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Unashamed Best Download || [Lecrae Moore] Unashamed Best Download || [Lecrae Moore] - Unashamed, Unashamed If you live for people s acceptance you ll die from their rejection Two time Grammy winning rap artist Lecrae learned this lesson through than his share of adversity childhood abuse drugs and alco

  • Title: Unashamed
  • Author: Lecrae Moore
  • ISBN: 9781433689123
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Hardcover

Unashamed Best Download || [Lecrae Moore], Unashamed, Lecrae Moore, Unashamed If you live for people s acceptance you ll die from their rejection Two time Grammy winning rap artist Lecrae learned this lesson through than his share of adversity childhood abuse drugs and alcoholism a stint in rehab an abortion and an unsuccessful suicide attempt Along the way Lecrae attained an unwavering faith in Jesus and began looking to God for affirmIf you live for peop


Unashamed Best Download || [Lecrae Moore] Unashamed Best Download || [Lecrae Moore] - Unashamed, Unashamed If you live for people s acceptance you ll die from their rejection Two time Grammy winning rap artist Lecrae learned this lesson through than his share of adversity childhood abuse drugs and alco Unashamed

  • Unashamed Best Download || [Lecrae Moore]
    142Lecrae Moore

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  1. WOW THIS BOOK.If you couldn t tell by my incessant updates with every nugget of wisdom, this book was incredible I ve been a pretty casual listener of Lecrae s music but always a huge fan of the person he is and what he stands for This book just gave me insight into what he actually went through growing up and makes his testimony that much powerful I cried quite a few times as so many things and phrases and ideas hit home.I m seriously so blown away by this book and I REALLY WANT YOU TO READ I [...]

  2. Lecrae is an interesting person, and this is an interesting book I have been ministered to greatly by the artists of Reach, including Lecrae Contrary to the many who have seen his progression as a move away from faith, I have been encouraged by his evolution from youth group rapper to frontline missionary I have also enjoyed listening to his music as it has progressed greatly from Rebel to CC3 I wasn t around for Real Talk, I m a band wagoner.In Unashamed, Lecrae tells his story It is a story th [...]

  3. I never been a huge fan of Lecrae In fact,I thought He was very overrated,besides a few songs I heard from Him.However this book convinced me to give his music a second chance Being raised rough with only his mother,He turned to drugs,sex,alcohol,etc to fill the void of having an absent Father Constantly reprimanded to get his life together,before he became another statistic By the Grace of God,his entire life changed drastically when He encountered Jesus for the first time Now he uses his music [...]

  4. Rating 3 of fiveI voted for this book in the 2016 Choice Awards There s no obvious reason I d vote for some christian crapola over the memoir of Gloria Vanderbilt and her gay son Anderson Cooper, except I really can t relate to rich people s problems any On the dull side, frankly.Lecrae s problems aren t dull They include a laundry list of every social ill I ve been able to dream up He ticks every box and then, one fine day, gawd reaches down and saves him My eyes rolled so hard I was dizzy for [...]

  5. What benefit did you reap at that time from the things you are now ashamed of Those things result in death But now that you have been set free from sin and have become slaves of God, the benefit you reap leads to holiness, and the result is eternal life For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord Romans 6It was like a blindfold fell off my eyes I d been celebrating the things I should have been ashamed of, and I had been ashamed of what I should ha [...]

  6. God bless em This book challenged my opinions and biases of lots of stuff, especially my feelings about CHH No one can say that Lecrae hasn t been through his fair share of fighting off the genre boxes, not after reading this Unashamed is deeply, sometimes painfully, honest I can t connect with much of his experience, but his insight on struggling to be a Christian with a body, with a mind that has never been baptized, this was resonant in my heart, and powerful This book was actually bought to [...]

  7. I loved this book What a great autobiography There were some great quotable quotes in this and even though I am so not a fan of rap, I could identify with many of the things he said in these pages Reading this makes me want to go check out his music.Lecrae Moore s autobiography felt authentic as he detailed his upbringing and his sense of abandonment His need for expression was well written I also liked that he is Unashamed and boldly makes his faith a visible part of who he has become so far He [...]

  8. The intro of the much anticipated 2016 released book Unashamed gives us a brief glance of Lecrae attending the Grammy s and his appearance at Jay Z and Beyonce s Roc Nation Party Since most of us will never touch foot on the carpet rolled out to be graced by Louboutins or eat hors d oeuvres on the same silver platter Jay Z and Beyonce ate from this is some pretty exciting stuff In the past, Lecrae had won Best Gospel Album and Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance but this time, he was u [...]

  9. I am floored by Lecrae s transparency and willingness to share about his past and how God transformed and continues to transform his life He is truly unashamed of the gospel and how he has been uniquely created.

  10. I enjoyed reading or rather, listening to Lecrae read this book It is a deeply personal account of the rapper s journey to faith and his journey in faith It is an autobiography of sorts, mostly focusing on how Lecrae came to faith and why he does ministry the way he does.The book finally hopefully puts to rest why the rapper insists on being referred to as a rapper who happens to be a Christian instead of the generic Christian rapper You see, Lecrae s relationship with rap and hip hop predates h [...]

  11. I cried, I laughed, I yaaassed , but I mostly cried Unashamed by Lecrae is an unparalleled book of transparency, grace, acceptance, and just genuineness If you re thinking that this is just another book for Christians , you re dead wrong.

  12. My prayer is that you ll make music too Maybe not with your voice, and maybe not on a stage, but hopefully with your life Lecrae grew up in one of the toughest crowds, his earthly father left him at a young age and he was exposed to all sorts of immoralities constantly Music quickly became one of the many things that helped him cope with loneliness and heartache but in every situation he was influenced by, his craving for acceptance was critical It took Lecrae years to realize that it if you liv [...]

  13. A very good look into the life of an exceptional musician Lecrae tells a gritty and gripping story of his rescue from sin and self I knew of his history with drugs, sex, and abortion I didn t know he was on his way to murder an antagonist when the Lord finally broke through to him Wow.Lecrae also explains his departure from typically Christian hip hop why his last few albums sound secular I appreciate his defense, but his commitment to excellence is what first drew me to his music The fact that [...]

  14. Short 4.5 hrs on audiobook , personal, and insightful I really appreciated his transparency about his life but not in a way that glorified the sin he had done He reminded me of the brokenness we all carry by showing the struggles he had growing up which obviously was a very different experience than myself I also really appreciated his journey from a Christian who sought to appear righteous and stay away from the tainted world to one who knows Jesus loves us all including those who aren t curren [...]

  15. Review for audiobook 4 stars story 4 stars narration Well, I m not much into rap music or religious books, but I am into unique stories where people struggle and find their own place in the world I d never heard of Lecrae Moore until I saw this book I really enjoyed his life story I think the book was written very well and told an inspiring story The author also narrated his book and he did a stellar job 4 stars all the way around.

  16. what a story growing up fatherless, abused, exposed to extreme worldly ways at age 6, Lecrae truly has been through it all from a young age he began his path of sin, spiraling himself deeper and deeper into a hole by God s grace, he was exposed to the light of the Gospel through his grandma, college, and ministries once he finally accepted Christ into his heart his life turned around no drugs, partying, sleeping with girls, stealing from people but it s only so hard to resist sin when you re su [...]

  17. I may or may not have read this book in one morning My friend Shauna invited me to raid her bookshelves Twice Then, she started recommending suggestions She convinced me to give this book that I was skeptical about an honest try I m so glad she did This gray morning that I spent cuddled up on her pull out sofa reading about the life of this man that has inspired me through his music, his ministry, and his passion for the glory of God for the better part of my life has turned out to be one of my [...]

  18. I loved reading this primarily for his transparency He conveyed what he wanted to say in very readable fashion too While our stories our very different, his urban, mine suburban, I could relate on many levels We are all longing for identity and affirmation and when we do that apart from Christ it doesn t go well for us There s so many rich things I get from his testimony, but to be brief I love the point of being unashamed of the gospel.we often say that with prideke we are rooting for our most [...]

  19. I picked this book up at the library to test drive it for my youngest He loves Lecrae s music, but from what I knew of his background I wasn t sure he is mature enough to read it I didn t expect to like it as much as I did for myself Turns out Lecrae and I have some things in common We are both trying to figure out what it means to be Christian in a world that assumes Christians are obnoxious or irrelevant or hypocritical or judgmental or ignorant or bigoted Or any number of negative adjectives [...]

  20. Mr Moore may be a good lyricist, but he s not the most skillful prose author That said, his sincerity is unquestionable Man had a hard life, and wants to share his story so it can help other people I think this will speak to a lot of readers, especially young men It just wasn t particularly my cup of tea Similar titles Tyrell by Coe Booth

  21. Great book about overcoming life s obstacles It should uplift anyone that reads it and is a wonderful example of the concept of sometimes you have to take a step back to take two forward

  22. One of the most transparent, inspiring, and faithful books I have read He kept it real the entire time and made me really get to know him, his struggles and his talent I loved how he showed that being a Christian does not make you a saint and everyone is just broken, but holding onto the Lord and his word is the way I loved his thoughts on worldview Christianity and how we have to bridge the faith to the world If you need inspiration and a great real life story, this is a must read.

  23. This is a heartfelt, transparent look at the life of Lecrae, a Christian rapper He says, Some of life s struggles are so severe that even music is powerless to overcome them He knew he needed something He would later learn that the something was Jesus.He talks about the challenges of being raised by a single mom and how she worked hard to provide a good home He spent summers with his grandmother so his mom could work two jobs Growing up without a dad always made him wonder if he had done somet [...]

  24. Lecrae s story is one of redemption His childhood was not easy and some of the moments he details in the book are hard to read Yet, in college God continued to call Lecrae to Himself Lecrae tells his story with humility, and he has a great ability to feel like a friend who you ve sat down with at a coffee shop to hear the story of his life This book is a must read.

  25. If you re a fan of Lecrae, definitely read this book He provided a lot insight into his music and what he believes, which I enjoyed Definitely a must read Now I think I ll go re listen to Anomaly

  26. When I first started listening to Lecrae s music back in 2004, I was PUMPED I was REALLY into the Cross Movement at the time which to me had the same beats as the music I grew up listening to, but had a MUCH different message by including verses from the Bible in them , but there was something unique about Lecrae s music First album called Real Talk I felt God was using him to take Christian music to a different level I would buy his CD s in bulk Real Talk After the Music Stops Rebel etc and try [...]

  27. I do not know much about Reformed and Christian rap but I do like Lecrae s one song titled Background which also featured Andy Mineo This book is an autobiography of Lecrae s life I was quite encouraged reading this.Lecrae opening chapter was on Red Carpet Treatment, in which he tells us of his first attendance at the Grammy Awards which he was nominated for Lecrae s account of the red carpet reminds us that Christians are different and in some sense still an outsider even if we are at the top o [...]

  28. With all of the backlash that Lecrae receives daily on social media for seemingly every move he makes, I decided to get his book to learn about him and his journey as a music artist There s nothing like getting clarity by going directly to the source, as opposed to speculating This book is a detailed, honest journey through Lecrae s childhood, adolescence, college years, early years as an songwriter performer, and up to even topping Billboard and receiving Grammys I appreciate the utter transpa [...]

  29. I don t like hip hop Never have and I doubt I ever will But, the fact that my students do makes me wish I did too I bought this book so I could at least have something in my classroom a possible reluctant reader would be interested in Y all, I don t like his music but I love his words This man loves Jesus and articulates God s redemption in his life well Maybe a student will read this book and realize hip hop doesn t have to degrade women or glorify debauchery Maybe they will realize the only wa [...]

  30. A great informational and spiritual look into Lecrae s life and his music Challenging and inspiring Challenged my view of who Lecrae is as a person and how he is trying to change the culture by engaging it so that Christ can be shared to a wider audience through his struggles and experiences Awesome to now know some of the Godly men who helped shape him.

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