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Thinning the Herd

Unlimited Thinning the Herd - by Adrian Phoenix Unlimited Thinning the Herd - by Adrian Phoenix - Thinning the Herd, Thinning the Herd From the New York Times bestselling author of A Rush of Wings and The Maker s Song series a humorous action packed urban fantasy about a werewolf pack and an animal control officer in way over his h

  • Title: Thinning the Herd
  • Author: Adrian Phoenix
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Kindle Edition

Unlimited Thinning the Herd - by Adrian Phoenix, Thinning the Herd, Adrian Phoenix, Thinning the Herd From the New York Times bestselling author of A Rush of Wings and The Maker s Song series a humorous action packed urban fantasy about a werewolf pack and an animal control officer in way over his head Someone is picking off fortune tellers and hippies in Oregon snatching them out of their Birkenstocks mid stride And when the legend himself Hal Rupert Animal ControlFrom the

Thinning the Herd

Unlimited Thinning the Herd - by Adrian Phoenix Unlimited Thinning the Herd - by Adrian Phoenix - Thinning the Herd, Thinning the Herd From the New York Times bestselling author of A Rush of Wings and The Maker s Song series a humorous action packed urban fantasy about a werewolf pack and an animal control officer in way over his h Thinning the Herd

  • Unlimited Thinning the Herd - by Adrian Phoenix
    111Adrian Phoenix
Thinning the Herd

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  1. Reviewed by Rabid Reads.I wouldn t want to binge read this particular kind of book because the humour would get old fast, but as an occasional break from the norm, it s a good pick The story is told from Hal s seriously skewed POV with blips from other characters i.e reality he comes into contact with, and the outcome was gosh darned funny The flow was somewhat disjointed though which made it confusing at times That being said, I wouldn t hesitate to check out the next installment if Adrian Phoe [...]

  2. To look at Hal is to see an ordinary man and some might say he s a bit of a creep By day or night depending on his shift pattern Hal is a dog catcher but he is something a little bit heroic then that when not at work Hal is a hero, the last bastien between humans and the monsters, or is he Hal is many things truth be told and some might say he is a bit of a fantasist In his mind he is feted by many but those who see his greatness protect his secret but is he completely sane He talks to shifters [...]

  3. Between 3.5 and 4.0 stars.I ve enjoyed Adrian Phoenix s Hoodoo and Maker series so I was very excited to get my hands on a review copy of Thinning the Herd I was not disappointed In fact, Thinning the Herd was a pleasant surprise full of quirky characters in hilarious situations Hal Rupert is an Animal Control Officer, though sometimes the animals he wrangles aren t necessarily the usual lost kitty or rabid dog Instead, he controls some of the shifter population in his town When someone starts k [...]

  4. 3 stars or thereabout A humorous urban fantasy tale featuring Hal Rupert, an Animal Control Officer as the unsung hero With the help of his y kai friends, Galahad Jones the tabby cat and Nick the wolf, Hal maintained peace in Eugene, Oregon Armed with his lethal catch pole, he patrolled the town It s entertaining and not a little exasperating how Hal thought himself well known to everyone on his heroism He s also oblivious that attention and love he bestowed to a quirky bewitching girl was initi [...]

  5. It was silly but mostly fun I went back and forth the whole time trying to figure out if Hal was totally deluded for thinking he was so awesome, to thinking he had a point, he could be pretty great He s quite a mixed bag, not the everyday hero He was definitely delusional, there s no doubt about that Just look at his obsession with Desdemona, his girlfriend who called him creep, jerkwad and fruitcake and he loved it, convinced himself that even though she didn t even know his name that those wer [...]

  6. 2 StarsWHAT THE HECK DID I JUST READ Thinning the Herd caught my attention because 1 The premise sounds unique and promising2 The cover with tentacle no, it s not that I hope this will be tentacle hentai or something like that 3 I had read Adrian Phoenix s Maker Song series just book 1, tho and enjoy it a lotWhat I read is a BIG MESS, over and over I can t grab the world building, also the main hero, Hal Rupert is BIG CREEP with stalking tendencies and have delusional grandeur I think at first, [...]

  7. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley Hal Rupert is an animal control officer, and a legend in his own mind A bad ass with a catch pole, Hal feels it s his duty to protect the citizens of Eugene and surrounding areas Lately, Hal has noticed lycans, and less hippies He can tell something is amiss and he will find out what it is This was a fun book The characters are great, and I couldn t wait to read The combination of magic, ass kicking, and humor made this a great read I hope there wi [...]

  8. Fortune tellers and hippies are dying in large numbers in Oregon only noticed by one man A man sworn to protect the city, a hero in his own mind, a man who knows the secrets of the supernaturalHal, a Dogcatcher, And he wields a mean catchpole.I just can t even begin to express my opinions about the protagonist, Hal On so many levels he s a parody of awfulness He s clueless, arrogant and ridiculously full of himself and his abilities and his roles He is also skilled, talented, brave and in some w [...]

  9. Thinning the Herd by Adrian Phoenix is a damned fun book You re going to want to read this one Before I tell you why, let s start with the back of the book description From the New York Times bestselling author of A Rush of Wings and The Maker s Song series, a humorous, action packed urban fantasy about a werewolf pack and an animal control officer in way over his head thinningSomeone is picking off fortune tellers and hippies in Oregon, snatching them out of their Birkenstocks mid stride And wh [...]

  10. koeur.wordpress 2015 10 2Publisher Pocket Publishing Date January 2016 ISBN 9781451645354 Genre Fantasy Rating 3.7 5Publisher Description Someone is picking off fortune tellers and hippies in Oregon, snatching them out of their Birkenstocks mid stride And when the legend himself, Hal Rupert, Animal Control Officer, gets a whiff of the mystery, he knows he s the man to solve it In between proudly wrangling out of control cats and dogs, he s noticed a peculiar uptick in another sort of animal were [...]

  11. Thinning the Herd by Adrian PhoenixI m not sure if Urban Fantasy as a genre is normally funny or if it is just coincidental with the ones I have read This book has it s tongue in it s cheek so deeply I imagine it reaches the ears Hal Rupert, an animal control agent, is the main protagonist and his main weapon is his catch pole His sidekicks are shape changers and his love interest is a purple hair, black lipstick goth chick Phoenix definitely has a strange sense of humor She sacrifices hippies a [...]

  12. A dangerous life, this hero s life, but one he d ever refuse Hal is a cocky animal control warden who armed with his trusty catch pole, combats the shifters and lycans in Eugene Only lately there have been a lot of missing hippies and fortunetellers as well As he and his trusty companions investigate, they find a dangerous person who wants to summon ancient gods and destroy the world as he knows it and that will not happen on his watch An extremely fun adventure with wonderfully engrossing descr [...]

  13. Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyINNING THE HERD was quirky and weird which is why I picked it up as a break from the serious books I ve been reading in urban fantasy Hal Rupert, the main character of this story, is an animal control who protects the citizens of his city from shifters and other paranormal creatures He s is an odd fellow I thought it was amusing how Hal walks around town like everyone knows he is some big hero when all they see is some animal control guy who hits peopl [...]

  14. Mon avis en Fran aisMy English reviewIt s been a long time since I had not read a novel by Adrian Phoenix but I liked many of her series a few years ago besides I need to continue them , so I was curious to discover this first new novel But I think that in the end I expected maybe a little too much and the novel was not necessarily what I wanted It must be said that this first volume is unique and completely atypical compared to what we usually can find.Our hero, or rather anti hero, Hal, is a c [...]

  15. Review originally published here thelinseyverse 20Hal Rupert fancies himself the hero of Eugene, Oregon Too bad he s just works for animal control However, his fellow townspeople are unaware that he keeps them safe from werewolves and other supernatural creatures running a muck When hippies and fortune tellers start turning up dead, Hal is convinced its his job to save the day and to protect his true love, Goth goddess, Desdemona from harm It s just too bad she thinks he is a creepy, loony stalk [...]

  16. If you are looking for a serious business sort of read this book is not for you If you are expecting shape shifters who are blood thirsty and savage this is not the story for you I ve only read her maker s song series and I can say wholeheartedly that this book is nothing like it.This story is highly entertaining It takes a good amount of the tropes for most PNR UF books and smacks them with the satirical stick Hal, he is just, so freaking silly at times and oblivious to the max However he is th [...]

  17. DNF at 35% DNF at 35%, unlikable, delusional character, not enough set up I had to give up at 35% I couldn t figure out if this book was just bad or a paranormal version of Don Quixote which fell flat for me Hal, the animal control officer main character, seemed to be delusional His internal thinking is that he s some sort of super hero able to protect the city with his catch pole, doing pole vaulting leaps over moving cars and not bothering to see who is trying to kill him with the car because [...]

  18. Thinning the Herd is not your average urban fantasy novel It is a wild, laugh a minute ride that pokes fun at all of your favorite fantasy adventure stereotypes I can easily imagine the novel being made into a movie a B movie of course.Hal Rupert, Animal Control Officer is the Hero, yes with hero with a capital H Skillfully wielding his catch pole, he protects the citizens of his town from things that go bump in the night That includes werewolves drunk on ducks and other nebulous threats He mai [...]

  19. This book was a fun read It has a lot of elements that I love from my quick reads There s a strong sense of humor, an oddball hero, a disinterested damsel, a silly puppy and a sassy cat thought don t tell the puppy I called him that The characters in this book are quite interesting and I d love to read stories from this world I found the dialogue to be quite natural and the progression of the story easy to follow I loved how Hal, Nick dog and Galahad cat go from one investigation of missing hip [...]

  20. Hal is a dog catcher but recently he s not so much been catching dogs as he has werewolves On a routine shift he finds a Birkenstock which leads him to believe that something is happening to the hippies in the area Hal s biggest worry is that something will happen to his lady love Desdemona even if she has nicknamed him Creep With the help of his companions it will be for Hal to track down and find out what is really happening to the missing hippies and who is behind the disappearance Will they [...]

  21. We have a kickass dog catcher, Hal and his 2 friends Galahad a cat shifter and Nick a wolf shifter They are working together to find out why the hippies are disappearing from the markets.They are in for than just hippies been murdered, can they fight the evil that is in their town before they lose their lives.Hal will do anything to keep his one love Desdemona safe even if it means giving up his own life.Can Hal find his friends before they are killed by enemies unknown There is evil and they w [...]

  22. This book was rather silly I enjoyed the tale of the Catchpole Hero, winning his secret love and living in a secret world full of shifters It was an enjoyable romp through fantasy that I will read again It s great for when you need a break from the seriousness of the world I hope there is e their was a tiny piece of the plot left to mystery It sounds like now there may be a hero for hire with a gang and a girlfriend to help Very creative world, and I love the little differences the author put in [...]

  23. It s always such a treat when one of my favorite authors releases a new book and I must say this was absolutely one of my favorite Adrian Phoenix books.With just the right blend of quirk and humor, spectacular adventure and mystical mystery, this story knocked my socks right off.I absolutely fell in love with Hal and his dog catching stick and his cocky bravado He was delicious And I closed the final pages definitely wanting to read about Hal I loved this book and I can t wait for another insta [...]

  24. There is some doubt in the beginning that Hal is anything than fantasizing his abilities and role in the safety of the city I also had a little trouble suspending disbelief at his ability to communicate with animals and shapeshifters in animal form, like Doctor Doolittle There is just no explanation for it.That being said, I enjoyed the book I liked the characters It was a fun read I liked watching the character of Hal grow some under the pressures he encounters.If you are looking for a quick r [...]

  25. Set in the Pacific Northwest, there is something unusual going on Hal, the local dog catcher is loading werewolves into his truck than dogs With his trusty catchpole, he is keeping his town safe, especially the love of his life in his mind , Desdemona When an ancient is unleashed, Hal and his trusted friends fight to save the hippies and fortune tellers from becoming the ancient s next meal Funny and weird this is for someone who likes humor with their paranormal.

  26. I hated this book when I started it I really disliked the main character and could feel no connection to him I was just about to put this into my DNF list, when I decided to give it one try The story got better I began to enjoy the absurdity of the situations so I finished it and I still do not really like the main character.

  27. This is a very entertaining book Hal is part Mr Bean, part Walter Mitty happily oblivious to the true feelings of the people around him and very much the hero in his own mind The humor comes in unexpected ways and running gags The story settles down a little when narrated by others but even those perspectives and interactions are fun I would absolutely read any further adventures.

  28. At first, I found this book to be a littleless than I was expecting I can t think of a better way of saying it However, I stuck with it and got through to the plot properd I thoroughly enjoyed it booksmjb 2015 12 thinnin

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