

  5. March 7th I can t review this right now I need to think seriously about my reaction to this book March 8th Okay Here is my review a bit cobbled together and possibly all over the place and no doubt making very little sense And that s the trouble I LIKED this book at the start I empathised with Millie, with her total lack of self esteem and her complete inability to see anything good in herself I can SO relate to that feeling But and this is where I begin to feel a little uncomfortable about this [...]

  6. I thought Millie was so judgmental of Sam when she first met him It did not make sense to me, but Millie said that she was not exactly beautiful on the inside either Millie had low self esteem, to the point that it became redundant However, I grew to understand her I would have liked to either get Millie s BFF s or Millie s sister s POV to see what Millie really looked like and acted I think when she called herself fat, she was just a regular size woman I understood Millie s insecurities about H [...]

  7. Free download on UKI enjoyed this book, which is surprising because I didn t particularly like the heroine Millie The book is written in the style of diary entries by Millie and she talks to the reader She admits she s ugly although we don t get a clear description of her, later in the story she tells us she s gained quite a bit of weight so I m assuming she s not a skinny girl Millie also admits that she is not one of those ugly girls who is ugly on the outside but beautiful on the inside Milli [...]

  8. Reviewed by Katherine Williams for Readers FavoriteConfessions of an Ugly Girl is a chick lit novel by Alice Wasser Written in the form of diary entries, protagonist Millie Glockenfeld decides to write all of her thoughts in a journal These thoughts celebrate the fact that she is thirty three years old and still single Millie has a great job as an actuary, her own apartment, and a great best friend She likes to think that she has it all, but in reality, she has a burning desire to get married Mi [...]

  9. If there was any book a person like me could relate to this would be the book But in order to tell for me to explain why I have to confess I suffer from a genetic deformity on my skin on several parts of my body including a very vital part my face.So like Millie I never thought I would never married but one day I ran into my dear OH at work my OH, I should point out is rather plain looking and could never win a beauty contest After a while our relationship ended I can t really remember why, but [...]

  10. Millie is ugly She is very ugly She is so ugly she will never ever find a guy She is so ugly she is never going to get married ARGH Millie is not ugly, she is just ANNOYING I rarely read about a annoying insecure heroine.She hated EVERYTHING about herself The way she looked Her firstname Her lastname in German speaking countries she would have that problem Bellfield sounds kind of cute, right And even her inside was ugly She was horrible to Simon Simon, sweet, sweet Simon I loved him He was a g [...]

  11. The book is short, funny, touching, refreshing, giving a glimpse to a life of a quadriplegic The premise is kinda like Jojo Moyes Me Before You but this is the polar opposite But one thing I m still confused, is she actually beautiful or not

  12. It s sad, because I really liked this storyline, but there was so much sex having sex, talking about sex almost every other page it felt like that it was just over the top too much I was disappointed It wasn t graphic, but just too much.

  13. its nice to read a story these days without all the fluff and sexy bs stuff Give me a me real woman any day loved this book to tears

  14. At A Glance I liked the beginning but then I felt uncomfortable the rest of the time The Good I couldn t help but find Confessions of an Ugly Girl a little fascinating in the beginning The premise was great but it was so odd in a lot of ways too I was intrigued to see where the hell this book was going even though it made me feel uncomfortable.Sam was great He s smart, cute, and a quadriplegic It was interesting learning about his disability and how he s totally not bothered by it at all He s ju [...]

  15. While I found this book a bit slow for me to get into, it could be due to the genre change from my previous books, I found I could not put it down I started it before be last night and finished it today Less than 1 day to read it There were some parts of the story where I was actively talking to the book Actively telling Millie not to do what she was about to do Inwardly cringing on her behalf on the way her mother They are Jewish treated her, i.e lose weight, find a husband, make babies, why ca [...]

  16. Millie hates her real name Matilda and thinks of herself as fat and ugly But she does date from time to time, and then she talks on the phone with Sam, the computer help guy at her office, and is intrigued especially since he sounds so interested in her She checks out his picture online and whoa he s really cute Of course, she thinks he d never be interested in her if he saw what she looked like.But he is interested after he sees her Definitely He thinks she s great looking, or at least that s w [...]

  17. This was a different type of read for me Millie is so hard on herself It was a bit hard to read about a character who thinks of herself as ugly and always puts herself down I really don t even remember there being a real clear character description of her The sad part if it is, maybe if she would give herself a bit credit and be a bit positive, her life could be so much better.What made this book for me was Sam, he s amazing The perfect counter part to Millie s woe is me outlook on life He is [...]

  18. Out of the normI don t think I have ever read a book quite like this one This hero was swoonworthy, his disability is treated with respect and seemed to be realistically portrayed, but his outstanding features are his wit, charm, good looks and great love for the heroine Millie was a riot and I laughed out loud several times I still can t figure out if she was really ugly because there were a lot of external indicators that she was not It seems likely she was a victim of low self esteem and an [...]

  19. Probably the worst heroine I have ever read in romance I would normally not have even finished except I once had a paraplegic boyfriend so I was interested enough to finish Yet I felt vaguely I ll.This heroine had no redeeming factors, while she was hard on herself and her self esteem was through the floor, she was a rotten friend and a whiny, depressing, depressive, critical human being I hated her, I actually wished the previous girlfriend back as an improvement She was an awful friend, the ma [...]

  20. easy to read, but I kept waiting for the conflict for God s sakes SOMETHING has to happen but it never did it was mostly a recounting of a pretty normal uneventful relationship, other than the quadriplegic angle, which wasn t even a hardship, other than oh no, we always have to go to his apt bc mine has stairs or oh no, we can t go out to dinner on the weekend bc handicapped parking spots are harder to find also, the ugly girl is really just a normal overweight average girl with ridiculously sel [...]

  21. 2.5 starsI must be the only person who found Millie annoying I in no way, shape or form feel confident about my looks and at the beginning I could totally relate to Millie but then the self deprecation just got too much for me I know it s called Confessions of an Ugly Girl but she didn t need to repeat it every two pages.I enjoyed the fun times in her and Sam s relationship and I also liked how Sam was about his disability always willing to answer anything and everything.I also didn t like the e [...]

  22. I really enjoyed this for the most part, it was easy to read and I didn t wanna put it down but Millie s initial ignorance discrimination towards wheelchair users made me uncomfortable on the other hand I like it when characters are relatable and she definitely is.

  23. I had to put this book down and start overI almost put this book down for good The character was so irritating I could barely stand her I know some people have low self esteem but this chick took the cake I have ZERO desire to read the 2nd book.

  24. Sweet story about love that goes deeper then appearance But to be honest I got bored Still good but now for me.

  25. Cute She got a little crazy there toward the end, and conflict resolution was a bit rushed, but it was cute overall.

  26. This book is so fantastic Such a relatable read that also covers real life problems as well Love it

  27. Warning This review may contain some small spoilers.When I first saw this book I thought it was going to be your typical man convinces woman she is beautiful And to a point it was But typical it was not This story is about a woman, Millie, who all her life has considered herself to be ugly She believes this because she is single and unmarried while everyone else in her life seems to be happy in relationships That is until she meets Sam And at first she doesn t want to give him a chance because h [...]

  28. Confessions of an Ugly Girl by Alice Wasser is written in a journal style You know how much we get tempted to read someone s personal diary Well, this book provides a way to pacify that temptation Instead of chapters, this book is divided in months The self proclaimed ugly girl, Matilda Glockenfeld Millie , writes about her everyday activities, fears, and passions While reading the book, I got the feeling that Millie was talking to me She is in love with statistics, so there are many stats relat [...]

  29. 5starsReally liked that it wasnt a perfect girl meets perfect boy story Only negative is that it could of been longer, downloading the 2nd one now to carry on there story.

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