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Leaving Yesterday

☆ Leaving Yesterday ☆ ZoeDawson ☆ Leaving Yesterday ☆ ZoeDawson - Leaving Yesterday, Leaving Yesterday If you love Susan Mallery Kristan Higgins or Rachel Gibson don t miss the start of this captivating small town romance series Laurel Falls Montana features spectacular mountain scenery but it tak

  • Title: Leaving Yesterday
  • Author: ZoeDawson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 448
  • Format: Kindle Edition

☆ Leaving Yesterday ☆ ZoeDawson, Leaving Yesterday, ZoeDawson, Leaving Yesterday If you love Susan Mallery Kristan Higgins or Rachel Gibson don t miss the start of this captivating small town romance series Laurel Falls Montana features spectacular mountain scenery but it takes a rugged cowboy to convince one woman to slow down and enjoy the view Rafferty Hamilton doesn t plan on putting down roots anytime soon With her divorce final the hotelIf you lov

Leaving Yesterday

☆ Leaving Yesterday ☆ ZoeDawson ☆ Leaving Yesterday ☆ ZoeDawson - Leaving Yesterday, Leaving Yesterday If you love Susan Mallery Kristan Higgins or Rachel Gibson don t miss the start of this captivating small town romance series Laurel Falls Montana features spectacular mountain scenery but it tak Leaving Yesterday

  • ☆ Leaving Yesterday ☆ ZoeDawson
Leaving Yesterday

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  1. 4.5 For however long it lasts Stars An absolutely outstanding start to the Laurel Falls series by Zoe Dawson, this is my first work by this author, and I have to say I cannot wait for the next book Maybe Tomorrow which is due for release in October sigh There is a huge amount going on in this book, what with story line and characters going in lots of different directions We are introduced to many of the residents of Laurel Falls a sleepy, tired town, as the book progresses A town that is slowly [...]

  2. Leaving Yesterday is the first book in Zoe Dawson s new Laurel Falls series, and it s everything I love about small town contemporary romance The people of Laurel Falls are down to earth, hard working, and loyal They ve got hopes and dreams, trials and triumphs and, no matter what, they will always have your back All this makes them people I can t help but cheer for and care about.One of the things I most enjoyed about the story and there are many things to enjoy is Trace s unshakable devotion t [...]

  3. 4.5This is an amazing start to a new series Set in a small town in Montana, Rafferty is passing through while looking at some land for her family s next resort When her custom car breaks down outside of town, she needs the help of sexy mechanic Trace to fix her car He doesn t have the parts he needs to fix it so she is stuck in the small town of Laurel Falls for a few weeks until her car is fixed The thing is, Rafferty doesn t feel stuck and falls in love with Laurel Falls and the people that li [...]

  4. 4.5 starsLOVED Leaving Yesterday, great start to Laurel Falls series.The storyline was entertaining, the main characters Rafferty Trace were fun, lovable and very relatable The secondary characters also added to my enjoyment of this story.Leaving Yesterday captured my interest from the first page until the end, I didn t want to put it down.Highly recommend this book I m looking forward to the next book Maybe Tomorrow.Thank you to Random House Publishing Group Loveswept via NetGalley for the adva [...]

  5. Quirky town meets hotel heiress looking to make a name for herself by acquiring property for her family s hotel chain Rafferty, recent divorcee, wants to make her family proud by making the perfect acquisition for their hotel chain when her car breaks down stranded her in Laurel Falls Rafferty is immediately taken by the opportunity and possibility she sees in this town in need desperate need of a big pick me up One of those possibilities being the hot mechanic fixing her car, Trace Black But sh [...]

  6. I have officially fallen in love with the town of Laurel Falls Seriously This story was utterly heartwarming Trace is a hard working family man who always puts his needs last He s got a big heart and is sexy as hell to boot He made me fall in love right along with Rafferty Rafferty is a wounded woman trying to find her way She is great with his family and the town, keeping an open mind and absorbing all the goodness the people around her had to offer She has a generous soul, giving a piece of he [...]

  7. Sometimes you run across a book you just know is going to be great from the beginning scene When it opens with a smoking hot guy and the heartstrings are already tugging, you know it s going to be good.That s exactly what happened with this book From the first scene through the entire story, I just felt the love and passion created between these two characters, Rafferty and Trace The author did an amazing job developing their connection.Throughout the entire story the author introduces you to a [...]

  8. A Laurel Falls NovelLeaving Yesterday Book 1 Maybe Tomorrow Book 2 coming October 2016Leaving Yesterday is the first book in Zoe Dawson s new Laurel Falls series This series is set in a little, run down town in Montana where their residents are warm, friendly, and trying to save their dying hometown This is my first book by Zoe Dawson and I m excited to read from her Rafferty Hamilton needed to get away after signing her divorce papers from her cheating husband She needs to regroup and discover [...]

  9. 3.5 stars The last paragraph of the description is what caught my interest I m a sucker for well written secondary characters that help to bring the world the author has created to life, so I decided to take my chances and found that I really enjoyed the inhabitants of Laurel Falls The downside to this, if one can say it s a downside, is that I found that I enjoyed and was interested in the supporting cast of of characters than I was in Trace and Rafferty and their road to their HEA.The fact t [...]

  10. NetGalley provided a copy of the ARC in exchange for an honest review.Leaving Yesterday by Zoe Dawson is an enjoyable read for a snowy afternoon Hotel heiress Rafferty Hamilton is healing from her recent divorce She has decided to take a road trip and car troubles unexpectedly stand her in remote Laurel Falls Trace Black is the small town mechanic Instant chemistry And the story begins Her new British import needs extensive work and Rafferty decides to stay while the car is repaired This big cit [...]

  11. Kitty s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI seriously had a hard time getting into Leaving Yesterday I am glad that I pushed through and finished since it ended up where I hoped it was going But, getting there, unfortunately, had me putting the book down and then picking it back up again It was a nice, well written story but, I felt that it took a long time to get where it needed to go Rafferty confused me In the beginning, I thought that this would be a story about a woman finding h [...]

  12. Leaving Yesterday Laurel Falls is my first Zoe Dawson book and it did not dissapoint.Rafferty Hamilton, having just finalized her divorce decided to travel via car to scout out Hamilton Holels newest site ,but when her new custom car breaks down she finds herself stranded in small town Laurel Falls, Montana Being stranded could be worse, but not with a car mechanic like Trace Black around, or his eclectic family Rafferty may be a big city rich girl but she is finding Laurel Falls to be a quaint [...]

  13. It s so rare to find a good romance novel that when I do, I cling onto that author b c I know how hard it is to find one I love.This book had potential and it wasn t bad but it could ve been really good.First, the heroine, Rafferty is filthy rich but she s carrying a fabulous Kate Spade bag I like Kate Spade but if I have money, I d carry a Lanvin, Saint Laurent or Chloe handbag instead b c that s what it s like to have money Kate Spade is for the average middle class American woman Second, our [...]

  14. DNF ed at 22%I rarely DNF ed a book, and this one actually had nice beginning Told from multiple POVs, the portions felt rather off for me First started with the hero, then the heroine for a few chapters, then from someone else s POV who wasn t mentioned anywhere on earlier chapters Not only that, there s quite a lot of annoying editing or writing style issues or both , that really bugged me Added to that, I felt something s off in the character s consistency, and I m still in pretty much early [...]

  15. This is the first book I have read by this author, but it definitely won t be my last It was full of engaging characters that will hopefully get their own books in the future Rafferty is a city woman who unexpectedly found herself stuck in a small town Normally Rafferty doesn t stay in an area long enough to get connected with the town, she merely does her father s will and moves on But being stuck waiting for her car to get fixed, Rafferty realizes just what is missing from her life Trace Black [...]

  16. This one is a solid 3.5 I loved the main characters and the setting but at times I felt bogged down with too many different characters and I had to re read the beginning of a paragraph to figure out who was speaking I would read the next in the series copy provided by NetGalley

  17. 3.5 StarsSpecial thanks to NetGalley, the author, and the publisher for providing an e ARC for reviewThis was an enjoyable story about enjoyable characters I would gladly revisit Laurel Falls to see what happens for those secondary characters as well as to see how things are going with Trace and Rafferty I really hate her name by the way But it is the perfect trust fund baby name Full Review on The Blogcarolineandrus blog

  18. I ve long been fascinated with the great state of Montana Never been there, but I ve read enough books to know that s where all the hot cowboy mechanic Marine types are Right Books wouldn t lie to me would they I sure hope not, because I d love to head to Big Sky Country and find me a man like Trace Black When Rafferty Hamilton s car breaks down, leaving her stranded in the small, rundown town of Laurel Falls, she doesn t expect to find herself falling in love with the town, the people, or with [...]

  19. This is my first book by Dawson and I was impressed how much this book captured all my attention This is a small town romance about Rafferty who is recently divorced and heads on a trip across country When her car dies she meets the sexy Trace Trace has been taking care of his three siblings for years so when Rafferty comes to town he knows he should stay away but there is something about her that calls to him She gets along with his family which has him falling for her even This is a cute smal [...]

  20. I have actually been so very moved by these characterst one of them is a flat two dimensioney are all so very three dimensional The build up between Rafferty and Trace is completely sigh worthye author does a superb job of drawing the reader into caring about these two characters not to mention the remaining supporting characters It is so heartwarming how all the characters intertwine to bring so much depth to the story This is the first book by this author I have read, but now find that I must [...]

  21. Cross posted at What s Detetiv Doing Now Found the opening scenes on the lost bra pretty funny, same when Trace and Rafferty meet My heart goes out to Harley and Anzu Not sure I enjoy how her aunt Greg sidestep her verdict on not flying back, a bit of strong arming Hahahaha, I was not expecting the mountain goat and getting blocked by family during a steamy scene The story flows great even with side characters dealing with love The ending was great just enough closure for the side characters Can [...]

  22. I have been looking for an everyday read that would get me in nowhere USA and still allow for me to feel like I was home in a contemporary romance I found that slice of nowhere USA with an infuriating wealthy woman and a very sexy hot vet This is my first read by Zoe Dawson and I must say that I will come back for I wait patiently for the next book in this series just to see where it will go I had a 4star Home Feeling This ARC was provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  23. This is the first book in the Laurel Falls series by Zoe Dawson, and the start of a great series I think Zoe Dawson draws you in to Laurel Falls and makes you feel right at home Rafferty has just signed her divorce papers and is need of a break to clear her mind She decides to take a drive and try to find some new locations for the family s resorts to go Rafferty has an custom car that has been good to her but breaks down on her trip Rafferty finds herself right outside of Laurel Falls In comes [...]

  24. I fell in love with the Outlaws in Ms Dawson s Perfect Mess series, so when I was presented with the opportunity to read this first book in a new series from her, I grabbed it What happens when you take the city slicker out of Manhattan and strand her in Big Sky country only to be rescued by one seriously sexy cowboy Grab a copy of Leaving Yesterday to find out Trace may be the second oldest out of a family of four children, but he is the rock, chief provider and caregiver of the group When his [...]

  25. Rafferty Hamilton is struggling to pick up the pieces of her dismantled life after a devastating divorce, and has decided it s time for her to focus on herself for a change First up on her list is a cross country business trip to scout new locations for her families resorts, and while she could easily fly, she has selfishly decided to make a little personal vacation out of it, and drive state by state, and do a little exploring But her exploration is put to a unexpected halt, when her sporty lit [...]

  26. I can definitely see this being made into a movie There is so much going on in the little town of Laurel Falls, so many interesting people, a bit run down, but as charming and welcoming as you could hope for Zoe Dawson does a great job with cultivating her characters that you just don t want the story to end I will anxiously be awaiting the release of Maybe Tomorrow to see what happens next in this breathtaking town.Rafferty Hamilton is driving cross country to clear her head, instead of just fl [...]

  27. Reviewed on Musings and Ramblings.Okay ladies, first off, who wouldn t mind seeing him poking around under your hood And I bet he looks just as fine from the backside Just sayin I have said it before, and I will say it again, a good cover can totally hook me into reading a book Then there s the blurb We have a Montana setting with it s big skies, a former Marine and a woman who is nearly his exact opposite It s big city meets small town country Let s the sparks begin The book started good, but i [...]

  28. What a wonderful novel A heart warming and fun story about a New Yorker on a road trip to scout out land for her family company which specializes in site and town specific resorts When her car breaks down near Laurel Falls her scouting trip is out on hold When Trace Black arrives with his tow truck to tow Rafferty s cat to his shop and to give her a ride to the shop she is immediately taken by his good looks and manners but is a bit worried when he seems to intimate that there may be trouble wit [...]

  29. Her is divorce is final and Rafferty Hamilton has no plans to put down roots anytime soon but while scouting new locations, she finds herself stranded in Laurel Falls with a good looking, sweet talking, Stetson wearing mechanic in this captivating romance.Trace Black can fix anything with an engine, even Rafferty s ridiculous sports car but he while he knows that women like Rafferty don t stick around, he can t help showing her everything his hometown has to offer and the readers can t help but [...]

  30. A broken down car leaves Rafferty Hamilton stranded in the town of Laurel Falls, Montana The smart, wealthy and confident high powered business woman from New York has just gone through a divorce and decides to drive her fancy, foreign car across the country for her latest business trip to clear her head and heal her heart.Coming to her aid is mechanic Trace Black A lifelong resident of Laurel Falls, a run down town of mostly ranchers, Trace has a strong distrust of wealthy women and with good r [...]

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