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Love Her Madly

Unlimited Love Her Madly - by M. Elizabeth Lee Unlimited Love Her Madly - by M. Elizabeth Lee - Love Her Madly, Love Her Madly If you loved Luckiest Girl Alive and The Girl on the Train you ll devour this stunning debut novel about an intense best friendship between two college girls which leads to the abrupt disappearance a

  • Title: Love Her Madly
  • Author: M. Elizabeth Lee
  • ISBN: 9781501112157
  • Page: 278
  • Format: Paperback

Unlimited Love Her Madly - by M. Elizabeth Lee, Love Her Madly, M. Elizabeth Lee, Love Her Madly If you loved Luckiest Girl Alive and The Girl on the Train you ll devour this stunning debut novel about an intense best friendship between two college girls which leads to the abrupt disappearance and presumed death of one and the survival of the other who reveals the twists and turns of their relationship seven years later Glo never thought she d become best friends wiIf you lov

Love Her Madly

Unlimited Love Her Madly - by M. Elizabeth Lee Unlimited Love Her Madly - by M. Elizabeth Lee - Love Her Madly, Love Her Madly If you loved Luckiest Girl Alive and The Girl on the Train you ll devour this stunning debut novel about an intense best friendship between two college girls which leads to the abrupt disappearance a Love Her Madly

  • Unlimited Love Her Madly - by M. Elizabeth Lee
    278M. Elizabeth Lee
Love Her Madly

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  1. Find of my reviews on my blog thesuspenseisthrillingme Date Read 10 26 16Pub Date 08 16 163.5 STARSGlo never thought she d become best friends with a girl like Cyn Blonde, blue eyed, and stunningly gorgeous, Cyn is the kind of girl other girls love to hate Yet Cyn is the only person who embraces Glo when she transfers to their tiny liberal arts college in Florida, looking for a second chance to get things right after falling apart at her first choice school With her dark sense of humor and bad [...]

  2. Best friends in college whose friendship shapes their relationship and those of the relationships for the rest of their lives A love triangle gone wrong An event in their past comes back to haunt Glo I would like to thank the Publisher and Net Galley for the chance to read this ARC.

  3. All my reviews can be found on novelgossipBetween the gorgeous cover and the blurb, this book might as well have my name literally written all over it I love unreliable narrators and how I m constantly guessing, and second guessing who to trust I also love missing persons stories, then when the person turns up seven years later That s gold in my book As much as I had hoped that this one would fly straight to the top of my best reads of the year list, it didn t quite make it It had all the ingred [...]

  4. This was an interesting read by debut author M Elizabeth Lee The blurb caught my attention and I was very excited to dive into reading.Cyn and Glo are the best of friends but are complete opposites What Glo gets from her friendship with Cyn is excitement and adventure For me, underneath Cyn s seemingly fun exterior is someone I am not sure I ever completely trusted.Things happen in their relationship that will forever change them and I enjoyed not only the dual POVs but the past and present POVs [...]

  5. 3.5 stars This book is divided into two parts part 1 is What Happened Before and then part 2 is What Happened After and jumps forward 7 years The synopsis immediately interested me, as it reminded me of similar plot lines where girls go missing abroad The sharing of the boyfriend part did sound a bit not my style, but I figured it would set up the plot for a good thriller And I was correct on that I really enjoyed the characters and found both Glo and Cyn to be both interesting and relate able T [...]

  6. Well, that was disappointing The first half of the book was great I mean we had Glo and Cyn sharing a guy Raj and what kinda love triangle is this In my short life, I ve never heard of a thing like this They talked and they sort of came to an agreement the sharing thing Of course, that doesn t stop Glo our protagonist from getting jealous Honestly, the first half of the book consists mostly of them trying drugs and getting high.I don t even want to talk about the second half of the book because [...]

  7. Love Her Madly had an amazing synopsis that drew me in immediately I loved the premise of the book and the mystery element.The book started off a little slow, but once I got into it, I was hooked I liked different POVs but felt one was missing and absolutely needed.Once I got further in the book, I was anxiously waiting to find out what had happened to Cyn and why both Raj and Glo had never heard from her Where did she go What was she up to What happened to her Unfortunately, there were way too [...]

  8. Though seven years have passed since that night, my mind retains a perfect image of Cyn as she fell away from me into the churning black water Only a moment before, we d been together, her thin hand in mine as we raced into the dark ocean, fleeing the strange men who had charged out of the jungle and onto our beach I didn t know them I only knew that we were two young women alone in the night, messed up beyond reason on mushrooms and rumThus begins the tale of two college girls who were roommate [...]

  9. Thanks to NetGalley for ARC of this novel.The fact that this book s description gave me the heads up that it was a thriller along the lines of Gone Girl most mystery genre now can t help, but be compared and Reconstructing Amelia and the actual plot sounded as though it was a fresh and new storyline, I thought I d like to get the chance to read and see for myself.The main storyline began with the odd, but still real friendship between Glo, a young college student, who just transferred to the col [...]

  10. This is a really enjoyable page turner of a book that feels like it could ve been ripped right out of the headlines ala Natalee Holloway, etc I definitely didn t predict where this book would go, and I really enjoyed the journey of getting to know the two leading characters, Glo and Cyn, who are really relatable, as well as their dreamy crush Raj who brings a real sense of drama into the situtaion.Each scene is written vividly, and the the supporting characters are all richly developed too It wa [...]

  11. I would like to thank NetGalley, Atria Books, and M Elizabeth Lee for the advanced digital copy in exchange for an honest review I missed to achieve date on this book but then was granted my wish and received a copy I loved the synopsis of this story but unfortunately that was all I loved Friends, lovers, coeds, and drama Ugh Not for me There were many points of view but not enough cohesion, I was left feeling lost and wanting There were too many loose ends and much of the plot was confusing I [...]

  12. A quick read for me Well written in many ways Descriptive scenes and dialogue but somewhere the mystery of Cyn just became stale and I didn t care I wanted Gloria to stand up for herself and for Raj to be honest A group of friends stifled by lies An ok book but one I believe will be forgettable.

  13. I can t believe I actually had my library waste time getting this book from another city It stinks and there were several offensive comments made Right from the start I didn t like Glo talking to herself in the middle of every other sentence The story was already being told in first person, so I don t see how that was necessary Third person would have been better in my opinion.I didn t like how envious Glo was of pretty blond girls and how she felt Cyn rendered her and various other females invi [...]

  14. Best Girlfriends A Love Triangle And a Mystery Sounds like the potential for an interesting read, right Unfortunately Love Her Madly by M Elizabeth Lee, started out strong, but fell flat halfway through.Glo and Cyn meet in College and become fast friends Though opposites, they have the best time together and balance each other out perfectly Everything is smooth sailing until they both fall for the same guy Leave it to Cyn to come up with the most brilliant plan they ll share him and it s not lik [...]

  15. long stretches of dull cliched character development punctuated by brief periods of wildly implausible action yawn.

  16. I will echo what I ve seen a few other reviewers say on here the first half of the book, the setup, so to speak, was great It kept me engaged and interested The second half of the book, set in the present, was much boring and cliche All the character development from the first half seemed to give way in favor of thrill Still, it was generally a quick and enjoyable read, even if the second half didn t live up to the first half s promise.

  17. Loved this book The relationships were offbeat, but also described in such a way to be believable In particular, I enjoyed the dynamic of Cyn Glo s relationship and how it was all encompassing for Glo and as we learn through the story maybe not for Cyn or maybe it was It has an interesting storyline and surprises that kept me reading one chapter Great read, highly recommend

  18. Strange story about the hold one sick person can have over others Weird, unhealthy relationships, drugs, and the disappearance of one of the main characters all take place in the first half of the book Kept reading out of curiosity as to how it would end 7 years later Shouldn t have bothered.

  19. Such a gripping tale of a college love triangle followed by a mysterious disappearance The story takes unexpected turns and the shifting POV adds an element of anticipation.

  20. I won a copy of this book through and can hardly wait to read it Review to follow after receipt of the book.

  21. What an intriguing and fascinating novel An enthralling story about friendship and the perception of our behaviour about accepting who you are and not being afraid to show that to a complex and confusing world There is Glo, the shy redhead who started to swim after puberty struck with catastrophic vengeance and there is Cyn, the beautiful blonde with her blue eyes, a magnet to anything in trousers Who could ever believe that Cyn would become best friends with Glo How far will her influence reach [...]

  22. Atria Books and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Love Her Madly I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.Love Her Madly, the debut novel for author M Elizabeth Lee, is the story of two college friends whose friendship is put to the ultimate test Gloria Roebuck and Cynthia Williams are not the likeliest of best friends, but it all works well until a guy comes between them Jealousy and love gets batted back and forth, not unlike a badminton match [...]

  23. This book dragged on for me It s definitely 2.5 stars, and only because the little bit of mystery kept me intrigued enough to finish the book I found all of the characters unlikable I detested Cyn, the self absorbed wild child friend that causes all the problems, and is just about the only thing that makes Glo interesting Glo s only personality trait seemed to be insecurity And Raj, I couldn t figure out what either girl saw in him The whole storyline was also pretty bizarre and far fetched I m [...]

  24. College friendships often last a lifetime It s a time when young people are vulnerable and enjoy sharing the years of their growth with a close friend This book deals with an unusual friendship, where one party is toxic, and the friendship is strong As life progresses and various traumatic events occur, one of the girls is forced to face the truth about the friend she loves like a sister For most, we mature into adults, for others the path to destruction never changes I enjoyed this book even th [...]

  25. I m reading around the theme of toxic female friendships It s interesting, as a queer woman, to read what straight women like to call intense I m not sure whether these friendships are meant to be queer, obsessive, platonic or something else And that s an idea I find straight authors tend to enjoy writing about without ever really contemplating the ramifications of bisexuality in women and how it manifests I wish someone would explore that, rather than rely on cliches and tropes to work through [...]

  26. This book had potential and the set up just didn t live up to the final reveal There were some creative elements in the story so I ll give it snaps for that, but it isn t anything I d rave about or recommend necessarily.

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