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Free Download Revealed - by A.C. Arthur Free Download Revealed - by A.C. Arthur - Revealed, Revealed When Nathan Hamilton was accused of killing Landy Connor just weeks before their college graduation he lost everything his friends his reputation and the love of his life Tenile Barnes For ten lon

  • Title: Revealed
  • Author: A.C. Arthur
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Free Download Revealed - by A.C. Arthur, Revealed, A.C. Arthur, Revealed When Nathan Hamilton was accused of killing Landy Connor just weeks before their college graduation he lost everything his friends his reputation and the love of his life Tenile Barnes For ten long years the murder has remained unsolved nothing but false leads and dead ends Desperate to bring Landy s killer to justice and win back Tenile s heart Nathan starts hisWhen Nathan Hamilto


Free Download Revealed - by A.C. Arthur Free Download Revealed - by A.C. Arthur - Revealed, Revealed When Nathan Hamilton was accused of killing Landy Connor just weeks before their college graduation he lost everything his friends his reputation and the love of his life Tenile Barnes For ten lon Revealed

  • Free Download Revealed - by A.C. Arthur
    143A.C. Arthur

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  1. Soooo good I did indeed figure things out 80% of the way, but there was a twist at the end I didn t see coming Sad that it took me so long to read this duology They were both worth the read Even though I know the outcome, I m sure I ll read these again.

  2. Revealed Wow what can I say This book was great I read Rumors first and couldn t put it down I had to buy sequel Revealed to see who the killer was You d think it was one person and it s not All the way to the end, I was shocked at who it was So suspenseful One of the better who done it books that I ve read in a long time Loved it.

  3. Nice ending This series was very interesting with the twists I have to admit I did not suspect the killer until 1 2 way through the second book The books are filled with some steamy sex scenes, and nice romantic twists with some deceit there as well I enjoyed this romantic murder mystery series.

  4. An ARC was received from the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.Wow It s really difficult to talk about this book.In my opinion if you want really appreciate and understand this romance you should read all the series Rumors and Revealed in sequence.When I finished the first book I was perplexed It was a good book but I didn t like the end.Now, after reading the complete series as a one big book, I can say that Rumors series is a masterpiece, the most exciting thriller I have ever read. [...]

  5. RevealedI recommend this book to everyone, I couldn t out of down It has a fantastic, unexpected ending A C Arthur is a great author.

  6. SurprisingLoved the twist to this book There is so much happening but the author somehow keeps you glued wondering who the killer really is.

  7. this review is originally posted at the Blacksheep Project I received this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.The first book left me hanging It made me interested in picking up the next and final book but not convince enough to buy it Unexpectedly though Ally Entertainment sent a NetGalley invite to those who read and review the first book So yeah Long story short, I was able to get a chance to read and review Revealed by A.C Arthur.If there s any book that I can be compare to [...]

  8. Even knowing this was book 2, I had to read it from the synopsis alone And while there were instances in this book where I kind of felt as though I had missed out by not reading the first one, it wasn t bad enough that I couldn t follow the current story line.And what I found Honestly I didn t really like To begin with, it seemed as though the author could never keep the time line straight One minute it had been weeks since the memorial, weeks since Tenile found Nicole in bed with her fiance The [...]

  9. A view months ago I read the first book in the Rumors series for the blog tour I was participating in I really enjoyed that book so when I was approached with the question if I wanted to read the second book in the Rumors series called Revealed , I agreed immediately This week I finally found the time to read it, and I was super curious how this book would go Rumors really left me with a lot of questions not a bad thing , and I was ready to find out .The first thing that comes to my mind after r [...]

  10. So, I haven t read the first book, so I went into this without knowing the story in the first book, but I still ended up enjoying this, and the author did a good job of telling some of the things that happened in the first book without overdoing it This is about a group of friends, who had one of their friends murder years ago, but the murderer is still free There are many suspects for the possible murderer, so I really enjoyed the mystery I don t really see why some of these people are friends [...]

  11. As a note, an e galley of this novel was sent to me via NetGalley by the publisher in exchange for an honest review This does not effect my opinions in any way.The time for answers has arrived in the town of Tanner at last, we will come face to face with Landy s killer But just who is he Just a bit over a decade has passed since Landy s murder, the marks still heavily visible to everyone who s life touched hers, and it s well past the time for some closure for this once close group of friends Th [...]

  12. Revealed is book 2 in Ac Arthur s Rumor Series and it picks up where Rumors ended with the note the killer is still out there Nathan Hamilton has returned to Tanner 10 years after the murder of Landy Connor and the mystery is still unsolved He is now determined to solve the murder and repair his relationship with Tenile Barnes Once starts his own investigation, their friend Nicole goes missing and now the clues and evidence point to the potential kidnapper But all is not as it seems The friends [...]

  13. I was so excited to dive back into the town of Tanner and the characters in REVEALED by A.C Arthur, I needed to know who had killed Landy and who had taken Nicole, but boy was I shocked when all was revealed.The story in this book is very well written and well developed, it will suck you in and take you along with all the characters in this book, the plot is well developed and very fast paced, the pages will flip faster than you see the plot twists coming The characters in this book weave a stor [...]

  14. Note Book provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review If you want to ensure that you understand the background please read Rumors prior to reading this book I may be one of the few that did not give this book 5 stars.Revealed was not what I was hoping for I expected a twist but one that made sense to me I feel that the author tried too hard to confuse us and at the end didn t quite deliver.The first book tried to point the blame at Donovan which made sense as he had moti [...]

  15. I was given an ARC from NetGalley for an honest review and this is my review.The first thing I am going to do is suggest that you read the first book that goes along with this one, Rumors, because is give a lot of background and it also goes right with this one so Rumors is the set up book for Revealed that gives the reader all the information they need before the start this book.With that said I loved how this book finished the story the Rumors had me clamoring for answered to who did it and wh [...]

  16. Now that was a suspense worth readingOh my A.C did her thing with the twists and turns of this friendship The dynamics of this story just keeps you reading Just when you ready to say you got it, that character and reasonable doubt is placed elsewhere Mrs Winston was definitely the surprise of the night I do not want to give spoilers away but I will say that I am happy for Nicole I am happy for Tenile and most of all I am happy for Tracy The cArds dealt to each of these women would have kept anyo [...]

  17. Revealed The Rumors Series, Book 2 This book was well worth the wait The suspense was exciting and tense To find out that Kareem was such a psycho was mind blowing Him killing Landy and the others was so heart breaking I was cheering when Nicole first escaped Happy that she gave Justin another chance Kareem ended up being shot and killed by his mother Oh wow How devastating Tracy seemed to pick herself up and continue her life and journey in the FBI Kareem s mother Betty Winston spoke with Tracy [...]

  18. this is the second book in the series and I loved this book just as much as the first, but you will definitely need to read book one rumours first as you need the background information to follow the story again this story line and plot are very well written and the characters very interesting this book picks up where book one finishes and will keep you hooked just like the first, from the first page till the last again this book has a fantastic ending I cant wait to read from this author highl [...]

  19. Revealed The Rumors Series, Book 2 This was a new author for me when it comes to reading a good mystery Book two was okay Not so bad for a story with a few quirky characters, their inner thoughts, their slow move to action and the couples who played Keystone cops throughout the story I did like the predictable yet HEA ending I gave this one 2.5 stars.

  20. Great author I have not read a book from this author so to do so was a great adventure This is one of the best sequel books I have had the pleasure to read and to want read from her,

  21. Omg omg LOVED this story It picks up where Rumors book1 ended This suspense thriller will definitely keep u guessing Every time I thought I had this mystery figured out here comes another twist Once the killer was Revealed I was totally shocked This is definitely a book everyone need to own.

  22. Closure of the pastWell I was glad to see every one was able to learn who the real killer was I like this book because it touch on mental illness What hated about it there was no back story of the actual murder It was sad that it was so much betrayal, secrets and lies.

  23. BookloverThe series was great it kept you in suspense, nail bitting turn after turn wondering who done it Showed friendship,love, forgiveness, and the love of a mother towards her child and neighbors this series is a must read.

  24. SensationalLots of twist and turns in this story A real page turner I would say this is a must read if you like romance with a little mystery.

  25. Small Town MysteryThe uncovering of all the secrets and lies in this small town and the destruction it caused, almost destroyed friendships and true love Almost

  26. This is a must READ I was so sure of the killer s identity The SURPRISE was definitely a surprise Wow What a revelation WOW I LOVE IT

  27. Chick flick in print Sufficient suspense, a little too much of the emotional baggage the characters are dealing with

  28. A MUST READ friends, obsessions ,tragedy, and when the killer is finally revealed WOW never would have thought would definitely recommend that you read

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